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So we were in Egypt actually filming a
different project but while we were there we had our gear and knew we wanted
to do a sparrow project as well and I remember just praying beforehand and
really feeling like God had already laid out you know steps that we would just
kind of step into… Yeah and as usual we go into a country and we don’t exactly
know who our subject is gonna be that is something that we feel we need to be
guided into and we heard this person’s story beforehand we weren’t sure whether
she was our subject but when we saw her we were certain because of the amount of
joy that was pouring out of her in spite of how tragic her story was and we just
knew we had to get to the bottom of where that where her source of joy was
coming from. the best thing about my childhood was my my family my father my mother and my older brother and it was a very beautiful family. At one time God called us to go to a country in North Africa to serve him there. I always loved my family I always felt safe there especially it was my father my father
was the coolest one for me. I remember that that he used to come to from work
at 7 p.m. and – and I was like Papa’s coming Papa’s coming and waiting on the window and, hey Papa came. He was very kind to me and I loved I loved him very much. After 10 years of of doing God’s call for us
my father was captured by extremists and they said oh he
evangelized and things like that it was like a normal day we were all we were
all sitting at home waiting for my father to come. We were not prepared for
anything there’s there was no threat at that time on us, it was very strange
calls like a call and shut down and call and the hearing shouts from people and
we didn’t understand anything. He stayed at a prison for – for 25 days and it was
the hardest 25 days. My mother prayed and and she heard the voice from God saying the thing would happen to your husband and just like the thing that happened to
James, where James was was in prison with others and he was the first
one to be killed in the prison. It wasn’t what she wanted to hear, she
wanted to hear that your husband’s gonna be released, he won’t – he’s gonna be fine and he was gonna be good. But this word stayed with my mother and God
didn’t say anything else for – for a long time. We only had the chance to see him
three times at the 25 days so we entered there and we saw my father. His look
wasn’t very – very beautiful his look wasn’t like my father he he was he was
like weak and very very exhausted and tired. Once he – once he saw us closely he
started to cry and he said, Why did you come? Don’t come again please don’t come again because he felt very afraid. I think it was the first time in my life to
see my father crying my mother was very very sad she was she was in like in
grief. He was like the hero for her and for us all, so how could she see him in this this way? So my father noticed that and and he and
he firstly said don’t be don’t be sad because I’m happy because every time
they beat me I feel I feel I feel that’s like the struggle of God on the
cross. I feel stronger because they’re not they’re not beating me for for a
crime they’re beating me for Christ. He also told her that the night before, my
father saw God put him his hand on his shoulder and saying, Don’t be afraid I’m
with you and it’s just for all for my glory. At that moment my mother felt
very very strong one night she was praying and God told her stop praying
I’m gonna open the gates I’m gonna get your husband released and I’m gonna
make it safe. It was like the joy day for my mother she told us, Go to school
return to normal life because it’s it’s all gonna be okay. After I came
from school my mother had a call and it just said
your husband is dead. It was a crazy thing it – it was unbelievable
and none of us could could believe that it was like what – what doesn’t mean it
what does it mean? No, it’s not not not real you’re like you’re you’re lying
it’s not real and we couldn’t accept it at all so my mother was like in in
desperate battle inside of her God said he is gonna release him how could he do
this? My husband is not with me anymore and
there is no hope that he’s gonna come back. God talked with her again and
told her, I said I gonna release him but I’m gonna release him to heaven not
to earth and he also told her when you buy a land you you have to buy it with money
so so you pay money to buy a land but for me when I want to buy a land so I’m
not only buying soil I’m buying souls so when I buy souls, I buy them with blood not with money. I’m gonna release his blood so it’s going it’s going to flow all around the earth of the ground of this country. My father he was in the capital city when he
died, so we we had the chance to go to the capital city and we have arranged to
see him my father the next day his body and and and at that night in the hotel
my mother was telling this story and she said that at that night she heard
God saying to her, If you hold his hand and if you prayed with him he’s gonna
take back his life and my mother replied to God and said that let it be your
glory if it’s your will to get him back his life please do that, but if your
glory if your name will be more glorified in his death more than in his
life then let him die. So so she she got the answer and she got
it that no in his death, God will be very glorified. At that time I just felt
how honest God is and how powerful he is. When we went to see my father it was
supposed that he was he was in the fridge for a lot of time so his his blood
supposed to be cold and clotted so so so we were my mother I didn’t see him I see
him only from far but my mother did see him. My mother says that he his blood
was still flowing at that time and it was a surprising thing it’s not a
medical things it wasn’t supposed to happen but at time at that time she she
was like yeah God your words were right you you you’re now buying this this country by the blood of this man and and
the blood is never going to be standing still it will always be flowing
over and spreading over the country When my father died it wasn’t a very
surprising thing for me because God already have told me that, but I didn’t
believe it. I always had the feeling like he’s gonna come back he’s only and in
his in his work and at the end of his day at the end of the day he’s
gonna come back and I’m gonna see him. I didn’t believe that I’m not gonna see him
anymore it wasn’t fact for me. At first I felt like, Oh God
see I – I don’t know myself and I even don’t know you, who are you? I don’t
know you. And I felt if you if you’re gonna want to be in my life so it’s my
life and I am the – I’m the one who is going to decide how
it’s gonna be lived. You you have taken my life for 12 years and now it is a
disaster so leave me to live it as I want and for sure it it’s not gonna be
as a disaster like what you have done. When I came back to Egypt like
Devil was saying to me, Why do you live? you only lived for your father, you loved
him and all your life you have lived. You have nothing you have money – you have no money, you have no friends you have no school, and you have no father, you have
no dreams, you have no future, and the only thing that you lived for your father
is not here anymore you’re not – you’re not supposed to live. And
it was very strong but I remember at that time the only thing that that I
replied to this thought was – my reply to the thought was, I lived until I
saw that everything was taken from me I have seen the worst things so I have to
live so I see the beautiful things I have to live until I see the joy, I have
to live to see the end of the story it’s not supposed to be end like that. But real problem that I didn’t continued it right at first. I
think I have lived for a year and a half like that. I didn’t have any – like I
didn’t want to talk to God but but but in the state of that God wanted to talk to
me I – I heard his voice a lot but I didn’t want to reply. At one night God God God
revealed his love for me. God said I’m your father don’t you know your life
isn’t a disaster your life is my will and I have haven’t finished yet, you
can’t say it’s a disaster you haven’t seen, you don’t know you you’re very
young you haven’t lived you you know nothing you know nothing of my plan you
know nothing of what I’m gonna do with you. You know nothing. You can’t judge me
now, I’m still not finished here. Jesus came came for me with the simplest way, he only revealed for me his love. It had the power to – to like upside down my life. After that I started to trust in God I
started to have life I started to talk with other people I started to have a
friendship with people as I started to have a relationship with others started
to talk to to see is to see that there is a life there is a thing to be lived
in God’s hand I have seen that yeah you haven’t imagined your the death of your
father but even haven’t imagined more beautiful things than that I’m gonna do.
Yeah it’s not the life I wanted for myself but it’s even better.
We had the battle, we had the fight we had we had like the sadness and the
grief but we all we also had the other side that that we see that there is
something different it’s not just a man we loved and he died it’s not like that, but
it’s a special death and it’s not really a death, it is a new life. So so although we
had a strong battle, but we also had a very very strong peace and joy in our hearts. The overwhelming joy that I saw in Faith
brought me to write this song Through the Desert, and it really is an ode to to
everyone going through difficult times that you can still find joy in the Lord
in spite of your situation. His blood ever flowing long after bones grow cold His love never ending His death and his life bright and bold. I’ll find all my strength is in You When I choose open hands and empty tombs I give up control All my will, my flesh and blood to you When all of my hope is in You His hands Upon your shoulders Will be your shelter and your home I’ll find all my strength is in You When I choose open hands and empty tombs I give up control All my will my flesh and blood to You When all of my hope is in You And all of our strength is in You When we choose open hands and empty tombs We give up control All our will, our flesh and blood to You When all of our hope is in You When all of our hope is in You

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