ECU THCAS "Your Major Matters" – Philosophy & Religious Studies

Philosophy is the most fundamental of
discipline. By studying philosophy, you will learn how to answer life's big questions like What is truth? What is knowledge? And what is a good life? So the Philosophy Department at ECU offers various courses such as epistemology, metaphysics and they're all very interesting topics and I think they just like really grasp people's attention and lets you like expand your knowledge. And then the philosophy professors at ECU are also very passionate about what they teach. My class sizes are rather small for the most part and so that's great because it kind of creates an intimate environment. I know that really caters to certain students. The fact that you can really have that one-on-one relationship with your professor. When you're applying philosophy to the real world, it really helps you to formulate arguments and critical thinking. My future goal is to go to law school and I feel that philosophy in general has really prepared me for that because a level of critical thinking that comes with the major is very extensive and that's the
reality that you're gonna get in law school. Most people in philosophy are
pre-law and they usually go out to go to law school and it really helps get them developed and there's like a pre-law track and you can take political philosophy and all those to help you get ready. Philosophy will challenge you in a way that could improve you as a person and improve you as a student. Come for a visit and discover what you can become with a degree in philosophy from East
Carolina University.

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