ECLIPSE GATEWAY 💥 JULY Guided ENERGY FORECAST Meditation with Mantra (2019)

July is a month of intense energies as we enter the gateway into Eclipse season this guidance leads you to appreciate the extreme energies and find balance please be comfortable bring awareness to your breathing notice the rise and fall of your body as your breath travels in and out be conscious of your body in its surroundings now move your awareness within to your energy please still be at peace you are exactly where you need to be increased awareness brings new insights and moments of Revelation feeling the way forward intuitively to a new level of destiny you may have already experienced heightened psychic ability prophetic dreams and visions and felt deeply connected with moments of Revelation come feelings of elation as awareness and connection expands as the high peaks allow the detraction that follows it serves the purpose so all you have learned and experienced may be absorbed what you might consider a low is a time for you to ground and rebalance energy comes in waves visualize the waves of the ocean how they rise to a peak and then roll down into a trough to rise up again in continuous motion her peaks and troughs both equally important in the formation and movement of the wave being in nature is an excellent ground into taking in the garden a walk in the park walking barefoot consider for a short while until the gong how you will ground yourself when the euphoric feelings Abe and your energy dates how can you go with a slower flow and find balance with the realization and revelation comes the opportunity for reflection considering how this new knowledge can be applied in order to grow reflection requires us to slow down and so is particularly useful with a slower intuitive energy seeing things differently highlights old patterns of behavior you may no longer feel comfortable or aligned with consider how you might change your patterns of behavior it's a better suit your level of consciousness how you might choose to approach situations differently how you can apply your new wisdom so that it goes beyond knowing to be in daily reflection is a great way to balance and grow coming into balance and alignment you may begin to view rejection differently previously what was perceived as rejection may shift to a realization that it's someone not seen your value and Worth and instead of chasing for acceptance and experiencing pain you will peacefully let the person go leaving room for the new people coming who are aligned with your vibration and see your worth you may find yourself seeking the truth in your beliefs and behaviors and rejecting those where no truth is found around the full moon and partial lunar eclipse attention is focused on emotions intimate relationships home and family life and a rising of feminine energy more on this in a separate meditation if you feel weighed down spend time in nature take ownership of your feelings and stay focused on your path know where your strengths lie which leads to my suggested mantra of my strength is in presence and stillness July's forecast continues after this opportunity to repeat the mantra and claim it as your own my strength is in presence and stillness my strength is in presence and stillness my strength is in presence and stillness until the gong the Mercury retrograde often not looked upon positively gives an opportunity to shift perspective slowing down reflecting and considering how you will use newly gained knowledge to avoid repeating past mistakes is perfect for this retrograde embrace this period with no resistance and take the opportunity to learn and grow towards the end of July energy fires up and you'll feel motivated and inspired as the new moon phase occurs as the energy this month heralds rebirth and with fresh starts and new beginnings and accelerated personal and spiritual growth remember to be gentle with yourself nurture and nourish mind body and soul allow yourself time to absorb reflect Hale and rejuvenate connect with your soul family meditate deep breathe maybe practice yoga or similar eat lighter foods enjoy some sunshine be good to yourself intense energy may interfere with technology be at peace with what is and welcome the interruption for an opportunity to breathe walk away for a moment and maybe have a mini meditation health and finances flourish spend a moment now to be grateful for all that you have and all that you are let peace continue to flow through you and out towards others following the inner work in the July new moon meditation bring your attention back to your surroundings I appreciate you and I thank you for being here have a wonderful month of July to receive notifications of new guidance please subscribe and tap the bell and please share this meditation with your soul tribe my strength is in presence and stillness namaste


  1. There is a voice without words. Listen, it knows the way. Be still. Be at peace 🌸🙏

  2. Wow great video👍just listening what you are. Saying and meditating helps👍💕❤️

  3. Changing patterns within and behaviour is quite the difficult task. I feel at such peace, strength & possibilities when I listen to your meditations dear Steph ♥ You are such a blessing my dear, thank you always for these beautiful meditations and mantras ♥ wishing you a wonderful weekend

  4. July Guided meditation is great👌🍀☘️. You are always great, giving people relaxing and peaceful moments 💕💕 Thanks so much, my lovely sweety friend ❤️ Love you 💜324

  5. So beautiful, relaxing and calming, dear friend !❤️❤️❤️
    Thank You so much for sharing another wonderful meditation !😘
    Wish You a fabulous day !🌸
    Warmest greetings,

  6. I’m so in tune with your words… You tell me just what I need to hear. Looking forward to the feminine energy meditation. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Namaste.

  7. What a beautiful meditation, the energy and upgrades of consciousness I was experiencing in this meditation were intense! Thank you for sharing with us… wishing you an amazing week

  8. Missed your videos… I'm up late tonight so going to listen to this to calm my mind. Hope your week is going well xx

  9. nice beautiful videos👍👍✨✨✨
    thank you my friend✨✨✨✨

  10. Namaste I feel connected to this channel it is my guide to the energy shift 🕉❤🙏🏿💚

  11. You are amazing 🙂 I love the background you used in this video, the colors are stunning! Thank you for your guidance 🙂

  12. I hope you understand how much I appreciate you Om Shaanti….. I'm thankful to have had you in my life this past year. I hope to find someone like you

  13. My strenght is in presence and stillness 🙏💚💜Wonderful 🌹Thank you so much 🙏Beautiful blessings to you 🌺

  14. Absolutely beautiful, so resonate and moving. So much came up and out for release and transmutation during this short time. Thank you thank you thank you. Sharing with my tribe 🙏💛🕉️☀️☪️💫

  15. Thank you for the moment of peace.🙏Nature is indeed good for bringing the peace and stillness out.
    Energy is intense now.This video is timely to remind us to practise self- care.Thank you so much, Om Shanthi.🙏

  16. Thank you dear Steph , a beautiful listen as always . Have to share your great meditation <3

    Namaste & blessings to you dear Sister !

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