1. Zakir naik saheb agar koi aapse sawal kare k sahi bukhari main hai allah k nabi namaz main kandhon tak hath uthathe aur sahi muslim main hai k Allah ke nabi namaz main kano tak hath uthathe toh musalman konsi hadees ko follow kare toh kya aap jawab do ge ke Allah ke Nabi konsi hadees ko follow karte the bukhari ko ya muslim ko zakir saheb abu hanifa aur imam shafi ki zaroorath hame aur aap ko hai na ke Allah ke nabi ko. Jaise bukhari aur sahi muslim ki zaroorath hame aur aap ko hai na ke allah ke nabi ko. Allah ko aqal ata farmaye aameen

  2. اللهم كما جمعتنا على دينك وحبك وحب نبيك محمد صل الله عليه وعلى آله وسلم في دنيا فانية بحكمتك من غير أن نسألك فإجمعنا مع الحبيب المصطفى في جنة الفردوس الاعلى برحمتك التي وسعت كل شي ونحن نتوسل إليك. اللهم آمين

    Oh Allah how brought us together as Muslims and followers of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and his family in this mortal world by your wisdom without asking you for it We beg you to enter us all Al-Firdous paradise with our beloved prophet by your supreme mercy which encompasses everything as we beg you for it. Amen

  3. Repent to JESUS Before its late…Jesus is the way, they truth and Life..mohamed will not take you to heaven but hell..Thats where mohamed will meet you…Accept Jesus as your personal savior…God is not muslim he is God without religion..Believe in truth not lies fabricated by mohamed

  4. Jesus warned us about false teachers and false claims and prophet like Mohammed and his teachings and followers…the bible called this abominations, apostasy..before God almighty the God of the bible…🤔

  5. Allah is not the God of the bible or the holy scriptures, Allah = nur =moon the God of the moon…Allah is not the same as elohim as jehovah as I am etc….stay away from Islam and its deceiving God

  6. So why are you killing one another.sunnis HATE SHIA hate wahhabbis hate suffis hate ahmeddias hate salafist.. no other religion is kiling one another like you.

  7. There will be 73 sects and only one of them will be right. Now was zakir able to tell that which one is right? No. Why? Because he is also a normal human being but we have to do a lot of research to get to conclusion. It's useless to fight with any sect and it's right to be united with all muslims and instead of being lazy it's time to get up and gain knowledge not to get up and fight.
    I believe that the Prophet (pbuh) left his infalibles his Ahlulbayt and the Quran for us.

  8. He is the real Muhaddis of our time may allah save him and no one perfectly preaches about islam other than Zakir ji

  9. Follow the Qur'an, the words of God. If one cannot trust hadiths 100%, one cannot follow any. God warns us many times about any text following the Qur'an, and tells us the Qur'an is complete and fully detailed. Do you not trust God? Submission to God, or Muhammad? Muhammad is only a messenger, sent to give us the Qur'an, nothing more. Man divided Muslims with hadiths, schools, culture, false preachings… Only God knows all, and he gave us the perfect text.

  10. What is the BASIS of Islam ? Basis of Hindu is Protecting MORALLY Correct , protecting SAINT , protecting JUSTICE – NYAY .
    Like , Shri Ram was Bhagwan while Ravan who kidnap other women was RAKSHAS ; and Shri Ram fought with Ravan .

    Shri Krishna fought for Basic Right of PANDAV as DHARMA .

    But Islam don’t have Basis of Morally Correct Only . Muslim King fought for Other WOMEN and Grabbing other’s MONEY . Thus it is against Morality .

    Does Quran Accept action of such Kings ?

    And that’s why , Hindu are CEO of Google and Microsoft and Citi Bank ; while Muslim didn’t went ahead of Terrorism .
    In Muslim country there are Lack of Knowledge ; and they still Follow Jungle Rule ……….

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