Dominionism: Bachmann, Perry Share Radical Religion Ties

is the main ism a real threat ok that’s
what we discussed that he has one that you know from time time here about
these christian groups that are really far-right and i want to go over the
world at a arianna but idea really connected to any real politicians ones
that might actually come present well interesting news on both michele
bachmann and rick perry on that count uh… first at michelle bachman im bank
wishes they center two thousand six had linked uh… to of book called call
of duty the starling ability of robert delete by george grant and he was a quote from
that book uh… which she had praise significantly them to book overall here’s a quote quote do you think of any
should that existed between the races in the south prior to the war was a fruit of a common faith now he was talking about how slavery is
in the bible and that slavery was normal and the people and
that was misunderstood and the blacks in the end slaves in the
south uh… lived in a in very good relation
with the white cinema symbiotic et cetera et cetera like the song of the
matter exactly friday night so that’s why they
show one was probably just run a lookout for folks who are wiling to any other
black people know that they were like a member of the family if the i’m sure a graduate of cover that
we’ve ever had by the way it’s not like she was confused as to what was in the
book the book again was called called billy this starling nobility of robert delete okay ideally that as an example of uh…
the extremes of the dominion this christian right now when you get to the heart of what
you did the meanest believe because it gets so confusing is that terrible let
you know though all the different sects uh… let me give you a different quote
from george grant back some of your third quote here uh… george read said uh… quote it is in the menu and we are after world conquests so that is not unclear if jesus christ is indeed lord as the
bible says and of our commission is to bring the
land into this objection of his lordship as the bible says then all of activities an all are
witnessing all our preaching and all our craftsmanship morris you should in all our political
action will aimed at nothing short but that’s a
good purpose so now they talk about seven novels for
example in the day i think they get dominion over government business entertainment education et
cetera right well one that michelle by muslims is
favorably number two someone who was part of this movement is actually her top staffer in terms of
reaching out the faith communities in iowa new
hampshire et cetera his name is peter walter and it would have street markham
campaign said yes he’s the only one as it is a great work and we hope using other states okay here’s a quote from peter walter and has
not been deleted by the document that he wrote then without it it could mean
interviewed off the website here’s a reset that quote for generations christians have wrongly
divided all the prayers and their lives into secular matters and spiritual
matters the ozanich splendid that is wrong the spiritual matters should reigned
supreme that they should begin in june over secular matching or let all those
questions for our they read this block of left the
subversive trash and there was a line in it that says something about render unto
caesar dap which is caesar and act of god with that which has gotten it back what kind of beer and frequency
something like that one our purpose is to control the nation’s some bearded sambhal road
freakin middle eastern oil as it does go to show you that there was a is the
worst of all his militia communist he said it’s harder for a rich that he and
i haven’t been to pass uh… for channel of us who live in needle but all that was very inconvenient they
wanted to take over the world and they’re christian so they think why
don’t we actually ignored the bible and instead trying to draw many everyone else was jesus amide that i missed that which
is about domination and how we want to crush everybody else and have dominion over that well uh… i
think the the modern-day manifestation of that
idea is the mega churches in these regions that are are have high
unemployment and little economic opportunity they control not just the
faith in the community but they control the dating the sports the social
interaction with school wing of children the uh… in licking county where i grew
up in ohio and in the mega churches the biggest institution in the whole
counting and do it right no democrats could take that county or liberal or
progressive or anybody else because the faith is really so predominant permeated
every aspect of life negara my country and you see the
influence of these mega churches where the pentecostal faith which is then brought into more of an evangelical
mainstream is now it’s kind of appears to assume the everyday uh… you know exposure of religion but
the pentecostal faith believes that there is absolutely no barriers between the lord jesus christ and every aspect of of our lives who we vote
for anything going listen to the ministers in those churches they tell
you who to vote for even though it’s illegal analytic tax exemption blah blah blah if
my granddaughter will remain in pentecostal down in florida and her
she’d tell me a obon montana is uh… black man and one of a former n_b_c_ is
evil my my minister told me and i have to sort of de programme her on the phone all the time because her minister was
telling but they’re the ones who picked her up integrated church in half and her and gave her all his friends in all this
in a role for for so brian s perfect because that lease is exactly
why would carries it in getting involved these guys right whether he believes in a nominal course
no but but they have is what they call these
fifty-state prayer warriors and they backed sap a land in
two thousand eight issued consulate thank her prayer warriors etcetera
etcetera and this is enormous network within reach out to all these people
they make five hundred thousand calls isn’t it’s an amazing network of people
that they go to for example record in the prayer meeting that he got so much that heat
for from the national media a couple weeks ago right but he didn’t
even get me was that the why’s he doing it for example two of the people sit
standing next to work apostle house patterson and pastors c l_ jackson and they’re
part of this network and they’re gonna get reach out to all those people and tell
them pay rick perry is quote the anointed one by gavel although we haven’t even anointed
bachmann we’re going to harry he is that no wanted one so we’re all going to back
him patterson is well known for writing that democrats if i’m sorry to give you a
quote there’s a demonic structure behind the democratic party so exactly what you’re saying that the their demonic the democrats are
demonic if u blogs and believe in god vote for repair


  1. What is truly sad here – is that TRUE Christians would NEVER 'push' their faith on anyone else. That is not Christianity. The day that a person is forced to worship God, will be the end. God will not stand for it … pure and simple.

  2. Oh – one more thing. Bachmann and Perry are NOT the Tea Party favorites, despite what the main stream media wants you to believe.

  3. @NaliaAsh Ghandi never liked Christ ether nor knew him. To really read the words of Jesus Christ one has to come to one of 3 conclusions…. Liar, Lunatic or LORD. Those that seek to follow Jesus are not perfect if they were they would not need a Savior. Having said that those who seek to follow Christ are hated just like they hated him. Ghandi's Christ was a figment of his imagination and had no power to save….

  4. George Grant doesnt understand shit about Jesus……..if he really believed in Jesus he would know that Jesus doesnt need anyone's help to rule the world. In the End he will reign for all time according to the scriptures.

  5. @Skarbed Actually its not "pushing" but informing Jesus called his followers to the "Great Commission "Then Jesus said to them, "So wherever you go in the world, tell everyone the Good News“He who believes and has been baptized will be saved; but those who don't believe are condemned.." Mark16:15-16 Nobody is forced to do anything. But those who believe will out of CHOICE. Us Christians are very "pro-choice" in this regard!! 🙂

  6. @toneo2001 – The day that any form of government / authority forces or mandates any sort of worship, especially the worship of the Almighty God – it will be our last of days. And will that day come? The Bible says it will. That was my point. The question is — who will make such a mandate? A TRUE Christian would understand enough to know to NEVER mix their faith with their politics. "..Render unto Caesar, what is Caesar's.."

  7. I thought that christians were a threat to the world when I was like 7 years old. I just knew like "oh they would kill half the country if they could."

  8. @usaeagle1776 It won't be long before the your nation's own troops will come for you and the bearded fat discharged ex- private you now call your wife.But don't get me wrong, I am glad that they let gay couples adopt,…just DON"T plan on having a threesome with the kids. Oh, and your hero Obama repealed "Don't ask don't tell" you can get you old job back again.We need more cannon fodder.Now fukoff wanker !

  9. Wiw!
    At what point are we going to acknowledge & address the jumbo of an elephant in the room called Michele Bachmann's rather exotic (creative?) understanding and interpretation of American history & world events. Seems that people are giving her a bit of pass so far….just wondering…..

  10. ACTUALLY, slaves were considered to be part of an extended family with the Master as the head of hearth and home. Plantation patriarchs derived authority using the same reasoning that justified monarchies.

  11. @IrishInColumbus You are rooting for a man who doesn't give a shit about you. All he wants is some real power to back his 250 million dollar fortune. I find it disgusting that anyone can idolize greed…you sir….disgust me.

  12. People should vote for someone that could actually do good for this country, and move us forward. Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry would bring us back, not help our country as a whole.

  13. the captioning on this for Deaf folks bears very little resemblance to the actual speech…. just a heads up for Deaf people…

  14. @NaliaAsh Jesus asked his disciples to lay anyone who did not accept Jesus as their king before him and slay them. He said he did not come to bring peace but to bring a sword. He said he came to bring chaos and to split up families, to turn children against parents and brother against brother, and so forth. Then he gor himself sacrificed, and bought us free of sin with blood money – whether we wanted it or not.

  15. "Science flies you to the Moon, Religion flies you into Buildings"…

    The cold, hard Truthful facts about Any Religion..

  16. @realCevra Correct. Whenever you hear a politician railing against gays, adultery, abortion, etc, the fact of the matter is that, when investigated, it is invariably discovered that they're doing precisely what they are dissing. This is a well-known and called projection.

  17. We started this country as a non-secular entity. We did so because we wanted to get away from the oppression and tyranny that church and state that will ultimately impact upon you. These 'politicians' are part of this oppressive, controlling, cult like ideology that initially, in moral terms, we worked so hard to NOT become. Their diatribes are really nothing but prejudice and hate and their incessant need to subvert control and have the masses programmed to conform to their empire.

  18. @Stevie68000 I could make a list of English people in certain positions. Doesn't make them an enemy.

    Stop this scapegoatism crap. "greed' is a problem for every race. Yes, some are Jews. But every other race is just as responsible.

  19. Jesus did (supposedly) say "Any man who does not want me to reign over him, bring him before me and cast him as a branch into the fire".

  20. The demonic structures behind the democratic party are the republican and the richest people. The republican make the democrats do what they want and bully them.

  21. BREAKING NEWS! Rick Perry indictment! Fraud. The full story is on my channel! This is HUGE! It involves 4 republican state Governors! Tennessee, Florida, Louisiana and TEXAS!! This is not a joke! I HAVE THE FRAUDULENT DOCUMENTS! Just go to my channel now to get in front of this rapidly developing breaking news situation. Spread the story to all media! Thanks

    Steve Spell II

  22. @underbjorn Oh, don't forget that "when a Muslim hurts somebody," it is not only because of his religion, but that the Koran encourages violence, etc. 'Course, you and I know that the so-called "good book" is loaded with that stuff, too.

  23. In case it hasn't been brought up in comments already, if Rick Perry is "the annointed one," then Rick Perry is Jesus…'cuz that's what Jesus means.

  24. So they want to ramble on and on about Sharia law and how it will destroy America, but Dominionism, etc is somehow the salvation for our country?…..something stinks, Bachmann…and it's coming from you…

  25. @SpectreEelman That is quite the overgeneralization… many religions believe in science and god(s)… Not every religion is bad…

  26. @spartandisturbed117 ~ that is from a Bumper sticker and T-shirt.. I agree some religions are not Bad (Buddhists & Hindus come to mind).. But the Quote certainly applies very well to Christianity & Islamic Religions very much.. and somewhat to the Jewish faith.. all 3 lack Spirituality in their make up.. Spirituality is far better for Humans then an organized Religion. Religion is a just a way for a few smart people To control hordes of simpletons…

  27. @SpectreEelman Well, I do not see any problems with, like you said Buddhists, Hindu, Taoists, Shintoists, because they are more into peace and respect for nature. But these religions evolve unlike christianity and islam and judaism. I can see where the quote comes from, and i like the quote in it's references, but i dislike the overgeneralization of "facts about any religion."

  28. @MobeenAftab ~ i am well aware that Most Islamic folks are great, down to earth folks.. But those extremist factions are giving Islam a Black Eye, that it will never get rid of until you unite against the extremist factions and shut them down… forever.. forget the mind set that "God or Allah will judge them in heaven, forget that view.. You need to shut them down here on Earth. I have some Islamic Friends and they are some mighty Good people. But all of you need to stop the extremists

  29. When are people going to learn? Religion is ridiculous and wicked nonsense (to any Jains that may read this you're excused from the wicked part)

  30. Anyone else see that documentary about an Amish family leaving for the modern world. And the father thinks that as long as he prays to God and takes as much time to go out into public to convert people (to Christianity) that God will provide all that is necessary for winter. Well winter came, and there's nothing for him. And he's actually scratching his head and wondering why the Bible doesn't have a straight forward answer. Religion is for those that literally have no idea how to live in life.

  31. Just so you know, this is no more Christian than the crusades were Christian. In other words, not at all. As a Christian I am disgusted by this and the way they are twisting Christ's words.

  32. The only difference between the ideas manifested in that George Grant quote and those of Fundamental Islam is the location of their dominance (not even origin) … both should have no place in a modern society, obviously we have not shed our primitive superstitions .

    … please subscribe to my channel if you wish to hear more of my talking points…

  33. @jenisedai I hope you feel the same for Muslims when they're being accused as a group for the actions of a few who misinterpret the Qur'an or use a questionable Hadith as justification. (Note, Jesus is the most quoted prophet in the Qur'an after Moses…) In any case, you can't get away with this. Saying "if they commit violence or like violence they're not Christian by definition" isn't a proper argument. The problem with religion is the modes of thinking it encourages, this is but one.

  34. Is loving that the View counts are in high 5 digit numbers…cant wait till it gets to 6 digits. Congrats TYT feeding the truth to the masses

  35. Listen up. The bottom line is that these two lunatics running for president are going to eventually ruin this country. If either of these two succeed, im moving out.

  36. fuck you all commentators, you all are idiots, you are bastards, islam is of the devil, mohhammed is from the devil, mohhamed was a good fucker and a big liar, you will get 7 virgins in hell……idiots, bitches, allah is not GOD, he is the devil ! we christian control the world and destroy islam !

  37. @DeJach I do feel the same way about Muslims. I'm not saying they aren't Christian because they commit violence, that's only a small part of what they stand for. I'm saying they aren't Christian for the same reason it says in the clip, because Jesus didn't advocate taking over the government, he wasn't concerned with earthly governments. That's why "King of the Jews" was such a sarcastic thing for the Romans to call him, because he wasn't acting like the head of the Jews and taking over.

  38. @MobeenAftab = that is flat out Wrong on behalf of the media.. They are just feeding the fire of anti Islamic fear… most of the press and media are responsible for the Fear , Arseholes!!! No worries mate, I support any Muslims who are fighting to silence the extremist factions in your Faith..

  39. Don't go too John Lennon and think that without religion, we'd have a Utopia. People would still be people. And, if you haven't been watching the news lately, people suck.

  40. These Christians barley listen to the actual message in the bible but tend to spew out quotes that fit their cause. Sit this guy in a room and read quotes from the bible about what Jesus thought his first comment would be that he is a socialist or communist

  41. @theburntcheeto But we have laws, against fraud and illegal actions,
    most religious people just justify their outrageous behavior because of their holy book.
    at least getting the public educated is a step in the right direction.

  42. Mega-Churches are a monetary black hole. Seriously…TAX them and then they can talk about their phony religion in the government.

  43. this is such bullshit. Christians do NOT want to rule over the world.. why would they? it doesn't help their cause if they control the media, entertainment, politics, finances… oh wait

  44. "Funny" how Republicans SAY they DON'T see race in their politics…
    yet they can never stop tripping over their tongues joking, flubbing, and/or otherwise HYPER-CONCERNING THEMSELVES BY INITIATING TALK ABOUT RACE MATTERS!

  45. This is why religion needs to say out of government because we need to represent anyone as an individual.because religion and politics cannot be bedfellows it's like sending a match to a bomb,some people think the word politics means to lie, cheat and steel testing and power and what you get. You what you want to do, Religion should be a personal belief and that no way to run the government and there should be law to enforce that religiou should not foresaw to any one because it is not right.

  46. Christian dominionists DO NOT represent what the Bible actually teaches.When Jesus spoke about the sword, the meaning was that the Gospel that was to be preached would act as a tool of division and controversy and not one of militantism as the dominionists believe. Rick Warren, Rick Joyner, Gov. Perry and others in this movement are what true believers call heretics. They have twisted what the Bible really says into something that they can use to gain power for themselves. We don't claim them!

  47. With the politicians we have running for office..We are shooting up the Ladder in a fast paced mode to be the Laughing stock of the world!! When I see Bachmann, Perry, Romney leading in the polls it shows me how America is slowing losing it role of being a superpower..Ron Paul the only Candidate that makes SENSE yet the media ignores and disrespects him…Rebpublicans need to go back to the Reagan type party intead of letting the NeoCons idiots take over!!

  48. I really doubt that Jesus (if he actually existed) would be a half-wit global warming denier, or even a Creationist. Most of what was written about Jesus was posthumous by many decades, conjuring up previous resurrection/messiah myths.

  49. @phatin8 Agreed. I am a Christian and I find this mindless mobbing around Rick Perry to be absolutely creepy. I guess a candidate can have direct financial ties to a pharmaceutical company, defend the actions of a dirty oil company, try undermine the rights of the citizens in his state, state his clear ignorance of economics,…. but if he goes to a prayer meeting, then suddenly, he can do no wrong. There was a spiritual quality that was good in situations like this….it was.. discernment.

  50. Lets remember that if a few Intellectuals in Late Medieval times with Parchment and the Printing Press can overthrow the Inquisition style Knights, then we can EASILY overthrow Christian Dominionism…

  51. @CitrusLizard Well I hate to tell you this but we are heading for a civil war in this country and it's going to be about idealolgy and religon. If you haven't seen the movie jesus camp you should.They are teaching the next wave of religous terrorist. The parents of some of these children are in the military.

  52. @CitrusLizard Koombaya singing hipsters ?!lol lol. Smoking some good stuff are you? In case]you didn't notice this is 2011 not 1964 !

  53. Damn, that is some scary thinking there. If this shit ever happened in this country, I guarantee a revolt. Dominionism is pure craziness !

  54. I wouldn't worry too much about Michelle Bachman or Dimionism. Do you remember what happened to Sarah Palin? Her beliefs didn't help her get respect in politics. If anything they just made her look more stupid.

  55. A fight is about to break out! What I want is to live with all Americans, of every faith, in peace. You believe what you believe and I will believe what I believe. We will respect each other. They won't let that happen because they won't quit until they twist our arms behind our backs and make us say and believe what they want us to, until they inject their lunacy into every public policy. Then, they call themselves patriots for shitting on the constitution! We have to fight back!

  56. I don't know how Americans who believe this stuff can even flirt with running for office. They are against the basic principals of American Democracy; especially since, at the same time they are saying they love America, and judge liberals as less American than they are. We should cherish out separation of church and state. Flag waving zealots don't get that this are against everything we stand for as a nation.

  57. I have to unfortunately admit that Bachmann represents my district. I have never voted for that crazy bitch and often make comments on her Facebook post.

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  62. Thankfully, im doing great now. But when i was homeless after my foundry shut down, all the shelters were christian run. It was always convert or die in the snow. I was a christian then, but i guess not their brand. The u.n. began forcing this monistic triadism on my monotheistic faith. They imposed the trinity doctrine on all demoninations in my ohio hometown. This got me wanting to know god more. So i left the shelters who refused to allow a responsible adult work. I camped out in the forest and worked three part time jobs and got on my feet in 4 months time. Then i started really searching the bible itself and found it morally atrocious. This god commanded that rape victims should be stoned to death as harlots if they failed marry the rapist that violated them. This god in the o.t. admitted he was once called el and baal, that he had a goddess wife named asherah, etc. Long story short out of respect for those who still beleive this stuff, i left christianity. After many abuses by men i dated through my church, i am now a lesbian. I joined the wiccan faith not long ago and this was for me personally the greatest thing that ever happened to me. I am loved and accepted in ways nearly no christian understands. The dominionist terrorists could burn me alive, and yet i am completely at peace.

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