Disgruntled Google Employee Gets Trump To Believe Conspiracy Theory

You know, it doesn’t take Donald Trump very
much to buy into a conspiracy theory. He told us just yesterday that he had just
had a wonderful conversation in the oval office with the heads of Google, the people at the
very top of Google who assured him nothing screwy is going on at the tech company with
regards to burying results for Donald Trump. He believed him and then unfortunately the
president turned on Fox News shortly thereafter where he saw a disgruntled Google employee
by the name of Kevin Cernekee, former Google engineer who said that, oh yeah, Google is
100% censoring results for Donald Trump trying to bury him and they have a plan to make him
lose in 2020 that’s pretty damning material. Right, and it seems like the kind of thing
that, oh wow, that that should be investigated. Unfortunately, there’s zero evidence whatsoever
to back this up. As I mentioned, Cernekee is a disgruntled
Google employee. He’s now being propped up by the group that
has zero credibility project Veritas because they’ve been trying forever to convince us
that there is some kind of grand conspiracy taking place with these tech giant censoring
conservatives silencing their voices, stifling their search results. None of it is true, but it makes for good
talking points and it gets the right wing all riled up. And now they’ve got Donald Trump believing
this ridiculous conspiracy theory as well. Here’s what Trump tweeted out. He said,
“…I watched Kevin Cernekee, a Google engineer, say terrible things about what they did in
2016 and that they want to “Make sure that Trump losses…
…in 2020.” So that in a tweet on Tuesday after watching
this man on Fox News, he is also quoted, uh, Peter Schweitzer, uh, the head of a conservative
think tank linked to conspiracy theories against Democrats according to the agents, friends
press and Schweitzer, much like Project Veritas also has zero credibility. Shysters books, his articles, his talking
points have all been proven to be completely false and absolutely fabricated. But he is also one of the people out there
right now saying that Google is somehow punishing Donald Trump. Do you know the easy will, easiest way to
test and see if Google is in fact punishing Donald Trump. Google, Donald Trump, Google president of
the United States. All you’re going to get are Donald Trump’s
search results. Google is making a killing off people searching
for Donald Trump. They’re also making the killing off the Trump
campaign, buying ads. They, they love him. They really do. Just like the media outlets love him. Even when they talk about how much they hate
him because they make a ton of money off of talking about this man every day, but Trump,
maybe he wants some Google cash for his campaign. Maybe other conservatives want Google cash. They’re already getting it, but they want
more of it, so they create these insane conspiracy theories that again, the president’s now buying
into show that they can go back and threaten the companies and say, listen, we’re going
to have to put strict regulations on you. We’re going to have to look over your shoulder
every step of the way. That’s where we’re headed. What can you do to make that not happen? And Google executives will say, well, how
about we write you a check for your campaign? That is what is taking place in this country
right now. That is why conservatives are pushing these
bogus conspiracy theories. Matt Gaetz, a couple of weeks ago on Twitter,
said, there’s no results on Google when you search for Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton. Why are they censoring that? And, uh, which I pointed out to him, just
Google Epstein Clinton, and there’s all the information you could ever want. Matt Gaetz got mad because he didn’t understand
how Google worked. He didn’t know how to do a search, but it’s
all right there. So maybe these conservatives do think that
Trump is being censored or that they are being censored, or that certain news about Democrats
is being censored. But if they do think that it’s because they’re
not smart enough to know how to perform a simple internet search.


  1. It isn't hard to get Trump to buy into a conspiracy theory. He lives in a festering stew of lies, falsehoods and conspiracy theories.

  2. Google is a piece of shit company that employs mostly self-serving man-children. Let Herr Cheetolini and those tech boys fight each other.

  3. This is a bloke who wants to spend billions on fighting a non-existent enemy ("space force" – wants it to be a branch of the military – who tf is there to fight?! Been watching too much Stargate??). Of course he's going to believe anything he's told.

  4. Disgruntled Google Employee,
    is disgruntled,
    for a reason!
    Dopey Would Believe Anything,
    That A Boob,
    like himself, with the same mindless thoughts, would BELIEVE!

  5. Here in Australia, my wife receives near daily Twitter emails (yes, emails) promoting the latest Trump Twitter Rant.

    Twitter have made a point of sharing, no, promoting that clowns lunacy to the world.

    And that moron thinks he is being censored.

  6. Not a conspiracy theory, we know Google controls the algorithms, in fact, they sell them to companies…you are a retard.

  7. Type 'idiot' in the Google Images search…… Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    Yup, guess 'who', shows up!
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  8. Yes it is true! Everything has already changed on YouTube. People I’ve followed for years are not easy to find now . It became evident about 2 months ago

  9. forget the fact that all the YouTube videos about trump and his rallies are filled with conservatives commenting on how the very videos they are commenting on are being censored…. lunacy is hereditary in the conservative population. If you are conservative, believe it anyway, even when the facts are right in front of you and prove your cult beliefs wrong.

  10. zionist are censoring. Wake up. Ever see the truth about israel trending? Zionism is war and refugees. Killing your neighbors and stealing their land is a crime. Lying and censoring the truth of it is evil.

  11. Gee I was hoping it was true….I see a lot of trump ads on You tube…right now all I see is people having a orgasm over a pair of sunglasses….lol

  12. Trump, you are a gutter rat. You were born in one, you will die in one.

    Money, nor intimidation does not buy respect, character nor a key to the elite circles that denied you access, because they knew you were scum, and a gutter rat. No one invites filth in!

  13. When is America going to involuntarily confine this orange nazi? We are moving eerily close to nazism and fascism. Don't tell me I didn't warn you!

  14. I googled "Donald Trump". I got 1,050,000,000 (over a billion) hits. I googled "Elizabeth Warren". I got 226,000,000 hits. Donald got five times as many hits. How many hits does this old goat think he deserves? If anything, Google is giving Trump extra weight. The trick to getting hits is to say things that thousands of websites reference. Most of what Trump says is nonsense. The only reason to quote is to demonstrate creeping dementia.

  15. Google is always correct. To prove my point, just Google the word Idiot everybody and see whose picture comes up.

  16. YouTube does the same thing by constantly recycling advertisements for a tyrannical racist dictator. And in time YouTube will be held responsible and libel financially!

  17. 4:01 – 4:18
    4real? The people who are not smart enough to not get conned by a dumbass suffering from dementia and narcissism? How surprising!😴

  18. Does this and the other clowns get it, we are and will always be against them. Starting with DT they are Nazi's Racist white supremacist ok with those labels is there any reason why you wouldn't go after these Hitler lovers "Hail Hydra wow

  19. Just common sense and a slight familiarity with the internet would tell you that "MAGA" shit is selling like hot cakes and these Trumpets do not care to drop serious coinage on it…the goofier the better for them. You old put a bald eagle wrapped in a flag decal on a turd and say Reagan or Trump dropped it and it would probably sell.

  20. All Hail Republican Incompetence and their convoluted logic! I don't know how to use Google, ergo I am being censored. 🤣

  21. You just love trump too. Because you get to make money off him. Your own words buddy. USA = laughing stock of the world. There's a reason Canadian call the USA our toilet. You guys are full of crap. Could you please black out your public media. The world doesnt need to see this hate empowering news.

  22. Gop goes to alta vista and writes ”google donald trump” and gets nothing.
    Moscow Mitch writes in his notebook ”google donald trump” and noone shows up in his office with the latest tremendous news about agent Orange.
    It has to be the tech giants right?

  23. He has the literacy, maturity level, and temperament of a junior high school kid – a mean girl – so his view of the world is based on TV and movie plots, with stunted, practically non-existent abilities to determine whether he's watching something believable or not.

  24. Lol if you tell trump that it's raining money outside he'll be out there looking up into the sky then gets on twitter saying all the rats took all the money lmfao

  25. You have to be completely retarded to not think google / YouTube / Twitter are censoring people they don’t agree with.

    Look at all of the people they have recently BANNED..

  26. Look deeper! This is all contrived to bring down the price of google stock so that Peter Thiel can buy the company….And we don’t want Peter Thiel buying the company.

  27. This is why i've been saying we need to start our own conspiracy theories and get them aired on Fox. Ones such as Iran helping the Democrats in 2020. If we can get that being believed by Trump, he'll force the belief down the rank and file until Moscow Mitch caves and allows votes for improved election security. We play them at their own game, we beat them at their own game. We turn Trumps stupidity against the GOP

  28. Farron. Need to make sure you check your facts. Google execs have stated they want to influence the election in 2020. Shouldn’t we just want the vote to count and all that counts is each vote. Stop propaganda and stick to facts.

  29. Ring of Fire just cranking it out. Another person died in Chicago resulting from the 59 plus shootings over the weekend. Can you at least cover the big things that really matter. How many will be shot this weekend in Chicago.
    It is the same as two mass shootings per weekend. Yes. Two mass shooting per weekend go on in Chicago unnoticed.
    What is the root cause of it ? Lori Lightfoot is asking for help. Let’s do our part to help and support those that need it

  30. A majority of the American people had a plan to make him lose in 2016.

    Look how that turned out. Stronger measures are needed.

  31. Really funny . hes grasping at straws . and hes never gonna win just like last time . it was bought

  32. Hey the "stable genius" knows the TRUTH !!!… Which is whatever the voices in his demented, delusional brain tell him !!! And then has to do the voices bidding ……😱! and of course whatever Putin says….

  33. It's comical that you clowns promoted a conspiracy theory about Russian collusion for 2 years but ridicule Republicans for believing in a conspiracy that has some actual merit.

  34. Matt Gaetz is certainly no mental powerhouse, he probably has to google how to spell google. But these conservatives trying to threaten companies like this for money due to so-called anti-conservative search results is simply a shake-down, mob style.

  35. That's how it goes with conspiracy theories: the most sinister account is always the most credible because anything else is "what they WANT you to think."

  36. gaslighting in order to justify controlling the media so that they don't say bad things about Donnie and hurt his feeweeings. Totalitarian propaganda 101

  37. He’s just trying to fool people to believe the government and all social networks are against him so when he loses he’ll try to blame it on Russia, google, all social media to say it was some type of conspiracy against him, he’s a fake, fraud conman, what’s really sad is people actually buy into his BS.

  38. I couldn't find anything on "Donald Tromp", Google kept changing it to "Donald Trump" in order to censor my searches. #MAGA


  40. This is kind of funny if you think about it. You can convince him of just about anything. I have some swap land here for you and Putin to build your next golf course on. You will be the first to have this and will make you billions. Hurry there is only a couple. Be the first.🤣

  41. MOSCOW MITCH HAS HIJACKED CONGRESS to the extent that no federal legislation may be enacted without his approval. What price American democ(k)racy and the American Constitution?

  42. No, they're once again trying to game the system to stop YT, Twitter, FB etc from demonetizing hate. You see, they want to indoctrinate the next generation into hate and want to be paid to do it, so by whining about being censored they hope to have the politicians put regulatory pressure on the social media companies to open the doors and let the hate mongers brain wash your children and theirs. The bottom line is they are working every single angle using legal and not so legal methods — morality isn't part of the equation … just winning!

  43. Can't believe we have a president who can't spell, can barely read, and believes and spreads conspiracy theories. WHAT. THE. FUCK.

  44. Why would it be wrong for Google to have a bias? Its legal, and considering they have such a racial diversity they should and have a right to.

  45. If Google, Youtube and Facebook are burying Trump… then why do I keep seeing his ads?
    I've tried filling in the surveys saying he should be in prison, I've tried telling YouTube the ads are inappropriate, but they keep showing up

  46. What about Google execs stating they’ll do whatever they can to make sure Trump doesn’t win 2020??? Sounds like they’re the ones guilty of collusion

  47. I know someone who was in the room when the higher ups at Google "vowed" to not let Trump win re-election "at any cost".

  48. Wait…. are you serious? Google employees have testified that google is biased right? I swear I sat there and watched a bunch of it 🤔 And didn’t we see the woman from google admit it after the last election? And Project veritas literally won ALL of their lawsuits so far. Like it or not. I was a bernie supporter, but this information divide is making asses out of people I respect and I challenge you all you actually do some thorough investigative work on claims from both sides and get off the fence with your wokeness

  49. There are literally people who don’t know how to get the info they want from search engines, I know people who say they couldn’t find stuff, but then when I check, it’s all there, yeah sometimes you have to dig deeper.
    Having said all that, the real conspiracy stuff is harder to find, and needs triple cross referenced.

  50. Considering how much crying you people have been doing since Trump won, I can see that. After seeing that Google video the day after the election, I can see Google doing this. Now, from an Engineer, who worked there….Should we Believe him or you the gatekeeper journalist?

  51. Google employee donations to Democrats during 2016 = about 10 million.

    Donations to Rwpublicans = $0

    Makes one think.

  52. all of your credibility went out the window when you decided to paint all people who believe censorship is happening is to stupid to understand google searches. You sir are part of the problem you talk about how they do this to get people on the right all upset and crap while literally making a video directed towards the left to give them an echo chamber of bashing the right… all of you who still believe the left and right is not working together are absolutely delusional and you are part of the problem DIVIDE distract DECEIVE rather than calmly explaining and showing the google search NOPE you didnt do that you just spoke as if it were fact is it fact idk But censorship and shadowbanning is 100% a fact anyone who is against wars, anyone who is against pitting the left and right against each other, any alternative facts that have legitimate evidence but you wont read this and you will likely continue to do just as the MSM and Divide the country

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