Discussing God and Religion with James Frey

JAMES FREY: This is my attorney
in Los Angeles. His name’s David Krintzman. Hey, dude, what’s up? DAVID KRINTZMAN: Hey,
how are you? JAMES FREY: Dude, I have 10
process servers standing outside of my apartment building
saying they’re suing me for intellectual property
theft and defamation to God and slander to Jesus. Should I call the cops? Should I call the
Hell’s Angels? What should I do? DAVID KRINTZMAN: Hang
on just one second. JAMES FREY: Can they even
sue me for that? Can you be sued for
slandering God? DAVID KRINTZMAN: No– God is not a person. If somebody could try to file a
lawsuit, it would get tossed out immediately. JAMES FREY: Hey, dude,
you know what? I’m just fucking
with you guys. I’m with “Vice” magazine
and they had heard I make crank calls. So we decided to crank you. DAVID KRINTZMAN: [LAUGHING] JAMES FREY: [CHUCKLING] DAVID KRINTZMAN: Motherfucker. JAMES FREY: [CHUCKLING] DAVID KRINTZMAN: See, this is
what I have to fucking deal with when I represent
James Frey. ROCCO CASTORO: [LAUGHING] JAMES FREY: Later, dude. I’ll call you later. DAVID KRINTZMAN: Bye. JAMES FREY: Bye. ROCCO CASTORO: So, hi, James. How are you? JAMES FREY: I’m good. How are you? ROCCO CASTORO: You’re
doing good today? JAMES FREY: I’m doing
well today, man. ROCCO CASTORO: So, there’s been
a lot of press about your book over the last few days. And it’s about a modern day
Messiah who advocates orgies and drugs and lives for a short
time in the subways underneath New York City. Now, do you think people are
going to try to kill you or anything like that because
of this book? JAMES FREY: Are people going
to try to kill me? I hope not, man. I don’t want to die, you know. I don’t know what’s
going to happen. I mean, some people read the
book and don’t find it offensive at all. And some people read it
and say, how long till you leave America? I mean, that’s part of the fun
of releasing a book is seeing what happens, see if people read
it, see if people care, see how they react. The book wasn’t designed to want
to make people kill me. I tried to write a valid
religious document, write a book about what I really think
it might be like if the Messiah came back to Earth. People think about the real
Christ and about the Bible. And one of the things that’s
forgotten, which is one of the most important things, is that
when Christ was on Earth, he was a radical. He wasn’t part of acceptable
society. He didn’t believe in anything
that acceptable society held dear. He was a radical preacher with
a radical message who was dangerous enough so that he
was killed, so that he was strung up on a cross
and killed. I think if the Messiah were to
arrive or Christ to return, he would be that same
type of radical. ROCCO CASTORO: You said
it’s your stab at a religious document. So what kind of research
went into it? JAMES FREY: I had a number of
consultants on the book. I had an orthodox rabbi here
in New York who was a consultant. I had a Pentecostal preacher,
a Catholic priest, a trauma surgeon, a criminal defense
attorney, a mental health advocate. I wanted the book to be right. I know how I feel about God and
how I feel about faith and how I feel about religion. But I didn’t know the
mechanics of it. There are very specific theories
about Messiah. There are very specific
requirements within Judaism to be considered Messiah. And I needed to know
all that stuff. ROCCO CASTORO: The book is
structured just like the New Testament, Old Testament. It’s told through different
books, through different narrators who interact with Ben
Zion, who’s the Messiah. And some of the books
are actually named– Ruth or Esther. How much do they have in common
with the original? JAMES FREY: Obviously, I looked
a lot at the first two books of the Bible. I looked at how the
stories were told. I looked at weird stuff
like numbers. There’s a lot of numbers
in the Bible. And they’re very specific. I looked at the Gospels
of Christ. I love that we don’t know the
story of Christ from his own perspective. We just know it from people
who knew him. And I love that the Gospels
of Christ are, in and of themselves, unreliable. They don’t actually match
up perfectly. They tell different stories. I just tried to think what would
a contemporary version of this be? So yeah, the book is written
entirely from the perspective of the friends, family, and
followers of Ben Zion Avrohom, also known as the Messiah, also
known as the Lord God. Every chapter of the book is
written in a radically different voice. The first chapter is a
18-year-old Puerto Rican girl living in a housing project
in the Bronx. The second chapter is
45-year-old foreman at a construction site. The third chapter is a
38-year-old trauma surgeon at a hospital. And it was cool to have to
literally reinvent how I wrote with every chapter. ROCCO CASTORO: When you were
compiling research for the book, did you have any new
thoughts about faith? JAMES FREY: Oh, I have a
profound respect for faith. I mean, if anything, writing the
book gave me more respect for religion and made me
think about it more. But what the book really is is
me trying to work out my own feelings about it. I’ve struggled with the idea of
God and religion and faith almost my whole life. And it’s something I’ve written
about every time I’ve written a book. You know, most of “A Million
Little Pieces” is about it. I walk around New York. And I see things that are
incredibly beautiful every day and incredibly horrific
every day. And you think about, well,
why are we even here? How does my brain work? Is my brain different from
my spirit or my soul? Do I believe, do I not? What do I believe in? How do I reconcile living in the
21st century, living in an era of nuclear weapons and
genetic engineering and living in an era where we know being
gay is not a decision somebody makes but the way
someone’s born? How do we reconcile
these ideas– the physics of Stephen Hawking
with, you know, stories of a man with a big white beard who
sits on a chair with a bunch of dudes judging everybody? It’s really hard for me to
reconcile those ideas. But I think it must be a
beautiful thing to believe in God without a shred of doubt
and to have faith. ROCCO CASTORO: Were
you brought up with any sort of religion? JAMES FREY: I was baptized
Catholic. And I was confirmed Episcopal. And my parents took us to
church every Sunday when I was a kid. I grew up in Cleveland. But I’ve never been able
to really believe in that kind of God. And in a lot of ways, the book
is me writing about a God I could believe in. If I were to believe in
something, it would be someone like this. ROCCO CASTORO: I’ve had a lot
of the same struggles. At the same time, when I find
myself in really crappy situations, I might
do something that could be called praying. Have you done that any time
recently or in the last 10 years or anything like that? JAMES FREY: Yeah, many times. I mean, whenever you go through
a bad time in your life, you want some
reassurance, or you want some help. And when your life’s completely
out of control, you want to try to find some way
to control it or find some thing that can control it. I don’t really talk
about this. I’ve never really
talked about it. But my wife and I had a son who
died a couple years ago. I sat in the hospital. And I watched him die. And when that was happening, I
would get on my knees every day and beg God for help,
literally beg and plead and cry and say, help me. I would say, take me and
let my son have a life. I don’t need a life. Take my life, give it to him. And while that was happening,
I went to churches of different denominations
around New York. I went to a mosque. I went to a synagogue. I went to all these places. And everywhere I went, I
got down on my knees. And I begged for help. I begged for something– for relief, for a sign,
for whatever. And I didn’t get anything. I didn’t feel anything. I don’t know if that’s because
I’m a bad guy in God’s eyes. I don’t know if that’s because
there isn’t a God. I don’t know if I did it the
wrong way or if I needed to do it before that to be able
to get the help then. I don’t know. I don’t have the answers
to any of it. But I’ve never gotten a sign. ROCCO CASTORO: A large part of
the book has to do with the world is ending in some way. And whether that means flat-out
apocalypse, and everything blows up, or just a
complete change of how humans live, that’s what Ben Zion
preaches in the book. And that’s the word of
God through him. Do you think we could be close
to the end– like, this could really be happening right now? JAMES FREY: I mean, I think we
live in a world where a lot of people have a lot of bombs. There are bombs that take
out tens of millions of people at a time. And there’s a lot of hatred
between all the people who have these weapons. And if you look at the conflicts
around the world, most of them are religious
conflicts– the Middle East, Israel,
Palestine, the United States. And Islam as a global religion
is, in large part, a religious conflict. 9/11 was a strike in the
name of religion. And if you look back over the
course of history for the last couple thousand years, most of
the big wars have sort of been land grabs done in the
name of religion. And unless there’s some other
system that comes in to replace the ones we have– which I don’t see happening– nothing’s going to change. There’ll be some sort of major
conflict tied into religion that will kill a
lot of people. ROCCO CASTORO: And let’s talk
about something else that’s a big deal with this book– how you’re publishing it. So why don’t you tell us exactly
what your plans are for releasing this
to the world. JAMES FREY: I tried to write a
radical book that wasn’t like anything anybody had
done before. And I’m trying to release
it in a radical way. I’ve had problems in my career
before when I write controversial material, problems
dealing with sort of corporate entities behind it
and how they disavow it or step away from it once
the controversy reaches a certain point. So I decided I wasn’t
even going to contemplate doing that. So I thought an art gallery
would be a more appropriate place to publish books. I got in touch with five
of my artist friends– Richard Prince, Ed Ruscha, Terry
Richardson, Dan Colen, and Richard Phillips. And I’m collaborating with
them on making these illuminated manuscripts, like
old medieval Bibles, where they sort of make art that
is their reaction to what they’ve read. And then we publish it as
sort of a book with a lot of art in it. And they’re going to be
beautiful, astounding, one-of-a-kind objects. And I think the future of
publishing is that. We’re seeing publishing change
very radically right now. We have the internet. We have digital devices like
the Kindle and the Nook and the iPad. And I don’t need a publisher
to release my books on those things. So I sort of arrived that I
was going to publish these beautiful books and limit the
number of them and then, at the same time, let anybody who
wants to read the book read it on a digital device. I wanted to become a writer to
break rules and to get in trouble and to do things
that pushed boundaries. And I think at some point,
literature has become this precious thing that doesn’t
value that anymore, even though most of the historical
figures in it only did that. Something’s a book. And everything else
is irrelevant. What’s relevant is when somebody
picks up that book and reads it, how it makes them
feel or if it makes them think or, if at the end
of it, they think it was worth their time. All the other stuff
is just bullshit.


  1. Well, I basically just finished an on going debate with "lucky", and as a result, it was what brought on most of his hateful comments that people saw. I appreciate what you said, I'm Atheist, and that means I don't believe in God, but I believe everyone has the right. If Religion only produced people like you, I'd maybe give it a try But, I just don't ever think I will believe. If there is a heaven it should let people in just for being decent people. regardless whether they believed in it all.

  2. Well, I think it's Genetics, that's my opinion. That it happens just as someone being born with a mental illness, we know someone doesn't choose to be socially/intellectually challenged, it can be described as abnormal, but don't think I'm implying it makes them bad people. I support Gay Rights, Gay Marriage etc. I think for someone to be judged on a characteristic, especially one not chosen, is horrible. You're entitled to believe in what you want to. I'm just glad you atleast treat them equal.

  3. Except, that section of scripture isn't about the homosexual act, but the disturbance of the societal structure and the submission of women to men. The idea of homosexuality as a singular orientation doesn't even exist anywhere in scripture. This is the prevailing understanding from major theologians in many variances of the Christian faith. Even the mainstream of the Catholic church. So you're gonna tell me that you know more about this than the people who studied scripture all their lives?

  4. Don't use the Bible as justification for anything, especially on homosexuality. The book says not to eat pork, wear mixing fabrics, and teaches you how to beat your slave and sell your daughter into slavery. Simply put, the Bible is outdated, its time to move into the 21st century.

  5. "Don't put a negative light on Christianity"? Really? Why shouldn't he? Christianity has caused many deaths, slavery, racism, homophobia. One mechanism to bring to light such awful things is pointing them out through humor and humiliation. Why would we have gay-boy-raping catholic priests jokes if that weren't really the case? Don't mischaracterize God, for every good passage God said, there is a contradictory, bad one as well.

  6. Did Christianity cause that? Or was it caused by humans who are naturally evil? Humans love to take the blame off themselves… and I am not at all mischaracterizing God. Maybe my words don't do justice on how great and awesome He is, but I'm sure not over exaggerating!

  7. Leviticus18:22 Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.

    Deuteronomy 23:17 There shall be no whore of the daughters of Israel, nor a SODOMITE of the sons of Israel.
    23:18 Thou shalt not bring the hire of a whore, or the price of a dog, into the house of the LORD thy God for any vow: for even both these are ABOMINATION unto the LORD thy God.
    I can show you more passages if you so desire ..so you go figure..

  8. That's right I hate Religion man! Specially Evolution, I hate it just like I hate Islam and all the rest of em!

  9. To be clear. There is only one verse, in Leviticus, that is explicitly against the homosexual action. However, your translation of Deuteronomy is incorrect. From the NIV and King James, both male and female are referred to as "prostitute." Don't add words that don't belong in the book. ALSO the bible is not a guidebook, but used as reference material. If it were a guidebook, slavery would be legal, you could stone a woman to death on her father's doorstep for being a slut, and no more bacon.

  10. Here's the thing about uppity, self-righteous Christians like yourself. You cast out all doubt that the Bible may not be the only guiding document because you've never critically read the bible once in your life. For example, the Deuteronomical histories are in complete contrast with the morality described in the Judges later on. And the fact that you don't know which books fit into these categories, btw, is only further proof of your complete illiteracy when it comes to reading the bible.

  11. You can't waive a book in the air and scream, "I'm Right!" if you don't even know what's in the whole damn thing…

  12. Based on what your opinion about the bible "damn thing' tells me how much you read it yourself. But I for myself know whats up. You on your part need to actually read the "damn thing" and see what opinion it has against a homosexual lifestyle.

  13. The context of the "homosexual lifestyle" as you talk about it doesn't even exist until the late 1800s! You need to read the bible for the cues it makes within its historical context. Like I said, if you were to apply those contexts to today's life, women shouldn't have rights, slavery should still be legal, and you wouldn't be allowed to eat bacon! CONTEXT CONTEXT CONTEXT!!!!!

  14. The point I was trying to make was that science is ever evolving, many scientific discoveries are simply the best explanation we can offer until someone else discovers something new or different. You make it sound like science and religion are mutually exclusive, which they are not. Besides creation/evolution, how many other conflicting theories are u able to list? Stephen Jay Gould (evolutionary biologist) said the two can co-exist. Religion has been influential in early science as well.

  15. Ur an idiot, religion never prevented anyone who doesn't believe in it to do it's own science. Give an example of how science has been set back bc of it. Like I said it's not mutually exclusive, either give examples or stop spewing bs.

  16. Aight man, it seems pretty obvious you want to act like a fag and beat around the bush. All I did was ask for one example not a fucking 1000 yr thesis, but we both know you have none, so we done here. Peace.

  17. Cmon, that's a little disingenuous, I'll admit, Christianity does oppose it but that's the only theology that does, Judaism and Islam permit it and encourage it. But there's just as much opposition from non-religious groups. And that isn't even their biggest problem, their biggest problem comes from politicians and lack of federal funding. Let's be honest here.

  18. Jesus was an anarchist hippy who hung around with low lives. He told everyone he met to stop what they're doing and follow his example. He fought for equality and turned water into space bag.

  19. Yes, you are right. I am a Christian and I can tell what people do in the name religion. Crusades, Inquisitions, Papal struggle for power. Likewise, I can also tell you what Christian have also been doing, building communities in Africa, giving people hope in poverty. Medieval Christianity is almost the only source of education due to rampant breakdown of order, the friars of assisi help the poor communities.

    Like any other institutions, religion can be either for good or evil.

  20. So does communism, and the idea of communism for the good of the masses, a worker's utopia. Early church also have a very socialistic view towards their possessions, sharing whatever little they have with those who do not.

    The only reason ideas, institutions, religions, political ideology, can be turned for bad is when evil people manipulate them. To accuse religion of evil is totally missing the point. Anything and everything can be a force of evil or good.

  21. I absolutely agree. I was just giving this guy a piece of his own medicine. I don't believe religion nor the lack of religion is the source of any evil or good.

  22. 🙂 ok. Sorry i thought you are just the typical atheist. I am a Christian and I know that Christianity has been part of some of the largest massacres. I am not going to say the history of Christianity is all pure because if there are humans, evil exists.

  23. What do you mean by typical atheist? I'm an atheist but one for a good reason which is that I'm a realist. Yeah the history of Christianity is bloody which is one reason I'm atheist but the fact that the bible is scientifically inaccurate and that there is no historical data that historians have been able to find that Jesus even exist at all outside of the bible.

  24. I would like to say that as a communist I can assure everyone that communism hasn't happened at all yet. I see what you're saying when things like science and communist ideas can be used for bad. But for communism part, none of the countries or leaders were actually communist, just under the guise of the word solely for power. If communism happens there would be no money or governments at all, just like Anarchism. Just wanted to clear that up cuz it's a big misconception.

  25. “That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.”

    -Christopher Hitchens

  26. Hey James, I'm terribly sorry to hear about the passing of your son. I can't imagine what that must have been like for you and your wife. Do you believe something happened to his soul or spirit when he past? What do you think you need to do in this life to join him in the next?

  27. I can empathize with this guy, not knowing what to believe once. Jesus touched my life, and I haven't been the same since. I want to know that I'm praying for all you guys that you will encounter Jesus in your lives as well, because I can finally love those around me and my own ambitions stopped me before. I hope the same for you.

    God bless.

  28. You sir are wrong. Watch the movie or read the book "The Case for Christ" by Lee Sobell. Written by an atheist. Interviews professors at different university's and they present evidence for and against Jesus. They have also produced "Historical Data" that you claim doesn't exist, outside of the bible that backs up the tale of Jesus. Stop being close minded.

  29. Actually, he wasn't.. nominal at best, but he cherry-picked and was also an occultist. Plus, his ideas of the Aryan race were influenced most by darwinism and nietzsche.

  30. Sure, Jesus had a radical message when He came to earth. How would that make Him contradict His original message the second time around? Just to be radical again? And how does different non-contradicting perspectives make the gospel unreliable? This is all illogical thinking. At least he's thinking about God.. I hope he keeps getting drawn to the Truth and not his own "feelings".

  31. Maybe you should pray for all the starving children and innocents around the world that god seems to care so little about.

  32. If the bible is a divinely inspired text it should be simple enough so as not be subject to misinterpretation or multiple different interpretations.

  33. Check this out…Cherry pickin is vital (I know that shit sounds crazy but hear me out)..I realize that king james was a king of the ruling class and they changed a few things…Romans 13 is bullshit…This goverment is not institituted by god…religion can be used for good or bad…depends who is preaching…

  34. God do not exist, never have and never will. If you want to believe in some higher being pulling strings from heaven. Go ahead. You will be wrong. But that is something for you to figure out. There are no afterlife, no heaven, and no hell. The meaning of life is to reproduce and survive. Our lives hold no more significance than that of a horse. To us maybe, but not in the grand scheme of things.

    P.S Santa does not exist either. It is just your uncle in a cheap suit. But the lie is nice.

  35. I'm an atheist because god is logically impossible. There are some moral problems for certain but they aren't my main problem.

  36. people need to stop thinking they know it all. please realise how weird this shit is; beeing. There's Always a why.

  37. Sir i kindly accept your attempt to add some validity to the whole jesus story debogle , but infact that story is older then the bible and has been predated to before jesus was even born , It was one of the apostles when recapping jesus's life decided he'd write the story but add the wonderful little events into jesus's story , The star guiding the wise men , The killing of all the first borns in bethlehem by the jealous king are all just copied piece's from an even older story then the bible

  38. How can you have evidence against the existence of something if it in fact existed? Wasn't it Constantine who was the general who over saw the execution of Jesus but not once mentioned him? Romans kept good records and if Jesus was really a person why were there no reports of him?

  39. hate to say it james frey but drugs are pretty socially acceptable. i mean have you counted alcoholics? marriage is difficult enough today. an advocate for destructive non-normal behaviour would likely be pretty straight but likely advocate death and rape and incest rather than getting effed up on hallucinogens or synthetics. you're so new man. so fresh. so glad i don't read books.

  40. the bible in itself is a historical document, which has by far more original manuscripts than any other ancient greek writing. historians and scholars all agree that a man named Jesus lived, was a radical, and was crucified, the question one has to ask themselves when cold hard evidence is in there face is if they want to believe. there is alot of evidence that there is a God. although i will say to you that no one can prove or disprove Gods existence. at the end of the day faith is required

  41. Josephus, Lucian, tacitus, the talmud, pliny the younger. these are all historians that mentioned Jesus. they were all evident writers and well known at that time. another huge fact is that if Jesus never existed, then why would the original deciples have still fallowed him? what was their gain by following Christ? we have roman records of there deaths. they were killed, beaten and bruised and remained followers. what was there gain if they were making it all up in their gospels?

  42. but arnt there problems in all beliefs? you could say being atheist is logically impossible. you have no evidence to prove that there is absolutely no God. you have no evidence to 100 percent prove evolution, or to prove that this world could all be an alter reality, or that there is nothing past death, or that there is no purpose for life, ect. all world views have aspects to them that arnt 100% proven. therefore all world views have a faith factor. you choose atheism i choose Christ, much love

  43. I have proof that that there is no god. Well its either no god or you have to concede that you don't have free will but its much easier to live without believing in god than to believe that you don't have free will. If you believe in god then 1) God is omniscient. 2) You have free will. This is a contradiction therefore god does not exist.

  44. Give evidence? You sound extremely agnostic, Which is infact good, But i concur look it up my friend, Its not one particular story that its stolen from, Its an emalgimation oh tonnes of little ancient storys n myths thrown together with jesus' name, The 3 wise men have been written about prior to any christian bible ever dated "being led across the desert from a star" Stolen also , Just look up Roman's invent jesus 🙂 happy hunting my friend

  45. And this is just a continuation on from my last comment , What do they have to gain ? Ohhh i dont fucking know like 100's of billions of dollars, A cult following or idiotic christians who would easily go to war to cleanse a land of anybody unchristian? Ohh you forgot about the crusades ? Yeah ethnic cleansing of an entire continent, 6 million people killed ? Because they didnt believe what christians said , So please just hush ya lips and shut your gums mate

  46. the original disciples didnt make billions? there is a great difference between the Jewish church and the christian church. the jewish church had the money, but the original disciples, and the original Christian church did not have billions of dollars. they were meeting in basements, caves, and small houses, and they were being beaten and persecuted daily. there families abandoned them, and they suffered great loss. we can argue beliefs all day, but one must choose what they believe for themself

  47. i didnt post to cause conflict or a fight, just to put my insight in. i respect your views and i hope you can see mine as well. we all will never grow as people by cutting each other down and telling each other to shut our mouths. it is rude, and it is narrow minded. both parties have to search for truth, not one group has everything figured out. so lets grow together.

  48. certain opinions must not be respected,arguments that aren't based on evidences or reason should not be heard.you can't put belief and logic on the same shelf. religion is harmful and it must end

  49. King David went through the same thing James Frey did: his son fell ill, so he fasted, cried, called out to God, yet his son still died (2 Samuel 12:15-23). At the end of the day, David still trusted YHWH. James Frey chose not to.  His perception of Jesus is..an interesting one, but the biblical Jesus believed in torah; he taught against the traditions negating YHWH's law (Mark 7:1-13; Matthew 23:1-3). Having an institution spoon-feed you is the problem. Just read the text. If an interpretation leads to a contradiction or denying God's law (a big red flag because the law is suppose to be written on our hearts under the new covenant i.e. Hebrews 8:10; Ezekiel 36:25-27), then there's a flaw in the interpretation. Knowing your Old Testament really well is the key to arriving at the cohesive storyline. But like anything else that you cannot verify for yourself, or if there is archaeological evidence then the choice to believe that they aren't fabricated, it's a choice to trust this source of information as true or not.

  50. @uDyzeeBud: the Jesus most people know is pagan. The biblical one, on the otherhand, does not agree with the theory that Roman's made up the awaited messiah, nor that Jesus approved of pagan/Roman practices. Both YHWH and Jesus said not to be like the pagans in lifestyle and worship (Deuteronomy 12:4,29-32; Matthew 6:7-8), he is our King/Redeemer who shares his glory with no one but whomever is already in the Godhead as YHWH (Isaiah 42:8; John 17:5)—thus, not Caesar. Just because we pay taxes doesn't mean we worship Caesar / the government. And the Jews already favored Caesar, they didn't need to make up a messiah for that: the chief priests are found saying, "we have no king but Caesar" in John 19:15 when denying Jesus. Only the evil people in the bible are depicted as choosing Caesar instead of Jesus. That's counterproductive to anything the Roman's wanted to achieve. The theory that "Romans invented Jesus" doesn't hold up. Not to mention, the epistles' of Jesus' apostles tell us to be different from the world, not engaging in pagan revelry (i.e. Romans 12:1-2; 1 Thessalonians 4:2-6; 1 Peter 4:1-5; Ephesians 4:17-24), thus not in agreement with the way Roman society was living nor what Roman society was approving of.

    Sadly, the majority of YHWH's people have done a bad job of living holy/set-apart/totally devoted to carrying out the will of our Father; they've failed at being disciples of the prophet like unto Moses who would come from the Jews (which is Jesus, but not the one most people worship). Instead, even as the bible admits, his people chose to be adulterous/disloyal to YHWH, incorporating pagan traditions and pagan forms of worship (which is still happening today). In some cases, as is happening today as well, making up their own traditions which they hold up on a higher pedestal than their God, even at times when it contradicts his law/divine revelation. His people are suppose to be distinct so no one mistakes the identity of the Most High for pagan gods. This is what mixing traditions gets them—and what it does to their God's reputation. Nothing good.

    But that's not the issue you're most concerned about: you're saying why does this pattern/information exist before the religions themselves were estabIished. It seems you haven't gone down this line of reasoning: on the assumption that a Creator God exists—a God who does nothing without announcing it through his prophets first, and prophecies which don't get fulfilled until generations upon generations later—of course his information will disseminate across the globe and take the form of different legends as the generations wait for the messiah and find ways to pass on the information. Remember, according to the scrolls, Abraham was formerly a pagan himself; YHWH took him out of the world, away from his parents and the culture he knew, because YHWH wanted to make a nation out of him, to prove that he (YHWH) was the Creator and Most High God [Abraham's wife was barren; thus the miraculous aspect which would convince people that YHWH was the real deal, even more so by letting her become elderly and then giving birth]; that's before Judaism and Christianity ever came about (the Jews didn't even exist as a people until Judah, son of Israel/Jacob, son of Isaac, whom is the son of Abraham). The Hebrew and Greek scriptures didn't always exist in book form. They were scrolls written by various different people, documenting different eras of human history / king's reigns [pre- and post- Israelites having a human king, one which they asked for in order to be like the pagan nations, 1 Samuel 8], spanning across thousands of years. The prophecy concerning the messiah was declared even earlier, BEFORE Abraham even—after humans were first created, thus before any man established a single religion. You can't think of it in terms of "when a religion was established". Think of the people groups who are documented.

    The prophecies of a human child, who would defeat the line of the enemy, has been around since the beginning of mankind when humanity was cursed for transgressing against their Creator. If you actually study all the religions you'll see that some religions worship a serpent deity, while others condemn the serpent for wanting worship for himself. Religions didn't exist during Adam and Eve's time (or whatever their names were in the original language; whatever you want to call them, what I mean is "the first humans"), despite spiritual beliefs existing. God clearly had instructions for humanity to follow, like he does for all of his creations. The rebellious choose to be led by what feels good to the fallen flesh and "self" instead of being led by spirit, self-less concern for others, the Creator's sense of justice, and following the function he designed a thing for. The reason we need to have those laws written down—unlike the stars, moon, seasons, migrating animals, who just naturally obey—is because we ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, we became self-aware. And ever since then, there will always be a group of people wanting to do their own thing, or wanting to do the Creator's will, in which case they can be born-again in their souls, he'll turn them into new creatures, out of the corruption of the fallen flesh they were born into (thanks to original sin _), leaving the desires of the fallen flesh behind—the redemption of their bodies comes later. Both the righteous and the wicked are getting resurrected though, and I'm not sure what kind of body the wicked will have, but the righteous are promised to be immortal like the angels, no more corruption or death.

    This may mean nothing to you. But I do believe it. I for one did not reach my decision on blind faith. I started out with the occult to boot. I had doubts, I investigated, and the only one that fully satisfied on a spiritual level and actually repaired things—despite the instructions not making full sense to me at the time—were the scriptures themselves. NOT the religions inspired by them, NOT any metaphysical teachings nor attempts to contact spirits (not saying contacting spirits doesn't work; but whatever divination I received from those spirits only led to more cynicism and distrust of the human race on my part because I could catch them in lies through whatever questions I asked; the divination I engaged in was nothing short of witchcraft). If anyone wants real healing, seek Jesus. And as for the Worldview, I do hold to the Hebrew and Greek scriptures, their ancient cosmology, especially the Book of Enoch which is basically the whole bible condensed into one book, not that many are willing to admit it.

  51. Here's the thing: this stupid question is unanswerable.  It will never have sufficient evidence to convince non-believers, and it will never lose it's appeal to believers in spite of any evidence.  Arguing about it is the equivalent of arguing about whether everyone sees the same color sky.  Sure it looks blue, but what if someone else's blue isn't the blue that we experience?  And that's why I think this debate is futile. 


  52. I have a profoundly different view of God and Christ than this man but he seems honest in his search for God and faith.  I can't imagine anyone being opposed to his writing no matter what it says, much less trying to harm him for it.  As Gamaliel, the Jewish doctor of law in the book of Acts says, "…if this counsel or this work be of men it will come to naught, but if it be of God, you cannot overthrow it…"  I think that we can leave Jim to his work without condemning him for it.

  53. It wasn't a bad book, he writes well, but (spoiler alert) the ending is a bit of a cheap publicity stunt like A Million Little Pieces. Basically he pulls the same 'controversial' prank of claiming that a bunch of bullshit is true, but that's about as offensive as it gets.
    Anyways, there's an old saying in Tennessee Texas, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice ……

  54. "i have a profound respect for faith."  
    that is part of the problem with america, and the rest of the world as well.  WHY should a person respect faith?  how is faith a good thing? why is it good/respectable, to believe in something, despite not only a complete lack of evidence for it, but also refusing to accept evidence AGAINST your faith.  being intellectually dishonest, biased, and lacking rationality and objectivism is not something to be respected in my opinion.  i think peoples beliefs SHOULD be questioned (though not in any aggressive or mean way) especially by the believer himself. i think religions should have to defend their claims, and don't think it is intolerant or anything like that to question their claims, just like any other claims people make, such as seeing bigfoot or aliens, or having a cure for some disease.  labeling faith as a good thing is essentially teaching kids not be objective, or to ask questions. it really is crazy when you think about it, the fact that the majority of this country still believe the things in the bible really happened!  i mean an enormous amount of people in america believe in adam and eve, noahs flood, and that the earth is only 6000 years old, and that humans and dinosaurs lived together! that is fucking scary as hell.  i mean pretty much everyone, including christians think scientologists, and hindus, and even mormons beliefs are silly, yet theirs are just as crazy, and have literally the same amount of evidence!  the only reason they don't see them as ridiculous, is because they have been raised in a country, culture, and family that has immersed and indoctrinated them with the bible from birth.  i mean if they had never heard of religion in at all, and had grown up in an isolated place, and were then confronted with representatives of all the different religions, they would see them all as equally valid/ridiculous.  the biggest difference between a cult and a religion is the number of people who follow it.  christianity is the biggest cult that has ever existed.

  55. Your son died just like Solomons son died!

    You did not TRUST God before, and yet you think He will save you when you are in trouble!

    Most Christians feel they are praying to the wind! Because they are not saved! God wants to talk with those who TRUST HIM. Not to the sinner who only wants things from God but refuses to serve Him!

  56. What is the difference between James Frey and Jesus?  Jesus had the balls to tell people that there is happiness even in their own miserable shitty lives, as long as they stay true, and then people killed him for that.  James Frey showed that if you do not care for the truth, you can still live without your balls.

  57. The bible is not really that complicated: Be patient, be kind, be honest, be accountable and believe that God is and always will be. It is amazing how easy it is to twist that into such negativity.

  58. This guy made up some stories in A Million Little Pieces, call me crazy but its hard to trust a liar. I don't really give a shit what this guy has to say.

  59. Rule number one when you're trying to find about who God is…

    Never go to a bias person who has their own agendas and don't even read the Bible to understand what the Bible is actually trying to teach you or tell you of the events that took place in the history of mankind. When James Frey commented on Jesus being "radical", it's already telling you that he doesn't even have an actual understanding about who Jesus is and what Jesus was presenting to the world during his time on the Earth. From what I'm seeing in what he's saying about the Bible is very biased. Example: he's saying we don't know the perspective of Jesus and only from people who knew him. When in the entire book of Matthew tells you Jesus' perspective very well. On another note, and this goes out to anyone that really and truly wants to learn about the Bible and what it teaches, find someone who studies the Bible and applies what they know about the Bible in their everyday life. Find a teacher that has studied the Bible. Go to a true Christian or to Jehovah's Witness elder. That is the only way you can truly understand what the Bible says.

    Proverbs 3:5
    Trust in the LORD with all your heart And do not lean on your own understanding.

  60. James Frey is an amazingly compassionate man. He is right on about religion and world war. He embroidered his AA qualification to give himself an arrest record like so many people do in AA — to fit in, to find some justifiable reason for attending that lamentable program. I read In a Million Pieces before the whole controversy. It was dead on. And heartbreaking — the young girl in the end, shunned by the group and abandoned by her sponsor for the unforgivable sin of relapsing was driven, like so many others, who were looking for help and met with contempt and derision for being human, to suicide. Thank you James Frey and may she rest in peace. 

  61. “No longer will babies die when only a few days old. No longer will adults die before they have lived a full life. No longer will people be considered old at one hundred!" Isaiah 65:20 (Speaking of a future time)

  62. I've only read his novel "My friend Leonard." I found it interesting, but his writing style was hard to get use to. Don't really care if some facts were fabricated; don't really believe everything I read, or hear on television.

  63. In A Million Little Lies he portrayed himself as a total tough guy dickhead. I like that made up persona better. This goofy fucker is insufferable and his speech impediment and dangerously huge ✡️ 👃 make him very… punchable.


  65. the fact vice fucks with this guy who faked being a victim of a disease but plays the caring liberal narrative is fucked.

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