Dharam – A Hindi Short Film based on conversion of religion

God create human and man divided himself into various religion, castes and communities There is a race to increase the number of followers among each religion and community because whoever will have more numbers, will rule over this world Our this story is also based on some real life incidents related to this This is the story of few students from various religion those who came to Banglore to study and living together in a private lodge O Dear, what you are doing? Today is our exam so lets come to go for prayer I don’t need to do prayer I am fine as it is Without caring about religion and caste, these all students were living together as good friends and sharing emotion and feelings of each other O Imran, do you have a watchman in your home Dear, not in home but I have in my area How much he charge for a month? How do I know this, my father will be knowing, but why you asking this? He is asking because he know that he is going to fail in exams so he is thing to become watchman to do a job I heard that its must to know English to become a watchman and there is a tough competition for becoming a watchman O no dear, I am asking for some another reason I am thinking that you people are always busy with your mobile phones through out the night Your family don’t need to appoint a watchman The money which they pay to watchman, should use that money to recharge net in your mobile you people don’t sleep in night Yes, thats right What you were doing? Do you came to theft? Who are you and what you were doing? sir…sir…,I am not a thief So do you came to do prayer of us? What is there in his hands? He must be a thief Whats this !!! he is steeling my food Were you steeling food? Yes, I saw you people were buying food from resturant He is saying lie. In dark got this packet without knowing what is there inside it No, how he know that we were buying food Now tell what is your name Abdul What you do Why you came to steel food Since three days I am hungry I came to city to search job but I not got From where you belongs to, tell something about yourself I am from a small village near Rampur. Father is handicap and I have younger brothers and sisters Leave it friends, let him go What you are doing One man is sending too many messages to me See, we get messages from girls and he get from men Its not like this. He is doing some another job I think One man is there who is running a NGO and wanna meet me Call him, we will see Yes, call him in room, Lets see who is he Ok, I am calling him Guy, I am working in a NGO and this is my card So friends, our job is to understand the problems of common man and try to show him way of life Friends, this is our questionare You go through one to this understand it and then fill it Thanks for your cooperation. Every Sunday we organised a gathering in which we make new people to join us Our experts read your problems and they guide you I want all of you to come there to get some new experience Whats all this yaar He is doing marketing of his religion these people tell the drawbacks to people about their religion and they have target to make more and more people to join their religion There was a time when people use to convert people through power but today time has changes and the ways also So should we go into their gathering No problem in going. Lets go and see whats all this about Yaar, yester day was fansastic What was fantastic We go to our temple but no body care for us there but in their gathering, how much respect we got there Yes, you are right Everyone there given respect to us, talked to us and treated us like a chief guest Are you gone mad You feeling bad about your religion its not like this yaar, see the difference between them and us I liked their style too much Now you tell, if they will call you, will you go Yes, I will go Whats matter, what you are thinking by standing alone some serious issue is there Purshotam is a week point of our group he is representing that young generation those who don’t care about issue related to country and keep them busy in glamorous life They don’t care about politicians that how they are dividing people They only cares for gossip of film industry but why you are worried I am feeling tense because there are lot many youths like Purshotam in this country it they guided in right way with right direction then they can make super power to our country but its a matter of sadness that these youths forgotten their duty in this glamours world For what you brought sweets? New cloths, new shoes, new watch I got a new bike so brought sweets for all of you Dear, you don’t have money for meals and from where all this Its all because of your that friend who came here to see us This mean…. O dear, don’t call me Purshotam, from today my name is Pinkay Pinkay !!! why you kept name like girls name This means you converted your religion Yes, what our religion give to us, only problems Our religion is full of blind faiths and divided into various caste, communities and gods There is no common single god in us, one pray to someone and another pray to someone else And I even don’t know name of atleast 33 gods out of our 3300000 gods and godesses and their religion give them all things and they have only one god I agree to you that in our religion there are lot many god and godesses and I also agree that we don’t know the names of all but there is a faith behind this Hindu religion is the oldest religion and Hindu feel god in each and every thing in this world we call tree as a god here we treat water also as a god here fire is also treated as a god we see god in small to small creature do you know what this mean? No, you tell me Hindu religion says that each and every thing in this world is created by god and to take care of those is our duty 3300000 doesn’t mean 3300000 gods, it means 3300000 creatures these creatures created by god and to respect all is our religion Our god is also one but it reside in 3300000 views You talk like a priest You say whatever, I only know that you are sold out they given you bribe He is right O Fool, don’t you have sense !!! You sold your religion in greed Ok I am greedy but you people need not to worry about me I done what I felt right Now what you are doing I am going, they have given a flat to me to live You will leave us I am going but not breaking relations of friendship This was not good Your friend Purshotam is very intelligent. He felt very happy to meet our people yes because he got that what is right and i want that…. We are happy with our religion I know but still you should think I will ask few questions from you and after you will reply, you will feel that I am right My first question is that have you ever gone through Ramayana and Mahabharata Not fully but I know many things about that Don’t you feel that Mahabharata and Ramayana are just stories only which don’t have any relation to real world Its a collection of miracles As I feel that Ramayana and Mahabharata are the witness of technology which was on earth thousands years back and was much advanced then today’s technology what explanation you want In Ramayana and Mahabharata there are lot many things on which we can’t believe for example, Sanjay in Mahabharata dectating live telecast of war to Dharatrashtra, how is it possible Today also we keep eye on whole world using satelites You feel joke, ok you answers my few questions ask If you place an iron bar in open for few days, won’t it get rust? Yes it will Why not rust effect to Iron Pillar which is placed in Qutub Minar Comples which is lying there since hundreds of years I don;t know Today you need electricity and motor to run fountains but in old palaces and building fountains were there and there was no electricity that time Hanuman made stones to swim on sea and formed Ramsetu That technology we don’t have now with us and existence of Ramsetu is also proven by NASA Ramsetu is consisting of radio active chemicals which today costs in billions of dollars and these chemicals helped stones to swim on water and that was the chemical engg. of that time I think you need to do a heavy research to understand cultural of India I can be agree to you but I am unable to understand how your god get disappear Science says that material never ends but the state of material can be changed we can convert water into steam also can convert into ice if the state of human body changed into gas then he can disappear and we can regenerate that into solid and this technology is not now with us but it was there on that time but the wars took place during that period, destroyed whole technology one more thing that your books says that Hanuman and Krishna took mountains on their hands Have you ever heard about Maharana Partap or Tipu Sultan It mean that you believe on them Do you know about their sword how much weight it had do you know about weight of their cloths by wearing that they do wars today’s generation can’t even move that sword and can’t lift those cloths Time of Maharana Partap or Tipu Sultan is not too old, just few hundred years old when 400 to 500 years back man was too strong then how much strong he was thousands of years back You can now understand I think you have done a lot of research To understand own country and cultural its not required to do research, only faith and trust is enough Friends getup and see there What Same man That Bloody trying to convert a Muslim Who was he? Sir, he was a nice man How you know him? He heard about my poor condition and his eyes gone wet. He shown me a path How much you know about him? Why you people are asking like that? I am not able to understand Actually that man is a fraud He convert religion of innocent people like you What is wrong in this? He tell about a good religion Are you real Muslim? Muslim is always strict to their religion What I got by being a Muslim? I am living my life in the shadow of hunger My father is handicap and no one is here to care for him I got a person who is caring for me and you people are saying him fraud What is the fault of your religion if you are poor Then whose fault is? Muslim in this country was always poor and will remain poor only A Muslim is a play toy who is used my people for their own profit Politicians treat a Muslim as a vote bank If someone is using someone then its not a fault of person who is using but its a fault of person who is being used If someone wear cap in front of you doesn’t mean that he is with you


  1. 10:00 Hindu dharm me kan-kan me bhagwan ko dekha jata hai. He is right. But tab Hindu dharm ki aastha kahan chali jati hai jab insaan jaisi sarvottam srishti ko maar dene me nahi hichakte…? Kya insaan ko chhorkar baki sab me Bhagwan hai? Shayad isi sab kaaran se Sikh dharm nikla jo sabse sahi aur sachha dharm hai.

  2. Wonderful way of explaining the Hindu religion.
    Messaging unity of the all religion.Actors played very good play. Fantastic and keep it up.

  3. im a hindu by my birth.im not intrested in any religion even in hindu.But this is disguess that those guys who belive in god but still change their religion.

  4. These Christian missionaries have converted millians of hindus. These people target innocent people people who are in weak state of mind because of problem by speaking bad about hindu religion, brain washing and bribing people. These people to encourage people to give up their language, Culture, tradition. Encourage them to break their relationship with their family members, friends and society who are still Hindus. Through this, they devide family, friends, society and later they may devide the country by demanding separate country like pakistan. People like John Dayal is already working for that goal.

  5. insaniyat , Mohabbat ,
    aur Akhlaq hi Sab Se bada Mazhab hai ..
    Jo Log Dharam ki Aad
    Le kar Nafrat ki Deewaar
    khadi kar rahay hain Woh
    galat kar rahay hain …
    Mohabbat , Amann ,
    aur Insan , Yahi Sachcha
    Dharam hai ..

  6. All things are fake. No body gives huge amount for converting religion. If so then there will be no poor in that religion. But we find poor people in all religion.

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