Depths – Hillsong Worship

In your presence I quiet my soul And I hear Your voice In my spirit I hear the sound Of salvation’s song Jesus Jesus I will wait in Your word, oh Lord Where your spirit speaks Bringing life to the weary soul To the depths of me Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus I love You with all my heart I love You with all my soul, Lord I love You with all my strength With all that is within me I love You with all my heart I love You with all my soul, Lord I love You with all my strength With all that is within me I’ll sing ’cause You saved my soul I’ll sing of Your love forever I’ll worship with all my heart With all that is within me Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus


  1. Prove me rightly right all naan emman rojot kauir mokaj kijorjor inside reavel in me righteousness loyalty honest true New ekal love reign brave forever best better loe emmannko aibujuij peace furture know real prove New all all all all my only trusted faithfull faithful faiths faith and longinglifehappy

  2. Abismo

    Na sua presença eu acalmo minha alma
    E eu ouço a sua voz
    No meu espírito eu ouço o som
    Da canção de salvação

    Jesus, Jesus

    Vou esperar na tua palavra oh senhor
    Onde seu espírito fala
    Trazendo vida à alma cansada
    Para as profundezas de mim

    Jesus, Jesus
    Jesus, Jesus

    Eu te amo com todo o meu coração
    Eu te amo com toda a minha alma senhor
    Eu te amo com toda a minha força
    Com tudo o que está dentro de mim

    Eu vou cantar porque você salvou minha alma
    Eu vou cantar o seu amor para sempre
    Eu vou adorar com todo o meu coração
    Com tudo o que está dentro de mim

  3. I listened to this song and prayed before each and every one of my track meets. Whether I did good or bad, I knew He had my back. Thank you Lord for protecting me this season and helping me to do well🙏🏻 All glory to You

  4. I heard a supernatural choir during the bridge of this song at a HILC chapel service in 2013.. so I always come back to this song, it is touching ♡

  5. a friend told me she met her in a fast paced society going up and down and their both name was niki and nikki she said "just do it" and kicked her butt.  In the end….Her ended up rescuing she with the her praise counter attack with grace and minor worship finished….I'm just a "witness"!

  6. Listening to Hillsong daily helps me in my Christian walk life can be tough at the best of times.The dedication and commitment of those in Hillsong can be seen by all the songs they sing from the Heart are there to be seen and heard. Jesus Christ is my deliverer he is my Strong Tower he is my Salvation he is my righteousness he is my Lord and King.He is my life. If you haven't made him your Lord and Saviour i openly recommend that you seek him out confess your sins and invite HIM Jesus Christ into your Heart and soul .Make that one commitment in life that changes the games and your life for ever.There is no defeat only Victory constantly moving forward onto his ground for him bringing Light into darkness hope to the lost his healing to those in need.His power his glory. It is his universe he made it for himself why pull against the guidance.Awesome is a word some use i know of no word that describes Jesus Christ in his Majesty.Fully all knowing all understanding all loving let him hold your hand by confessing the need for him in your life.With out him i am nothing with him i am everything he wants.Dont miss out . Boy it took me years of straining against the grain to get where i am dont be like me be like HIM. Hillsong cant get enough of it. Worship the one true GOD Jesus Christ who died on the Cross as man although GOD and rose three days to defeat dead and sickness .As for me i will and do bow down before him.Sing his praises shout his name in the face of my enemy.

  7. Marty is been used by God clearly.. his songs are well written n composed , it surely leads us to God

  8. In Your presence I quiet my soul
    And I hear Your voice
    In my spirit I hear the sound
    Of salvation's song
    Jesus, Jesus

    I will wait in Your word, oh Lord
    There Your spirit speaks
    Bringing life to the weary soul
    To the depths of me
    Jesus, Jesus [x2]

    I love You with all my heart
    I love You with all my soul, Lord
    I love You with all my strength
    With all that is within me

    I'll sing cause You saved my soul
    I'll sing of Your love forever
    I'll worship with all my heart
    With all that is within me
    Jesus, Jesus [x6]

    I love You with all my heart
    I love You with all my soul, Lord
    I love You with all my strength
    With all that is within me

    I'll sing cause You saved my soul
    I'll sing of Your love forever
    I'll worship with all my heart
    With all that is within me
    Jesus, Jesus [x4]

  9. It's ok Sampson. You can leave the faith, give up on God and search for your worth in other dieties,demons, and "science"..but you'll find that the control in all other religions is meaningless and useless. I used to be atheist. I couldn't see the miracles,the truth, the reality of life either bc I was spiritually abused and didn't understand why God would hurt a person like me.
    But I realized,it was mankind who did alot to hurt me…
    So run,go be a nonbeliever like you want. But as soon as you repent, Jesus will welcome you with the most beautiful welcoming! It's not leaving the faith that feels great,its coming back and realizing how awesome it is to walk with Jesus,truthfully…

  10. The only one that will love us forever is our Lord. Once again our humanity can’t be this perfect. Our doubts, weaknesses, anxieties and so many failures are part of who we are. Marty Sampson had a lot of courage to make a public statement that he unfortunately is no longer a believer after so many beautiful songs and actively have been involved in the Christianity, I hope that in his inner being, will be a perfect moment where he will experience a unique situation where he will see the mercy and the deep love, the real one that God has for us.

  11. Praying for you to return to Christ, Marty Sampson. As you sing in the song Elohim, “My God is love.” Whatever trial you’re going through, Jesus will always be there. You know that. I’m sorry you’re going through a tough time in your life. God bless, brother.

  12. Damn Marty Leaving and this song pops up the news feed.

    Sometimes we all go through the season of doubts but it's because of these season that makes us want to seek out God and find the truth.

    At the end of the day Marty, you are still loved regardless.

  13. We all come to a point where we find ourselves lost in things of what we thought is true and absolute, but when we seek more to find so, we will always go back to Jesus, I'm praying for you Marty, you are a blessing to all of us who listens to your songs written because of His unfailing Love. You can always go back in His open arms. We are praying for you. ☺️

  14. I'm so sorry to hear the news of the broken faith of Marty. What he left on Instagram is actually disappointing, he lamented about contradictions, God's mercy and miracles,…In short, he doesn't believe that these are words of our God. Dear Friends, i believe that this assertion is understandable when we fail to immerse yourselves in God's word, when we don't relish intimacy with God, when we don't feel touched by Holy Spirit as we listen to devout Christian preachers,…But if we seek God's righteousness first, these things are enlightened. Besides, this incident also illustrated the dearth of Spirit -led teachings in Western societies and so many people are left untouched. Sad as it is, he undermined God.
    But God is still great and powerful and merciful as He is without any contradictions. I'm willing to answer questions.

  15. Marty Sampson 💖💖💖💖💖LOVE YOU

  16. This is the second time he left his faith. The first one was after the promotions of This Is Our God. He released his own pop album to pursue an entertainment career. He came back to Hillsong and After a decade, he officially announced that he is losing his faith. I have seen his journey since he debuted at Hillsong, and this news makes me sad.. Seeng that, the strongest person in faith can crumble and give up. Still, I respect his decision.

  17. 18 “Listen then to what the parable of the sower means: 19 When anyone hears the message about the kingdom and does not understand it, the evil one comes and snatches away what was sown in their heart. This is the seed sown along the path. 20 The seed falling on rocky ground refers to someone who hears the word and at once receives it with joy. 21 But since they have no root, they last only a short time. When trouble or persecution comes because of the word, they quickly fall away. 22 The seed falling among the thorns refers to someone who hears the word, but the worries of this life and the deceitfulness of wealth choke the word, making it unfruitful. 23 But the seed falling on good soil refers to someone who hears the word and understands it. This is the one who produces a crop, yielding a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown.” Matt 13:18-23

  18. The shallowness of evangelicals is a vulgar display. No wonder yours will suffer the greatest falling away, when your faith is skin deep.

  19. "I will sing of your love forever" i love this! While every other faith has a condition, requirement, prerequisite of works to earn heaven, like when a child tells their parent they love them, and the parent asks "what do you want?" Because that child has a motive. God says and shows "I love you." And accepting His love is enough. I will sing of His love forever! What a beautiful song!

  20. you are stronger Marty dearie than any strong wind that blows and in the after math, it will all end in praise. 1 john 4:4. you gonna be OK

  21. Marty needs our prayers. He is just human and we all go through ups and downs. God still loves him. It's not fair that some people would use his situation to attack Hillsong. Hillsong has always been steady about praising God for His Grace. Many people have been blessed with their songs and will continue to do so. Many are the afflictions of the believer but God will deliver him from them. We love you Marty

  22. Marty.. My brother… God is not done with you yet. And yes, we may let go of Him at times, but He doesn't let go of us… Never. He always wait for us to come back. God is God. 😊

  23. He was just a 'good singer' riding the Christian music genre for fame & fortune. Many pop singers get started at their church as a segway into music industry then get corrupted by "the industry", just to name a few: K. Perry, J. Bieber, T.Swift, and to show not just a current trend even Whitney Houston…
    Take away: listen to their Christian music but put NO faith in the singer themselves as they are just like Hollywood mouthpieces and only provide entertainment via music & movies.

  24. PUESTO LOS OJOS EN JESÚS, si el justo cae Dios lo levanta.
    Contradicciones.. tal vez las hay, pero lo que necesitamos saber para ser salvos es completamente claro.
    Milagros? hay muchísimos desde la eternidad hasta la eternidad y TÚ eres uno de ellos.
    La misericordia y el amor de Dios no han cambiado..por que él no quiere que nadie se pierda si no que todos procedan a un arrepentimiento pero nosotros mismos escogemos. No le preguntaré a Dios Por qué esto o aquello… sólo sé que tengo frente a mis ojos una realidad, el bien y el mal.. lo experimento a diario… al final aunque no entienda SOLO SÉ QUE CON CRISTO ES MEJOR. Desde Colombia oraré.

  25. This song made me cry the first time I heard it. I'm sad about what you said, I have been there before, you may try to scape away from love's God, but he will find you out. He's still here Marty.

  26. i guess i know how u feel marty
    that's what i m experiencing right now
    so many doubts so many confusion
    maybe it's outta fear or something else that i don't know of, im still believing.

  27. Such a class person, amazing presence, charismatic, beautiful voice AND moreover FAITHFUL! For sure he’ll be back. Let’s pray for him.

  28. Catholic Church is ready to welcome you Sampson. You can join with all former protestant like Scot Hann, Taylor Marshall, Steve Ray, Shawn Reeves, Lizzie Estella Reezay, and many more. Don't give up. Viva Christo Rey!

  29. I suggest to Marty Sampson and any one else who its passing trough this situation, two books, The Pilgrim Progress and the 4 volums of Calvin's Institution

  30. It's a strange thing that as this worshiper seeks to find Jesus others are finding Jesus through him. Marty you are loved.

  31. What happen to all this?????? Heinnn
    My heart is broken💔💔💔 to see that after such declarations, the person can just give up and go astray.
    I cry out to the Lord for him… And I won't stop.

    Lord I pray that my brother Marty comes back home before leaving this earth. Lord let your light illuminate his way back to you. Visit him oh Holy Spirit. Lord I cry out to you…
    To anyone out there, just say amen to agree with me in this prayer.

  32. Marty my precious beautiful brother YOU are the 100 sheep Jesus loves and is truly with. Love n prayers from a Scottish worshiper who is just coming back to the fold xxx

  33. I just don't understand that a person can sing so much about the LORD JESUS……for me no matter what I canot ever ever ever leave my faith and my Lord JESUS…who died and loved me so much…love YOU soooooo much JESUS…..

  34. Dear Marty God believes in you. You don't know me but this song just made me cry it is so beautiful. I lost my faith after my husband comitted suicide and I was angry at God the world, myself, I said awful things to everyone including God. I gave up on everything but God never gave up on me. This song is bringing people closer to God…. do you know how amazing that is? It's easy to blame God for everything that goes wrong but we never credit Him for what goes right. He has bigger and better plans for you then you even have for yourself. I lost my faith my mind and my freedom before I realized that I was throwing my life away over what I lost and didn't realize how much I still had until I was sitting in prison. I pray that your heart is healed and you find your way home to Him. In Jesus name I pray. Amen You are a beautiful soul.

  35. Pray for the people who have lost there faith. Only God can save there soul and bring them home. I love you Marty and others who are having issues with your faith. Keep praying and believing God is there for you.

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