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Welcome back viewers to the preaching humanist with David Oliverio that is I. No God is required for a life of love joy peace
fulfillment meaning and purpose in life and the good life is one guided by
reason and motivated by love. I”m making a statement to those of you that are
Christians those of you that are Hindus those of you that are Muslims and those
of you that are Jews. I’m making and giving to you a statement which you may
not like today but I’m demanding and commanding that you give me a
demonstration of your God today we would discuss demonstrating what you believe
to be true very his anecdotal evidence is. First of all we are gonna discuss New
Testament I should say Old Testament today and in part two we will discuss New
Testament believers in the Bible to see whether they used demonstrations to
prove to unbelievers whether their God was real or not rather than giving
anecdotes let’s start out with a quote from a religious woman by the name of
Joyce Johnson back in March of 2006 a very strong Christian woman and back
about twenty-five years ago I would have agreed with the statement and this was
the quote that she wrote and she spoke up on in her article called a
demonstration of the power of God I quote the walk in the supernatural a
demonstration of the power of God ought to be or must be the norm or the
normative for the true believer in other words if you my dear Christian friends
and all you other religious people out there are true believers can you
demonstrate this power can you demonstrate to me a skeptic a non-believer or anyone else
and doesn’t believe in your God that your God is real what most Christians
use or anecdotes an anecdote is a short story or episode supposedly true
testimonial in nature I hear it all the time from my dear Christian friends and
even Muslims and Hindus and Jews when I discussed with you why I don’t believe
in God and how you can prove and demonstrate to me that your God is real
what I get 99.999% of the time is well David I know Jesus is real because of what
he’s done for me he’s changed my life I was once a bad person now I’m a good
person there’s my evidence well any anecdotes are not enough you must
demonstrated it. I will use your book The Bible today to prove to you my dear
Christians at all you religious people out there that if you want to prove your
God exists anecdotal evidences are not enough you must show me the money like
jerry maguire said you gotta show me something you’ve got to demonstrate this
power Joyce Johnson said it must be the norm for a true believer to be walking
in the spirit of god a life close to Jesus you must demonstrate this power I
will first use Prophet Elijiah first Kings chapter 18. I will paraphrase the
narrative we have the man of God called Elijah standing before 450 prophets and
preachers of the Cannanite god of fertility Baal here we have a standoff
between preachers from one God against a preacher from another god. Elijah
stood between the backsliden Israelites who are wanting and tempting to worship
Baal and the 450 prophets of Baal all found in First Kings chapter 18 Elijah
said hey prophet to Baal I got an idea instead of just giving anecdotes my
little short story episode that my god real David because he’s changed my life
but you can’t give a demonstration he lived there was a man Elijah said
let me demonstrate to you that my God is real well the Bible says that he took to
happen to two oxen gave one auction to the prophets of Baal and he kept water is
out he told the prophets of Baal chop it up chopped up the dead carcass light
upon your altar call upon your god Baal and let’s see if your God will
consume the sacrifice and then of course if yours doesn’t work I will have my
carcass chopped up and laid upon the altar to Jehovah and I’ll even pour water
on my sacrifice and put water and trenches of water around the sacrifice
and you watch as I demonstrate that power the true God Christians are you
listening to this I want you to listen and I want you to think the narrative
goes on the prophets of Baal begin to call upon their God Baal went on for
a few days nothing happen of course they cut themselves with knives said they called
upon Baal to prove and demonstrate the existence of this God well your story in
your book The Bible says nothing happened but what’s interesting to know is Elijah
taunted the 450 prophets of Baal well maybe I’m getting an idea and should start taunting those of you Christians that tell me that your God is real I
don’t taunt because I’m probably a little too nice but here’s what he liked it did
he shouted to the prophets of Baal shout louder surely God your God is the true
God perhaps he Baal is deep in thought or he’s busy or he’s traveling or
maybe he’s sleeping well maybe the profit or they’re gone Baal was at Starbucks or taking a nap he
taunted the prophets of Baal and nothing happened Elijah said move back
boys moved back guys let me show you now a demonstration of the power of God
which is a normative for a true believer the Bible says Elijah called upon your God my Christian friends and Jewish friends and Islam and
Muslim friend he called upon his garden here’s what you like you said no
anecdotal evidence is here he was a real man he stood up and said I’m gonna prove
it with a demonstration he said answer me lord so that these people
the backsliden Jews and a prophets of Baal so that these people will know
that you Lord are God and of course the Bible says of course I don’t believe
this but you believe this my dear Christian friends the Bible says that
first kings 18 that God answered and consuming fire came from heaven lapped up to sacrifice a dead rotting
carcass and flash and all the water and the prophets of Baal conceded and said oh we were wrong the
god of israel is the true God well like a loving prophet in a loving God and
loving religion does they accepted the 450 prophets of Baal into the fold
because it’s a loving religion well that’s erroneous in fact your Bible says they slew the 450 prophets of Baal. Another beautiful moral story in
the Bible. Elijah didn’t mess around he demonstrated what he believed to
be true with anecdotal evidence? No! With true demonstration of power let me tell you a couple little things that happened in my life as the
preaching humanist as a missionary and evangelist to magical Christians and all
you believers in the supernatural. I was at a grocery store not long ago and I talk
to people all the time I carry my business cards around the preaching
humanist with David Oliverio cards around and I talked to people I get into
conversation and dialogue I noticed the man at the grocery store and the produce
department had some big bling bling going on he had a large Jesus Christian
cross and I with my big mouth very friendly and nice went up to him and
said wow you’ve got some bling bling there what’s going on here and he didn’t like that he got a little bit upset usually Christian are very friendly with me we
talk we have fun talking about this but he didn’t like getting a bit upset
so I begin to demand evidence which I do I begin to demand that he do as Jesus
said the sides will follow those that believe they will give demonstrations of
this power not just anecdotal evidence and testimonies. He got a bit upset with me and he told me he said you David will see the supernatural tonight
because I’m gonna pray to God and he’s gonna send either demons angels to you
and he will prove to you that God is real well I went on and i said i don’t
believe it he got upset at me threatened me if we’re outside he’d punch me in the
face and again as always do thank you for the love of Jesus. Well that
night came, laid my head on my pillow and lo and behold I the preaching human a
slept like a baby a wonderful sleep that night another incident happened not long ago I
was in talking with a pastor at a church in a suburban part of Austin very
fundamentalist preacher. A man about my age in his mid to late fifties we had great
dialogue I turned the conversation back on him as I always do I begin to
proclaim to him that you don’t need a god to be good and there’s no evidence
for God you can progress on in life without supernatural beliefs and how it benefits
society in every way well of course he began to give us
anecdotal evidence is short stories and testimonies and episode supposedly true
in nature well he couldn’t get me a demonstration
he tried to he couldn’t. So he said well David I’ll tell you what I’m going
to pray for you and within the next seven days you will see things happen in
your life things are going to change in your life
david because I’m gonna pray God’s gonna demonstrate the power no anecdotal
evidence he’s gonna show and prove to you that he’s real because I’m gonna
pray I said you want me to come back in seven days he goes yea come back and
seven days and tell me what happened I said ok man good guy who shook hands
seven days later I came back I said hey very good to see we sat down to begin to
talk in his office and i said well guess what nothing happen other than my normal
lifestyle my good life happy life but nothing really extraordinary happened in
my life and of course he said well I’ll keep praying you just keep waiting God’s
gonna answer me. God never has And I said dude it’s a mythology wake up to begin to think so
he tried one more time to give me a demonstration of the power of God he
introduced me to one of the church receptionists which just happened to be
his daughter young girl in mid twenties and she told me that she saw someone
risen from the dead just like Jesus raising Lazarus and I asked as always do
can you give me a verification on that do you have video of that can you show me
there so of course she couldn’t no one can. Well this happens to me all the time my
dear Christian friends. I demand a demonstration God’s prophets God’s holy men
of old and then in the Old Testament didn’t mess around they gave proof of what they
believe not just by their words but they actually demonstrated the power of God
Exodus Chapter seven you know the story Christians I hope you
do if you’re a true Christian you should be reading this book called the Bible I
remember the story Moses and Aaron were called of God to go
to Pharaoh command that God’s Word to Pharaoh let my people go Moses had a speech impediment which for
some reason God didn’t heal so Aaron Moses his big brother had to be the
mouthpiece for Moses god told Moses and Aaron I will harden the heart of
Pharaoh so that I can just send some plagues and punish me some people cause I just love to be malevolent and diabolical because that’s what I do in the Bible well the Bible clearly says that god
told Moses and Aaron Pharaoh will ask you to give a demonstration to prove
that I Jehovah am the true God the story goes on Moses and Aaron stood before Pharaoh
Aaron lifted up his rod threw it upon the ground and wail and behold it turned into a
snake a demonstration of the power of God no pure anecdotes and testimonies
but it demonstration of this supernatural god well interesting to
know this narrative in the Bible goes on the magicians the priest of the
Egyptian gods lifted up their rods and threw their rods on the ground and guess what
happened yeah we have some more snakes many snakes
appear out of nowhere the magic of the supernatural world you claim exists that
we have several snakes from the Pharaoh’s magicians and one snake for
Moses and Aaron the Bible says God snake swallowed up the snakes at Egyptian a demonstration of the power of God my
question to you my religious friends who hopefully reviewing this do you have
more for me and other skeptics and atheists and humanists secularists do you have more
for us than just your little testimony heard a preacher on the radio the other
day I would give my right arm to sit and talk with this man. I’d even give two arms
to go into his church and give me 30 minutes to proclaim to them and talk to
Christians I hope to do that one day I would love it I salivate thinking about
it I get excited about standing before christians that’s what I am as a
missionary to believers well you must demonstrate to me the power of God you
must demonstrate to me and all of us who do not believe it because these little
short stories and episodes are not enough we demand evidence can you be
like Aaron can you take a rod and throw it on the ground and demonstrate this supernatural god you
believe exist can you be like Elijah and boldly called upon your God to
demonstrate that he is real too we who do not believe in the supernatural or we
continue with your demonstrations I will continue with the story that I almost
forgot to tell you. A preacher on the radio was saying to his congregation
he said when you my Christian sheep my flock when you encounter those that do
not believe in God don’t argue just say you know all I know is that Jesus has
changed my life that’s my demonstration to you my dear Christian friends life
transformation results whenever anybody pays more attention to an idea of
philosophy a belief system then they do to the details of life if you’re
engrossed in to any philosophy what it’s a good philosophy or bad for
coffee you will conform to that that’s all that is is conformism but you gotta show me something you
gotta demonstrated will any of you take me up on the supernatural demonstration
of power claim. Will any of you or do any of you
have the nerve, the faith, and the power to show me something other than the natural world
other than space-time energy matter can you show me something supernatural you
can’t have only had two or three people of the thousands I’ve talk to over the last 20 to 25
years have enough nerve and guts to attempt it and they’ve all failed
because they can’t do it what should this be doing to you my dear Christian
friends other than making you angry hopefully it’ll make you think you’ll go
you know I really can’t demonstrate this because it’s my faith. Part two will be even better then
were gonna discuss the New Testament believers and what Jesus told you to do
as New Testament believers i close with this Joyce Johnson the author of the
article a demonstration of power back in March 2006 and I quote again a walk in
the supernatural a demonstration of the power of god this is a fundamental
Christian something I used to preach 25 to 30 years ago you christian this
should be the norm the normative of a true believer there should be signs and
wonders should be powerful demonstrations and supernatural
demonstrations of God all around because of your belief in Jesus your belief in
this magical powerful God you say that exists or sad to say I’m not happy about
this but sister Joyce Johnson died of cancer
in 2012 and I’m not happy about that I don’t like anybody to die of a horrific
disease I can’t and I hope she didn’t suffer but my question to you is my dear
magical religious people you believe in demonstrations you believe in a miracle working God Joyce Johnson died of cancer and I’m sure and I’m assuming that she
believed God for healing a demonstration of the power of God her friends and our
loved ones and families were praying for her and of course nothing happened will
you my dear religious friends all you religious people no matter what God you
are so can you show me a demonstration of the power of your God or we just
depend upon your anecdotes or we depend upon what you preach just tell
you just tell these atheist out there that jesus loves you and quote scripture
to tell them that Jesus is changed my life folks that doesn’t work you gotta
give me a demonstration I’m looking forward to giving you part two which is
coming up briefly we will discuss the same topic using what Jesus told you to
do so thank you again for watching the preaching humanist with David Oliverio
have a wonderful day


  1. I agree with you one most of this. However, I think you may have spent too long on telling the Bible stories, especially the one about the sacrifices. But, then again, I know the story because of my own religious background, so keep that in mind as you evaluate my suggestion.

    I do enjoy your passion.

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