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Hello! We welcome you to our channel “Mindfulness AMITABA” Relationships, Love and Compassion Today, we want to share with you a text about the pressure that we inflict on ourselves in our daily life. At the end of the text, we will share our own experience, as always. Be hugged lovingly Be hugged lovingly. To live everyday with the five senses. A companion for each week of the year. Written by our beloved and respected Teacher, venerable Zen Master – Thich Nhat Hanh When you are under heavy pressure, because you have too much to do, the most important thing is that you take a break. Sometimes we think that we don´t have enough time to relax. We think it is wasted time. But that is a wrong judgment. With relaxed body and mind we can perform all our tasks better, in a much more effective, intelligent and joyful way. With relaxed body and mind we can better perform all our tasks I really liked to hear this text again that I feel it contains so much wisdom. And many times, I have felt under strong pressure especially in certain projects and in certain specific jobs And how at that time, I had done everything possible to move forward, move forward and move forward without giving me a break. In those moments of stress and anxiety and of been very demanding with myself I have not given myself the permission to stop and this has had consequences because I remember that the working day ended I came home, and I came home really with the tension in the body. Many times my back hurt, the gut, and even the eyes, the head. I felt a great exhaustion for not having stopped and for not having given myself a break to return to the breath and to be with myself. I feel that those days of great stress and great anxiety my body was exhausted. However, many times I went to bed exhausted and could not sleep because of how agitated I was, how agitated my mind was. So, I feel that this text really contains a lot of wisdom, and now I live it that way and that’s how I take life. When I am immersed in projects I feel that giving me a break, to rest, to breathe, I feel that this fills me with energy and stress and anxiety relax. Even many times I like to touch my body and to feel the body, go to the bodily sensations. And many times, we think that this is a wasted time and that we can not stop because I don´t have time, I have to continue. When I have stopped, I have the ability to, once I have relaxed, and I have taken this space for myself, to return to what I was doing in a different state, another state a more intelligent state much more productive and also with joy. I feel that, in these moments of great pressure in our life the best thing we can do is a break. A pause to take care of ourselves. I invite you to visualize the video “Attention to the breath”. So that, in those moments where you feel really agitated you can give yourself an interior space of calm and serenity. The most important thing is that you take a break. Whenever I have the opportunity to listen to this text, it is as if I have permission to drink from a sacred source of inspiration. And as we already share with you on the channel, in the video “To handle strong emotions” we use these texts as a support of our practice of mindfulness. Because, once we have generated that energy of full consciousness, that energy of attention and concentration, then inside of me it is produced inside of us it is produced an energy of understanding that allows me to look deeply into each of the words of this text. Now, when we were coming, excited to share and record this new video for the channel I was bringing my attention to the sensations of my feet stepping into the floor. And the soil is filled with leaves, the color in the environment is beginning to change, because autumn has already made its appearance. And I love to listen the leaves of the trees creaking under my feet because it is a way to return to the present moment. And I have come into contact with the wisdom that Mother Nature provides us, every day. And it´s that autumn always reminds me of change but it also gives me the opportunity to connect with detachment, it gives me the opportunity to connect with letting go. Because trees do not cling to their green leaves in summer or spring, but simply enjoy those leaves and when autumn comes they let go. So, I really feel that in this fall season it is an opportunity for me to connect with that wisdom. And many times in my life when I accumulate tension for being internally telling myself, for having the volume of the inner radio of my thoughts too loud and telling myself that I have many things to do that I have to finish the projects or that I have to record videos and edit them. Now, there is a good friend of ours, he is a professional photographer, and he has made us a gift: a great photography camera and I have no idea how to handle this camera, and I do not have much idea to edit photos either and I tell myself internally that I have to learn to manage the camera and now, the sooner the better, and that I also have to learn to edit photos so that I can share them in the channel and I press myself and I stress myself. And then, I feel that I´m accumulating many things that I want to do and I enter into an energy, which is habit energy, that keeps me in a turmoil and pressure state because of a self-exigency. When I really give myself the permission to stop, I give myself the permission to take care of myself and don´t do anything but rest and relax, then I feel that I am like the tree that releases the leaves, that changes color because it does not get attached and accepts that everything is fine. So that’s when I can really enjoy the new camera and all the projects I’m doing, from calmness, stillness and from a state of joy or a pleasant state. We thank you for watching this video until the end. We will LOVE that you share with us your thoughts and your comments. If you want to support this project, we invite you to SUBSCRIBE to click the “Like” button and to share it on your social networks. See you soon in the next video of Mindfulness AMITABA


  1. It is a lovely video, with relaxing music and I can see as a couple you are very much aligned 馃檶
    No subtitles in this one and my Spanish is very, very weak so I am sorry I could not follow the message but I am sure it was wonderful 馃挏
    Namaste Dear Friends 馃檹馃尭 Have a beautiful week

  2. Totalmente cierto, uno esta acostumbrado a vivir en piloto automatico, y gracias a la respiracon, encuentro tranquilidad, me cuesta aun recordarlo, pero respiro ahora mas que antes, Gracias por sus hermosos e inspiradores videos. Exitos!!!

  3. Excelente mensaje!!馃挄馃挄馃崁
    Justo lo que estaba necesitando!
    Mil gracias por compartir este mensaje tan bello y enriquecedor para nuestras vidas馃尮 Que bonito lugar con esa luz tan oto帽al!馃挏 Namaste馃檹馃挏馃檹馃晧

  4. Me gustan mucho vuestros v铆deos y quer铆a preguntaros ante una enfermedad y la muerte de un ser muy querido como logr谩is mantener la calma, la alegr铆a y manteneros en vuestro eje, gracias

  5. Hermoso video como siempre! Que bueno que cuenten su propia experiencia! A esta altura del a帽o todos estamos estresados! Me encanta ver c贸mo abrazan un 谩rbol.Tan sencillo y al alcance de todos.una pregunta.A que se refiere el libro cuando dice un amigo para cada semana.( Se refiere a los sentidos?) Gracias!! Saludos desde Argentina

  6. Me encanta este video! Qu茅 im谩genes, qu茅 m煤sica y sobre todo qu茅 mensaje!! Gracias por aportar tanto valor. Gracias chicos

  7. Me encanta vuestra sensibilidad para transmitir vuestra experiencia personal. Me siento muy identificada con Elena, con el llegar a casa agotada y no poder dormir de la agitaci贸n y tambi茅n con lo que dices Felipe sobre el soltar. Sin duda, llevar茅 a cabo el tomarme una pausa a lo largo del d铆a. Gracias!

  8. Jajajaja dile a Rub茅n que te regal茅 tambi茅n las instrucciones de la c谩mara. Feliz jueves

  9. 隆Qu茅 bien me hace verlos un ratito todos los d铆as! 驴Qu茅 significa "amitaba"? Gracias por tanto

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