Deep sleep meditation, remove and release negative energy before bed, nighttime hypnosis

difficult days can somehow be overshadowed
with memories of the past. please take this time for yourself, to relax,
rejuvinate and release anything holding you back from enjoy the present.
taking in a gentle and deep breath of acceptance of your desire to let go and just be, inhale
the air, filling your lungs to capacity, and release even slower out through your nose.
as you release, you should feel the tops of your arms and your shoulders loosen a little.
remaining present, concentrate on the here and now.
feel the position of your body as it is, and reposition yourself for comfort.
feel each natural breath pass your lips in this moment of peacefulness, and your chest
be free to breathe deeper breaths. relax more on each outward breath, allowing
any stirring in your abdomen to become still. lose yourself in this present moment, sense
every part of you unwinding and releasing tension.
scan your head down to your toes, adjusting any area that needs to be prompted into a
softer version of itself. with your eyes closed, feel how your body
has already relaxed in the small seconds that have passed.
behind your eyelids and down into your mind, see a picture of fine yellow sandy beach.
you can hear the gentle ripple of waves, and now see them rolling on to the shore.
a blue sky occupies this scene, with very few to little cloud floating by.
as you float into this image you, yourself have imagined, and as you get closer to the
sand, you begin to slowly walk along the shore. as you walk, each footstep is left behind
as you carry on forwards. walking close the waters edge, where the sea
covers and then repels back into itself, you watch your own footsteps being washed away
with each gentle wave that wipes the shore.
now, placing intention into each step, take a part of the past that you would like to
leave behind, to let go and release. placing that thought in your mind, send that
thought down to your feet, to your soles, and walk along the sand.
each footstep now seemingly heavier than the last, as perhaps emotion is felt in each step.
ingraining those emotions, feelings and intentions into the sand, you continue to walk slwoly
on. looking back, behind you, the first gentle
wave rolls in, splashing down and then spilling over where you have walked.
intently you watch as the water receeds back into the ocean and reveals that the footsteps
of the past have been wiped away, leaving a smooth dark golden sand behind.
continuing to walk further, you watch on as each footstep gets wiped clean, away and into
the sea. the sentiment here is, that time is a healer,
only the action of walking or taking action in your own life will allow you to move forward.
your willingness to move on in gives the past, space, allowing you to heal and to take care
of yourself. the memory of the past may remain but not
as vivdly as before, like the footprints that have faded away, they not as deep as they
were before. you continue walking, as you do, you begin
to worry less about looking behind and now see an untouched path forward.
this fresh path is a freedom that you discover with your intent to let go.
you bein to let go more, by observing your surroundings.
the deep blue satisfying sky calms your every emotion, its colour is soothing, bringing
you to be more present and in the moment. the waves you see wash up on the shore remind
you to keep going, things will get better. the birds in the sky are a sign of freedom,
freedom that you can move on. for as far as your eyes can see, there is
sand and ocean. with the sun shining down, you are warm and
at peace. as you continue to walk along this pleasant
and pleasing shore, your mind turns to its own positive self talk.
walking along, moving forwards, the words in your mind take over.


  1. Thank you Christian. It's so important to let go of the negative energy we carry around. In my volunteer and advocacy work I frequently deal with the lowest of the downtrodden; the people, and animals, society has forgotten or abandoned. Even though there's joy & we are helping these people, it's still disheartening. It takes it toll and I struggle daily to jettison the negative baggage. Your meditations work wonders. I now average around 5.5 hours of sleep nightly.
    Thank you so much for everything you do. Your work is beyond explanation.

  2. Thank you for this inspiration ! Very soothing; I can learn a lot for meditations 🙂 Keep up the good work !

  3. Christian, I don't know how you do it. The imagery of this video took me to such a deep place. Could you please do a longer version?

  4. So very helpful and healing! My breathing and waves were in sync and it relaxing! Beautiful meditation and message! Thank you so much!!!💕🙏

  5. Wow your timing is impeccable!! I have some really heavy shit going on right now that dredged up my past…

  6. Hi Star 🌟 Guy 🙏 Brilliant beach scene & your soothing voice adds relaxation to calm any anxieties 🙌
    Past can catch up & give a bit of shake up but positivity & meditation helps to move on 🌞
    Been eventful few days But sorted thank goodness 😅
    Had to get the technical support to bring this back to life phew 😅
    Then eye specialist to make sure my degenerative was ok positivity there ok for another 2 years 😀
    Will be busy over next few weeks will actually be near a beach 🏖 Yippee 🙌
    Have a restful well deserved sleep 💤Gratitude to your wonderful vids 🙌🙏
    Love light hugs and blessings ☮️💡🤗❤️

  7. Thank you for this amazing meditation .. it helps a lot ..
    Are you on a some meditation app or something ?

  8. So great to release tensions. The screen affirmations are great, too! 🙂

  9. Spot on Christian 😘 thank you 💚 …. I so wish your meditations could be translated to French too; for recommendation – but it would not be your soothing voice then 😐

    Love and gratitude to you for all your great work x 🌼💟🌸

  10. Thank you for the guided meditation! This will help many fall deep higher self and feel rejuvenated for positive balance. Great work and much love from the ETERNAL PRESENT ❤️

  11. Thank you for this post…it's short enough for me to listen to on breaks at work, yet powerful enough to help me release what's impacting me throughout my day. I really needed this.

  12. Hi Christian. I go to sleep, with your voice, almost every night. Can you make a powerful hypnosis/meditation, for healing? Been terribly scared by last 35 years. These years have made me lose myself. I need to find my joy but the chatter in my head never stops

  13. Hi, Christian! I just came across one of your train meditations on another channel and she didn't give you credit. Her name is Sarina Alivia.

  14. I love this meditation and was able to download it for free as an mp3 because I donate a small amount to the Meditation Vacation Patreon. I feel that this is a good way to offer a little something back to help Christian fund the ongoing costs of the valuable work he does. He puts so much time and creative effort into what he does and helps so many people that any assistance towards funding would help; being so kind, I suspect he would never outrightly push for this himself!

  15. ♥ wonnderful christian, thankyou so dearly (congratz with your merchandise!). its so beautiful & valuable all u say (ill play it alot so it's like longer 🙂 thankyuo so!♥

  16. Oh sweetie, I'm so happy for you 😘🙏🏼❣ you're doing so well. A true gift to soothe us all. Miss you hun xxx

  17. Hello there my friend on the other side. I'm taking this little jewel to the beach and really doing a meditative walk with it. After the spring breakers all go home of course. You are so wonderful. You guide me to look so deep within, reminds me to self love. Love and Peace always, Kat

  18. You’re voice is pure gold! Time and time again I have benefitted from the soothing voice 😁😁

  19. I noticed you were on Jason Stephenson's LIVE meditation last night and he highly recommended you. I'm glad you were there and I made it over to your channel this afternoon to subscribe. These are wonderful meditations. Thank you!

  20. I'm just starting to get into this , listen to another track,negative energy release, and it helped massively never would of thought it would but it did
    The only thing with this is I find his voice a bit creepy , I can't get used to it , can't listen to him !
    If he helps others them great xx
    No offence fella just my opinion

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