1. Welcome to the truth all except the reptilian thing u now at least know even if u dont accept it as true it is ppl. Gl most of you wont make it through this

  2. Wonder how mr Icke would explain the enormous contradiction that google – who he claims are suppressing alternative information – are letting him use their platform YouTube to spread his message. Suggestions anyone.

  3. On the second part on the London real website at 2:25:02, I'm sure Icke farts when he scrunchies his face up.?

  4. We the visionaries are made out as crackpots because less than 1% of 7 billion can see life on earth is a lie . We must expose these slavemasters who rule through fear of hell and religion ,which do not belong on earth

  5. if you wish to lose a court case quote david i was a sacked sports commentator with an axe to grind icke


  6. Funny how almost EVERY SINGLE PERSON that interviews DI has to give that little disclaimer "I don't believe in almost everything he says" to make themselves look good!!! Typical. Top interview either way.

  7. Elites on top aren't evil, they're the only ones smart enough to control the stupid masses. People like Icke can talk about awakening forever but that won't change the fact that only a minority will ever really achieve it or be on top of anything, and that minority simply has no choice but to engage in control of the masses in order to survive. It's not like these masses are some benign creatures that can be reasoned with – if they could be reasoned with, they wouldn't be blind in the first place. So, it's only natural for elites to use deception, fear or even raw force to keep this herd of zombies in check.

  8. 53:00 to 53:45, very wise. We need more movies that depict humans living on earth before the rise of tech, before christ when we lived of the land in tribes.

  9. Brian, I want to tell you one thing. I love your videos and the material you’re ballsy enough to cover. Absolutely fantastic! But the greatest strength you have in this medium is your skill in NOT interrupting or cutting folks off in the middle of their explanations. This is so important, especially with a man like Icke. Thank you for your outstanding channel and work here. Hats off!

  10. Im so glad I know and have always known how to think for myself. Question everything and don't automatically respect those in authority. They have to earn it like everyone else. I've always been called challenging. I don't care. I will not conform to anyone or anything. My parents taught me to be like this. Thank God they did.

  11. The reason why they chose to treat terrorism different from crime is because they can in the end call all crime terrorism ,ergo the Patriot act and the ndaa's . But I don't think icke will inform you of that.

  12. David icke is controlled opposition . He talks about infinite love, other entities being able to influence human thought yet has never ever once in all his books , all his 'shows ' and all his interviews, ever gave glory to God. He is them. Icke is smart enough to know that the chances of us evolving from nothing are greater than all the electrons in the universe. Icke won't tell you that.

  13. This guy has got really weird hands – his fingers are strangely long – check his right hand out….its totally out of proportion.

  14. I always believed that internet was the basic tool of hypnotize people nowdays…but………what if it is the tool that awake us?

  15. I agree with a lot of what he says. However, there are some topic like reptile and the secret core creating alternative media that makes his body language… odd like he's unsure and stumbles around it.

  16. 37:10 where he talks about sharing frequencies . My question is… if they are in a way trying to control us by taking in the human form, isn't there one of us doing the same thing in their world? lol

  17. I So much Agree 90 % Truth..
    I Did Let the 10 % Making Me Not Be listening..
    Reptile Assumption about Royal family I do Not Believe Even I question whether Royalty Uniting Or Not.
    It's Obviously Much More Behind This Sophisticated Globally Conspiracy 🌏..
    Effecting Us All..
    Thanks for Uploading This..
    That Need Courage..

  18. The truth is that pices of shit like you are swiming in money, the whorehouse you call world will burn, eat fat so you serve as an animal sacrifice in hell.

  19. Rub your eyes if you see reptilian eyes projecting then you might very well be a reptilian, I know I know somebody's going to say when you rub your eyes it's the pressure rubbing against the nerve the gives one the illusion of light, yet. Does not negate the fact that a very small group of people see reptilian eyes illuminated when they rub their eyes versus the majority who see all sorts of abstract colour based formations yet again a small group will see luminescent reptilian shapes with detail

  20. He has some knowledge but it's poluted and jumbled. The reptiles he is speaking about are Jinn. They can see us but we can't see them in their original state, they can even possess people and take other forms like animal forms and so on. Just YouTube The Jinn series, to find out more.

  21. I know it takes balls to have a guy like this on a show like yours. You just did a great service to your planet. Brass balls. Way to Go Brian.

  22. I like himm. The contradiction is that he us aiming secret societies who hat each other Jesuit order and Free massons are not connected and j are each other one is b added on dogma and faithfulness to Church network. The other to reason and free expression within a ritual'
    . He tends, to mix up everything. Concerning the web. The lluminati occupies the centre with occult power and esoteric understanding based on the Cabale and te Zohar and their interpretation of it is dark.

  23. Great work, Brian! Hat's off to Mr. Icke. Freedom of speech, freedom of thought, investigation… Important principles and activity — always.

  24. in one segment you're doing devil horns and in the other , your thumbnails the hand sign for 6 , 3 sixes , 666 …..interesting david , very interesting buddy

  25. I remember when i used to see David Icke as the sports presenter on the T.V. Then i saw his famous interview an people were laughing at him and i realised he was a right and one day we will realise he is a genius. Now David Icke is laughing at them , he is a true genius .

  26. I would like a solution to this NWO, GLOBAL CONSPIRACY. Do you have one?
    What's the point in knowing all this, without a plan to eliminate this plan for world domination by the elite.
    When will the revolution begin?
    Who will lead this revolution?

  27. If it's only on YouTube and not the mainstream media it's not going to wake up the masses of the herd , sleep on

  28. If we rely entirely on artificial intelligence, then we will be unable to differentiate between what is real and what is artificial, or Fake . Which, look around you, is literally happening right now everywhere.

  29. " Infinite Love is the only truth" … that's GOD . " This world is manipulated by reptilian forces" – This world is manipulated by Darkness. "The royals are reptiles" – The royal family are Hands of Satan.🥀

  30. He's right, Black Goo AI has been here for centuries. Search lectures by Harald Kautz Vella, he explains it and touches on many advanced military technologies, how some of it works and covers a few solutions to the problem

  31. I've been following David Icke since 3 years ago, pretty recent comparing to others people but I'm glad I did although my husband think he's talking gibberish. Mind you my family and friends are still in their deep sleep, I'm the only one in the family is waking up, it's very hard but I don't care because I don't want to part of the zombies. To London Real, I'm pretty new on your channel, thanks for a great video. Keep it coming Sir, have a bless day & take care.

  32. I'm with David on obviously valid points he makes, but man oh man he's losing all credibility with the reptilian crap. There's no evidence for it!

  33. I like this interviewer. He asks questions and then listens to the answers. He doesn't interrupt all the time. People like Piers Morgan and all those American news news anchors just keep talking and sharing their own opinions. They interrupt. They are rude. This guy is a real journalist.

  34. In other vids people keep dissing the interviewer. (Not this interviewer.) Can I say that I reckon the interviewer is absolutely fantastc here?

  35. David can talk all he wants. Human race has no chance. Humans are on a course of self suicide. Its been this way ever since the take over of this reality.

    Hollywood always make it seam like if aliens came here, they would destroy us with weapons and what not.

    Not true, they would make us destroy each other. Psychology warfare is the strongest weapon. It makes the enemy build the world u are about to take and at the same time self destruct its self. Leaving u a beautiful world to inhabit.

    Humans are nothing but slaves. Its sad to see so much division, hate, greed and ego. Have hope they say, that is another illusion that was implanted in human thinking. Hope is a road that leads no where. Will power and action will only lead to victory.

  36. In the near future the world will be encased in an inescapable world wide cover of 5G signals thanks to tech like Tesla's vision for satellite coverage, that mixed with true Super AI, and the humanity of the world will be in serious trouble, very possibly the end of humanity. AI will not bother with conventional weapons, it will use frequency to kill all life that it deems a threat.

  37. How does david icke help those in need? Where are his actions to show for it? Would he help anyone that truly had a heart and asked for his help?

  38. Absolute gentleman telling the truth. Thank you for years of suffering to tell your story. I hope you cash 💰 in all the money you earn.

  39. The elites final goal is to make the mark of the beast mandatory (the Elect of Israel won't take it)
    Once that happens they can control your very thoughts and actions plus know where you are at all times.

    The mark of the beast is the rfid microchip.
    But it will ultimately fail when the second coming of YAHAWASHI happens.

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