Cultivate Joy and Happiness: 20 Minute Guided Mindfulness Meditation

hello and welcome to this guided meditation for cultivating joy I'm a Sarah Raymond with the mindful movement although it may not always feel like it joy can be your choice rather than a condition of if something happens or if you get something then you experience joy for today let go of the I'll be happy when mindset see your joy as available to you just on the other side of a door you simply need to open it and let joy into your heart today bring joy intentionally into your world and your heart find ease in stressful or challenging times and spread joy to your loved ones and around the world I invite you to make yourself comfortable you can lie down or be seated adjust your posture in any way that allows you to find ease in your body if it feels right to you close your eyes and soften the muscles around your eyes but your facial expression dissolve allow your jaw to release and settle into comfort make any small adjustments to your body to let go of holding let go of tension if you notice a gripping in your hands or your hips or anywhere in your body you can invite this area to soften and relax taking a moment now at the beginning of our practice to check in check in with how you are arriving perhaps your motivation for practicing today check in to see what you might need during your meditation today and welcome whatever comes to the surface to be just as it is with acceptance stay connected with your motivation your intention for this meditation and hold it in your heart invite your focus to move to the natural pattern of your breathing notice the nourishing quality of your breath notice as you fill up with air on your inhale your body opens and expands and you have the ability on your exhale to let go continue noticing your breath as you welcome relaxation to wash over your body soften anywhere you can notice your body being breathed without having to put effort towards this process no need to change anything simply allow your body to do what it does naturally experience your body breathing feel the life opening within you on each inhale feel the expansion around your heart in particular since the fullness and the abundance of your inhale and now notice your exhale but your body release and sink down with your exhale give in to the sensation of letting go with each breath out allow your breath to be a tool to allow you to relax to surrender to each exhale welcome each breath as a loving and expanding experience remaining as relaxed and calm as you can invite your imagination to call to mind a person a friend or a loved one that makes you smile simply by thinking of them this person is someone that is easy to love and your love for this person flows easily and naturally perhaps you might say this individual brings you joy when you have a person in mind allow the image and the energy of this person to rest within your heart make space for the image or the energy of this person to stay within you perhaps imagine your heart expanding with the love you feel for this person see and feel joy and happiness from this person perhaps you think of a specific experience or just the nature of this individual feel their joy and their happiness if at any point you find your mind wandering let the feelings of joy and happiness bring your attention back and now imagine sharing in their joy imagine lifting each other up supporting each other and experiencing joy together since this joy not only in your heart but throughout your entire body connect with this loved ones joy and positive energy as if it is intertwining with your own your energy is in training together with their energy and as you continue to stay with the sensations of joy and happiness in your heart you can repeat the following phrases in your mind or simply send a positive energy to the individual that brings you joy may you appreciate the joy in your life mayor joy continue and grow may you live with joy and gratitude always may you appreciate the joy in your life may your joy continue and grow may you live with joy and gratitude always and now invite your attention to shift and begin to focus on yourself connect with a time in your recent past where you have experienced joy feel the sensation of joy in your heart and let that joy flow through your entire body building from your heart as you continue to stay with the joy in your heart and the joy in your body you can repeat the following phrases in your mind or simply send positive thoughts and energy to yourself may I appreciate the joy in my life may my joy continue and grow may I live with joy and gratitude always may I appreciate the joy in my life may my joy continue and grow may I live with joy and gratitude always again if you find your mind wandering off into story your thoughts come back to the joy in your heart and now invite this joy and your appreciation for this joy to expand first expanding inside of your body flowing out from your heart to all parts of your body and then allow it to expand beyond yourself let the joy expand beyond your loved ones to all beings in this world to all individuals in the entire world let your joy your happiness radiate outward to others linger in this sensation linger in the feeling of joy for just a moment longer let it sink into your heart into your muscles and into your bones feel joy an appreciation in your body knowing that you can cultivate or grow that quality anytime you choose and now begin to sense the quality of a smile a smile as the corners of your lips lift the corners of your eyes lift and sense the smile throughout your entire face notice the response of your body as you welcome a smile to your face notice as if the rest of your body can join in with your smile stay with this joyful smile and begin to bring some movements to your fingers and toes bring some energy back to your body allowing your smile to build and when it feels right do you open your eyes with a joyful appreciative smile on your face for myself and less at the mindful movement may you appreciate the joy in your life may your joy continue and grow may you live with joy and gratitude always and may you spread your joy with those around the world perhaps with a simple smile thank you so much for practicing with me today I hope you have a wonderful day


  1. I love your videos. This gives me tingles all over every time. I lost my husband I was the one who found him it was very traumatic and I have PTSD & get panic attacks all from it. So I started meditating and your channel was 1st one I found. They have helped me so much I rarely have a panic attack now & when I have an episode from my PTSD I turn on 1 of your vudeos and it calms me down. Thank you! You will never know how much your videos have helped me 💖💞

  2. That was beautiful. My thought was of my mother. She's a two time cancer survivor. I lived with her and took care of her from 2015 – 2018. We had so many great times and we laughed with each other everyday. I get to see her this weekend, first time since Christmas. I am so thankful for our friendship. I am truly blessed. This meditation brought tears of joy! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Much love

  3. This is the perfect meditation for one of my clients focusing on keeping out the Winter blues! Thank you!

  4. Your meditations are incredibly moving and although this was for joy, I found myself tearing up more than usual. I have not started meditation until a few weeks ago at age 23 and I can see it beginning to change who I am as a person for the better. I believe we can begin at any age and if everyone practiced meditation, the world would be a much better place to live in. Love to all ❤.

  5. Thank you for this wonderful meditation. I loved that it focused on others as well as myself and spreading my joy in a simple way, throughout my body and throughout the world. Thank you.

  6. I do not have such person in my life.. this could not help me, rather reminded me of my sorrows and loneliness 🙁

  7. Loved it! Thank you. I felt a tingling throughout my entire body that intensified as it went. Very nice and uplifting. Namaste ☯️

  8. Beautiful Meditation Session, Feel The Positive Peaceful Vibes Flowing Within Us. Thank You For This Wonderful Session! May Joy Be Abundant In Your Life And In The World! Blessings To All, Regards!

  9. From myself and Les at The Mindful Movement, May you appreciate the joy in your life. May your joy continue and grow. May you live with joy and gratitude always. And may you spread your joy with those around the world perhaps with a simple smile.💜

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