Cryptos & the Spiritual Transformation of Humanity!! (Bix Weir & Christof Mechizedek)

hey guys big square road drew calm I'm very beyond excited to have my next guest on with me Krista no he's a dick she's a big she's how do you pronounce your last name you go to the exactly rice milk he's a day care there you go crystal meth he's a dick this is the guy who's got me getting skinnier before your very eyes been working on a cleanse with him for the last two and a half weeks and yes I've dropped about 20 pounds believe it or not and I don't feel hungry I don't think I'm missing anything I feel extremely vibrant and and sharp as a tack I haven't had booze or caffeine Christophe has we've been working with it there's about I think there's what 30 in our group from the anarchic poco gang that are working with Christoph for the for the entire year and this was our cleanse month I want to I want to welcome you Christoph and thank you so far it's amazing and let's just keep this thing rolling but we want to talk about both health and vitality but also mainly about the good side of crypto currencies not the dark evil banksters side but a good site and welcome Christophe Thank you Thank You Biggs pleasure to be on your show and nice to be in your company again of course we met two years ago a an Acapulco where I was guided to attend as an attendee and happened to be standing in line with you dinner had no idea who you were of course at that point I didn't know anyone in that field or industry and then we got on great and then yeah and we kept our communication alive and then the following year I came back as a speaker and yeah we've just had some great dinners and last together and enjoying your now Amy's company in Acapulco and bahan and I'm sure Amy is happy with her husband 2.0 that is you know getting thinner before her before her eyes getting leaner you can show like Martha getting more evolved well yes she's beyond happy she's a little mad that she's not losing weight as fast as I am but I told hey she ate that way before not now exactly but more healthy food and not to be there's just people you were starting a long way behind where she was health-wise and so you know good momentum to go and of course she's also training and acquiring a little bit of lean muscle tissue which is more metabolically active and I imagine if you ask well how are your clothing sizes going she'll be very happy with her response because sometimes you don't see the big shift in weight but the clothing size is really painted on the picture yeah and I think she's more excited about new shopping adventures she gets to go on with like when going on this little run yeah there might be a little bit of a booster and who step into the into the shops and although she fully cuts they're just now in shops it might be far away absolutely maybe we give a little background into the clay into the cleansing protocols before I started dedicating my life path to energy consciousness spirituality and evolutionary growth I was that if you know this about me but for probably 15 to 20 years I was a physical therapist trainer health consultant to kind of high-end executives and for many years I was doing a lot of work also in the consulting into the health club space and there's something quite crazy about the fitness industry is that you know what for the fitness in this you know this is coming from 15 or 20 years experience with inside of you know consulting in that field or or working within that field is that you know health clubs generally are great at facility management they are a little less great at kind of you know facilitating health and transformational weight loss and all these types of things is because many of the much of the education and the protocols are developed I have been focusing on more calories than held for more focusing on you know what are the building blocks rather than actually cleansing or detoxing and the protocol that you've been going through the raw food on cleanse is one of the best protocols out there for the side effect which isn't the primer reason we do it but the side effect of losing body fat body weight just start lot of people and interestingly part of the reason why that is is that the body holds a lot of toxins now even if you're not a big drinker or smoker always other things just the environment you know that we're living in the compromised ation of the food supply the chemicals the sprays the chemicals the chemicals in the home have increased the amount of toxicity inside the cell and it's all about selling the toxicity and so what the body does is the body ends up layering more body fat to protect the organs from that toxicity because toxins you know create our toxins live inside the fat cells so in order for them to be diluted ie less impactful on the system the body will naturally increase body body fat tissue and so Plus on body fat – perfect to protect the toxicity and the system so there's more surface area to spread it out so as soon as you open up the pathways and start to clean out the toxicity the body goes why am i carrying this body fat there's just no need for it and the body just drops weight quickly and when I first started running these protocols and the health industry I got all I got like the quite interesting feedback and the feedback I got from clubs I was putting protocols into this is a you know this is crazy it's not safe to lose this mount of body weight and that's because they were coming from an old paradigm of calories in versus calories out and on that model you used to be able to lose a couple of pounds a week okay so on the protocol that you've been on two pounds a week over three weeks six pounds well one of the things for most people is that six pounds isn't exactly motivating to keep going after three weeks right because when you first start a new habit or a new kind of thing it's a very uncomfortable your body aches a little bit and you know you have to change your food but how motivated are you right now to integrate some kind of changes in life going forward I haven't lost 20 pounds in three weeks it's only been two and a half weeks – yeah I can't wait for three yeah yeah yeah I'd struggled with weight forever and well obviously my lifestyle and what I ate and drank and was not conducive to lose weight it was the exact opposite and the concept of eating real food like food not that has not been processed or cooked even yeah and that's the key to what you know you can have diets where oh I'm on veggie diet so you'll cook up a bunch of vegetables no we're eating just the raw veggies and then the raw smoothies and then the raw now we're on juices so it is it's amazing but at the same time I'm thinking well what is it that the body takes in when I eat food it's looking for those nutrients and vitamins and when you juice it I mean that's what comes out the nutrients and the vitamins and all the other crap that's oh yeah yeah it's nice you know just to go internet a little bit for those at home listening and interested you know it's all about frequency and as soon as your frequency starts raising up like yours is all the discordance –is of disease and and the drama that can be in the body because it's it's not about the germ and that in the system it's all about the terrain the germs can only be in the body because the terrain allows it and that means when the body is usually acidic and being acidic it kind of creates the environmental conditions of that bacteria or viruses and all sorts of toxicity to live well and then the thing with even cooked food is they're as taking a little that all the enzymes as taking out a lot of the nutrients and so and the raw stay that's not saying you go raw forever it's not gonna work either you know these we've cooked food and winter and but it's just adding a little bit of raw food like a salad with every meal massively kind of activates it helps the process and and the protocol works kind of like one-week war especially if you have kale which is amazing you can just put olive oil and lemon with kale and massage it to make it soft and use that as your base it just goes through the small intestine and goes through the whole stomach region small intestine pushes out a lot of the built-up matter and then you go to the smoothies week and of course smoothies in a blender you've still got all the fiber now the place in your body where you actually absorb all of the nutrients is inside the small intestine and the micro villi and the micro villi are these little folds like this they little folds on each wall of the small intestine which is going well link's ways like that these and then this in here is usually a lot of new coin plaquing a lot of mucus and plaque can build up over years of eating certain foods a little bits of meat and other things stuck in there and the smoothies wheat goes in and just takes out all of that takes just goes and cleans out the micro villi and so then the micro villi by week three are really ready to start taking the juice and the juice just goes in without the fiber and just plunge all the nutrients in and and you know I don't know I'll ask for your experience in a moment but when I've gone through I go there's photos use this protocol once a year easier and springtime has a bit of a clean-out and and you know the first time I did it how am I going to survive with just juice I mean I'm not gonna like be able to have any energy for anything I'm gonna be like tired I'm not going to work out you know all this old programming that we think how our body works but you know my experience and the hundreds of people are put through this protocol have also shared they've never felt more sharp mentally never had more energy nimma not felt more focused how are you going with it you experiencing something similar juicers week I'm talking about yeah yeah juices week this is what they two of the juices I thought I'd be starving I thought I'd be starving I am not at all and I've never gone to the grocery store and spent $200 on vegetables but that's what we just did and it is it is awesome to to be a part of this and I can feel my focus is better I've never got so much work done all my road to route of people are saying what are you doing you you're doing this patreon thing you got charlie you got John Kim in town yet I am juggling things and it's just so easy because I can focus on it and I don't have to worry about you know slowly getting up having my cup of coffee getting the shakes by 4 o'clock from the coffee awesome I feel great and and I'm not hungry that's the really bizarre thing that I didn't think I think this far into it you know at least I didn't think that would be not craving for them one of the things with coffee is that you know people who think in the making Association this is what gives me energy to get through my day well they're only doing that because they're already a little bit tired and sleep-deprived and stressed and so that's just like putting you know hot oil on the kind of um the generator of the adrenals and the adrenals kick off and so you're operating from stress that kind of stress response usually the first thing in the morning right and you get up and you're sharp but it's kind of makes you a little bit edgy it's not a smooth energy right it's kind of a ramp up in the crash and so and then the ramp up makes you a little bit edgy so you can be focused but not not like you can on on juice or right now I'm drinking I'm lean lean matcha green tea and that is a much smoother and and and if you start moving to you know white tea or you know matcha or clean green matcha combos the amount of energy you're gonna have them focus is going to be unbelievable and so then you'll have to start your show with your morning cup of tea instead of a morning cup of Zee coffee company now yeah beautiful well you know it's abandoned coffee but what I'm saying is why don't you try shifting it to the time you have it will you have it more in the afternoon more around 1:00 2:00 o'clock but foot Morphin the really enjoyment of taste not because you're tired you know I mean not because you need to kind of kickstart kickstart your day and then you're gonna be running in the morning decision a lot a lot cleaner a lot smoother okay yeah I mean III can vouch for just how well this and it's it's simple I mean it's really simple it's it's just fresh food and one week of that one week you take the fresh food and you stick it in a boy and then the last week you take the fresh food and you make juice out of it I mean it's not rocket science and it's sinful and you know it's the most powerful cleanse I know there is a little parasitic kind of booster you can take which I'm getting people onto now who have gone through this journey with wheels then essentially you know it's really about bringing the body back to what it's designed to run on and then actually when you try running the system on it it you know really elevates everything because it's all about frequency and we're going to come to you know the consciousness behind crypto on our talk today but really it's all about you know the key pieces all that frequency energy vibration when you start to live at a higher more exalted frequency all your attractor fields begin to change you know you're operating at faster wavelengths and in those faster wavelengths become the more divine revelations more insights more expansion of perspective and perceptions you can make better decisions because you're not looking at life through a straw and this is really what the starting point of this journey that we're taking somewhere there and acapulco breakthrough I said we started with centeredness which you've been together with me you've come into purity next up we're going to go into stability this is part of the keys' process that we're going through together and stability is all there going to be about you know balancing the emotions you know stabilizing the mind and stabilizing the emotions and exploring beliefs through the subconscious and unconscious minds and then looking at the belief systems that you have and are operating your life from and how they were inherited to you from your conditioning in your family from society from all of that and how these are programs are a key plane so the next part of the journey on top of this cleanse then when your frequency is much higher is to explore your life from a more detached witness perspective exploring the patterns and observing when you get irritated it's not really about the other person it's about the woundings and the program's inside of me that are activated that this person is activated in me and then you can begin shifting those programs and you just end up going more and more smooth an life and and you'll see the time we get to the end of this journey you'll scarcely recognize your lane you know in a few short months from now it's a very beautiful journey alone and it brings back the magic in life as you recognize it everything is perfect everything is finally synchronizes you know the synchronicities that come when you're more in flow just harmonizing in your life and similarly what we used to call miracles are just kind of more like a medium of everyday experience miracles are just simply when you start living in alignment with natural law and divine law and you begin utilizing your consciousness your internal technology which is really what we're talking a little bit about today you know there's the external tech the artificial intelligence world or the you know the digital world and then there's kind of more our human side which is really where the technology lies the most important technologies inside of us the way that our heart our frequency our mind emotions our intention all can shape and create our reality and realizing that we become the Creator and shaper of everything in our life whether we accept it or not so it's a beautiful path that is that is a great segue into talking about cryptocurrencies and and where why it's happening now where it's taking us I mean I double it for a long time the concept of the evil bankers there's no way we can beat them they've controlled us for hundred years and they will always control us and then the Kryptos came along and you're Gideon now those evil bankers are controlling the kryptos now and they're taking over the turn season and it's going to be the mark of the beast and all this all this stuff comes in and I have always been on hey there's something better something different going on here something at a at a more a level that we might not even understand how good this can be because we've been so downtrodden by the the banking cabal and those controllers of our lives this is a good thing people this is an amazing thing and yes there will be a tax on it from that side of it because they're gonna lose power but I think it's written in the cards written in the stars you can you can say what you want but let's go right to the source Christophe what do you think about this whole emergence of cryptocurrencies and in that type of situation yes okay so what I'm when I investigate a topic I usually investigate it from a multi-dimensional perspective you see here in the third dimension is merely a reflection of what's playing out and other frequencies and other dimensions of consciousness and so to answer this properly I feel we need to go and give a justice of the full depth of everything that's playing out and really look at this from the most expanded set point not from being in it oh because when you're in it it becomes a duality right of us versus them people who are playing is this there's two paths in life there's service to self and there's service to others and those beings who are in the line who are following the path of service the self it's all about how much they can get those beings and service to others are ORS all about how much they can give and that's the two fundamental things that happen across the whole universe some being you're all about acquisition acquiring power influence some people all about love and about just shearing hearing giving an uplifting people and so this is the same scenario has been playing out through all of humanity's existence know those unseen forces and the plane playing both paths now when one explores this acceleration that humanity is going through and really looks at it now from a broader perspective let's all step back a little bit and expand and almost develop something called the sociological imagination this is a term devised by Judah man called sea right Mills that asked the enquiring mind to explore a situation not by being a part of it but by being detached from it and looking down from a neutral standpoint almost like a an alien looking down for the very first time into what's going on and when we look at you know humanity and the evolution of our world and we were at from that detached for speak them and we're not part of the story actually just observing it we we lose kind of in any of the emotional charge okay and one of the first things that happens to people when they start waking up to the control systems is automatically people go into a little bit of blame game look what they are doing to us and the first thing to recognize is that with any art matrix is a unified field unity consciousness there's only one field of energy one consciousness with you know there are different individual expressions of their consciousness playing out and each of them having their own agendas but really there's only one consciousness field and so to recognize that if we go into blame look what they are doing to us is three one finger pointing at them and three pointing back to us immediately it puts us into a place of being a victim okay and when we were a victim this allows us to be influenced and influenceable by other external energies and ultimately when we start to take personal responsibility for our life we start to live by a very simple rule what you focus on is what you get okay and this is all part of one of the quantum laws of the universe and quantum physics and quantum mechanics human attention collapses the wavefunction of the pure potentiality of electrons around the nucleus at the pure vibrating level of matter and simultaneously things can be a wave ie a potential and simultaneously they can be matter and human attention decides whether it's whether what that potential turns into what potentials is wave going to tune into is it going to turn into this this this or this or this and when human attention fixates on it that's what it turns into so immediately by going into this is what they are doing to us you are folk you are creating that reality okay and this is part of this spiritual growth that I feel that humanity is growing through is that we are starting at the viewing beginnings now to move past the blame and focusing on what the evil people or the you know the the dark side are doing and we're now are able because we've got in ology that could provide solutions or ever to start just focusing on building something new because the secret to all this isn't about destroying what you don't like it's about building something you love and and this is where all of our energy attention and consciousness needs to come into they're starting to focus in on solutions and then this whole scenario over here and becomes irrelevant because we're not even placing in the Ameri tension on it now this is true for the individual and it's also true for the collective so while it's important I feel to acknowledge and know there are other forces that are playing out there's a is I will give the big picture as I do this little frame-up as to what's really going on in the world and how guys are playing a part of this evolution of us but before I give that little insight or that big big picture a revelation I guess is that it's to is to recognize that we are empowered humans are incredibly remarkable beings okay we are one of the few beings and we are the only beings and species in the universe that have access to all with 12 dimensions of consciousness and I saw and I connected to the god source and when we expand you know and involve our consciousness we have enormous of consciousness fields it can almost solve any issue that's put in front of us the issue that we have is that our consciousness has been capped and we've got to go through a lot of conditioning to burst through the point where we can access them more refined frequencies that are available for us that make sense so far it does to me but I've been listening to you for a year now and but but I think if you play back guys you played back over and over you get the understanding of I mean Christophe has been doing this for a long long time and he understands it you know on so many different levels I would hope that everybody this is the kind of interview you gotta you gotta listen to a few times and it's the energy behind my words it's not just what I'm saying is the energy behind my words that has come up to transmission what I would like to do is give the big picture okay as to what's really going on in the grand scheme of humanity in our world and then we will come very directly to cryptocurrencies and their role within all of this okay so we're going to get there but to truly understand this we have to give it the full the full depth so what's happening to our planet is that we're going through something called a stellar activation cycle ie our planet is raising its vibration very quickly we go through these different cycles of time some of you may be aware of something called the precession of the equinoxes it's a twenty five thousand nine hundred and twenty year cycle our Sun spirals heliocentric ly around our Milky Way galaxy thousands of kilometers a second now the Sun isn't fixed with our earth rotating around them the Sun moves and our planets spiral behind them and over twenty five thousand nine hundred twenty years it completes a cycle now I want you to visualize a racetrack and that like a horse racing track or athletics racing track the end points of the beans consider that the galactic center and our Sun is rotating kind of a little bit where like that goes through a big arcing cycle that's takes nine twenty-five thousand nine hundred twenty years to complete the end points of which the galactic center there lies a photon band now if you know anything about frequency or energy there are slow wavelengths these are heavy emotions these are you know denser frequencies and there's very very very rapid wavelengths the more record the wavelength the higher spiritually evolved the consciousnesses that resides there our earth and planet now has moved into us and to a point where we are in the center again now many of the prophecies that have come from the indigenous cultures the hopi the Mahon's the you know many of these indigenous are beings and wisdom keepers of the land have always spoken of a golden Eon a time period where the earth would no two thousand years of peace we would live in harmony with one another and what's happening is that we're coming into it into their epoch of time where the earth and our Sun on our earth is moving through a part of this galactic free see bands where the frequency is very fast almost directly from source plasma is entering our Sun and through the solar some bursts is bursting this frequency and intelligence into our planet previously our planet was very dense and this density created what you know many star beings called a prison planet where yes humanity was imprisoned by our own consciousness we were a cat but almost visualize like a paper mache ball of density and then start piercing straws into that density with us light can start entering and what's happening is that those slow wavelengths are starting to be pierced by the fast and frequencies coming and these beams of light that are coming in are opening up in 2000 and from the year 2000 to 2022 we're in a cellar activation cycle which means that all the Earth's stargates which are basically portals of energy and every Stargate has kind of a a different kind of a different kind of function a different kind of area of the galaxy that kind of excesses and what I'm gonna do Beck so I'm just going to quickly open up a little chart just so people can get a visualization of this which i think would be really useful for people to to view what I'm talking about this because this is part of what's happening with crypto the the intelligence coming coming through right now is kind of are allowing these are these frequencies and energies to to even be even exist so once you can let me just look up stargates here and see if we can pull that RC we can pull that through on a visual image and and then what we'll do is we will get rid of this one looks like I might've might have lost in here one second okay okay I'm gonna uh I'm gonna open up I'm gonna have to open up a keynote and then and just quickly show you what one image if that's okay just so you can get a visual image of the of the honest I I want to Stargate looks like and kind of functions like so let me know if you can see my screen here books no yet okay so let me just share this one can you clearly see that now we get it yeah so this is an example of a Stargate this is the first Stargate Hayley South Pole and it's got three components to a Stargate a queue site and a planetary arc of the Covenant and these three things pop together and create a frequency tone which opens a Stargate and when their target opens we can start the planet starts receiving frequency from that dimension or and plasma starts coming through and this only happens once every twenty five thousand nine hundred twenty years this is a very rare kind of event and we're right in the middle of it right now this one connects to theta Orion parallel earth and mercury and so with higher dimensional consciousness and beings they know how to work these stargates and suddenly portal through to these other areas of the of the universe start the second Stargate Easter Island Sarasota Florida Stonehenge okay the coos the queue site is the activation site for the Stargate itself so Easter Island activates Sarasota Florida and Stone Age is part of the planetary arc of the Covenant the portal which then will open to access and the Earth and Venus access to instantaneous travel to Inner Earth Venus the main point here when I'm sharing about is that these stargates have been spontaneously opening since 2000 of this year since the year 2000 2017 was the peak and from all of that we have seen more and more plasma frequency to come into the earth why is this important well plasma frequency is the highest vibrating wavelengths in in the interstellar spaces and this is coming into the density of our planet so take a take a look think for a moment mix of how you are today in terms of what you know your awareness and the speed of life compete this 18 years ago would you say these 50 feel things are speeding up absolutely I mean it's night and day you know a lot has to do with awakening to all these hidden things and and just just a note before I forget cliff I had been doing a lot of research into Antarctica and he did there was a wave that was that was detected and he put it up and said what is this wave coming out of Antarctica yeah so this is a while back it was like you can see here Stargate 9 Antarctica South Pole basically Antarctica from my understanding and the higher dimensions as a portal in for intergalactic travel and visitors and all the ships have come in and built bases are through Antarctica which is why when they start investigating this they're going to start seeing actual physical structures held there in Antarctica and it's actually one of the stargates and so the the the the point being is that these portals have been openings bringing through these streams of consciousness and frequency and and then in 2012 of course many people who were working in this field of trying to raise the planets vibration and ourselves healers and light workers etc you know we're often this was a key portal for us and just after you know at that time the earth and the Sun entered our full time into this play some extreme okay that's why 2012 was important it wasn't a date where everything was going to happen it was the starting point it's almost like back to you yeah I would call 21st of December 2012 like zero point and there the year one would come you know 2013 would be the first year and then the second year of this new Aeon of time and as we're talking about an evolutionary cycle of humanity evolution takes time but it's speeding up now in uh in 2013 what happened was there a Nomi particle activated in our planet and large Crystal Cathedral networks are underground in common five key locations on our planet began activating these are were etheric kind of energy centers that opened and began excreting plasma these are Sarasota Florida Oslo is sort of in the right zone Norway which I'm going to go to this trip to Europe Bali Peru and the Sacred Valley and Egypt which we've done mission it before and so these five zones started excreting plasma frequency so now we have a situation where plasma is coming into the planet and plasma is excreting inside the planet and the so much light is is now coming into the planet these lower wavelengths of fear anxiety worry control I've started to have less and less places for that light to hold on to and this is why many things are starting to shift on our planet it takes time yes now it takes time to evolve and that's all part of this evolutionary process everything on this universe is built off sound vibration and light this goes on to create color form and geometry and geometry is the building blocks of the physical manifested will everything as how old is energetic templates first when things are held an energetic template it creates something in the physical with this new frequency that's been coming into the planet some beings have been able to raise their vibration enough so they can start being like an antenna and start receiving and accessing the very very fast wave links and what does Howard about wave links is information for more evolved systems more evolved intelligence ways of organizing ourselves breakthroughs and technology breakthroughs in the evolution of our planet and species so what's happening is that scientists and any person who is in a moment with this old purpose and the mission here on earth to be of service to others that more giving path loving path when those people have been doing the internal work and raising their frequency enough to a point they can start receiving these wavelengths which are now coming into the planet and all of a sudden receive revelation much in the same way that maybe Archimedes received his breakthrough sitting in the bath and the water came up and he got his theory of Quincy or Newton was under the tree got hit by the Apple it's creating this kind of Gestalt thinking this aha moment and the and the information that sets in behind that is then providing a solution to their life journey that they've been working on now what happened from what I'm tracking on the frequency what happened to this was this was a signal Bitcoin was like one of those wavelengths that was a signal to humanity to create a new architecting system for organisation of our species because we're moving from the portal of time where a whole system of organization we've been going through the frequency of the masculine the patriarchy these last twenty six thousand year cycle the cycle before was the matriarchy a matriarchy was in control and more you know utilizing the masculine for their will in this large cm of time the last twenty six thousand years we've seen hierarchy controlled through the patriarchy that is now collapsing and we're starting to see the rise of the feminine not to overtake the masculine but we're seeing we're starting to see this time of the twin ray of the balance of the masculine or feminine working together that is the frequency that has come in which the building blocks are happening right now and this is harmonizing the way that things are going to be unfolding the the way that we've been organizing ourselves has been a hierarchy centralized control and the centralized control is not allowing the unity consciousness which is now the broadcast signal coming through the galaxy to our planet through for the next two or three thousand years oh it's not allowing the current systems do not allow unity consciousness to express itself so what has to happen a new way of organizing ourselves has to transpire that allows a unified consciousness to heavy say and this is was the birth of Bitcoin or which really was the birth of blockchain because that was the starting point of it which means really a true decentralized governance ie a truly decentralized all that means is many many people verifying and choosing not one or two or or a control grouping and so this is one example crypto Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is simply one example of the new I call the new earth architecture starting to be broadcast to humanity with each being in kind of construction or art or finance or you know currency or whatever their field is those beings on the cutting edge of consciousness can start to receive these next revelations these next updates to propel humanity forward and cryptocurrency is has been the starting point of that now of course with this birthing of all of this there are others in reactionary form ie people who have been very invested in the old hierarchical system who want to remain the status quo have had to change their game plan so of course what's happening is that they are adjusting utilizing this technology to potentially enslave us further because this is there's two paths to all this that I can see very clearly laying out we're either going to become completely free or completely controlled right it's because it's not really anything and what MIT what I'm sharing is that let's all of us focus on that path it's not even worrying about what that's going on over there and start saying hey this is what I do and this is what they're doing it's more about choosing to align your energy and consciousness and and you know your currency currency you know some people might to the to money that currency is your energy and put it into projects that you believe are going to help make humanity a freer place and this is where Bitcoin litecoin some of these truly decentralized projects are starting to now I've gained at home because what's happening is at the same consciousness the same frequency which is coming down to our planet as affecting everyone all beings I started to now wake up and evolve in consciousness and there's you know three simple steps to that first you know you might wake up then then you start to grow up and evolve and then you start to show up and actually deliver us start to be of influence and so wherever you are on that path is all perfect because you can't force a flower to open a flower would open in its own divine my timing but the Sun now is shining and we've come out of this dark night of the soul for eternity I'm beginning to wake up to our full potential and to live as a free sovereign species and the technology exists for that today and then some people will say well what about 5g and what about all these other things well when you begin to raise your frequency to a set point you know you you're going to get to a point where your uninfluenced by the other way of things that are kind of going on and yes there are potentials that are playing out that that humanity could drop into and into that kind of continuous slave race but that's not where I'm choosing to focus my energy and intention on I'm choosing to focus on this part of freedom and this is when you start to put all your energy and intent and effort into that and the wind is at our sails now the tailwind is here where this energy is coming in is coming and unrelentingly for the Hayek's thousands of you know a couple of thousand years this is going to keep coming and keep coming and if we take a look at you know just what would happen in two generations one of the consciousness of the young children today you know where are they at in terms of their you know evolution of consciousness there are more high souls coming to the planet now that when they come into positions of leadership you know we may between eighteen thirty forty fifty you know the the people in positions of power have a consciousness there's you know unsupported by the frequency coming to the planet and and it's essentially going to create this great transition and the metaphor here that I want to give everyone is that it's kind of this metaphor of you know moving from roaring your boat across the ocean trying to make change to sailing your boat basically the windows in their backs now and it's just a matter of aligning ourselves of our path and our purpose what brings us joy and and allowing and live from inspiration and living with inspiration we will get the divine revelation as to what our next steps are we need to take to be of service our and if we stay within service to others and service to humanity we will be given the resources and the in the in the flow of energy and energy and awareness of what we need to be doing next and if everyone starts listening to their inner voice and starts following that very quickly things will start shifting so then it brings us all the way back to our original question crypto crypto currencies right I want to take a pause in a breath before I go into crypto currencies just to allow all of that to particularly okay just to share with you that everything is built on energy a new energy is coming to the planet there is non-supportive of the old hierarchy and control and this is going to come in and pull the very fabric on which they're trying to build things from and as allowing the new energy to be able to develop and evolve to allow these new technologies and breakthroughs to keep coming towards us in society which is why cryptocurrency is as one of the solutions that are going to bring make a more firer way of transacting and make it and make it more unified as a means of exchange there were ways of transacting that is not held by control so I'll hand over to you books with any comments or questions because you've probably got a few comments or questions I like my comment would be I recently as yesterday had a conversation with Charlie Lee about about the exchanges I've been fighting literally fighting the exchanges so that they do things the right way and all the high-frequency trading in the the fake phony volumes and after talking with him he kind of said the same thing let's not fight the old way let's let's invent a new way and focus our attention on better ways to do things not necessarily fighting the old way so it bends to our will let's let's create something new I think that's awesome thought that's in alignment with all the information I just shared you you you create a new world not by destroying what you don't like but building what you love and and then this old stuff just becomes irrelevant okay so in a reply to your comment now we can start getting now I've given that frame up okay because I think that frame ups important because people can give a sense of hope that this energy that's coming into the planet there's creating mass change it already has created a little change it's just going to continue to keep going it's going to continue to keep accelerating as then an example of the exchanges is well rather than you know worrying about what these centralized exchanges are doing which they are creating you know high-frequency trading they positively sending up fake numbers of the training volumes of them all or that we're not and the same things happening in the stock exchanges are the same let's build these these and focus and started using decentralized exchanges the only way that you actually make it happen is by users utilizing them ourselves and and you know the the the the wave of these centralized exchanges hasn't really hit yet okay but they're building the team to make it more user-friendly and and soon we're gonna start the see probably in the next year or two Masek Cygnus the decentralized exchanges why well governments are starting to come in and sweep in a little bit now I started to pay more attention to what's going on exchanges more and more people are going to want to be living more I guess free and we want to start making choices there we they're not getting spied on or they're not getting kind of you know tracks or traced and so more and more people are becoming more aware the whole internet is kind of now being utilized as a main means of surveillance right and so what's happening now is a new intern is being born you know there are there's technologies that are out there that are creating decentralized internets is you know just about every area of society you can see there are coders who are streaming different more improved ways to be more decentralized and less control they're building it right now we just haven't seen me birthing and usage of these yet we're like if we're building a construction like a skyscraper you know we're only up to the point of putting in the Foundation's and quite often if you know anything about construction the foundation of a skyscraper would take quite a long time you know that's where most of the work is done because it's the actual very foundation upon which everything else is built but if we go if we go to you know 20 25 and we take a look at what's happening men well the world's a very different place you know in 2025 everything's probably run off a Down decentralized or homeless organization which is a code which people can have full trust in and built up off their built off their code other smart contracts which execute everything you know corporations are going to start to fall away as we know them with centralization offices in the same way that manufacturing basically came for the blue-collar industry where you know the robotics started to improve manufacturing a lot of those workers fell away the same thing is about to happen to the white collar workers through banking through accounting through lawyers all these that are all going to start to fall the way the technology is going to perform in all of these tasks were nervously and what's going to be happening is that they're that many of these people who are in the trenches coding solutions now for these different industries are looking at creating more decentralized ways of organizing ourselves and is going to allow you know these days to express themselves that people will interim relationships with the Dow perform tasks and get executed that through their smart contract and get paid and they're relevant crypto and so what's happening is we are moving towards a more high-tech world but my my key message is there's not let's not forget this keep it high touch we can't lose our human nature which is being in our heart sinkers in love and living in the organic will not just the digital world and that digital kind of will is you know coming at us but it's important that we live in nature and we live in the line with natural law and we live in our heart spaces to ensure that we we keep developing our consciousness so that we can end up utilizing tip and not being used by tip because there is that potential and of course agenda if you dig deeper where they want the artificial intelligence 5g and various blockchain activities to be like the you know a more digital prison but while that's being built on one side all the systems from freedom are simultaneously being built and then it's going to come down to one thing choice what will what will humanity choose and this is what I'm betting on is that the consciousness that continues to come to our planet is going to keep waking people up and people are going to choose the path and service to others in the path of freedom rather than the path of control and I know that books you at the forefront of that of sharing that message and making people aware of what's really going on and helping people to make better choices and the choice of freedom and there are thousands of people now like you millions more are coming who are all sharing a message or freedom or sovereignty and it's a wave that cannot be stopped because people are waking up and they are following their guiding light and their high heart of the direction of living more free and certain we all have a more equal world where resources can be more naturally shared the need for wars to create money you know will be gone and although that control will be will be will be dissolved because people will be free and and we have a path to get there it might take some generations to be truly free everyone but we're at the very starting point of a new Aeon of time it takes time from these constructions and building blocks to be put into place we just needed faith and trust put one foot in front of the other keep working on our consciousness keep raising our frequency and be and show up in the world and be of influence and therefore then we can take with us all the beloved's who want to live in a new different way that's it's amazing every time I talk to you I think it just makes so much sense in my know I look at things and I still have friends who are stuck in the past and say you know we're never gonna get rid of these bankers we're never gonna get rid of this and it is so much it's a lighter place to be when you when you live in a in a with something pushing you towards a better solution I think kryptos are a better solution to our old problems I think you know getting rid of the criminals is a better solution to what they had done to us I don't think that we are under the control of when the control will stay around the control of the bankers and the people behind the bankers and all that I am convinced that we are pushing them away pushing them out because we're running towards something different and we don't even have to fight them that's the beauty of it all is we don't they'll kill themselves with their derivative books and all that we don't even have to fight them all we got to do is is find this new way and put our attention towards it and and work absolutely it's gonna take work but work towards that that other place to be and that's what I take out of it yeah I mean it's absolutely I mean you know mass adoption is coming and you know and you know the real the real you know there's been these evolutions I think I shared with my normal recent female you know but there's different you know first it was the PC and then there was the internet then then from the internet that became smart devices or smart devices are cheap enough now it's it's actually possible to get it into people in third-world countries right and and from there you know with more banks probably being less relevant you know where you can become your own bank people can suddenly start to be relevant in the financial you know transactions you know no matter where they are in the world that's coming and and suddenly you know enormous in almost pockets of equity can be opened up for for for this and more and more beings as they follow their heart of service to others will provide the resources and support for some of these other third world countries to such stepping up and into the space and as long as we all you know come back to this very simple statement I said earlier what you focus on is what you get so your perceptions are allowing you to be influenced by a group of people and suits who live in Wall Street or London or wherever they are in the world still the influence your life today this is only because you're allowing them to this is it's a perception they don't have any influence or relevance in my life at all yeah sure they have influence in the world but not my reality and that I have to have a influence in your reality or anyone's reality in the world is the only thing that's keeping them near as a belief as soon as you shift the belief the perception shifts and how do you shift the belief is that you start to focus on something else it's going to create freedom and as soon as you start to spend more time in there all of a sudden you're not putting your energy over what bar doing to us but we're putting our energy time effort and resources into something that's working and freeing us and this is where crypto currencies are very exciting this is a completely exciting field when I first looked into it I was just blown away with its potential you know we're literally talking about a systemic kind of disruption across every industry in the world you know crypto currencies you know there are one application of blockchain or you know these centralized or distributed systems and a very important piece but you know everything is going to come with increase the efficiency and disruption to the to hierarchy and centralized control and at first there's going to be some fight back you know these next two three four years we may see some plays that you know they're going to try to cling and claim on to things well what's going to happen is that people are just going to simply shift to where they're being supported without treated best they're going to start moving to environments where they're treating best as one thing they're going to start utilizing the on-ramps you know there are whole block chains being built that are focused on privacy as soon as those applications start being built you know on top of them and some of the the doubts that are being built on private blockchains you know suddenly there's this other choices to make you know but quite a lot quite a great but you know they are openly Jers and and so you know everyone can see all the transactions condenado Charley Lee is working on mimic nimble Wimble nimble Wimble which would make litecoin completely unarmed yeah well if he does that that's the one missing piece so far there's perfect money right because you know that's wonderful to hear because you know there is that a method with inability transactions and you can and you can also have say something that hides your wallet address I mean and so it's a little unusual scenario where you can seemed crept over someone and then suddenly they can look at your wallet and find out what you've got in your wallet yeah it doesn't really happen for bank accounts so it'd be nice to be able to have their feature although although you can you can have many wallets of course yeah you have a smaller wallet there's gossip you've got your like you know you know I've got mini wallets I've got one that I received money in from people or from exchanges and then I seem net to to more my ledger which is kind of like my bank account and then I had used that as an intermediary it's probably good advice for anyone not just having just one but you see where this is going as with with more privacy blockchains you know that our focus of being developed all fields and industries you know they are gonna be more free and and more solutions are coming it's just it's just the beginning we have we are you know so early in all of this you know it's this I need them mature for 10 years you know until anything that we can see just like the Internet and the my teas actually it's only really today that the Internet can do what we kind of promised it was going to do back in the late nineties you know it's taking 15 or so or so years this is kind of that same trick to I think it will happen faster than 1518 years I think it'll more like 5 to 10 because everything's speeding up but and they're in that same way what we are doing is that we are people who are following you and following you know this this industry in the field and have taken action by placing themselves with your own currency or fiat money into it are going to be very well rewarded you know I'm down the line and what I see then is that you know you people are going to have for the first time who are early positioned quite often for people who are in a mind to 5 job for maybe 20 30 years I have some freedom to be able to make choices and to be able to with them with freedom of choice will come with their own longing of what gives them meaning and purpose because if you haven't had money and then suddenly you get it well when you get it you often think when you don't have it this is going to make me happy but when you get it you actually quickly realized that actually I feel empty unless there's something else behind it that I can do with it that brings me meaning and so as people come into that realization they'll want to use their money that they then have for doing good in the world and this is where this will bring them a greater sense of fulfillment piece of happiness by taking some of this and putting it to use and some parts of the world or some fields that inspire them that give them meaning based upon their background based upon you know some of the suffering that they might have gone through some of their their more charitable ideas they can suddenly take action upon and be of a being to be the change they wish to see in the world when making a difference somewhere and that's why absolutely not only believe that I am actually living it as I do more and more in the crypto music field and and that's what I love I mean that's the cryptocurrencies they were great they they gave me the ability to do just what you said find your real the real thing that makes you happy and you can serve the world doing it I love doing the crypto stuff and then we talked a while back and and you said to me based on why even charge for music well if you love it so much do it you can make money other places and and you attract the we love what was the wheel the wheel of abundance you see we love abundance yeah the way the way of abundance works is you give out knowing that there's an expectation of return coming back and people who don't have an abundance mindset freeze that stick you freeze the natural giving because of the fear that there won't be a return but when you are abundant and know that you are totally connected to source to prime creator to God whatever it as you label their infinite intelligence you we are all of that embodied and so of course we are nothing but abundant so why wouldn't I want to give my best gifts and just get them out there knowing now I'm going to be compensated in other ways it might not be direct through you know music it might be through these other synchronistic plays which just suddenly unlock even more freedom and then because if money wasn't an issue you know you'd play for free because you love it so much and you are starting to do that you know you're starting to just get your music out there because you know music and folk singing is the way that culture changes and so then you will be supported by the divine and in there in those endeavors and you're going to find that these beautiful paths just opening up for you as you start to see more and hold more concerts and you know just you know doing a few road trips and get people together and have conversation of discussion you know music is really a big part of it brings people together in a way that there's not such service through the money your mind it comes at a deeper level and it moves people emotionally and when they feel that emotion with some of the songs that you're you're sitting I remember in one of your songs as a narcotic I saw some people crying through one of the songs when you were talking just sitting about you know getting in at a certain time and the crypto and losing a lot of money you know there was a lot of people who did that put a lot of their savings in and and got a little bit hammered on me and I saw really touching people and that's the secret to change is emotion you know and when you can open up people emotionally and move them well then you know you're very influential and then and then there we you'll be very synchronistic ways where that return of that of that divine work is rewarded I am living it is it this has been an amazing conversation be something for you mix yeah what have you ever had any first of all when Christophe challenges me I it changes my life every time so okay bring it up have you even had any kind of questions I've always wanted to know and kind of you know quick crypto or finance or things that you've always kind of you know wanted to put together because you know we haven't done this in the crypto space but I work with a beloved brother father mentor of mine and and like an Oracle and and you know we're able to access any information by tuning in to what the questions are and all of a sudden that's revealed through the divine divine presence so if you've ever had any questions what might be interesting is writing them out for me and then you know for you and the beautiful burning questions that you probably have around some of the things in exploring any subject at all any subjects yes I have I have quite a long list in my head of things that I would love to know the answer to okay so why don't you get those to me on an email and then we'll do a session with the Oracle and we'll catch back up on a couple of weeks do another video and you can you can post it wherever you want and you know have that have those big quick big questions answered that would be amazing and I'll reach out to my my Road route of subscribers and ask them if they have it yeah we can we can all put together a list of all those things that we we've been thinking about we would love to know of course mine is gonna start with the Grand Canyon what the hell's in there but if I can find that I can find out how much is in there for you yeah perfect that would be awesome and yes I have I mean that's I mean figurative like 10 right now so yes what will take some time and put together a nice decent list and send it up so I know that this conversation was probably tied with the consciousness behind crypto and I wanted to try to do a opportunity of a sharing of that kind of background of what's happening many people are looking into crypto just at the crypto space but know that there's a big tail wind behind all of this you know with these frequencies coming into the planet things are evolving and cycling upwards our planet is we are ascending on our evolution our own consciousness is continuing to grow and evolve and as we do that we make choices that are going to navigate us more towards that kind of path of freedom and and this is happening not only for us we know people who are watching this video and kind of the first wavers who are looking at finance and observing something as a ride and coming to the conclusions and in a seeing crypto as a solution it's all about then you know taking action upon there and and it's also seen I'm making the right choices as to what projects you're supporting you know I'm not really in the cryptocurrency space to make just make money you know that's kind of that's kind of like a secondary factor of me choosing to place my energy and currency into projects that I want the support that I feel will be of benefit in the new world I think if we all come to it from that perspective rather than just money then you immediately you come off projects that you're just enough for the money it doesn't make sense you have to have value alignment your values need to be aligned with the projects that you're in and when you've got that everything's aligned you can feel very good and it's much easier to ride out the dips because if you just send it for money when some of the VP detailing what I want to keep money in there if there's no substance behind why you're doing it other than the money it doesn't make sense but when there's a project actually I love this project this has really completely changed things from the venom and humanity much easier to write out the dips and you know and I know that you're all kind of we're a similar philosophy or more more huddling for longer term you know it's always you know you know to be to be a trader you're competing against you know very smart algorithms and trading BOTS they know exactly when did you know to be then you have to be really on it you know but when you're looking at more fundamentals you can then choose fundamentally align projects with your own value system and it's going to be easier to write out the dips and the troughs and you can think feel very good about about where you're choosing to push your currency and to the unfolding of this new world that we're all created together I think that's a great way to put it it sums up when would Charlie leave and I were talking about about his I mean he he believed that so much that he sold all his light one point he invented to do that so that he wasn't invested financially in it but he could it's his baby and he has never worked harder on it and you talked to the guy and it's like oh my god that's the kind of project I want to I want to become involved in the people around it the the goal of light point is to provide humanity with a means of exchange when we need it the most and I mean I've been screaming about that for over 20 years it used to be gold and silver now it's cryptocurrencies but if anything if any coin or any crypto sums up my philosophy and it might be my reason for being in this it would be like point and and the work that Charlie's doing beautiful and this is why you know you can be so clear with all your decisions you know isn't there's never any worry no matter what everyone when when light coin goes down to 20 to 25 $22 never any warrior doubt because you have value aligned and if everyone who's listening can you know just do a little portfolio check now and are you really happy about the direction and the intent of this project you know and then and then you know just choose because you know by putting your money into it you're creating the future of this on this planet are we are these projects the ones you want to support that are going to help make our world a better place and if you're happy with their that's fantastic if you have to move things around a little bit that's also okay it's just about being more aware on all levels that actually you're having an impact by placing your currency into certain projects yeah I agree well Christophe I want to thank you for you for your time was there anything else said you want to leave us with I leave with one final message that the most important thing is that we connect with our hearts and we live here not here you know that the the smart devices in the digital world can provide can provide my so much distraction from what really matters and and what really matters is our family and spending quality time with him and making sure that the time we are with him is very focused and we're bringing our full presence because what distraction distraction removes traction and the most important thing you'll get when you get to the end of your days is the amount of quality time and impact and piece of myself I gave to my family and then when that's full you know you can start to fill that out across your local community it's all about being connected with their hearts and feeling our way through life not living in the mind which is a useful tool but you know there's never designed to give us guidance in life now heart is always that compass thank you so much for for your time and for allowing us to make a list of things that we always wanted to know and we'll get that to you and I'll announce that I wrote Garuda when what that will be a next video will be done and then posted probably post patreon you guys want to join the patreon channel that'll probably go up there again thank you and we'll continue our journey together and hopefully we can spread this message farther and farther around the world because I think it's extremely important and yes and then stick you in a Miata to New Zealand one day we have to get you out here for up for a visit and we're only some other wonderful places the planet will meet up again I know that word if they're going to see you and our capaco next year because I'm a little bit involved with in helping with some organization so definitely see you there but maybe we'll see each other again in the flesh before then who knows I hope so and and Amy will make it happen all I have to do is mention she's dying to go down there so oh yeah well we have got an upcoming retreat in Italy which might be interesting I'll be sending an email out the end of this week take a look at this early retreat it's going to be spectacular October this year excellent excellent 800 stuff thank you and oh my love


  1. Chris (christ) Melchizedek what a bullshit fraudulent conman you are. Using the name of our Lord Christ and the high priest Melchizedek to peddle this bullshit to fools. Repent and humble yourself before the living God fraud.

  2. WOW!!….Christof's knowledge and ability to convey this message is unbelievably clear. What a great inspirational guest to have on Bix. What an amazing time to be alive..Cryptos and spiritual awareness – Amen brother! x

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  4. Cut the pseudoscience! This guy may understand nutrition, but he is ignorant of primitive cultures, archeology and earlier cultures. There clearly was at least one earlier human culture that was almost annihilated by cometry impact 12,000 years ago (the Younger-Dryas boundary)
    When antone talks about "frequency" always ask what frequency in Hertz; they won't be able to answer.
    "These wavelengths" what is vibrating…..Sound does NOT travel in a vacuum.
    If they are electromagnetic waves, they ARE DETECTABLE. Talk about pseudocrap.

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  8. This discussion reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from Buckminster Fuller. “You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
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  9. "Evolutionary growth"? Evolution is a deceit. This man is not Christ or of the priestly order of Melchizedek, he is a wolf in sheep's clothing. This man has made a pact to Lucifer whether he knows it or not and is now controlled by demons. He thinks he can become his own God? There is only one God and that God was made human and we call him Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the King of Kings gave his life for all of us…even though we are retched and sinful. Christ is the answer and it is the devil who wants us to think we can become God's through our works. We are starting to see the true decitfulness of the devil. For those who have not turned from this comment please open a Bible and read, start with John, Peter, Mark, or Matthew. This is God's word and prophecizes about all the things we are living in today. Christof will only appear to help you, he is fooled. If you won't open a Bible and need more insight watch "Age of Deceit" 1,2,&3 on youtube. Many of you will understand the conspiritorial nature of the content but look at it with a new set of eyes and turn to the Lord and begin to read and worship in his Word. I was once lost, not very long ago, and then fooled by spirituality…but now I am found…and so can you! Do a search for the Lord's prayer and say it out loud. Break the link between you and Satan and begin your eternal journey with Christ. Praise the Lord. Halleluhuh!

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    they always wear white
    shirts and always use
    ‘New Age regulation-
    terminology’ (& UNLIMITED
    Cliches) for their pseudo-theocratic sales pitch …

    Glix: I have a couple
    questions for you :

    1. can you imagine
    him saying any of this
    in a down to earth,
    grounded vocabulary …?

    2. Don’t we have a
    mutual acquaintance …
    who *DESTROYED his
    brand* by bringing this
    pseudo-woo hoo to
    his audience …?

    … even if: he is 80%
    correct (which from
    a certain perspective,
    this parasite might be),

    Who can trust ANYONE
    this far removed from
    the general public in their
    cliche new age / “let’s-bang middled-aged-hippy-chicks”
    communication styles…

    i’m really nauseated 🤢
    … this bullshit (which isn’t
    bullshit, but is being USED
    AS bullshit by a bullshitter)
    is hard enough to hear
    coming from an American
    or British or Indian accent …

    But coming from an
    airhead-Aussie w/ a
    Shiny-head & white
    shirt, spouting Cliche …


    I can clarify everything
    this clown said in plain,
    down-to-earth Yankee
    English, without trying
    to hypnotize you into
    thinking I’m a prophet
    (which I could be; more
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  11. It's not a diet.its a lifestyle. Eat only what comes from nature and don't eat death! The soul is in the blood.when u eat death u take on the emotions of the being u slaughtered. Anger obesity sadness and depression show up in your life. He's off on the cosmology! We live on the flat plane of inertia inside a torus field. He should know all waves start from a plane. The stars are the same as the hopi maps because we're not hurling through a vacuum! The sun and stars and so called planets are electromagnetic luminaries not physical balls were going to land on!

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  14. Genesis 14:18 And Melchizedek king of Salem brought forth bread and wine: and he was the priest of the most high God.
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