Coaching Philosophies & The Peacemaker Problem

hello everyone it's Richard Lewis here with another video today I'm going to be talking about something that I think I have a little bit of insight into that maybe some of the other people that have been talking about it especially just you know redditors might not have the same level of insight as we'll see but that is I want to talk a little bit about coaching in csgo but specifically I want to use that as our kind of jumping-off point to talk about peacemaker the Brazilian coach who's had kind of a strange career of late so let's just start a little bit by setting it up but by talking about you know coaching methodology now I've been a sports coach a very low level you know you're not going to see me with my you know UEFA coaching badges or anything like that I did think about it at one time but I used to work with a sports writer that was doing his over at another publication and he would sort of like you know the day job would be getting his UEFA coaching badges for you know football and you know the denied job would be writing articles about football so it kind of looked like really cool as I am maybe I'll give this a go but obviously eSports kind of took off in a big way and it was a means to kind of you know me make the living now they do now but anyway so I've done it like an amateur level I didn't you know kids would be women's rugby boxing you know this kind of stuff and I think you can with team sports you can kind of break down the two philosophies the two core philosophies at least into two very distinct philosophies and that is that the first is that you look at your team and you look at all of the parts in all of the moving parts you individually assess every player you look at their skills you look at their room for development you look at their adaptability you look at everything in you quick we start to learn in training what the team strengths are what an individual strengths are what their capacity for growth is going to be what roles they may be able to transition into it's very often when you're doing Youth coaching especially you'll see some guy whose dad has been you know ever same dad you know but the parents have a very clear idea about what they want their kid to be oh you're going to be a striker soon you're going to be a striker you know kid can't head the ball kid can't hold up the ball doesn't like they're going to develop in having that upper body strength but they are quick and they've a good technique with shooting and it's you know same with rugby our you know you're going to be going to be a winger son like yeah then once you get into Colts level an adult level you still have to have a bit of out yeah you know actually what you've got here is someone that should probably learn to be scrum-half but you know is it the coach you get to kind of undo that and take them out of their preconceptions out of the roles they want and put them in a role that they're better suited to so yeah basically you can send that up just by saying you play to your strengths you play these strengths you take a team and you build a system around the players you have that works the other philosophy in coaching is that you have a very clear and distinct idea about the way any game should be played and you take your players and you teach them that system and if players don't adapt if players can't learn that system if players don't fit into that system if players don't like or improve that system you do a nominal amount of training before you look to replace them and once you set those wheels in motion you find players that you read a trial or plays you've worked with before who you know can fit into that system and you bring them into the fold and ultimately the system is kin you have your dominant philosophy and that is what you bring to the team it's it's the system you don't necessarily have any great coaching or people skills or motivational skills but what you do have is a great understanding of how to get everybody to fit into a system that works now I'm going to say something that I think people will find controversial and I'll be honest I'm biased because of how I used to approach team coaching I was always the first one I was always the former rather than the latter because I think you can be successful with any team if you can play to your strengths and that's how I used to being success you know are we punching above our weight does this disk or philosophy that I'm currently working with these players is everybody achieving the level I should are greater that that's how easy to measure success rather than even something like winning games you know which is very pigeonhole II you know it's very very limiting if you do anything that matters and coaching is the win a lot of amateur coaches and a lot of low-level coach is going to be incredibly disappointed because it's resource dependent it's getting a skillset dependent you have a high churn especially a junior level you over these players for a couple years sometimes and that's it and basically what you're doing is giving them tools and and and training them and you move them on to the next system providing the next herb sorry the next stage of the system that gets them to be in a pro and I think that's incredibly difficult honestly and certainly a lot more difficult than just this is the way I want you to play if you can't play you're not in the team now I again I could be wrong that's my belief from having done this but as I said I am biased so take it with a pinch of salt but with CS coaching I think we all too often see ineffective coaches in those two areas definitely does those people who clearly believe one or the other but what tends to happen is that the people that believe that I will just cover working you know we'll just see what we can do and play there are strengths a lot of them aren't really coaches at all I mean you see a lot of people who are getting an easy ride X players that are friends with other players that get brought into an organization get to draw a salary when it wouldn't be feasible if they were a player to do that anymore and they're not really doing a lot for them money I mean that they're stealing a cheque basically or you get people like what I believe peace make it to be and that is that just incredibly rigid and inflexible once complete control and also once to have the clout to be able to save the organization this play needs replacing going by a player I want this player please gone by this player and I don't think CS is there yet either I think those coaches are delusional honestly now I'm going to preface all of this this piece may could pass by saying obviously I've got nothing against the guy like the guy will extend an invitation should he decide to watch this come on the podcast let's talk about coaching in counter-strike would love to pick his brains I think he's a smart dude but as a coach I think he's entered in this kind of downward spiral because of his own inflexibility in his core beliefs and sometimes I think you've got to change you've got to move with the times or you're gonna shit all over your own legacy you and you're going to make things incredibly hard for yourself so I I think this is an interesting discussion because I've told about this just actually after the clash for cash me and Moses stayed up not a few whiskeys as we usually do and we did talk about this we talked about whether or not coaches in Counter Strike should have complete control over the team whether they should be benching players whether they should be finding players whether they should be dictating the roster now Moses believes absolutely yes and and I don't I kind of do in a way but I don't think we're there yet and I don't think it's realistic and I'm not too sure it should entirely be the coach maybe but but the idea of fining not too sure I like that the adder of benching possibly I suppose you know that's something you do in a regular a sports coaching role but honestly I I gotta say I think the key thing with coaching in Counter Strike is that you should be there to do exactly that to take players that have tunneled in on how they play the game and teach them something you teach them away they'll think about the game show them a mistake give them some quick improvement points show them at be more expansive you know break down some basic exercises and teach them how to perhaps be a little bit more reminders in their approach or can try things outside of their comfort zone and broaden their skill set I think ultimately that's all you're going to be able to do as things stand and I think all the other powers that a lot of these coaches want I definitely believe players shouldn't be in charge of a roster right I think that goes without saying I think when that happens when players are in charge of a roster we recycle the same old ship players players pretend they're completely free of bias and only they understand the game and that an analyst couldn't or a coach couldn't or a manager couldn't or a fan could that only they can well they do have a perspective that those group of people will never have but equally that doesn't mean that that perspective alone is the only perspective you should have when you think about the game and I've seen players do inexplicable things like bring players into a team gone yeah this is one of the best emails I've ever played look I don't know what fuck if he gives you a tug in the fucking bath what's he gonna do on the server you know I don't have a fuck if he knows exactly how you like a cup of tea what's he gonna do on the server how is he going to fit into a unit you know how in a lot of the time the players put that need of comfort over the need of winning sometimes players get rid of other players because they argue and they don't understand that sometimes some of the best teams have that creative friction how people with different belief systems different philosophies different personalities no you think about any team that's been built around a star player and understand how weird that must be and yet we don't even have different salaries I mean we'd get again we're getting there in countless record for the most part everyone gets the same salary which is absurd isn't it I mean but that that's to protect ego that's to protect fragile little egos who couldn't look over at a guy who's 10 times better than them and because they're making two times the salary arnis isn't fair it's exactly fair if anything it's less fair than it should be so there's lots of new ones and there's lots of interesting developments ie the lightest say the idea that players should be in control of the roster never really sat right with me and I see a lot of players that come out recently and I think it was kind of precipitated a little bit by this peacemaker issue you know saying players should always control the roster now completely disagree with that I definitely have a say definitely I have an input definitely give you insight but at the end of the day it's the manager that goes into the buyouts the manager that pays the the checks you know the manager or owner and the coach Center should definitely have a say in it as well because they've got to work with them and they might be a coach that has a system and they know the system works but they want people to fit into that system so let's talk a little bit about peacemaker now peacemaker reminds me of a character actually in not a character that makes us how these fictitious he's not easy real a guy called Andre Villa bullish and if you've ever followed football off my American friends soccer you know a little bit about hitting this guy was earmarked to be the next big thing he was going to be the replacement for Mourinho Portugal produced another special one people couldn't believe it you know what it tripled domestically with Porto in his you know kind of first season and his eye everybody was like this guy's going to be a god well it didn't turn out that way because Villa Bella had a system and it didn't translate didn't translate foreign leagues I certainly didn't translate to Chelsea didn't translate to a dressing room full of star players he was the same age as some of the senior players or you know like a couple years older than some of the senior players in the dressing room he didn't even have that gravitas of being older and he found it incredibly hard yet did he change did he change his philosophy no he didn't and it cost him now he's managing in the fucking Chinese league or something I'll bring his Wikipedia page you can see what I'm talking about but yeah he his entire career it started on this super high and then just his own rigidity and inflexibility and refusal to adapt just saw it swirl down the toilet to the point where yep I'm sure he's making money but China you know you've gone from managing Chelsea for one year being heralded as the replacement for Mourinho now you're managing out in the Chinese leagues yeah it's it's a hell of a fall and I see a lot of similarities here with peacemaker now peacemaker obviously Brazilian guy started you know with the Brazilian games Academy team and had a very good long run and set them up for success no doubt about it you can see here this is the game Academy side but it was kind of a secondary organization that was founded by fallen we no point in getting into the you know if some votes about that but you can see here on liquid pedia you know that there was that there was this is when the team kind of came into existence in August 2015 Peter maker was part of the original team and you can see here you know they were doing as expected I mean but this is before but you know tell you you know we realized the strength in depth of the Brazilian scene and Peacemaker was very kind of instrumental if you like in in developing some of this talent but that being said there this this was a team that are how should we put this there was a lot of moving parts around this team there was a lot of influence from fallin there was a lot of support from the Brazilian you know team that followers in the core team the Brazilian community and I'd say ultimately peacemaker had a very easy job and certainly I've been told by players that peacemaker while he was here yes he was a coach yes he would do you know come demo analysis and help the guys and kind of be a facilitator but he didn't really get to impress his beliefs on the team in the sense that he wasn't going to these players and saying right this is this is what we do and this is all we do there's some very big personalities in that team and they had their own philosophies and their own ideas about how to play the game and it was more a committee approach so after that after and again there's good run that team moved to tempo storm but please make it didn't go with him he was now well regarded enough to command a position in North American team and make some money okay now Team Liquid were in fucking disarray I mean Team Liquid has probably been all round one of the most expensive flops you think about where phases now at least face turned a corner and his winning tournaments and the challenging push it you think about Team Liquid certainly didn't spend the same amount of money as phase but definitely spent a lot with in counter-strike terms and they've had those runs two major semi finals major finals you know on the shoulders of simple but beyond that it's just been a rotation like just a revolving door of expensive flops and they've fallen very short of what where they should be now by the way that isn't a criticize team liquid like I might not necessarily get along with Steve on set I think is incredibly two-faced do elicit this piece of shit just to summarize that you know this is a guy who who says one thing in person and then goes out and accent crucifies you publicly I've got no time for that but I admire the philosophy of here is a paycheck here is what do we need you know I'll go get us some talent I love their approach to coaster even though again that sort of didn't work out it should have done I don't know why it didn't I guess looking back he didn't need that micromanagement and they've always spent money to get better that's the idea it's a shame on that basis it hasn't worked out for them okay because it should have but it didn't never did and like I say I admire anybody that's willing to put their money where their mouth is and go out and chase the fucking you know pot of gold at the end of the rainbow I got it I got it with Meyer that philosophy so however I might feel about the organization the way it's run their approach to journalism their approach to social media sometimes their approach to even how they handled their own players at the end of the day just as a philosophy of we'll spend to be successful I respect that I respect that a lot so Peter make it comes in Tooting liquid and some of the stories coming out of Team Liquid do at that time are pretty fucking crazy I mean the team is effectively dysfunctional anyway you've got you've got players in that team that pretty much call the shots and pretty much run it I mean I suppose there's no point in hiding the fact that a leash has been hugely influential as all the instances where there's been rosters in a roster swaps an internal friction alesia's kind of been at the forefront of that and that you know he recently responded to hiko coming out and kind of being honest about that and said look you know I've made mistakes but it's not quite like Eko told the obviously no one's singular version is going to encompass all the new on so many particular story but it's concerning when a player has that level of it now I don't know if peace maker was brought in kind of him was going to be like the the union buster or something to be alike in the sense that he was going to be this this guy but how to have an incredibly tough time I mean it's always been alluded to he didn't get along with you know like pimp for example who criminally it's criminal he failed it seemed like pimp is such a good player he's mystic he was out of contention just as Danish CS started to really propel itself to the forefront where you've got two teams in top five now and probably as well for a long long time and pimped out of that roster shuffle he's a better player than that he could be in one of those things he's not he went when a it should have been a marriage made in heaven it wasn't you had a terrible time and I don't think he had the support around him because Jacob can be a little bit of a bitch at times in the sense that you know he he wants things to be his way as well but I think if you've got all that he's learned how to compromise well apparently that that symptom peacemaker didn't have and a lot of people around that team have told me that actually he had a very strict rigid and inflexible approach and summarized it as sort of my way or the highway I don't know I could say I don't know if King a good brought him in to do that but with some of the players they had with the level of influence they had and you know Elise just keeps getting better and better which his star power gives him the right to have influence it was it was a disaster it was too many cook and imagine what it's like to be an experienced player like sort of echo in that environment and everything else so tough tough environment for the players and peacemaker kind of arrived on that scene and it honestly didn't really achieve as much as he could of them but that's not that's I'm not going to blame him for that because team liquid haven't achieved as much as they cover them I mean that's just part and parcel of being on the team liquid books right like if the team fails and you're the coach and you fail to but the issue I think a lot of people had that he he was kind of not facilitating success you know he was he was creating internal issues by having a very strict approach to how he wanted things to be now I've also got to say as well in counter-strike if you're the kind of guy who's like well I want you to go out and buy five brilliant players okay well I mean it's not really coaching at this point you creating a fucking fantasy team you know the whole point of a coach from from my money is you take something that's here and you move it ever so slightly to here think about what threat did when he was at ni P it was never any sort of issue about him coming in and being right right well we've got a fucking change this roster that you're all old you're all fucked up he was like none of them here's the tactical system that's going to work and I'm going to call for you and I'll be there in your ear and across the valve ruling which affected peacemaker as well and on all coaches affected threat and took an IP backwards I think if they'd been allowed to sort of keep that I think that would have been very effective moving forward so then he's out of clean liquid right he peaced Mikey doesn't work he goes and he's just out twisting in the wind now at this point he still got a very impact reputation people think well it's Team Liquid anyone who goes over there says it's a little bit fucked up they don't have anyone with the authority to kind of you know crack the whip and bring everybody in the line so we'll sort of forgive him for that and then he went and he had a trial with optic now optic were in a similar position to – Team Liquid in the sense that you know they've got these big personalities big developing Colin in MA and they were coming up and you're like well let's get Peter maker in you know this makes sense that take ourselves to the next level let's get a coach in who knows what they're doing has a system and can you know contribute in that way well he went there on trial and this was at the same time you know that they lost in-game leader Stanislaus so they needed somebody with a tactical approach to the game but optic it just didn't fit and you can see here mix well came out and said peacemakers approach did not match the team style saying the Brazilian was too emotional sometimes and that again that lines it with what we heard it seemed liquid not only does he have the demand for the system he has the approach he has to be perfectly executed all the time and for people that do exactly what he wants he gets very upset when they don't now come on this is uh there's too many people saying this but it's not to be true okay and in peacemaking my god that's really unfair sometimes people lack self perception and self-awareness and I would I would argue that if he was going to come out and go yeah all of these people saying this about me it's just it's just a fiction it would be a ridiculous assertion and you might want to revise that opinion but mix well certainly said it people in King liquid certainly said the same thing and it was basically presented to the optic management that now we we don't want him in you know mix well and rush almost joined Team Liquid because they respected Stanislaus approach to the game in Stanislaus in game leadership I mean you know Stan is probably is one of NA dirty little secrets he have talked to the guy we did we did a program over at illegal even know if it what we used it but we know we sat down we had a long talk and you know this guy's smart and you've got a very good approach to the game and very calming influence not emotional so that's what optic we used to so you can peacemaker and spam it's day and night you know so it didn't work out and you can see here peacemaking himself responded because a peacemaker is a man who was penned many at wit longer and he says hey I still Stanislaw the team lost leadership and guidance and internal problems gotta happen with the defeats coming in this is absolutely true there was definitely friction within optic and this is why I mix well and rush were looking for the door and without Stanislaw to be the mediator which is another big part of coaching or in-game leadership you mediate and you do conflict resolution very often in counter-strike that's what a lot of these coaches and managers actually spend their time doing but with nobody there to do that the team was starting to eat itself and you can see peacemaking there we try to handle all of this as best as we could but with all the rumors about mixed or which leaving the liquid I felt the team completely lost motivation to continue working so we barely practice after Katowice I have a particular way of coaching my team's great a very particular way and I may not be the best when it comes to dealing with a lot of problems but I have my own system which worked very well with my previous teams but unfortunately did not work with optic there it is you know everything I'm saying I've got a very particular system and it's work with previous teams well this is where it is completely stupid I'm going to be crude here for a moment and hopefully you're 18 plus and an adult but look okay when you have girlfriends right or partners sexual partners of any you know I speak from my heterosexual perspective haha but when you have a sexual partner right and you learn about them and you learn about their body and you know get them off the things that you learn with that one person don't immediately transfer yeah I thought shit I got this down you know what I mean like I could I can make people come for days and you move into another relationship and you're like oh my me none of this is working it doesn't work it doesn't work on this person what the fuck do I do and you've got to completely relearn it you can't just take yes sometimes it might work and there's definitely some stuff that will work on you almost everybody right there's some good practices here but it's the same with coaching your incredible system that you had over there works for a particular set of people and then you transport it across the desert set of people different personalities different cultures you know and you go yeah well this is how it all works now wait a minute no one's getting off and no one was getting off and certainly won't get an often teamlack win that definitely won't get enough and fucking optic so when you yourself say this like as a coach have a fucking word like ah wait a minute hmm yeah maybe the system's the issue you know you can't go fucking Seymour Skinner on it am I so out of touch no it is the children who were wrong they're not me it's you so very interested that he can present that publicly say that all these other people say it as well too emotional too rigid too inflexible and at no point does he sit down a man whose job it is to kind of be insightful and aware and to see things no one else can see I mean being a visionary having vision is what a coach really needs and that's what separates the great coaches from just people who are coaching you know and he he puts all out there and then no point as he's typing that to it longer oh wait a minute that's that could be the issue couldn't it doesn't do it so naturally optic didn't want to bring him in and apparently by all accounts as well I you know I did hear that he was also kind of wanting to chime in and say like Hector and and all the other people at optic I want to buy these players and it will and rush leave these are the guys we've got to get these are the guys I want and apparently some of the people in the team like nah and and again I don't necessarily like the idea of a fucking wish list being presented I want these players Nikko fucking Guardian you know like at what point do you have to come back down a fucking planet Earth and get a grip of yourself so it didn't work out at optic but again doesn't matter if it's a trial it was a one-month trial in the dysfunctional team much like Team Liquid so people are like alright well you know let's let's use him so then there was the NRG issue and I'm I think ya know no optic optic was after energy sorry I thought it completely fucked up was gonna have to rerecord the video but no you so yook oh no my bad I have a hat or what fuck it you get the point so before that I should say I'm fuckery recording it there was the NRG issue now NRG lasted very similarly to optic it lasted about as long as a fucking wine gum you know like I've had longer cups of coffee than his tenure in NRG and I'll show you the slingshot report here Peter maker out as coach GM at NRG this was the the slingshot report he went when RG now NRG I've got some very good insight and energy so spend some time out there myself you know hanging out with the players and stuff in in Vegas back when it was the gobby PPR Ligia Carolina and they had silent in there and just now ignore whatever the fuck he however you say his name and and I was I was out there at that time right and I looked at that team and I was like wow if these guys had a really good coach because they've got a really good in-game leader and in an in-game leader that works like no one else if God be just had that support did this would be perfect and that never happened in time and if you look at what big have achieved that should have been the NRG team that's what was meant to be and apparently Pete maker didn't want it and the organization weren't too sure if they wanted to fork out about it big should have been NRG and they'd have been better off for it now yes there's some regional concerns NRG I think they wanted to be more na focused in any centric but I'll tell you any owner what any owner should want is a functional team a team that's capable of winning over a team that doesn't win and doesn't have any identity and doesn't have any direction now when Peacemaker went to NRG apparently he just came in and was just like yeah yo guys this is my this is my philosophy this is what I want to do and I want us to buy some players and do all of this and imagine like no that's not really what we need what we need is kind of more of a supportive coach not nor Thorat Aryan glorious leader coach we need somebody who's going to support the parts that we already have and you can see here we put a statement out after he left which was an incredibly short amount of time saying when he accepted Energy's offer not long ago I thought it was a great challenge not only for me but the energy as well I've said that before and it's worth repeating building a team from scratch and dealing with multiple different players at the same time made our lives a bit harder know thyself okay well yo Louie do you you don't bill it came from scratches you go in and there's no cunt there we walk in when empty room and you put five people in it you built something from scratch there were people already there you weren't building nothing from scratch e you had to you had to work with what done you know you have got to work with what was there you gotta at least give these guys a chance but he didn't eat the but he didn't have the belief in that project so he took the job thinking yeah they'll totally just let me do whatever the fuck I want at NRG and it's like well no it's not that simple man we already spent a lot of money to get these guys here we're not going to just spend more because you don't rate these players on an individual basis make them better please like do something so he said that you know know know thyself yeah okay cool know what you've got but why don't you learn about the players that are already there do you know why not do that because I know I will never commit to something I truly don't believe in and during this process with NRG we found ourselves with a couple of different visions concerning players and how we should move forward it was a difficult decision but I've decided to step down and let energy follow their vision without causing any drama attention following your principles is never easy but I believe in humility grace and passion I'm not going to lie this is probably the worst chapter in my Co skill career but I'm hungry and relatable in my future in 2017 and then the optic thing I just talked about hey fuck that have happened so you can see this pattern you know when he did the same shit out but that history did repeat itself up real EV you know energyne and kind of went there so at this juncture you're like wow fucking hell man like he'll change he'll come around so an opportunity presents itself misfits now with this juncture the crying down from the games academy side that went on to a tempo storm to misfit it no disrespect to any of the players involved no disrespect to that organization but I mean there let's say I think it's fair to say that the org is new school you're not entirely sold on them yet and the players they've got on the roster I mean yeah alright that again they're kind of punching above their weight but they're in that mid middle of the pack na more launch which isn't particularly great you know and it's it's as I see it it's sean gares project now again you've got Sean guess there's an argument maybe Sean guys should have moved into coaching but I know he still wants to play I don't know about that if I was him I'd be thinking now about the next phase of my career is he married he's getting older take a coaching job you know come come come on and analysis desk with me you'll kill it you know you you got the looks you got the brains great on camera would for you and Cologne just saying you know sean gares could do whatever the fuck he wants in the space he's criminally under used as a piece of talent I mean criminal Liam be used so again do we need a strong or authoritarian coach to come in to this team well no that's the last thing you need probably and they did it they went and got him because he's a name nobody really thought out nobody looked at anything on his CV or resume and nobody looked at it and thought well this isn't a good fucking fit so he comes in and lo and behold you've got your key games coming up key games right and incredibly Shazaam you know when she went Shawn like it's so it's so mad to me we've got a running joke amongst the talent about how she's an must be she's a must be doing something we don't know about right cuz sean gares and is completely hitched himself to shazam wants to play with him and and it works I mean Shazam statistically one of the strongest if not be strongest in the team especially prior to the addition of the frenchies were doing a lot better than I thought they would Congrats to them but you've got the miner coming up some rocks about now don't rock the boat before a a minor qualifier well not here's what here's what mysteriously happens out of the fucking blue oh we're benching Shazam all of a sudden what we're benching are statistically strongest player are we okay makes sense to me so he got benched now nobody understands this nobody nobody externally understands this and they you know they'd already brought relics in as a replacement for Shawn it wasn't going to be able to compete anyway so this is the dumbest time to substitute anyone you already without your fucking in-game leader you're going to do enough as fucking coach but know what we're benching shazam and I heard again I heard the rumors right and some of them I won't repeat but the bottom line is this is meant to have emanated from argument and this was a penalty this wasn't she Sam's not playing well this wasn't Shazam isn't going to do a job for us at the minor this is we've had a disagreement so there you go this all disel teacher well fucking penalizes the whole team it penalizes the fund it penalizes the organization are paying your fucking wages this isn't he'll die on this isn't the time to make that fucking decision is it but that's what happened and lo and behold it's a few days later and peacemakers out and coincidentally Shazam is back in the lineup so you can see June 3rd when he was announced that he was being dropped and then by June 13 yeah after a brief stint on the bench mysteriously she's amis back and you know peace maker you know what's what's going on with him so peacemaker III I just don't know you know if he's in or out I mean it's no coincidence as well that Zedd qsr a Brazilian player comes in as a replacement for Suzanne you know well you've got a Brazilian coach have you a Brazilian authoritarian coach who has been at all of these teams and she's and out and a Brazilian player comes in I mean fuck it definitely couldn't be the coach that's done this could it I mean it couldn't be don't make no sense I mean Brazilian coach who knows Brazilian players intimately in a Brazilian player comes in and a guy he knows got you know a big personality himself gets benched and you're and I thought not this is crazy but actually peace make did put out this here and you can see this is another twit long that kind of expressing it now sorry I did say please makers out there but you know obviously he's not out of the organization but my understanding is that his role is kind of a diminished now as a result of this internalized friction so he's still in the organization but was shown returning it you know is he the person calling all the shots daddy likes you know my advice would be to watch this space but he says he first of all I would like to apologize for our bad performance in the past couple of matches tournaments to miss victors and all them follow my fans out there I've seen people saying I should be ashamed but I'm not at all I was living with these guys these past months and I know how hard we work these last couple of days and our pressure we felt perform in this event do you a lot of circumstances and after we found out Shaboom be able to attend mind you very hard losing an in-game leader isn't easy at all who still decided bring relics back in and we truly appreciate him for the time with us the amount of dedication he put in even after being originally benched from our team you are amazing and then wish you nothing but the best for the future I'm not going to go too deep about shazam being benched and a roster moves I wouldn't either Larry but there's but there's things I can say first it wasn't my own decision as a lot of people are saying out there and people all and second things are way deeper than people think it is it makes it very frustrating to see the amount that hate me and all my players again while the players aren't getting any hate it's pretty much you dude when people don't know half happens inside our team's internal decisions as you stay inside the team I mean they don't there's no secrets and countless right and we'll never be made public that's how it is in any professional environment you can see here so we said we didn't have many options I went with zqk for them for the minor since he was fully available to come up and start practicing with us we also appreciate all the amount of work he did blah blah blah and you can see I'm not really sure what the future holds for us even if I will stay in this fit so I don't think he's going to stay I mean that's kind of what I was alluding to earlier based on what I've been told so at this juncture right this this is rock fucking bottom I mean it is it's rock bottom the idea that a guy who has successfully coached teams and players that have gone on to compete and international tournaments the win international tournament and right now you can't even tie down fuck a job in rn8 a job in misfit come on dude like you've got to start as you know thyself you said it you've got to start looking at what you're doing and not the players and not the odds and not the setup because your approach isn't going to work in ninety percent of the teams you play in just you just got to wake up to that fact dude you're just going to wake the fuck up and start changing your approach and if you don't want to don't say you're humble because that's not what a humble person doesn't mean that is the height of arrogance now your might you might be rightly arrogant but we're never going to know because you're never going to be in the top team as things stand again and you're never going to win the trophy again at all it's not going to happen so you that that would be my advice now I did say earlier that I compared him to Villa to the village bullet Villa boa the Portuguese manager and I just want to show you the parallels alright because even though I can tell you the anecdote when you see it in black and white you'll understand exactly what I'm talking about so here he is you know young guy only 39 all right and he started it you know acadĂ©mica and then he goes to Porto and this is the 2010 huge domestic triple season he goes to Chelsea it's a fucking nightmare he can't get the dressing room on side but then people went you know he spent one season there right this was the guy whose monthly replacement from Iranian a special one the guy who was going to bring back the magic you know like he was going to be the guy and he was going to be the next Mourinho the next great manager at Chelsea doesn't happen so he goes to fucking Tottenham one year there and that didn't work out either because his approach doesn't work in the Premier League not to worry gets a top job in Russia Zenit Saint Petersburg right but no doesn't really work out there yes he you know get some fucking you know has some good times you know gets them into the UEFA Champions League this sort of thing you know but ultimately after two seasons he's out and now he's a fucking Shanghai fi PG you know replacing washed up motherfuckers like spending your and Eriksson $39 former special one to he his existence was getting everyone be like fuck you know mainly Portugal's going to produce all the best managers in the world what's going on what they doing over there wrongs up look you know now it turns out actually the guy was an egomaniac and completely fucked himself up because he couldn't defer you know Drogba or John Terry you know these absolute legends at Chelsea like who the fuck you yet you're a manager yes you're the boss but sometimes you gotta fucking just concede a little bit of ground that's all you have to do and get people onside you know I always remember what ibrahimovic said and he said you know he's managers that he would play for but he would die for Mourinho that's what he said when they were in the Milan together and it's that kind of loyalty that's going to put you in good stead in Counter Strike that doesn't mean you got to be a bitch that just placate players but you've got you can't just come in and be completely authoritarian and all up in people's faces and expect to succeed it's just it's just never going to happen that way not for fucking five years at least so yeah so those are some thoughts about coaching philosophy in particular peacemaker has probably been too long as per but fuck it you know people say they enjoyed the longer videos if you don't if you want to TL DW whatever fuck it be sure anyway to LIKE comment and subscribe you can see the merch store is now open if you want to get yourself a t-shirt or a mug strongly recommend you do and we've got some more gear coming out but er than that you look after yourselves and I'll see you on the next video please


  1. I was watching this video, but had to do something else so I stopped it. Came back 2 hours later and out of no where I was unsubbed from your channel

  2. From what I have experienced most coaches in CS are arrogant. They lack the fundamentals of coaching, being a high level player does not mean you can coach a team. If anyone in CS wants to become a coach actually read and study about coaching as well as knowing about the game. Peacemaker strikes me as a guy with a huge ego. Last year he literally snatched my jersey out of my hand to sign it, when I never asked him to. I don't know who he thinks he is.

  3. LOL I got a Skinsjar CS:Go Trade Bot ad on this video.
    just wow.

    I wonder if they specified your channel lol.

  4. You gonna talk about the White Guy in London at some point. If your opinion is anything remotely close to thoorins, don't make a video.

  5. "Too many cooks in the kitchen."

    I feel like you should hold on to that metaphor for one of your political bants against radical liberals: "Too many cucks in the kitchen."

  6. Hey, portuguese bro here. I just want to add that just like Peacemaker had an incredible roster with a superstar s1mple carrying Liquid to those placings, Vilas Boas also had a really strong squad on the beggining of his carrer at Porto:

    The squad was so stacked, they had James RodrĂ­guez as a SUBSTITUTE player. Hulk (Zenit) Falcao (Atletico + Monaco) Moutinho (Monaco) Varela Fernando (City) Guarin (Inter) Otamendi (City).

    Your reference is awesome, nailed it.

  7. Iirc peacemaker was coaching the brazilians under the tempo storm banner when they had their good run of international lans.

  8. You need to make a video about the case opening sites being rigged, you made a great article but not many people have seen it or are not aware of it. Great work!

  9. Hey Richard, a brazillian fan here!
    Who set Games Academy for success and had a great run was Zews, actually. After a great run where they became top5 team in NA, he got picked by LG and theeeen peacemaker became the coach. Regardless of that, he did well aswell, but the most impressive run that he had was with Liquid at the major, not with GA.

    Cheers and keep up the good work dude 🙂

  10. People are giving Richard Lewis so much shit for speakin gout but he is such a rare gem ( a person who has insider info and is willing to share and speak his mind, no matter the backlash ). I hope he keeps on giving for years to come. Love listening to these before bed

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