Co-creating with God (Manifesting Anything or Anyone) | Guided Meditation

This is Rasa. Welcome to your meditation. Let’s begin this meditation by making sure
you will not get disturbed for a little while and that your environment is comfortable. Sit up straight and roll your shoulders back. You may lean up against a wall or something
that will support you comfortably. Or, you may lie down in a comfortable position
if that feels better. It is important to find a position that will
allow for your body to relax. Start by taking a deep breath in through your
nose and exhaling through your mouth. Begin to count down to 10 with each breath. 5 on an inhale and 5 on the exhale. Allow each breath to flow effortlessly in
and out of your body. As you breathe, let go of your thoughts. Let go of things you have to do. You have nowhere to be right now. Do your best to stay present in this moment. Notice the breath as your lungs relax and
you inhale through your nose. Simply notice it, pay attention to it and
be aware of it. It does not matter if you are breathing slow
or fast, deep or shallow. Allow your body to do what it does naturally. Feel your stomach expand each time you breathe
in. Feel your stomach relax each time you breathe
out. Be aware of the physical sensations of breathing
in and breathing out. It is ok if you find that thoughts interrupt
you. Allow them to be, and then bring your awareness
back to your breath, back to the present moment. Now feel your faith in and connected to the
higher power, divine, universal consciousness, whatever the name, in this meditation we will
call it God. I want you to tune in and with your inner
sense feel how strong your faith is. Let’s visualize the faith in a bright white
or golden light. Now, if there is something blocking the faith
and the connection to your God, that is ok and natural. Once again feel how clear the faith and connection
to your God is and is it somewhat surrounded, intertwined with doubt. Just for a moment or two simply tune in and
measure it with your awareness searching through your consciousness in shallow and in the deep
parts. Now let’s consciously connect to the energy
of your God. If you would like, place your left hand on
your heart and your right hand on your belly. Feeling your soothing essence of life trough
your breath running through you. You are alive. You are nature. You are consciousness. You were called to live, to create by your
God. First coming as consciousness, then taking
form in this body, with this breath, this energy that you hold right now. Still, right now, connected through your consciousness
to your creator. Relax into this connection. Remember. Surrender. Feel the soothing energy of the divine wrapping
you, soothing you. Simply keep letting go, keep giving in. Let this Godly energy cradle you, love you
and soothe you. Just like a fetus still in your womb, in full
surrender, in trust, in suspended relaxation. Relax your shoulders. Relax your whole back. Let your ears, your temples to melt down. Way down. Spark an intention within to feel your creator
Godly embrace. You are calm. You are light. A gentle, soft feeling comes across your shoulders. If you feel, hear or see anything, let it
come. Feeling open, feeling the soft hug across
your shoulders and upper back, maybe even your chest. Visualize the energy to surround you, swirling
and softly wrapping you up. Feeling totally embraced, supported and deeply
loved. Being filled with pure, divine love. Notice now, that when you give up the control
or power, you actually become one with everything around you and one with your God. Right here and now. This is your most powerful self. Here in this very personal union and divine
embrace you are safe to ask anything or for anything or anyone. You are safe to request your dreams to be
fulfilled, no matter what they are or the magnitude of it. Visualize your chosen wish. Hold this wish in your mind. You are safe and loved to ask your God to
work with you to complete your wish. Communicate, express your desires now. Trust your creator to provide you with all
your needs and wants as they hold the unconditional love for you. Stay connected and in communication when needed,
feel the soft embrace and guidance through ideas and signs. You will co-create together. As you see it in your mind’s eye, also feel
it in your heart. Visualize your partnership as an ebb and flow
of the ocean tides. Allow yourself to acknowledge your part in
the creation process. Know that your God has already started orchestrating
all the elements for your desire to take place. All you have to do is follow your gut, your
instincts that come from within, from the same connection with your Creator. Have faith that your God is stepping in to
do the rest. What does faith feel like to you? Feel it now. Does it feel like love? Does it feel like freedom? Does it feel like the same love that your
God has for you as they embrace you? Now use your faith and then simply let go. Allow God to do its part. Take a deep breath in and exhale firmly. Notice how you are feeling. With each exhale, release any thoughts that
you must do everything on your own to manifest this desire. This is simply not true. So just let it go… Inhale lightness, exhale freedom. Inhale love, exhale faith. If you are experiencing any resistance ask
God to help remove them now. Ask to carry your resistance far away. Inhale lightness, exhale freedom. Inhale love, exhale faith. With each inhale and exhale, visualize your
faith becoming stronger, more stable. Relax. You are safe. All is well. With each inhale, visualize God’s love and
energy filling your body. Imagine the energy as swirls of beautiful
silver and white light. With each exhale, you are letting go of any
how’s and when’s. Simply let your fait to keep growing. Trust the process. Say out loud or silently:
God and I are always co-creating my life together. God and I are always co-creating my life together. God and I are always co-creating my life together. Notice that you feel much lighter. You feel more at peace. Know that your God’s energy is flowing towards
your desires. Place your attention to the present moment. Deepen your breath slightly. Start moving your toes and finger. Stretch your leg muscles. Stretch and more your arms and hands. Slowly bringing your focus and energy back
into your body, back into your physical environment. Gently open your eyes. Thank you for joining me and to continue to
support my work through all the likes, comments and shares. I really appreciate it. May you continue to be blessed and connected.


  1. I love the connection Between my highest power and Myself that I experienced with this mediation. I appreciate you're gift. Thank you❣️

  2. I just found this wonderful meditation, done it and minute after received a text ( its late at night 11 p;m) for a job in a morning – they quickly need someone…I'm so thakful! Love my God, he will ALWAYS provide! appreciate you Rasa!!

  3. Rasa… I was about to write « You have a gift » but I believe « You are a gift » is more accurate ❤️ Thank you so very much 🙏

  4. Thank you Rasa ! This meditation was wonderful ! I appreciate you as well. This message is so important : meditating on cooperating with God who creates with us. I loved breathe in love breathe out faith. Wonderful. You are really on a wonderful wave. I hope you incorporate more God centered meditations as I do really enjoy them. Such wonderul peace ! I am looking forward to next weeks meditations. If possible, I would love to request a long form guided meditation of I AM affirmations, I think it will be helpful to me and the community! Keep up the excellent work! All the best. Love.

  5. Wow, this is so powerful. Thank you Rasa for this beautiful experience. I appreciate your work so much ❤️

  6. Thank you Rasa. My new favorite of yours. I need guidance and help so much right now and I heard your instructions, very helpful. 🙏

  7. Was having a hard time sleeping, and I saw you had posted this new video recently. I fell asleep within 10 minutes and i slept so peaceful and so well. Thank you so much.

  8. I was told claiming to be a creator was wrong and i wasn't aloud to. SO I do have faith but when I came ACROSS law of attraction or law of action or trusting my intution or just co creating with God. I SEE LIFE is missing the whole point of the picture. I believe your human and so is everyone else. if i could manifest i would try to help it reach globalization cause i see all Religion studies and ECT. but do I believe in the universe hears us yes and do vibration connects people on a inner self BALANCE yes how do I read energy or how can i connect with people or do i know more then i realize but what to do with it. but thank you for making these VIEDOs

  9. Soooo…. I meditated along with this video when it was uploaded, with the intention of gaining inner-peace and finding clarity, and ended up falling asleep to it. The next day, I noticed an ex followed me on twitter out of the blue. I left it alone for a few days but curiosity got the better of me so I asked her why she had done so. She told me she just got the feeling to and that it felt like the right thing to do. This led to us having a deep conversation that was good for both of us.

    It is clear to me now the manifestation of inner-peace and clarity was a resounding success! (I never imagined this is how it would happen, but I guess that’s why it’s a co-creation haha.)

    Thank you, Rasa, for your wonderful videos. 💕

  10. @Meditations by Rasa
    It's my humble request to u my Angel …plz create a video for happy soulful married life . I want my spouse to be loyal ..He is a big lier & still connected with his ex girlfriend & another ladies ,sex chat with them . struggling from 3 years .need Ur blessings 🙏plz make a vdo for womens like me …who's husband cheating again n again .

  11. Can he help me spreading Love in all And even Enemys will respect me? Cause many Things in my Life didnt worked out the Way i wanted Im sure he can

  12. That was so nice sometimes just feeling the now and my creator flowing through my mind body & soul,yeah love & peace

  13. What a wonderful meditation, I am so thankful to have found your wonderful meditations Rasa! may God bless you always.

  14. Thank you so much for this powerful and fulfilling meditadtion! What a wonderful way to start a New Year!!! I feel so calm and peaceful right now! You know what Rasa, I believe!! You're my favorite teacher and I am so very lucky to have found you!

  15. Thank you for your wonderful meditations. I’ve been battling multiple myeloma cancer for 5 years and I found your meditations about 3 years ago. I try to take time to meditate and listen to one of your meditations daily. Your voice gets me into that meditative white zone where I get a respite from the world. God bless you and the gift you give

  16. Thanks Rasa! Keep doing your thing! You’re channel is the only channel I go to on YouTube to be helped and guided along in my meditation. I trust you as a guide!

  17. Its so beautiful. I can feel His energy through me during the meditation. Hope that this will bring peaceful in my life n manifest the god creative energy in my work. Bless you with abundance love.
    Thankyou Rasa 🤗💖

  18. Hi Rasa, Whenever i do meditation i do it with your guided meditation. It is so soothing, very much connecting to the inner peace and GOD. I Appreciate the effort, God be with you and Stay blessed. NAMASTHEI .

  19. That is the most powerful guided meditation I have ever done. Beautiful. I am hoping that this and others of yours will help to open my heart more and change me and my life. Thank you so very much for this relief in a very hard time.

  20. Thank you Rasa! This meditation was very deep and moved me to tears. The connection to the divine brought the most beautiful visions and feelings. With life being so busy I needed this reconnection 🙏🏼❤

  21. I listen to all your meditations but I really loved this one. I thought God left me but he was here holding me all along. I needed to know that again

  22. Rasa, thank you for this beautiful guided meditation. I've been going through a lot lately and was reminded about God and our higher power with him. Thank you so much for this beautiful reminder of love and guidance and faith. You're wonderful person and I always enjoy your meditations.

  23. God blessed you with a beautiful voice. Now, you are blessing us by sharing it. You are doing your part as a Spiritualist to serve. Thank you. Namaste 🙏🏻🌻

  24. Your voice has helped me for a while and I havent thanked you. So, Thank You.
    I appreciate your videos.

  25. This is a very special and beautiful meditation that makes one feel truly loved. Thank you Rasa. Bless You ❤❤❤

  26. Thank you Rasa✨💫 this is a wonderful meditation . i felt deeply connected and l kept telling myself that you are blessed and truly divine. Thank you for your generosity and your wonderful and deep meditations. I Would love to experience worshops led By you.

  27. Rasa…this is the sweetest meditation I've ever done, been meaning to write you and tell you that it works

  28. Hello Rasa I haven’t commented in a long time. But I haven’t gone anywhere! I continue to happily wait for each new meditation as your voice is the most relaxing and the most conducive to transporting me to wonderful places.

    I wonder if I could make a request? I am struggling to move from my work week into the weekend with ease. My work is very engrossing so the week goes quickly. But come Friday, I cannot shake my fast paced work mode so I cannot ease into my fun & laid back weekend mode. It’s not until Saturday evening that I am finally calming down. Is there perhaps a meditation that you could create that might help? If anyone can help with this, it’s you. Just an idea to put in your head. In the meantime I look forward to any and all of your posts.
    Thank you for all the love you send us through your meditations. ♥️😍‼️🥰

  29. Thank you dear Rasa, i follow you daily and enjoy your meditations morning and evening 💕🌺💙🙏🙏🙏 namaste

  30. Very soothing, I already feel the peace and humility that god has given to me. You are a natural I can’t wait to see what you do next.

    Love and light 🦄

  31. I’m crying now after this meditation, because I’m very grateful to you and you are very unique 🌸💚

  32. Most amazing meditation ! Thank you 🙏🏻 🧘🏻‍♀️ I know somehow GOD will guide me to my dream life . My faith is strong 💪🏼

  33. I'm bisexual it's just a bit weird to think about that energy as God while I'm longing for a girl. bc it is considered as a sin…. hope to get her….

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