Christus vivit, friendship is a great gift from God

Friendship is one of life’s greatest gifts. It’s a grace from God. So, what is friendship? Well, it’s not a fleeing relationship. It’s firm, stable, trustworthy, honest and open. And it teaches us to be caring, affectionate and loving towards others. As a matter of fact, friendship is so important that Jesus himself calls himself a friend. He says, “I call you servants no longer, I call you my friends.” And why does he invite us to be his friends? Well, it’s because he wants us to open up to him, to trust in him, and most importantly, to love him. So, Christianity is not a set of rules to be followed and it’s not prohibitions and it’s not a list of truths to be believed in. It’s a person who loves me and it’s a person who wants me to love him back. Christianity is Christ, and our faith is a living and dynamic community.

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