Christian Prince – Tawheed In Islam

while doing Dawa while speaking to any
human being the best method you can convey its convey the message of p’jem
always you know when we speak about a religion and you are from different
religion you come to me with your own idea and you try to refute me that your
religion is better and I understand that but always I find that Muslims answers
are very funny and very silly and far away from any connection with the topic
if we go in as the Muslims you Muslims believe in something called Oh hate what
is to heed Aslam does not merely believe in monotheism it’s not believe in
tawheed tawheed means unification Muslims are saying God is one and and to
say God is one the Arabic word for that is Tao Haidee people have all kinds of
ideas but they’re mistaken ideas Tauheed miss unification I mean even the
name is a stupid because they hate mean unification towhead main unification how
your God is one and you believe in tawheed Muslims say well Trinity is not
mentioned in the in the Bible the word though he’d is not found in the Quran in
fact it’s not found anywhere in the hadith the concept of tawheed was
continuing to be developed for hundreds of years after Muhammad that’s why it
wasn’t found in hadith if he is one the code a second you use the word though
he’d that’s mean you are believing in a unification of something Soto he’d is
the concept of believing something to be one unifying something simply the water
heat is supposedly the God of Islam unifying all the gods of Quraysh the
gods of Arab they have many gods side Allah this what the Quran saying so
Allah he unified all gods together under his name now if we say the sister hate
that will be nothing but paganism have nothing to do it worshiping one God same
time if God is one or there is two gods or there’s a three guard or there’s five
guards I mean who care as long it’s true or not
so to make it simple the Muslim they say to us we have one God the Christian they
say we have one God the Jewish they say we have one God but obviously my God is
not same as and we need to examine your God and see if he can fit to be a god or
to be God God but he is a foolish god that’s cannot be God have you ever heard
of a God he’s a fool Allah is a fool Allah says that the women she have a
sperm coming from her ribs Allah he said the man have a sperm coming from his
back boy kappa no meat six verse number five six and seven we say that we have
created you from minor corner of liquid emitted from a space between the
backbone and the ribs allah he clean and that the sperm transformed into a
congealed the blood allah he claimed that the sunset in murky water allah he
don’t even remember which one he created first the trees or the stars i mean how
have you ever heard okay you have one god but you have a foolish god
because if i believe my god is a donkey and i pray to my donkey and my prayers are answered I said this
is my God he’s a donkey we can’t take lectures about how we’d
who believe these kinds of things so I am really happy that you are saying to
me I have one God who is a fool so if I met with somebody and he says to me I
believe in 1,000 gold and then he present to me books and those books are
really nuts they are not stupid how I can say how I can answer him the
1000 gods he have they are smart wise the one God you have is a fool
only in Islam the one God you have is a fool
only in Islam so helping one God have been think gods having 330 God have been
40 God is a silly thing because simply it’s about is true or not only believe
me man God is not sufficient it’s not about how many they are so the worst
time he think he is proud I believe in one God I believe in one God but you
have you believe in 188 God are you for all of you guys are we following you
want to explain to me to hate you yourself you do not know what the heat
is as an example Allah whose summered Allah Samet Allah the absolute a eternal
love Milot well amulet he begets not nor is He begotten well I’m yeah cool Allah
who could find that there is nothing like him he didn’t know even with the
word someone mean because this is not a make word a summit is coming from most
mood which means the collect collect the collection how he is one but he is a
collection how Allah is one but he is a collection and the Muslim is everyone he
give you his own interpretation for the world and every his own is a translation
for the word let us show you this is a chapter the Muslims always repeat for us
from Sri class chapter 112 was number one two four he says cool who Allah odd
see he’s allowing only and let me show you how was trippy this chatter is God
who Allah who I had I had here is not one that’s false that’s a big fat lie
here we go our copy the water had in front of you and I will paste it in the
search engine and I will show you you every translation the Muslims they have
for the word ahead is not one it’s one off one from many this is what I had
mean and to prove to you that this is what it’s mean lucas’s in the last verse
well a mere koala who could own a head if I had mean one how come in the same
it’s chapter it says none is comparable in to him I had suddenly became no.1
which means no one of you you mean so does not mean one the same it shatter
in front of your eyes the foolish Mohammed was copying the
Bible oh you Israel your God is a heart that is not one as number a hut is one
as a unity cool who Allah God it’s not funny that mistake got published this is
why the Bible says that the man he leave his family his parents and he lived with
his wife and they would became one Mohammed here is a thief
he is copying from the Bible what is in the Bible and he copied the word a heart
this is not this is not this is a head you see see how close even the word all
who Allahu Ahad in in the Hebrew a HUD the same world it
heard his a war or to unify not about numbers and this is where Mohammed he
got the word I heard here the one is is about unification not about one meant by
number and we have tons of verses in the Bible speak about it HUD as unification
and I give you an example how the man and the wife they get married
and you know they became at heart and this is what happened when you have a
thief who is copy paste and he himself he do not know what he is talking about
your God is one but not one as number one as unity because this is the word I
heard they became one if you go to Genesis 2:24
do you see it do you see a translation what happened here we have to a human
not to gods there even a human therefore their man shall leave his father and his
mother and be joined with his wife and they shall become one a hard unity good
point a fine prank very amusing now get it out if we copy the word ahead which
the Muslim keep reciting for us and we paste it in the search engine of this
phony Quran right in front of your eyes I will paste look how many time the word
appear look how many time all of them were my URL limine mean ahead you see
the water hat cool wallah odd and the people have gone astray in this form of
dough heat it’s the same exactly the one we posted in the search engine what I
had me here anyone which mean any one of many not one he’s not the only one
there’s one off translation chapter 2 verse 102 it says here and they don’t
teach anyone see how the word had became anyone means to ascribe unity to
something to ascribe unity to something and the people have gone astray in this
form of dough heat in the translation forget about this word it has got a
different different verse chapter 2 verse number 136 104 yahoo there i know
for the cabina i had in i had you see it we don’t differentiate between any any
of chapter 2 verse 136 you see we don’t differentiate between any e we make
distinction between any of them this is a had do you see it and we can go all
over the Quran non-stop and you will see that the word come always in such a way
chapter 2 verse number 285 I had read it I had mean we don’t differentiate
between any of any of I had any off any one between one off to use the water
healthier to mean there is more there’s more of you or you take it as in the
Hebrew where it is of a hard which mean unity so either in a very simple study
we we discover that Islam based in fictions and stability Oh wonderful i won I knew him the creator of all mankind
and yes indeed we rushing them you could show that the lane but you can’t have
for me he sees all things and all human beings someone the nature glory unfolds
like a beautiful story either one annoy me as you talk to you conveying a
message so pure and true true and here we can conclude that Muhammad
and Allah are unified to be one so Muslims I asked you to stop worshiping
Allah and Muhammad stop this paganism leave Islam behind you and come back to
Christianity accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior because this is clearly
in Islam this is no salvation for you this is paganism come back to Jesus
Christ your Lord and Savior guys thank you for watching
download this video share it around on social media and god bless Tauheed
unification for heat unification young man and your


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