Cheryl converts to Islam and the community’s reaction to her husband’s apostasy

Hi I’m Cheryl Fatima, I’m Abdullah Sameer’s
wife. We had a video from before, we did our first
video last week, and I was interviewing Abdullah and many viewers were asking about me, so
we are doing a follow-up video where we talk about how she became Muslim. First question is, what did you believe before
you became Muslim? I was raised as a Pentecost Christian. My dad was Catholic and mom was Pentecost,
and I was raised in the Pentecost ideology. I tried practising, I tried believing, but
so many things didn’t make sense to me. One of the major things was the trinity, the
concept of 3 in 1. I couldn’t make sense of it. I find that interesting because as a child
even though you were taught a certain religion to be true, everyone around you was following
that religion, your parents were following that religion and you were taught certain
values yet you were still trying to see for yourself “does this belief make sense?”. I think that’s great! And this is called skepticism and I think
it’s something wonderful because it allows us to take what we are told with a grain of
salt and to try to decide for ourselves what is true and not true, and this is one of the
tools we have – using our brain. It’s a good thing I’ll take from your story. So, you were Christian, you didn’t have many
Muslims around you, you moved to a big city and how did you learn about Islam? When I moved to a big city that’s when I started
meeting people of different faiths and cultures. It was a bit of a culture shock but it was
really interesting. I admired meeting people from all around because
I was raised on a small island surrounded by Christians of the same culture. It was quite interesting I met some Muslims
and they gave me lots of information about Islam through books and I had a copy of the
Quran, we would have dialogues about religion. The more I learned the more interested I became. I started doing lots of research and prayed
to God for guidance, and from there I decided to accept Islam. What did you like about Islam and Muslims? I really liked the idea of worshipping one
God because the trinity didn’t make sense to me, and I liked that it also took all the
prophets that Christians believed in and that resonated with me. It was the idea of one God really intrigued
me and I admired that. Tell us, how did being married affect your
faith? It was a big support for me in a time when
my family was very unhappy with me for changing my faith and way of life and you were my support
and were very practising so you inspired me and taught me a lot more than the little I
knew at the time. It definitely helped me. How did the marriage affect the faith, or
what were some of the challenges? Some of the challenges are hijab. I
wasn’t so strict about it before I met you and you showed me the importance of wearing
hijab and really motivated me. In the beginning it was kind of tough, especially
in front of my family who already felt uncomfortable with me being Muslim and now I’m really putting
it in their face wearing hijab. That was certainly a challenge. But I got over it like everything in life
you adapt to it. Another challenge was music. I was a big music lover and I grew up with
music all around me. From church to every social setting. Back home we were big on that. Having to give that up was a challenge but
I did it for the sake of God and I adapted. In case people are wondering, there is a difference
of opinion about whether music is forbidden in Islam. The more conservative opinion is no music
is allowed except for vocals. And there’s of course every opinion on the
spectrum like certain instruments, certain types of music, in certain situations like
weddings. We were going by the most conservative position
which is what I was following at the time and I wanted her to follow it as well, which
is very little music is allowed. We mainly listened to religious music like
at one point Sami Yusuf or stuff like that. For the most part there was no music allowed
in the house. We tried to listen to more Quran rather than
music. Tell us how it was when I left Islam. When you left Islam, it was a very big shock. I was sad and I did a lot of prayers and was
doing a lot of research at the time to try and find the answers to your doubts and to
get you back on track. It was like a roller coaster of different
emotions and I just hoped that you would find the answers that could change your mind. What social pressures did you face being with
someone that was coming out publicly as a no longer a Muslim? It was a big shock to the whole community
and I had a lot of sisters reach out to me, actually brothers too. I had a lot of the Muslim community reaching
out to me. I even had one sister tell me that I could
stay at her house with all my kids, and I guess they expected a divorce between us. They were saying they would be supportive
of that. Some people have asked how is our marriage
now? How do you live together and work things out? I feel our marriage is all about loyalty and
commitment. Many people wonder as an atheist are you just
going to cheat on your wife because you don’t have any morals or belief in God, you don’t
have any God standing above your head with a stick saying don’t do that or I’ll punish
you. This is a misconception that many people think
atheists have no morals, we eat babies for fun, but its actually not true. All humans have values that we get from certain
places, whether its from our culture or from evolution of humans over the centuries, but
for whatever reason we have values. Some of the values we have are very strong
– empathy, guilt and shame. Even without religion it’s still there. For me personally its about me committing
to my relationship to you despite whether I believe in God or not. And that’s what it is, because I believe in
honesty and commitment. If this marriage wasn’t valuable to me I wouldn’t
continue it, but I did continue it because it’s valuable to me. Last question is how do we raise our kids
because we have different beliefs. We teach them critical thinking and to search
for the truth, and you teach them what you believe, I teach them what I believe, and
they will decide for themselves. That’s how we both found Islam right, by being
skeptical and critical and looking into different ways of life. We decided for ourselves what we thought was
truth. Yeah exactly that makes perfect sense. In conclusion, even though we may have different
beliefs in God, we still hold many of the same values and interests in life, and I believe
that what’s most important and holds people together and makes our world a peaceful place
is mutual love and respect. Well said. I really like that. And I also want to add that it makes a lot
of sense that a family stays together, we have 5 kids together that need a loving family
both their dad and their mom. This is what family is about. The idea of breaking up a family over something
like this is very painful and difficult thing to deal with in life. I’m glad we are able to stay together. I know many people in the world lost their
spouses over this. I know many exmuslims in the closet still
who can’t tell their own spouse that they don’t believe anymore because they fear
losing their spouse. They know their in-laws will take their wife
away. In one case I had a friend in the UK that
even his own parents would side with his ex-wife for custody of the children rather than him
because he’s not Muslim anymore. He couldn’t even tell his parents, and a
lot of people have to hide this in order to keep the family together, so I’m glad we can
be honest with each other and keep this together. Thanks for watching and hope you enjoyed this
video. Please leave follow-up questions in the comments
or a response video if you like, and we will try to make another video with more details
and more about our journey, bye! Bye You knew a lot more than me at the time. Still. What do you mean? I still know more than you
I don’t know about that!


  1. @ Abdullah Sameer: how does it feel as a husband when your wife is – to a certain extent – a product of your Ex-you while you eventually changed to what your wife basically used to be before she met you?

  2. you were so extremist you didn't even listen to music, what!?
    man i'm so glad you left islam. love you guys and wish you happiness and a great life together 🙂

  3. I truly wonder about the long-term resilience of this marriage. Abdullah, Cheryl believes you will be spending eternity having your skin repeatedly burned off (Quran 4:56), while she is somewhere else perhaps hearing you scream in intense pain. In addition she regards disbelievers such as you as "the worst of created beings" (Quran 98:6). Cheryl, can't you believe in a nicer god of the universe that has all the attributes you believe a god of the universe should have, while not having the cruel characteristics of Muhammad's god of the universe?

  4. How hipocrate and greedy person is this, first showing he is atheist and taking advantage and earning benefits of that country, showing I don't like Islam, on the other side convincing and converting a Christian lady into Islam. How dare he is playing very dirty game with christianity, and people gathering around him like fake atheist and betraying with christianity. This man still must be a Muslim and playing a great game. Wow..

  5. That's the day I kick her sorry ass to the curb .How's surah 4.34 working out for you love?
    Dude clear signal she wants out.

  6. Women are gullible. Its Fact! No hate Im stating the truth, they get attached very easily to the things of this world for pleasure. No Hate Im stating facts of today, alot of them are aborting their babies and selling them. Im glad she found Jesus Christ.

  7. If your wife aware that you daughters must be circumsised? And the prophet of islam had sex and married a 9 year old girl?

  8. If she read her bible as apposed to following a pastor, she would understand. Today's Christians loose faith quickly because they have stopped reading and spending 1 hour a day to read but will spend hours and hours on social media

  9. I feel sorry for her, she has sold & given her soul to Satan… May Jesus show her the light & help her save her soul.

  10. Why Women need to suffer?

    Quran 4:34 “ … As for those from whom ye fear rebellion, admonish them (women) and banish them to beds apart, and SCOURGE them…” Some muslims tried to deny it and says they beat their wives with feather. What? SCOURGE (google) with feather?

    Riyah-as-Salihin on The book of Miscellany

    Umar reported that “the prophet (pbuh) said,”No man shall be be asked for the reason of beating his wife” (Abu Dawud)

    Sahih Bukhari, Hadith 484

    Narrated 'Aisha: The things which annul prayer were mentioned before me (and those were): a dog, a donkey and a woman. I said, "You (Muhammad) have compared us (women) to donkeys and dogs.
    In some muslim countries, women caught under adultery will be stoned to death while the man is given only caning. Q4:15 "Those who commit unlawful sexual intercourse of your women – bring against them four [witnesses] from among you. And if they testify, confine the guilty women to houses until DEATH takes them or Allah ordains for them [another] way." Why women, and not men, need 4 witnesses?

  11. With all respect but she was just nothing only a dummy who fallowing her husband.. What is next!? I’m a atheist self

  12. She was born human
    She was raised as potato.
    This ex-abdul cooked that potato.
    And eventually leave Islam.
    Now what she could do?
    It is known.
    A potato can't think critically and a cooked one certainly not.
    it is possible that one day she will get rid of you (you know what I mean)and ensure her ticket to Jannah.
    TC 🙏

  13. Wtf! Also one of the many tricks Muslims use to convert people is by saying they believe in Jesus, adam and Moses ect. But they believe in a totally different Jesus, it's not Jesus. Remember Allah says he is the best deceiver

  14. She should live an islamic country, any one who converts to islam is mentally disturbed or a criminal in prison, she believes in islam that has satan aka allah order the death of individuals who are not believers, kill people who leave the religion ( like me ), kill and subjugate any one who is not a moslem, rewarding idiots who die in the religion with 72 whores given to them by allah.

  15. That abdullah emotionally blackmailimg his wife with his 5 kid desperation alert lol he knows she should divorce him jow he a kafir lol

  16. Dear Sameer,

    Being also an ex muslim, and since the emphasis of Mdme Cherryl was on the trinity, i wish to note: Not all Christian denominations believe in the trinity. Of those who still believe in the deity of Christ, there is the oneness Pentecosts. (oneness from one: who believe that father son and holy ghost are modes taken by the same one God, hence they are also called modalists. Historically also: monarchians). Their water baptism formula is also different to emphasize they believe in one God: In Jesus Name rather than in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. Drawing from verses in the works of the apostles. Good books:
    *Is God a Trinity? (by John Miller, a 19th century Presbyterian)
    *The Oneness of God (by Dr. David Bernard, a contemporary theologian oneness pentecost). This one is the easiest book.
    *Two Treatises on the trinity (Micheal Severtus, a 15th century renown doctor)
    Other books who have a non trinitarian approach:
    *The Sandy foundation shaken (by William Penn, 17th century)

    The modalist view of the trinity can be traced as of the 2nd century AD from books of early trinitarians, notably Tertullian, who was the first ever to use the word trinity, and hence is considered the father of trinitarianism. He is considered to be of the church fathers by trinitarian churches. One of his books is named: Against Praxeas. Praxeas was a person who taught modalist theology, so the book was directed against his teachings.I live in the middle east, and had my hard times for apostasy. I've done my research, although seeking God from all your heart is by itself good enough, books existing or not.

    I live in the middle east, and had my hard times for apostasy. I've done my research, although seeking God from all your heart is by itself good enough, books existing or not. One more thing: the baptism of the Holy Ghost still happens.

    Kind regards.

  17. off course islam is the only true religion which make sense ,christinity on the other hand trinity or buy one get one free type of God does not make any sense,only insane person counld believe it now in this era.thats wy islam is the fastest growing religion.

  18. I do not understand how anyone could possibly convert to islam. Just the "science" in it is insane!!! Run run run!!!

  19. Another one took the bite. Because Islam is sooo loogic, sooo feeeminist, sooo huuuman, sooo scieeentific!!! Please find a job and forget about it. It's too much for you.

  20. Islam is a complete way of life than a religion…….a spiritual philosophy ….. a reformist theology……..a revolutionary ideology through revelations……. absolutely it is making Reformation through centuries

    Unfortunately most of Non-muslim are misunderstood and concepted about the holy religion ….they loosing thier spiritual everlasting life after death

    Islam providing the complete spiritual,mental ,social , moral and hygienic protections to its own believers .
    It is a ocean of spirituality while other religions are a cup of sprituality,,,,,,
    Daily five times prayer (Namaz)after Ablution (Wulu);-Cleaning of hands,face,foot & most of openings of body cleaning during the ablution (nose,eyes ,ears,mouth)it helps to protect any contamination through it (Purification of mind & body),

    Daily 5 times Salat (Namaz) providing healings and meditations benefit s to your body & mind and it is a coordination of Far East & Central Asian ,African,Eurasian prayer/greeting styles;eg:Sujud same as the Indian “Sanshtanga”,Rukuh is same as” bowing” of Far Eastern(Japan ,Korea) and it is “spiritual food “for your soul like bed coffee,breakfast,lunch Refreshment & Dinner for your physical body and it is a shield 🛡 against bad things

    One month fasting in the Holy month of Ramadan;-King to begger ,Rich to poor everybody is undergone the feeling of "hungry "-the ultimate truth & lesson of life, (purification of mind and soul)

    implementing the Zakat(tax for irradiacation of poverty), Sadakah (charity)& forbidden of any type Riba(Interest) and any type of looting(purification of wealth)

    By performng Hajj /Umrah (purification from social ,cultural ,regional, financial ,ethnical & cast deferences and rasism)

    And prohibiting Adultery ,Alcohol, Nude (purification of Personal ,Family,Social life )

    strictly prohibiting anal, homo, lesbian sex & sex during menstruation period (purification of sexual life)

    And forbidding telling of Ghebath (backbiting ),Nameemath(Slander) and banter (purification of social conversation and relationship )

    and strictly prohibiting the interaction of both sex except with their “Maharram “(un-marriageable kin) (Purification of relationships)

    By strictly implementing the hijab; 🧕 its protects her hair from dust and sunlight and maintaining the hygiene condition during cooking and also prevent the "penetrating eyes "of men to her breast(purification of mind)

    and implementing the “Halal “food (forbidden of pig meat and meat without ritual slaughter)(purification in foods) and Thawheed"One & Only Almighty" (purification of faith)

    And "Ghusl "(Mandatory bathing)-the bathing after sexs intercourses and ejaculation for both men &women and after mensuration and pregnancy for women

    And strictly instruction to clean your private parts after even urination
    (Purification of body)

    Only Islam made in the world an”individual hygienic status " as Unhygienic,Hygienic,Purity (Janna-bath,Ghusl & Wulu respectively )

    By this purification,your soul will be gained a higher status than any Angels and you are eligible to enter The Heaven “Jannathul Firadause “ where you will all get the rivers of wine 🍷,milk 🥛 ,honey 🐝 extra virgin hoorleen 👸 and a women will get a good partner
    The least hevan equalent to 10 times of luxury and whole wealth of Earth

    Nabi(S) was the puriest man the world
    He purified the polluted concepts about god.
    (“Towhead” “There is no god but God “)”the God;he only benefiter of all prayer”

    Essence of Quran is" respect the humankind "as God respected him and each and every humankind is a representative (Khaleefa) of God and specially created with his”Rooh “( sprit) and all equal as all are sons of Adam(PBAH) rather than colour ,tribes,cast,regions and it teaches the value of our life and warning against the haughtiness of man ;it is main cause of all blood shredding According to the Quran, human beings are God’s representatives on this planet. God, it further says, has honoured the children of Adam. Quran highlighting the dignity of Humankind

    In each and every civil revolutions and Reformations movements in modern societies especially in Eruope we can see influence of Islamic idiology either directly or indirectly …..every enlightment and Reformations have been happened after arrival of Islam at their land ;even in India-reformation only happened in Kerala (south most state of India )because of significant presence of Muslim with economically, Socially, political ly, culturelly in society.

    ;Untouchability,cast discrimination are still existing out of Kerala especially in north India villages and Dalits are still out of society
    19th century South Indian Famous reformist and activist Mr Periyar E V Ramaswamy Naiker told conversion to Islam is the only solution for reformation and enlightment and to irradiation of the cast discrimination ,untouchability

    Thus Islam purifying all cultures, traditional, customs &civilizations ,noms

    Through theses ;Islam gives you the "ultra morals life and respoibilty and accountability "to your good/bad deeds and acts instead of ultra liberal life and anarchism;

    Actually Quran contains the basics psychological and Sociological theories and it purifying the minds of human it is “Magna Carta”of human life

    In a society if the Alcohol is forbidden; 50% personal,social ,psychological & family problems will be solved ,if the nude and interaction of both sex are forbidden it is 60% and if looting of money (interest)is forbidden 70% problem will be solved;
    This is the deference between Islam & Any other religion.

    Crimes ,Suicides ,Alcoholic consumption ,Rapes & Murders rates are very very high in any Non-Muslim communities; (nowdays old age homes and abandon of parent) meanwhile in Muslim societies these are very very low and Sociologists & Psychologist s are exciting about this phenomenon especially low rate of suicide in Muslims

    In Kerala (Southmost State of India)alcohol consumption & sucide are very big socio-psychological issues in Non-Muslims communities especially suicides in Hindu communities & alcoholism in Christians communities; but in Muslim these are not a issue

    Three major ideologies were influenced on modern humans history; Christianity,Islam &,Communism…Christianity almost swiped-out from Europe and swallowed by Capitalism (fashion, armament(weapon)entertainment & liquor industrial lobbies) globalization and marketization they are highjacked/ cornered/ showcased it in "Vattican City "only
    and the current mafia oriented gang societies in South American converted catholic countries like Colombia,Honduras,Bolivia, Brazil are showing failure of Christianity as a religion
    Communist socialist ideology is impracticable and expired ;Now only Islam is firmly standing and overcomes all ideologies ;
    unfortunately most of Non-Muslims are uttermostly miss-understood and missconcepted about this marvelous, miraculous , extraordinary holy religion of Islam because of negative images spreading by media especially western medias

    Islam is fastest growing religion in the world especially in West & South American countries in spite of misconception and negative image spread by Western meadia and a Islamic springs happening amoung the Western women ; they filling vacuum of spiritually due to utra modern Life style with The holy religion Islam and these converted Muslim women will take major role in Islamisation of Europe in future

    In most of of non-Muslim countries jails are overcrowded meanwhile most of Muslim countries jail absolutely empty.
    In India muslim majoritiy territory like lakhsdweep crime rate is very very low
    In Kerala 100% of liquor& wine shops are runs by non-Muslim especially Christians

    The Mumin& Khafir ‘s spiritual meanings are purity and impurity respectively

  21. I feel sorry for that young lady. One can see sadness on her face. C'mon, come back to Christianity, it's a merry party. Who cares if you don't believe in Trinity, it's a detail.

  22. Why I suggest to choose the Islam as a right path ?
    1)Only Muslim's lifes are more spritual and more closer to all prophetic's life's eg:-Prostation, Fasting ,Circumcision,Women's moral dressing & Prohibition of idol worship, Alcohol,Nude,Pig meat, unlooting economy(interest free), interaction of opposite sex,
    But most of Non-muslims life's are more materialistic than spritual
    2)Only Islam & Jewdism teachers pure monotheism (Ones of God ,)but Jewdism shrunken to race based religion
    3)All spiritual leaders were considered as "God "after their dead by their followers except Muhammed(PBUH) .eg:Jesus,Bodha,Krishna,Mahaveer,Guru Nanak., Narayana Guru…..all are human beings
    4)All religious leaders's mother tongues are expired like Aramic of Jesus ,paali of Budha, Sankrit of Rama expect Muhammad's(PBUH) mother tongue Arbic is a major language in the world even today
    5)Islam teachings and instructions are very very crystal clear and Nabi’s life documented well than any religious leaders
    6) By becaming of a Ruler and making Governence by centuries ,All Islamic documents are protected and preserved very well than any other religion
    7)Islam covers all aspects /parts of Human’s life
    8)All religions are failed to oppose the capitalism,globalization ,consumerism, Marketization only Islam politically opposing them which makes cultural conflict with Western(media mentioning it as Islamic Terrorism)
    9)-There are two main streams in all societies ; Muslim main stream & ;Non-muslim main stram
    -Muslims mainstream means marvelous Scents ,Marvalous ethnic foods ,marvelous costom , cultural, unity,marvelous bonding of love and family oriented
    But Non-muslims mainstream means alcohol,pig meat ,bars & Thoddy shops,nude
    Actually forbidden of Alcohol is the biggest Feminism as most of women are suffering with addiction of Alcoholism by husband/Brother/Son
    I personally exited how Christians are most closer with Alcohol
    10)Any type of money interest (Looting )which leads suicidal factors of thousands of people results failure of families ,prohibited only in Islam

    11)-when we will see a group of Muslim we can felt the light of imaan on their faces and around them and brightness of Imaan in their eyes (this is a spritual phenomenon ;Some of converted Muslim mentioned this thing)
    12)only Muslim speachers in the world confidenly answering any criticism/argument against Islam like Ahmed Dedath ,mufti monk,Bilal Philip Yousaf Estate,Dr Sabeel Ahmed,Dr Zakir Naik etc
    13) Million of books and liturature in the world but only one book is by hearted by million of people of deferent sect in the world ,None of other than the Holy Quran
    14) Printing & Electronic media (TV, Magazines)are widely used by Christians evangelists because of huge money power; but ironically the Social media are widely using by Muslim speachers ; in social media Christians evangelization are very nominal
    15) Millions of people travels to the sub continent-Arabia where the birthplace /resting place of prophet ; to fullfil their ecnomical dreams but also to fulfill spirituaully;it is a miracle
    16) Women bodies are more marketized and commercialized through Acting,Modeling , Showbiz in almost all Non-muslims communities especially in Western countries while in Muslim societies it is prohibited
    Only Holy Quran told to re-cover the brest of women over their casual dressing(As per a recent survey conducted in USA ,a typical American men have 7/8 sex partners
    17)Only holy Quran itself declari g that it is word of God ,even Bibile doesn't declare
    18) Discrimination still existing in all Non-muslims societies but in Muslim societies it is never exist becase of Essence of Quran is" respect the human being "as God respected him and each and every human-being is a representative (Khaleefa) of God and specially created with his”Rooh “( sprit) and all equal as all are sons of Adam(PBAH) rather than colour ,tribes,cast,regions
    Reformation happened only in Muslim societies in other societies still exists racism, untochability,cast discrimination
    common in all non-Muslims communities
    19)in the time of Dutch, French , British colonial periods they horribly converted poeple to Christianity for colonial interest ;Ironically in the era of globalization and Marketization ,Christanity completely wiped-out from Europe and swollen by capitalism (Showbiz, Armament, Liquor , Sex industrial blobbies )and shrunken to the Vatican city only ,now Islam filling the vacuum of sprituality of Europe due to ultra modern life
    20)Christian Europe absolutely immersed in Sex,Nude,Alcohol ,these are now catalyst of their economy (women body is biggest money earning "product") I personally existing how women are showing thier body to public without any modesty and feminity

    I written these above mentioned reasons are in general in the context of Kerala social senario

  23. One is made up of many fractions. One man = body mind and spirit. One Atom= neutron proton. Water = H2O. Nothing in the universe is singular. Many singles make a unified.ONE. God cannot be singular, which can be simply described but not defined. Trinity express ONE Triune God.

  24. Cheryle, hope Allah wil guide u n help u in ur difficult situation. Your husband nt only betrayed Gods trust, he did the same to u. Yes, ur going to hav problems wth hm if u decide to live wth hm. I think u need some good advice wth ur present state of affairs. And dnt forget , u hav ur children to worry abt. Jus to inform u, no one trust an atheist however gd he may be, becos he is a Liar. God left hm alone. Hp Sameer wïĺ realise hs mistake n cm bc to God. I suggest , u seek advice frm Hamzah Yusuf. He had a similar situation like u. Hs family didnt convert but he remained a filial son . Jus an advice frm a muslim. Allah bless u n ur family.

  25. Cheryl doesn't strike me as a very deep thinker. She's only looking at the superficial aspects of Islam, not the critical aspects, like women's inequality to men, the Koran's approval of men beating their wives, killing apostates, non-believers, and Jews, women having to cover up, etc. And what does she think of the entire country of Muslim Afghanistan relegating women as slaves? Does she still think Islam is the true religion? It'll be interesting to see how long it takes her to wake up.

  26. She doesnt really knew she was penticostal, the way she said it," penticost" is from the day of penticost in the bible … i think that even now, she doesnt care what she is, lot o women dont care about religion… theologically, according to christianity if a woman mary she become one with her man, good that her husband knows about this stuff, unfortunatly he is not a christian and this theory aplly only theological sistems…

  27. Trinity is not a difficult concept. Cheryl is herself a daughter, a wife, a mother, a cousin, perhaps a sibling. All true aspects of Cheryl, but there is only one Cheryl.

  28. Still u r traped in religion….Thanks god I m born in India… And belongs to Bharatiy/Sanatani/Hindu culture….

  29. I still didn't get it…..
    Your wife tried to convince u by providing answers to ur questions…. So how does both of u r still opposite?
    Either she convinced u OR u convinced her that Islam didn't have answers to the question…..
    To know about different religion kids should come across different religious texts.
    Like Bible, Quran and bhagvat Gita

  30. Looks like you want out of your marriage….
    Sorry brah this wife of yours is sending you a clear signal – let her go . Esspecaily in the light of so much solid evidence that points to Islam being ….a cult.

  31. Didn't seem much of searcher or critical thinker.. grew up in religon n not relationship she'll go down the same path but wit serverer consequences.

  32. If you don't understand something, it doesn't mean you have to leave the religion.I
    I am sure there are many more things in Islam that you cant understand
    and fathom. So why don't you get out of there as well.

    Best thing to go back to yr old religion and your family.

    Mr. Abdulla please put some sence into her.

  33. I don't understand one thing. How can she as a Muslim be married to a non-Muslim? Isn't it forbidden in Islam?

  34. i wonder how a person like you is unable to convince his own wife that Islam is fake
    what about telling wife beating verse , or half share of women in inheritance

  35. The level of surreal is unbelievable. First deceiving Moslems dawah this poor soul into their cult then they themselves dumped that idiotism and now this poor girl is stuck. Hahaha

  36. Divorce is going to result from Abdullah Sameer’s breakup and developing schizophrenia and eventual slippery slide into manic depression episodes and eventual suicide….So sad. He might be a closet sodomite who secretly goes to gay bars and has existed in that double life being repressed for many years.

  37. When she said she was raised Pentecostal I understood her. Most of Muslims that comes to my country and leaves Islam converts to Pentecostal when they becomes christian. The basis of being sexual and mentally repressed is there, in her. When she found Islam maybe unconsciously she could relate to that. Because Pentecostal is not only believing in God in a personal level, Pentecostals really has the faith as a way of living, what you think, what you eat, how to behave is controlled by your leaders.

  38. I might leave Christianity just because of the stupidity of our weman.
    Tbh i can't take it anymore….
    They marry muslims and don't care about their men…
    I don't know how to defend our weman if I'm in a debate to be honest…

  39. religion is bullshit. Judaism as the original lie. Religion is the source of all bad in this world.

  40. I remember my brother was putting down Mormanism. He explained that it was complete bullshit. I then asked and how is this different from all the other so called faiths. Religions are cults. They are built on having a sociopathic murderous Charles Manson-like guy who collects easily manipulated, unintelligent followers to do his bidding.

  41. She must live in a musezine country not here. Then she will be controlled by a man. Here tooooooo much freedom. Muzine women are running away from their countries and oppressed regime. Only nut case will want to do this??????

  42. Thank you for sharing the experience, it must be difficult. I cannot help but wonder if your Muslim community really accepts your wife as she is not following the true rules of the Quaran?

  43. So she follows Samir not Allah, he is her ruler, first Islam, after some time ateist. After some time not sure or maby change your. mind

  44. Sorry to say to you, Cheryl. If i m a your female descendents, i will hate for converting, because of you and i cannot leave this religion before getting threaten to be kill. Did you ever think for children or grandchildren future? You all are just being selfish.

  45. How can anyone learn the full meaning of the religion if 80 % of Islam is hidden in Arabic? Even Abdullah did not speak Arabic!
    Abdullah, send your wife to Christian Prince!

  46. this girl needs a dose from CP!
    As a Catholic she never touched a Bible and doesn't even know what a Christian is does and knows!
    This sounds fishy!

  47. I congratulate both of you. I am an ex Muslim while my wife is a serious Muslim. Like Cheryl she was also born to a different religion and converted to Islam, and like most converts she will never give up on Islam. At times we do have tensions in the house because of our situation but now we understand each other well. She would eat non-halal food but not pork which I don’t eat either, I stay away from alcohol as I always was, and she would wear hijab only when we attend Muslim functions or when visiting Muslim friends but very rarely outside on the streets. Thank goodness we don’t have any children together but my children from my first marriage are all unbelievers like me. My wife and I have an understanding of not having children together. Phew!

  48. We Good video. Please tell us more about your children and please put them in the video so that we can see them, they sound wonderful and you sound very proud, as you should be, may the Lord, JESUS the CHRIST the one God, bless you and your wife and keep you and your wife also, Amen.

  49. like many….she is one of them that…who does not know about islam and regret about it later…but it is too late because you've sold your soul to the devil…if you disbelieve islam…your life is halal to be killed

  50. Lol…i dont get rejecting one religion because of the 3 in 1 aspect, but accepting…winged donkeys going to the moon. I'm trying to get it. Maybe some things aren't meant to be understood.

  51. I have great respect for you Abdullah Sameer. My guess is your wife would not have married you if you were not a Muslim. So it seems a little unfair to her…… to be honest, commenting on your marriage makes me very uncomfortable. Anyway, she is free to watch your videos with her eyes wide open…… just one of the many benefits of living in a non-Islamic country.

  52. Cheryl community friends sugest to leave her husband just because her husband leave islam, i wondering what kind of friends is that?? @cheryl you should consider your community friends there… forget about the trinity.. read and learn about Jesus and Jesus only, is there any bad teaching or hate speach in His word and work, even about mariage… if you wonder to worship "one god" i think you should ask first what kind of God you worship… an sameer you have to share your knowledge about islam because you know better now… don't leave her in danger or let her decieved just because you respect her religion choise… when you mariage her and have kids with her, its your responsibility to "Love & Save" her… try to know and learn Jesus and Jesus only… youll find a huge different of wise,kind and mighty person… wish the best and the truth of you two guys…🤗🤗

  53. Islam has played a significant role in destroying our culture, economic prosperity, safety, and sense of pluralism. We have forfeited so much of our culture to Islam that it's almost comedic how our lives revolve around Arabian culture.

    Muslims :

    Worship a god with Arabic names
    Have Arabic names ourselves
    Read the Quran, a book written in Arabic
    Believe that the Quran can only be understood in Arabic Pray 5 times a day in Arabic in the direction of Makkah, an Arabian city
    Get in the 'face-down-ass-up' position twice during every rakat as we whisper words in Arabic to ourselves
    Wear clothes that conform to Arabian standards
    Groom our bodies according to Arabian practices
    Get married according to Arabian customs
    Give our children Arabian names and teach them to repeat this cycle again

  54. Cheryl you don't need to reach the same conclusions as of your husband to be a "good/intelligent" human. Atheism is the easiest case to defend but it doesn't mean that it is the immediate conclusion of rationality and scepticism (supposing that those alone lead to "truth") as Abdullah seems to preach.

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