[Chapter 1] 2019 Mazda3 Review – Redefining Luxury: The Connection

Jinpa it a feeling of horse and right as one the connection fall in sync in togetherness according to masses philosophy a car should feel like an extension of your being this is the essence of horse and rider if you have ever sat on a horse yourself or have seen a rider horse and rider communicate through feeling and that is what masters trying to accomplish the relationship between car and driver and let me tell you man tits a heels as vision driving officially now has become natural has actually become fun again by the use of technology such as electromyogram x' and gene sensors they are gathering data for example the location of the shift lever if more in front off to the side or farther back will determine what muscles are used to operate it the task is that we need a balanced amount of strength to feel this gym bite is a feel of oneness everything starts with a vision eliminating all that is unnecessary leaving just out what is essential whenever you want to feel what it's like driving and being one with your car then you have to I would say really yes you have to drive this master 3 which actually also now comes optional with an all-wheel drive now just take a look doesn't it look pretty everything what masa is doing today has really be designed for the driver so they are trying to design a car around you and your needs and not the way around so it everything makes sense when you see it's an alignment if that is a steering wheel position driver position pedal shifters everything is close to a touch you don't have to lean forward to touch anything else everything what you do you have your armrest on your armrest you can go with a navigator knob wherever you need to go in your display which is actually also driver facing which is really nice of them that they really recognize that I don't need to look around the corner here no it's facing me and it's missing in today's automotive world Master has reinvented this feature everything what you see here is easily to touch to push to pull start stop button it's beautiful and when you are familiar with some of the cars out there who are having car porters what is it about that they have the cup holders here and you have to lift your arm like no you're making a chicken dance Mazda started out to think a little bit more and said okay what is the driver really doing he doesn't want to do this movement no the cupholders are actually now in reach of both very easy here just in front of the shift knob the design in taxable driving impeccable materias they're using quality craftsmanship when you even look at the seams phenomenal so I think I'm repeating myself but I'm just stunned how beautiful and how well crafted this vehicle is so let's say you have some guests a little bit more than one or two people so somebody needs to get into the back tiny guy like me let's see how it works so the entry was very easy as you saw and with over 200 pounds moving around like me it was a nice so how does it feel the back very well supported headrest this year an inch space here half an inch here and even so the seat was really far back because that was my driver position it looks pretty good and considering we are going on a road trip I would say you know what let me take a nap I go in the back you

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