Change Your Frequency, Change Your Reality

I have an interesting skill,
in that when I look at somebody and I look at their energy field, I can pretty much know,
within a few seconds, if they’re living their life purpose. Are they happy? And I can also notice in their energy fields
what blocks or things are in the way. He’s going, “Look at me.” What blocks or things are in the way because
they literally light up in my head like a little pinball machine. And the pattern, or whatever block you have,
just like lights up, and I see, ooh, that’s got to go. And I can go into the energy and tell you
what it is, and where you got it, and what age, and who you bought it from. So it’s like an interesting talent and skill. And what I noticed is that when I cleared
these patterns for people, their life would change. And how would I know that? They would call me up and they would go, “Holy
crap, you’re not going to believe what happened.” And so I get a lot of those things. I’ve had multimillionaires come to me who’ve
like lost their money, made their money, lost their money, made their money. And they come to me and the say, “You know,
I’m really tired of this pattern. What is that?” And usually it’s like guilt, or shame, or
making money from like these lower frequencies. And you pull those out of somebody’s system,
and then all of a sudden, they can make the money and keep the money. Or the same thing with disease, or love, or
any of those areas of your life. And so I’m going to take you into my world
a little bit. And I’m going to talk about energy. And I’m going to show you how I see the world
because if you look at the world the way I see it, you will then be tapped into the causal
plane where everything can be changed. Because everything that you see in the out-picturing
of your life really is the effect of your life. And everything that created it was created
by all your thoughts, beliefs, ideologies, and every judgment you’ve ever bought or sold
yourself to or from somebody. And so those points of view make up your reality. And that’s why your life is the way it is. Okay, so how many of you have ever been blocked
in making your dream happen? Anybody? Okay, cool. So we’re going to teach you how to get rid
of that. All right. And I believe that if you change the frequency,
like what thoughts and things that you let come through your energy field every day,
that’s how you can change your reality. So I want you to just think, okay? So we’re on a stage. There’s a chair. There’s your body, all right? It’s made out of matter, right? And underneath the matter, it’s made out of
atoms, and molecules, and protons, and neutrons, and source energy that kind of permeates and
holds everything together. And on this planet, there a thing called polarity. And that’s where we live from this whole thing
of lights, and dark, truth, and falsehood. And even if you look at water, for instance,
you know, you freeze it, and it’s a solid. In the middle is a liquid, and then steam,
right? So things can be transferred and changed. Negative polarity, we have electrons and neutrons. Those have a negative charge. Protons have a positive. So everything has a positive and a negative. And there’s a source energy that holds it
all together. So can you influence your environment? Well there’s an interesting… how many of
you have heard of Dr. Emoto who talked about hidden messages in water, yeah? A lot of you, good, okay. So Dr. Emoto, for those of you who don’t know,
he did an interesting experiment, and he took plain old tap water. And what he did was he froze it. Then he took it and he put it under a microscope. And he took a picture of the molecules of
water. And when it was frozen, just plain tap water,
the molecules look something like this. So there was really no shape to it. There’s no, you know, no crystalline structure
to it or anything like that. Then he took other bottles of water. And what he did was he put different words
on it. Like so for instance, he did one that was
love and thanks, and on this bottle of water with love and thanks, he took a photo again
after it was frozen. And the crystalline structure showed up. So there was a form to it. So he saw that with intention, he also prayed
over the bottle, so with intention, you can change your environment. He did another one that’s really interesting. “I hate you, you make me sick.” I was watching this reality TV show one time,
and this chick kept saying, “Oh, that’s so sick. And I’m…that’s so sick.” And I’m going, “Oh my god, what are you doing
to your body?” Your body’s made up of 70% water, right? So she’s going, “Oh, that made me sick.” I’m like, okay, interesting projection. Then he did an energy of joy. That’s joy. Joy is one of the higher frequencies that
we can go. “You fool,”so how many judgments do we do
inside our own selves, where we say, you know, we call ourselves little names in our head? We go, “What are you thinking? You’re so stupid,” right? So that’s the energy that you’re putting in
your body. Gratitude, gorgeous. Gratitude is an interesting energy. What I noticed when people do gratitude statements,
and they’re deeply appreciative and grateful for something, literally a vortex of energy
occurs around people. So the swirly like really cool space opens
that allows for new stuff to come in. So gratitude’s a really cool frequency to
use. Dr. Braud, he did also an experiment proving
that we can change, you know, and influence the environment around us. He took red blood cells and through intention,
he proved that they could slow down the rate of blood cells dying, so you know, you can
affect it. There’s also another interesting experiment
by the Maharishi. It’s called the Maharishi Effect. And in the Maharishi Effect, he took like
7,000 meditative yogi monks, and he threw them in different cities. And they measured what happened in those cities
before and after through a variety of ways. In one city, the crime rate actually dropped
22%. In other cities, they monitored that the pollution
dropped. In Tel Aviv, the stock market went up. So this is basically putting conscious beings
in a place, pulling in source energy, radiating it out in the space to change the environment. Okay. Then when I was working on people, I noticed
that some people would change really rapidly and some people not so much. And so I came across a book called Power vs.
Force . And it had this beautiful little scale in it. And what I noticed in the scale is that he
was basically putting in a little scale what I was seeing in my practice, why some people
would change and some people wouldn’t. So when I was looking at people and I was
like pulling out these patterns, some people obviously had more patterns than others. And if somebody had guilt and shame, they
were usually the harder patterns to pull out. And here’s why. They’re actually the lowest frequency. So the energy of shame basically means I am
not enough. So if you notice that when we’re going through…if
you kind of track all your beliefs, like you think I can’t make money, you go all the way
down it, or I can’t have love, and you go all the way down it, basically it hits this
little funny place that says, I am not enough. Like you think you’re not powerful enough,
right? So that’s shame. Guilt is the energy of 30. He measured Hitler on this scale. Hitler’s energy was like 37, okay? So he actually did feel a little guilty somewhere
about what he was doing. Then there’s the energy of apathy, which is
where a lot of homeless people will live, because they just sort of give up, and they
don’t care so much. The energy of grief, where you’re just totally
sad, and your whole energy field…like if you have grief over money, that would be like,
you know, you feel like a victim, that you really can’t, you know, how come I can’t get
any money. You’re just sad about it. Fear, maybe if I make too much money, people
will want to take it away from me. Like there’s a little bit of a paranoia with
those kind of beliefs or structures. Desire, now this energy of desire is not the
true desire to have like a goal or a better life. This energy desire is more about like the
addictive quality of, you know, I desire is something from an egoic place of if I don’t
have… like I need it to build me up because I don’t actually feel like I am enough, right? So it’s a different kind of desire. Anger, now anger is an interesting one, because
at least it’s a moving energy. Now if somebody gets mad in front of me, I’m
kind of happy. You want to know why? Because at least I know they’re pissed off
enough to actually do something with the energy, okay? So anger will move you. Pride, pride is usually where a lot of fundamentalism
live. You’re prideful because of these engrained
beliefs that you have, and they might not necessarily be your own. Courage is level 200. And courage is basically a door opener. He found in his research that basically, like
enlightened master is 1000, right? And love is 500, one person at 500 can positively
change the frequency of those at 200, lift 750,000 other people, okay? If one person at the vibration of 600 can
affect 10 million people. One person at the vibration of 700 enlightened
can positively impact 70 70 million people. So that’s why I was excited about this because
basically it shows that you can change your environment. You being more you can actually really influence
the world, or change the world. And so you moved up courage to neutrality. And by the way, the reason I stopped on courage
is because right now, the average of all human beings on the planet is only a little bit
over 200, okay? So that’s not very high. Now obviously some countries are higher than
others, right? If they’re practicing, like you know, America
and things like that are between the 400 and 500 is the average. So we have willingness, where you’re actually
willing to do something. Acceptance, where you accept responsibility
for a bigger part of your life. Reasoning, between 400 and 500 is where the
scientists live. Einstein measured at 499 because he didn’t
necessarily believe quite in love. He was doing like mathematical reasoning kind
of energy. The energy of love, which is why I called
my product Love or Above, is again, the premise is basically you can change 750,000 other
people by you vibrating the energy of love. And so healing, healing energy happens at
joy. You want to heal something in your life? Go play. Then there’s peace, 600 and above, and enlightenment. So it’s a logarithmic scale. And basically I’m just showing you that all
of the beliefs and structures that you have in your being emanate or vibrate at one of
these levels. And if you pay attention consciously to what’s
going on inside you, what are you thinking, you can actually change your world. Okay, so I found that these levels can affect
any part of your life. Like yesterday we learned about the 12 areas. I just put up five areas, love, wealth, relationships,
career, and health. And you can have different vibrations for
each level of your life. So you could be kind of stuck on money, but
you could actually be really good at, you know, love and relationships. And so there’s an overall like pattern in
your life. And then there’s sometimes like little ancillary
places where you’re going to have to look at where your judgments and beliefs are. So your judgments, and what I’m going to define
judgments to be is basically all your conclusions that you bought and sold yourself at some
level, these are the things that are blocking you from reaching the higher frequencies. So when I ask the question to myself, how
do I raise my frequency like the quickest, the fastest, because I wanted to know exactly
what these higher vibrations were, the messages that I received is actually quit judging everything. Don’t judge everything. Now that sounds like a simple, little thing,
don’t judge everything. What does that mean? Well, if you have, for instance, a conclusion
of what if…like I’m a girl. I’m a female. I’m a woman. So if I have a judgment on what a female is
supposed to be in this society, then that judgment could actually limit that which I
pull into my reality, right? So one judgment, I am female. it seems pretty simple, could have behind
it 100 other little things, subsets of beliefs, right, that basically can block me from, you
know, if I’m female but behind that is I’m female, therefore I don’t make as much money
as a man, therefore, you know, whatever the other beliefs are. All those things would actually limit what
I actually go do in my life. So what I was noticing with clients is if
they came to me and they said, “I have a block on money,” what I would have to do I’d have
to go in and just go where did that first start? And sometimes it would start when they were
two years old, and they heard their mom and dad literally fighting about money, right? Or the father said something cruel to the
kid of, “Oh, you can’t have that,” right? How many times do we tell our children, “We
can’t have that. We can’t afford that. No, we can’t have that. Or no, no, no, no, no.” All those things actually start to build up
and limit our ability to reach for something new. And that’s pretty much what everybody’s problem
is, is your problem is you have all these stuck things that are subconsciously like
hanging out, and you go to like make a choice in your world, and these things kind of kick
in. And that’s where you say, “Well, I started
to manifest something and it didn’t happen.” Well, that’s because your soul loves you enough
that it’s going to basically bring up all your crap so that you can see it. And if you just keep going for it, eventually
all those judgments will go away. So yeah. So how do you get these judgments…I’m kind
of skipping ahead. So how do you get these judgments and conclusions
from others? By aligning, agreeing, resisting, and reacting
to them and to the environment around you. So I’ve had many people come to me and they
want to know the spiritual reason for why they have a certain disease in their life,
right? And this spiritual reason could be…like
I had one client, she came to me, and she had breast cancer, right? And so when I tapped into the reason why she
did it, her mom had it, and she basically decided, “That is never going to happen to
me.” Now that seems like a really innocent conclusion,
right? “That is never going to happen to me.” But the problem is she used that judgment
with fear attached to it, right? So she was a fear. So she pulled that energy of fear in, and
it’s sort of like don’t think of a pink elephant. So whatever you’re thinking of attached to
the fear, came into her reality, and then that’s what manifested. And you pull these judgments out, generally
speaking, the body can then learn how to heal itself, because just go back to the whole
premise you’re 70% water, right? If you’re going to affect the water molecules,
couldn’t you also by your thoughts just affect other parts of your body? Because, so if you want to track what your
judgments are, it’s very simple. If you say, “I can’t do this because,”all
the things that you spit out right after the because are generally all your justifications,
beliefs, and things. And if you just consciously pay attention
to them for two seconds, I’m going to show you how to clear them, that’s your clue for
what’s actually blocking you. I had a client who came to me, and I’d ask
her a question, and I would say to her, “What do you think about X, Y, Z,” whatever it was. And the first thing that came out of her mouth,
every time I asked her a question was “I don’t know,” right? And then she’d say the answer after I don’t
know. I’d say, “What color do you like,” and she’d
say, “I don’t know, blue.” And I’d say, “Well, what do you want to manifest?” “Well, I don’t know,” duh, duh, duh, duh. And I’m thinking, wow, she doesn’t even really
get that the language that she’s speaking right now is…and she was also complaining
that she wasn’t intuitive enough. But she couldn’t see her own little pattern
of, you know, saying “I don’t know” after every time somebody asked her a question. So that where did the “I don’t know”come from? Well, I basically traced it back and it came
from always having to justify to her parents why she was doing something. Like her parents would ask her, you know,
she said, “I want to go buy that dress” or whatever. And they’d say, “Well why do you want to go
buy that dress?” And then she’d have to come up with a zillion
reason of why she had to go buy that dress. And then finally at some point, she just caved
in to this whole weird reality that she’s living with her parents and she just said,
“I don’t know.” And if she said “I don’t know” first, and
then gave the reason, she could pretty much justify her whole life. But the “I don’t know” was blocking her from
her intuition, from her own knowing, right? So I’m bringing that up so that you start
paying a little more conscious attention to what it is that your natural habits are when
you’re speaking, or you know, what other judgments that you’re thinking. Now here’s what’s happening. So if somebody says, like remember how I kind
of said that these judgments have layers? So if somebody comes to me and they say, “You
know, I can’t make money. I’m always broke,” right? So what I’ll energetically hear if they said,
“I’m always broke,”I can actually feel like a deadness in their energy field when they
say, “I’m always broke.” And there’s like a certain quality of frequency
in there. And what happens is your soul is not just
in your body, right? It emanates out, you know? And what I would see is these pattern overlays
of “I’m not broke,”and they just light up everywhere. And so basically when we cleared these, and
put in source energy, then I am, you know, basically her frequency would run just really
clear and like alight. And then that person could go, therefore go
manifest what it is they desired. So if you cannot change your environment,
you either haven’t chosen to change it, or you haven’t cleared the judgments blocking
you. As an infinite being, you only have two things. You have choice, and you have awareness. You’re a perceiving, knowing being who’s in
a body. So you can either choose things or you can
be aware. And choice will always overrule. Remember how last night, for those of you
were here, he said, “I chose happiness,” okay? You choose something really powerfully, then
everything will come up this in the way of that, and then you just clear it. And that’s really all you have to do to, you
know, be happy. So if you want to change a life, you have
to change your matter. Now a lot of us have been fed a lot of bullshit
basically about what’s true or false. So we might think that “I can’t make money.” Or we might think, “I can’t have love.” Or we might think, “I’m broke,” you know? A lot of people say “I’m broke.” And it’s very fascinating because that one
belief, “I am broke,” can basically permeate all other parts of your life, and break other
parts of your life, right? So you have to clear all the untruths and
falsehoods, which means you have to question your judgment. So if you’re saying something and you say
to yourself, “Oh I can’t do that,” be willing to be consciously aware enough to say, “Well,
is that true? Is that really true that I can’t do that?” And just be a little more…pay attention
a little bit more. And clear the judgments bound with lower energy. So are you love or aboving things into your
life? Or are you judging things out of your life? So remember the client I was talking about
who said “I don’t know” all the time? I thought the only way I’m going to get her
to be willing to like pay attention enough is I have to give her something to do. And what I did is…they have some postcards
that I can hand out for you. But I had her take a little index card and
carry it around with her for a week, okay? And I would encourage you to do this. And basically all I did is I told her that
the only thing you have to do is every time you judge something out of your reality, you
basically say “I can’t do it. I couldn’t do it. I don’t know.,” or you’re looking at somebody
and… without appreciation, and you’re saying, “Oh, I can’t believe they’re wearing that. That sucks,” or whatever these judgments are
that we have, right? You just make a little mark of what your judgments
are. And then after you make the judgments, I’m
going to show you that basically what you’re going to do is is you’re going to clear…
if you want to write down what your judgments are, you can later on clear them. And so some of the judgement I have, because
I’ve worked on so many people, I actually have lists of thousands of what these beliefs
are that I found on people. They’re really, really fascinating. But some of the ones that we’ve heard, these
lies, “The love of money is evil.Money doesn’t grow on trees. I don’t have enough. Rich people cheat, lie, or steal.” I found that on people. I’ve also found “I have to work hard for my
money.” When I cleared my own belief of “I had to
work hard for money,”I got a check in the mail for six figures. Because I put in a new belief, which basically
said “I get paid for being me,” okay? Just me. I get to show up and be me. There’s some other ones. “Money is not spiritual.Spiritual people don’t
have any money. I have to save for a rainy day. I’m broke.I’m not good with money. And I can’t afford whatever.” If I have a client who comes to me and they
say “I can’t, duh, duh, duh, duh,”I ask them for a few days to go around, saying, “What
would it take for me to be able to afford that,” okay? My favorite little saying is “What would it
take?” And the universe responds to that. What would it take for this to happen? What possibility could I open up in my life? What would it take, okay? And you don’t have to know how. But if you asked, what would it take, you
just created an opening for the universe to support what it is you desire. So the ways you can change your wealth programming,
you can make a choice. You can bless things and be grateful that
it’s already in your life. So basically, when I had her do the whole
make a list of her judgments, every judgment she made, she had to reframe it and she said,
“I’m broke,” okay? She’d have to reframe it and say, “I am so
grateful and thankful and I love how much money I have in my life.” And that simple reprogramming over and over
and over again of “I’m so grateful and thankful and happy that I have this in my life,” pretty
much, when she came to me, she didn’t have a job. And then she basically opened up her whole
life and got a job within two months. And she hadn’t had a job in a year, just from
clearing your judgments and adding gratitude. Connect to the oneness and source energy. So remember the scale of 0 to 1,000. And then there’s the energy that holds everything
in. So do you want to learn how to connect to
source energy the way I do it? Okay, so you’re an infinite being in a body. So just close your eyes for a minute. Okay, and I just want you to take your energy
and expand it out past the seatmate next to you, and expand it out past the room, and
expand it out past this building, and expand it out past this hotel, and expand it out
past Costa Rica, and expand it out past Mexico, and expand it out past the planet, and expand
it out past the moon, expand it out past Jupiter, expand it out past Pluto, expand it out until
you connect to the light. Just keep going and going and going until
you somewhere feel a certain peacefulness kind of resonate in your body. In this space is where you can reprogram anything. So in this space, just think of something
that you’re grateful and thankful for that you want to show up in your life. Maybe it’s something on your list yesterday
for the money. I’m so grateful and thankful that this showed
up in my life. And I’m so grateful and thankful that it shows
up in my life now. And I’m so grateful and thankful that I have
all my needs fulfilled. And I’m so grateful and thankful that I experience
joy in this moment. And I’m so grateful and thankful that all
the answers I wanted answered before I showed up here are answered. They just show up and they come to me. And I’m so grateful and thankful for me being
me. And I’m so grateful and thankful, yeah, for
all the good that’s coming into my life. All right. So when you’re ready, you can just open your
eyes, okay. So if you noticed when you go out to that
space, you can keep connecting and connecting and connecting. That’s because you’re an infinite being who
can perceive and know anything, right? You don’t really have an edge or an end to
you, right? You can just keep going and going and going
and going. And from that space of oneness, which is basically
oneness, you can delete and change any program. So if I make a judgment that “I am broke,”let’s
just say, I can go into that space and just say, “I delete that, and add that which I
want.” The five choices you can make to change your
future, every future ambition has to be changed at source, and clear all judgments and beliefs. Be love, be joy, and play more, right? Joy is the calibration of 600. Play more. Be extraordinary in every thought, word, and
deed. Just be a little more conscious of what’s
going on. Love or above, and align and agree with that
which you want. When I was raising my vibration really quickly,
I basically would not allow any thoughts in my head of that which I didn’t want. So to keep my focus, I just wanted to see…I’ll
do anything like really, you know, to the nth degree, just to see if it works. And I would basically do a little walking
mantra or prayer, “I’m just so grateful and thankful of…” and I blessed everything that
I wanted to have show up in my life. And pretty much everything that I asked for
in that short time period, like pretty much came within a week or two. So it was really fast. And ask questions and follow information from
source guidance. When you connect to that oneness place, you
can ask any question and it’ll show up. Now some people might say, “Well, I don’t
hear the answer like right away.” Well, just come from a space of the universe
loves you enough that it’ll actually show you the answer in some way. So maybe you might get it from a person, or
a TV show, or some other way. You don’t know how it’s going to show up. But just ask for whatever it is that you need
to show up from that space of oneness. Okay, okay? So I want to say that I’m so grateful and
thankful that you guys are here. It’s been a pleasure. And I would love to hear some little stories
from people about how many judgments you found, and how many you cleared, and added love to. All right, thank you.


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  14. And btw money is evil. Know why it was created in the first place. Now can you do good things with it sure? Do you need to be rich to feel rich? No. But really newcage bullshit she is spewing here.

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    In other words. I find her explanation a bit quick around the corners or just incomplete.

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  17. I had a relationship with a girl who I believed I would always be with. The problem was she triggered me in a bad way and I think vice versa. Could we still be that perfect match? Is it that, for me, my vibration is wrong ? Get my vibration right and we are a good match ?

  18. This happens to me, When I counsel people. I instantly know answers to fix the seven fear of fear ego complexes.

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    Absolutely LOVE IT! Thank you so much to both Christie and the Mindvalley team for sharing the info.
    I am so grateful and thankful to have found you Christie!!!

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  29. There's a lot of good wisdom in this at its core, however worth pointing out that the first mentioned water experiment has been debunked and the "scientist" in question is actually a psuedo intellectual with essentially a bought phD, look it up.

  30. What is one experience you've that made you raise your energy?
    Share your thoughts, we'd love to hear them 😃 AND you can experience this transformational FREE masterclass that will clear your abundance blocks check it out here 👉

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  32. You are not allowed to lie here, I know that many do, but then you don´t get serviced here, from the Universe and so! It gets to dangerous to be around here like that, and it doesn´t get to figure itself out at all, as people get stranded here then, and doesn´t take it´s responsibility to allow itself to live on!! When it gets lied to!! Lying and being lied to is ranking at no1 destructive way to live here – no friends, no enemies as much as everyone that got lied to, and no reality to go and lean yourself on when it blows hard here!! The risk of getting sick is VERY VERY BIG, on all accounts, EVERYWHERE, as it doesn´t support your membranes or bloodstream, which relies on the words to be true and sane to refresh itself with, the energy content that is!! If you don´t speak truth only, then you suffer defeat, such as being able to support yourself less, dress yourself right, eat veggies and cream, and have a good time always!! You don´t attract people to your body core at all, anytime, as it´rots it´s teeth, which is very dangerous for eating, and getting your nutrition value in your body core met, and represented, with whore not!! Lies are DEATH itself for some reason, it doesn´t contain truth, which you can go on and live on with here!! Lies stops it here like a halting horse who chucks you over it´s neck, and breaks your neck, or bones, all in one go!! It´s COMPLETELY DEADLY, whoever you pulled it with, and never comes back to truth, no matter what happens, where life still goes on!! You get chucked into death, where nothing happens at all, when you get lied to, and also when you lie to someone!! Perv out to stop lying in your perving system, or I can do it for you!! Also perv out to say forgiveness prayer to the ones that died like that for you! Embarrass your head less and use it to explain your situation with!! "I´ve got something going on that needs to be there, otherwise I´ll die or so, because I miss the rest of you so MUCH, and I don´t get to go there, if I´m so HAUGHTY, and rides over everything, so please let me do that!!" We need to look for security, and make modalities that we can walk in!! Lies never breaks it off as much as THIS!! We don´t ever come back to the group where we lied, and can´t count on it´s severe and serious support, of us and our things here!! It doesn´t happen at all, and the group dies off, and nothing ever goes on there again, in a fun or fresh enough way… yeah, we faded away for eachother, or we grew apart, had different oppinions about things… NO, WE JUST FUCKING LIED TO EACHOTHER!! So it broke off, and then it´s not at all fun any more!! So DON´T LIE, DON´T TALK BEFORE YOU KNOW THE REAL ANSWER, WHICH IS THE SAME AS LYING, YOU GET CHUCKED INTO DEATH HERE!! Please don´t do this!! Where´s the explanations?? That you got to swap organs with someone else, who liked hiddy things in a grand way!! Maybe something like that!! Don´t think it´s yours, it´s perv industry!! They swap and trade here!! See to that you always have an answer when people come and talk to you, it needs to be TRUE, and then you keep yourself happening a bit nicer usually, wouldn´t you??! The answer can´t be that rude, and still go off on a tangeon for everyone else!! So keep it sane, and possibly USE A NOTE PAD, KEEP IT WITHOUT THE SPIRAL!! IT GETS YOUR THINKING TWANGED, AS IT ENDS UP BEING DRAWN INTO THE SPIRAL!! I use one without spiral right now, it´s so much easier!! Just a regular book of some sort, without metal to it!! Where you can write and draw, and understand about your life time here, in reality, not in liester, or storyville!!! Keep it here in this reality, how are you feeling, what are you thinking, under, also, under is very important, it comes out with a note pad, that you write it down on!! We have the consious mind, right here, speaking, talking, seeing! You have the subconcious mind, under, that reigns on your life time, all the decicions comes from there, and it´s a constant situation going on there, either it´s peace or war! See what you think there, it´s very important for you, as that´s you and your situation there, nowhere else!! This sets the tone, and that´s where you can be positive or negative, nowhere else!! You also have your overconcious, where you know about what´s going on with you and the other ones, so you can ask it questions much, or dowse with it, with your pendulum!! You dream in your subconcious, you feel in that too, and you know everything about what´s going on there too, in the way of feelings for the day ahead, what you fear and what you don´t fear here!! It´s very important to know what´s going on there, and don´t deny on it!! So see you there, without lies, and with a good acceptable explanation instead!! You always need an explanation!! The people with explanations has friends, the otherones has enemies!! See you soon!! Cheers Jenny, NIke 1

  33. Awesome presentation from Christie, I love her message. I just don´t believe americans´frequency is between 400 and 500, I would like to think is true, but it is not.

  34. Really? Most has been written in the scriptures. I agree that what we speak and think has an impact on our life and mood. Nothing new!! These concepts new age magical thinking and the power of attraction theory doesn’t always work. New age thinking premises that we can avoid all suffering and unwanted unpleasant experiences and practically live a life of bliss because we are in control. New age thinking portrays a fairy tail life as long as we have the right formula to apply and that is what most new age gurus bank on
    Unwanted things happen and suffering is part of life. Sometimes acceptance is a lot more mature and peaceful than forcing life to go our way. We can tie ourselves in knots. I have never met anyone who asked for what they wanted without doing anything to get it and got it
    The universe? Do you mean God? God is not the universe, He created the universe. You can call God anything you want but please let’s stop thinking that God is our Jeane in a bottle. That’s a childish view of life and most of us are grown ups

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  38. I listen to this twice a day and my life has changed so dramatically. I listen prior to sleep, meditate, then prior to my morning meditation.

  39. PLEASE HELP: Earth; Urgent Help Needed!!!!!!!!! November 27, 2019

    Annunaki is an extraterrestrial race these day’s that are out of control and torture and rape Earth and plan on destructing her and her resident’s soon. They are linked up with the race group the Reptile’s and are plotting on different way’s they can invade/destroy Earth and her inhabitant’s. Earth want’s to let everybody know she is in poor health condition (25%) from the intrusion’s by Annunaki.
    Annunaki is a black light non-physical race, that recently caught Earth trying to save her Mother (Merces), double-faced human, that was tortured by Annunaki in the 9th dimension. They fallowed her home and are now in the Pleiades, in and around the Sun and Moon as of 2018. I was told you can help Earth by saying “Go away Annunaki,” and “Infinitive, unload,” as many time’s as you can, having Earth in mind. By unloading, you help resolve the extra memory they are trying to throw on Earth. They are trying to imprint Earth’s memory with thing’s she did not do. In the past, Annunaki has been the biggest destroyer on Earth. Please ask her yourself, in regard’s to what she may need help on. Simply ask out load, “Earth, are you there? Listen for any answer either through outside sound’s or through your body. You can easily communicate with her to better facilitate her need’s. She is a benevolent sentient being that is being misused by alternative forces. The Reptile’s hold torcher center’s under Arizona called Agola (appox. 600 mile’s deep) that they have torchered innocent Playwright being’s.
    We are in an Annunaki community, shaped as an X, on the lower right leg of the X in the 483 universe. Known as the “Devil” community, cold/ black unknown light, of the multi-verse, and far from the upside hot “God” community, where they don’t get along with “God” and use them for insert’s on their map’s, and steal instrument’s to try to disguise themselves as them. In the future day’s they are planning to destruct Earth in a variety of way’s, with one being the freezing of Earth. -0 is a unknown/belief/mind integer for sub-zero mind frequency line for believer’s of God. -0 = belief, as a belief is unsure or unknown. 0 is the real number 1, as it start’s 0,1,2,3,4,5, and so on on the numerical line. Earth wanted me to pass along not to believe in anything as it set’s you up for advantages of usage. If anything, imply Goddess, as it loosens up the Planet’s goine’s in case she needs to getaway. Planning such as freezing ice drop’s from above suffocating the Planet and her being’s. Another way, is the flip of poles of Earth (which may happen as soon as early March after the Equinox (2019), into an Annunaki vehicle usually of a wheel, chariot, circle with spokes, to getaway. If chanced: locate or distinguish Intrepid/Incrobot Police Law Enforcement in the sky, by looking strait up and becoming a signal repeating to Goddess (Only) Help!, Earth, Annunaki Village, Earth need’s help! Please help, as it is need for the future of Earth and her resident’s.

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