Celestial Sleep | Hypnotic Guided Meditation

Begin by getting yourself comfortable. Lie in your bed, either on your back or your
side, ensuring that your body is straight and relaxed. Once you have got yourself comfortable, close
your eyes. You are going on a wonderful journey to deep,
celestial sleep. Firstly you are going to relax by taking a
deep breath in through your nose….and out through your mouth in through your nose, and
out through your mouth. In through your nose and out through your
mouth. Take slow, steady, deep breaths in through
your nose and out through your mouth.Feel the outside world start to melt away. In through your nose and out through your
mouth. Good. Your breath begins to steady, it gets shallower,
until you no longer notice you are breathing. You are beginning to feel wonderfully sleepy. Next, turn your attention to your neck. Notice your neck. Does it feel tense? It is tight? Roll your neck around three times to loosen
it up. Your neck feels soft and supple. The tension you were holding from the day
has completely disappeared. Now move your attention to your shoulders. Do they feel tight? Can you sense knots that need to be removed? Wiggle your shoulders a little, move them
round and round, up and down and feel the tightness you were holding disappear. Notice your arms, both of them. Move your arms around, releasing those uptight
feelings. Notice your hands and your fingers. Wiggle your fingers, release all unwanted
feelings from the day. Now your fingers feel relaxed and free. Turn your attention to your heart. See any burden you carry from the day being
lifted away from the centre of your chest. You are feeling very relaxed and ready to
prepare for a deep sleep. Notice your stomach. See any feelings of tension and upset from
the day being lifted from your stomach. Now, turn your focus to your legs. First notice your hips. Wiggle them a little. Continue to move them until they feel free
and unhindered. Move your attention down both of your legs
at the same time. Notice your thighs, your knees, your calves
and your ankles. Feel both of your feet at the end of your
legs. Notice where they are and now they feel. Move your toes back and forth. See a waterfall shower of light about a metre
above your head. The waterfall is made of clear and white light
with a few pink sparkles. See the waterfall shower of light trickle
into the top of your head in a steady stream washing away all unwanted thoughts and tension
from the day, moving from the top of your head, through your neck and shoulders, down
both of your arms and hands, through your chest and torso down through both of your
legs and out through the soles of your feet. Feel the waterfall shower of light move right
through you down into the ground, washing away all unwanted thoughts and energy from
the day. Gone are the thoughts of the day. You are feeling extremely relaxed and ready
to prepare for a deep sleep. Take a couple of deep breaths in through your
nose and out through your mouth.In through your nose and out through your mouth. Your body and mind feel free and ready to
enter a deep and restorative sleep. Imagine a ball of light sitting about one
metre above the top of your head. This ball of light can be any colour you wish. What colour do you see? It may be white or another colour. Your ball of light is big enough to climb
into. Imagine climbing into that light and getting
comfortable ready for a night of celestial sleep. With your eyes still closed imagine yourself
inside of your ball of light looking outwards through the colour of your choice. With your eyes still closed image yourself
looking up at the roof and starting a journey inside your ball of light up into the sky;
your journey to Celestial Sleep. Looking up see you and your ball of light
travelling up through the window and, up into the night sky and leaving the earth behind. You look down now and then and can see your
building grow smaller. Now you are above your city and can faintly
make out the streets and familiar places. You are moving quickly up through the sky
and can see the region you live in, far, far below. Next the country comes into view; the faint
outline of the coastline or border and then you see the earth below, from the darkness. It begins to feel very small but perfect,
just like you have seen in the movies. You can make out lights of large cities
and an amber glow around one edge where daylight in breaking far away. Travelling up through the sky you reach the
edge of space. Move in your ball of light out into the vast
openness of space. Ahead of you are many hundreds of wonderful
twinkling stars. The stars stretch as far as you can see. Notice all of the stars you pass. Some are brighter and larger, some are smaller
and twinkle very so slightly. A shooting star here and there captures your
attention. The stars are making you feel right at home,
their gentle presence is reassuring and relaxing. You start to see the various planets. The planets
move past you one by one. You see Saturn and its rings, the red glow
of Mars and planets of various sizes passing before you. Their majesty is inspiring, their presence
is comforting. The moon comes into view. The moon is bright and is giving off a wonderful
energy. Its calming influence is making you feel so
sleepy, so detached and so ready to drift off into a deep celestial sleep amongst the
stars. You travel up further into space. Everything seems quiet here, nothing to disturb
you. A wave of peace passes over you. You are floating in deep space, inside of
your ball of light. The ball of light feels cosy and comfortable. You are warm and safe and floating in the
celestial night, growing ever more sleepy. Your body feels like it has completely melted
away. You are feeling so blissful and growing ever
more sleepy. Your ball of light rocks gently back and forth;
the same feeling you had as a small baby when you were drifting off to sleep; so safe, so
secure, so relaxed and ready to enter a deep sleep. You mind is completely still. Gone are the thoughts of the day. Your mind is empty, your body is totally relaxed. In the centre of your chest you can feel a great
warmth, coming into your soul. The energy of the Universe is coming into
your heart, making you feel loved and safe. Your connection to the celestial night makes
you feel part of something very special. You know this is where you wish to spend the
night, amongst the stars and planets, with the moon in the distance. You feel your body move around within the
ball of light. Your body is completely relaxed and feels
comfortable inside the ball of light. The ball of light moves from one side to another,
and back and forth. You are floating in deep space, the same feeling
you get when you lie on your back in the warm sea with the water enveloping you just like
your ball of light is now. You are floating in nurturing warmth and tenderness,
your body supported by the reassuring energy of the Universe. You are completely free, completely relaxed,
completely supported cocooned by the stillness of deep space. You wish to sleep here. You wish to drift off into a deep celestial
slumber with the night sky as your bed. You can drift anywhere you want; into far off galaxies
or floating near to the stars. The celestial nightscape is yours to explore
as much or as little as you wish. You can float far away or stay near the light. You are feeling very sleepy and ready to drift
off to sleep. Nothing is keeping you from your slumber. Allow yourself to enter a deep state of sleep. You are feeling so relaxed, so ready to sleep. Your body feels enveloped by the warmth and
safety of the celestial sky. Allow yourself to drift off in this wonderful
place. Your mind and body are ready to move into
deep sleep. Let yourself enter deep sleep now. Your mind and body are relaxed. You have nothing to worry about. Enter a deep sleep of many hours of incredible
rest and rejuvenation. Your mind and body allow you to now enter
a deep sleep amongst the twinkling stars of the night sky. The sky feels reassuringly still and peaceful. Your mind and body feel still and peaceful. You are now falling asleep. Your mind and body are empty, you are falling
asleep. The stars and planets and the moon are on
the horizon, gently comforting you as you now enter a deep sleep. Sleep is coming to you effortlessly and easily. Your mind and body are relaxed. You are now falling asleep. Drift off
and allow yourself to enter a deep, deep sleep. The feeling of floating in the nothingness
is making you feel very sleepy. You are free to fall asleep and experience
many hours of blissful and refreshing sleep. When you awake you will feel so alive, so
revived. But for now, allow yourself to drift off to
sleep, perfectly still, knowing you are relaxed and ready to enter a deep sleep. Gone are the thoughts of the day, gone is
the feeling of your body feeling heavy and weary. You are floating in deep space, ready to enter
a nurturing and deep sleep where your mind and body will be thoroughly rested and restored. Allow yourself now to drift off, feeling safe
and secure, in the peaceful night sky. You are now entering deep sleep. Let go and move into deep sleep. Your mind and body are entering deep sleep
now. You are falling asleep amongst the stars. You are entering a deep sleep.


  1. Another gem
    Not sure how to say this but I been having erotica during some of your meditation
    Is this normal

  2. u haven't listened to your download… but I'm greatful to see u have posted. .I'm having a difficult time at present…thank u lady…love n light x

  3. Beautiful….inspiring and relaxing! Your voice is just perfect 🙏💜💛💙💚much love and peace ✌️ 𗀂

  4. you have a wonderful selection of meditations, I immediately fell in love with this one ;it turned out that this one helped me to get into an awesome and beautiful deep nights sleep; my stress from the day completely disappeared from my heart and stomach,once all of that disappeared and that waterfall of light came down and filled me it was all she wrote it was officially goodbye and good riddance to a good but hectic day and get into a wonderful deep journey that took me into the deep celestial sleep ; that ball of light wrapped around me like a cocoon all night and woke up refreshed and ready for my day,this is going to be my go to meditation for a good nights Celestial Sleep. Thank You for your beauty that's makes your meditations unsurpassingly beautiful.

  5. Oh beautiful daughter of God! I feel the love and the grace of the omnipotent in that divine energy of your work of love. You truly are an angel princess of the king of the universe manifested and that sweet and lovable person, Rasa Lukosiute. Much gratitude and love to you magnificent Goddess.

  6. Thank you so much for all your hard work, if not for you, Jason Stephenson and a few others I'd still be lost❤️

  7. My wife and I have been listening to you every night for over a year. We feel like your part of our family. Your voice is so soothing and calming. We are in Italy at this moment and your beautiful voice travels with us all over the world. Many thanks for guiding us to peaceful, restful sleeps.

  8. I've been listening to your guided meditations for the past couple of years. Out of all the other 'guides' here on youtube, i have to admit, your voice is…😍😍😍…😶 (for lack of better words) and is the reason i continue to listen to your videos over the others that are available on here. (I cannot say it enough, your voice has me completely mesmerized).

    Anyway–last night, or rather early this a.m. while listening to your incredibly mellisonant/beautiful voice I entered into a state of lucid dreaming.
    Im not sure how long it actually lasted but it was all very, very real.
    But what went from being an extremely pleasant experience turned into something nightmarish, up to the point where i woke up screaming nearly at the top of my lungs, which has never happened to me. Ever.

    Long story short–in this lucid state I saw a woman with gorgeous blonde hair down on her knees, bent over something i couldn't quite make out (from what i can remember it looked like it was simply a tree that fallen and was blocking a path or a trail and she was crying profusely.
    As i went over to see what she was so upset about she turned around, looked up and stared at me dead in the eyes with the most ghoulish face. It seemed almost demonic. And it was at that point when i woke up, heart pounding and screaming out loud. (im a 6' 245lbs man in my early 30's btw).
    I typically wouldn't post any of this for others to read but it all seemed so very real and was absolutely terrifying. I only wish i knew what it meant or why something so serene turned into what it did?

    Ive enjoyed listening to you over the years and by no means want to offend you in any way by what ive shared…(if you even see or read this). I will continue listening to your meditations/guides as i am absolutely captivated/enchanted by your voice.

    (Apologies for such a long response, I've just never experienced anything like this before. I've been able to enter a state of lucid dreaming a handful of times and have had experienced full on astral projection twice, but nothing like this has ever happened before. Something that had me so terrified?
    Thanks for reading and I hope you continue to create more medition guides for us to listen to as we drift away and explore our minds and our inner-selves.
    Oh and here's a few more 😍😍😍😁

  9. Why are the staff here so robotic?showing no emotion. I miss how house next door. How am I supposed to survive in this emotionless environment.

  10. Rasa, I really applaud you! as well as all of your efforts in creating these really beautiful soft sounding and uplifting joyous meditation journeys.They have really given me something exciting to look forward to for bedtime.(thats when I listen to your work.😉) Its such a great time for me. Im transported into lucidity and love, warmth and light! Bless You Rasa!💗

  11. Rasa, thank you so very much for uploading this video. Your voice is so angelic 🙂 and I am certain you must have worked very hard to have this beautiful, priceless gift prepared for us all, the sleepless sufferers. I thank you from the bottom of my heart on all our behalf……THANK YOU!!

  12. those ads in the middle scared me awake… I was very relaxed and into it but now my heart is beating very fast and I'm wide awake.

  13. Aciu Rasa, uz nuostabias meditacijas! Gryzus namo po ilgos dienos, vienas malonumas ju klausydama taip ramiai uzmigti <3

  14. There is no better place to center yourself and become balanced than with Rasa's meditations!

  15. For those who are on their sides and/or find it difficult to move each body part she asks you to, I found that simply visualizing the movements she suggests was very effective for me. Peace

  16. You have truly assisted me more than words can say to sleep, heal and find peace and calm. When I meditate with your videos every night I receive so much angelic healing. Thank You.

  17. ⭐🌜🧘🏼‍♂️Gonna try this now. ⭐Love your meditations. 🌠 Staying connected 🧘🏼‍♂️🌛⭐

  18. You an Angel 👼 descended from heavens 😘 So relaxing meditation, your voice is incredibly soothing. I listen to few of your other meditations and blown my mind. You help me to rest as I am going through challenging schooling, your meditation reduces anxiousness and relaxes me the most. Thank you 🙏 ❤️🥰 God bless

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