Caste system

Caste system


  1. most hindus are in medical field because we have a complex that anything other than docotr or engineer there is no strratification of society!! hahha Cast system is aquired through parents born by, no bull shit bro, you must watch this vedio : " untouchability in India !! you will understand that .

  2. such an awesome video should be seen by every people who believe caste by birth and low caste people are highly humiliated… our society……really nice video

  3. There is a different between caste and class system.
    Vegas are Hindu sacred books. The institution of caste is clearly mentioned in the tenth mandala of the rigveda.

    Caste system was invented by the priest class to destroy merit in India, to have a monopoly over power.

  4. 1 translate varnashrama to English.
    2 can you initiate a movement to abolish caste based on birth and make every qualified person as brahmin not based on birth
    3 why was ekalaiva punished even though he was well qualified in archery.
    What was your opinion on dhronachariya's act
    4 why was shambuga killed in ramayana. Did Rama too misunderstood varnashrama?
    4 if you ask someone who is a hair dresser the answer will be the person who corrects the hair, the answer in the bagavatgeetha to explain brahmin was in the same way. Everyone knows caste are birth based. The answer in the bagavatgeetha is made to just honour brahmins by birth as a sacred ones and messenger of truth.
    5 can you mention any vadic story in which elders decided person's caste based on qualities.

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