Carisi Gets Personal About Faith and Choices – Law & Order: SVU (Episode Highlight)


  1. When that lawyer stormed in to that court room and handed arrest warrants I wanted to know what nerve he had

  2. This was such a thought provking emotional episode! This Carisi scene just hit me right in the heart! 😢🤧 Such a powerful message in this scene and throughout the episode. Peter Scanavino did an amazing job in this episode! Great job SVU cast and writers!!💜

  3. This episode was nothing but a skewed social and political issue on abortion. It's too bad they couldn't have done an objective type episode concerning this.

  4. This was amazing! This made me choke up and it shows how dedicated Peter is to this role! You can see him fighting back tears! And I love how Carisi shows his faith and how he uses it to fight against real even! THAT is a true believer!! 💕❤🙏🏻

  5. I love detective sonny carisi
    But DA carisi has definitely won me over
    He is killing it this season
    He learn alot from barba

  6. Okay, since this show uses opinion and emotion over logic and facts, here’s something you need to know; rape babies account for barely 1% of all abortions and that fact that shows like this use something so terrible thats hardly even a statistic to guilt people into being okay and to justify killing the other 99% of babies just because two idiots are too stupid to use a condom, is just despicable.

  7. SVU got so woke, that it lost it's plot. I'm surprised that they didn't sack Ice-T for his description of women in real life.

  8. I feel sad for his mother, and the Step father the rapist should spend the rest of his life in prison, but the girl should have the baby and put it up for adoption, trust and obey God and leave the consequences to him. We can't kill kids just so that someone can feel better. Murder is murder.

  9. People who get abortions should not be judged neither should people who are pro life and think abortion is murder this shouldn’t lead to violence

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