Caller: Atheism is NOT a Religion

Chris in Englewood Colorado you disagree
that atheism is a religion yeah I bought based on your rationale not believe in Bigfoot is a religion if
you organized a group of people who 10
around the a surging that there’s no big foot
who built their lives are routed who who believed that because they knew
there was no big foot arm there they had some certain about
what happened after they died I would not disagree with you but I
don’t think that people who don’t believe in Bigfoot arm have an organized epistemology like
that well okay I can speak for all a theater all agnostics like your
previous guest presenter to look for myself and for everyone I know we don’t believe in God because
absolutely no evidence to support it writers arguably just as much evidence
for more that it would exist the fact that you don’t we take politics
yes because evidence is poor at best doesn’t make that your religion I’m not
really talking about the epistemology i’m talking about. critical thinking if
there’s no evidence to believe in something and you
believe in any way database and that religion not believe in something because there’s
no evidence for it do not make that additional ish well I understand that’s the argument is
typically made but if you are asserting that as a
certainty I would say that you are engaging in
religion if you’re if you’re asserting that as a possibility then I’d say you’re engaging in logic
Ste well i i would say that most that’s
which are you doing edit that is the difference with agnostic and
atheist I i don’t believe in god Krishna evidence to support it so it can do you
believe that you don’t believe in God are you certain that there is no God no of course not okay seemed like there
was a got out to eat not then the entire concept which goes out
the door because it does no more state we now know that there’s a cop okay so so you’re asserting agnosticism not are
atheism what I miss erin is that agnosticism
atheism absolutely not a religion that I think
it’s kinda you know silly say so okay alright but
will will agree to disagree Chris thanks for
listening 760 a.m.


  1. Thom can't be absolutely certain that there isn't a pink unicorn named Phyllis that wants to be believed in by members of our species and has set up a system of eternal reward/punishment based upon whether or not we believe in them. Because pink unicorns named Phyllis want to be believed in by our species so badly they're willing to set you on fire and torture you forever upon your death, and you'd still experience this sensation of unfathomable pain even without a brain or nervous system, even though, if you were alive and set your legs on fire, you'd experience extreme pain to the point your brain would send you into a state of shock, while if you simply severed the nerves to your legs before doing so you wouldn't feel anything.

  2. Thom, where did you get this notion that agnosticism and atheism are mutually exclusive? To believe that they are is simply false. Agnostics are those who do not know whether or not there is a god. Atheists are those who do not believe that there is a God. To not believe that there is a god, you just have to think it is less likely than not (less than 50 percent) that god exists. As long as you are one of probably 99 percent of atheists who believe that there is between a 0 and 50 percent chance that God exists, then you are an atheist who is also agnostic. Even Richard Dawkins is an agnostic and an atheist in that he has publicly stated that he does not no for certain that there is no god, but he believes that it is highly unlikely. Moreover, again, believing that there is no God is not connected to any other sort of rules about morality or practical ways of living whatsoever, unlike believing in any other religion. Love you Thom, but you're making a childish argument here. You're smarter than that! 

  3. I don't know that there isn't a god, but i certainly have no reason to believe it. 
    Agnostic Atheist. 

    I know there isn't a god, and therefore, I don't believe in it. 
    Gnostic Atheist

    I don't know that there is a god, but I believe in it, nonetheless.
    Agnostic Theist

    I know that there is a god, and therefore I believe in it. 
    Gnostic Theist

    It's pretty simple. 

  4. Thom, you need to read the definitions of the words "theism", "atheism" and "religion".  A simple google query shows the definitions:

    noun: theism.  1. belief in the existence of a god or gods, esp. belief in one god as creator of the universe, intervening in it and sustaining a personal relation to his creatures.

    noun: atheism.  1. disbelief or lack of belief in the existence of God or gods.

    noun: religion.  1. the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, esp. a personal God or gods.

    In other words, in order for atheism to be a religion, it would have to include 1) belief in god(s) and 2) the worship of god(s).  Atheism has neither, and is precisely not religion.

    Just because someone is passionate about something doesn't mean it is a religion, Thom.

  5. Most atheists don't assert that there is no god, they are saying that there is insufficient evidence to believe in god.  A positive assertion there is no god is not required to qualify as an atheist,

  6. Wow, this is one time I totally part company with Thom Hartmann. What's the point of his assertion that atheism constitutes a religion? I see no logic in that.

  7. Asserting that atheism is a religion is like asserting that the Off Switch on your television is a channel.

  8. I am an atheist. I do not believe in God(s) or creation myths which stem from that belief. I claim no specific knowledge of the universe based on that, including what happens to me when I die. I rely on science to inform my opinions on those subjects.

    You got uncharacteristically excited as you argued in this segment. I think we found your prejudice. I knew everybody had one. 🙂

    love you

  9. The problem is collectivism. The Constitution was intended to protect individuals like me. But the globalists have been busy "dividing" and "conquering" on the basis of arbitrarily grouping us.

  10. Progressive host runs into a brick wall when confronting atheists.
    Give it up Thom, reconsider your childhood superstitious fantasies and join the adult conversation.

  11. Comparing Christianity to Atheism is categorically incorrect, in my view. Atheism is not analogous to Christianity – it is analogous to Theism – a blanket term that encompasses a very broad set of beliefs.

    So yes, under the umbrella of "Atheism" there are some "Evangelical Atheists," if you will, that are trying to convert people away from their religions. But saying "Atheists hate religion and insult the faithful" is as inaccurate as saying "Theists sacrifice virgins in volcanoes." Both statements are misleading.

  12. I don't think speaking with certainty should be a standard for what is a religion or not. By that argument could you then define most human beings as Gravitationalists, who assert that gravity definitively exists without acknowledging the possibility it doesn't?

  13. Caller : "I don't believe in gods. That's not a religion."

    Hartmann: "If you state that as fact, its religion, If you state that as a possiblity, then its logic.

    "I "possibly" don't believe in gods", is logical?  More nonsensical babble from the uneducated.

  14. A religion has to have a supreme being or god, atheism is the lack of belief one exists, it is ludicrous to then claim that position is a religion.

  15. Atheism, being a lack of belief in god, cannot be a religion. At bare minimal a religion must at least have a single belief. Atheism has no beliefs or dogma. Why is this so hard for Christians to understand?

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