Burma buddhist organization Ma Ba Tha fights Rohingya muslims (The Infidel 2016-03-17)

Not so peaceful monks “Whore” and “bitch” were the words
used by a Firebrand Burmese Buddhist monk upon receiving criticism from a female UN
special human rights envoy criticizing a system of religious apartheid taking root in Burma.
A sect of extremist monks, known as the Organization for the Protection of Race and Religion, locally
known as Ma Ba Tha, is the focus of the controversy. This group has fallen under the scrutiny of
the security and conflict research organization C4ADS, monitoring the spread of bigotry and
inducement to violence against a religious minority. The Burmese Muslim minority has become the
focal point for agitation by Ma Ba Tha, most of it stirred by a Monk called Wirathu. He
is well-known for having repeatedly incited fear and violence against the stateless Rohingya
Muslim minority which already lives as second-class citizens in the western regions of the country. While the Central Committee of Ma Ba Tha denies
spreading hate speech, saying – “We are not telling anyone to hate Muslims,” these denunciations
ring hollow in light of Wirathu’s pronouncement to a US delegation in 2014 that many Buddhists
“are living in constant daily fear of falling under the sword of the Islamic extremists.”
And that the protection of race and religion should be a priority for the incoming government
headed by the National League for Democracy political party. Adding urgency to the perception of an existential
threat to the Buddhists is a video posted to Facebook depicting a 27 year old Buddhist
woman being sexually assaulted and murdered by knife-wielding, alleged Muslim assailants
during prayers at a western Shrine. The video was blocked by Facebook on Feb. 1st, but that
allowed enough time for inter-faith violence to erupt, resulting in at least 200 dead and
over 100,000 homeless. Wirathu has a track record for this sort of
agitation, and he has been jailed in 2003 as the instigator of anti-Muslim riots that
turned deadly. Yet the allegations may not be wholly without basis; in this instance,
the Muslims in question were convicted in a court of law and sentenced to death for
the rape and murder – one of the trio hung himself before sentencing could be carried
out. While government officials do not countenance
retaliation publicly, it is worth nothing that the NLD party did not offer a single
Muslim among over 1100 candidates in the recent elections. In a country divided by religion,
the Machiavellian Ma Ba Tha appear poised to take advantage of simmering faith-based
conflicts leaving a bloody stain across Burma. He’s shaking in his Christian boots Fear not, BBC viewers, you will not be subjected
to a ‘spiritual headlock’, according to the promise made by the new host of BBC’s Radio
2 Breakfast show. In a sign of the shifted religious and cultural landscape in Jolly
ol’ England, a self-described ‘devout’ Christian feels the need to pre-empt religious criticism
by vowing that his Christian faith will not ‘affect the way I do my job’. Walker was recently interviewed on the Chris
Evans Breakfast show, where he reminded viewers that modern Britain is supposed to be a tolerant
society, whether the host might be Atheist, Muslim, or even a Christian. Walker wants
to live in a world were “Gary Lineker can present Match of the Day even though he’s
a Leicester (pronounced Leister) City fan, and John Humphrys can do Radio 4 even though
he’s an atheist;” Not the sort of world where he experiences persecution for not joining
the growing tide of British abandoning Anglicanism, and all other trappings of traditional religion. The new show host explained that just because
he enjoys spending time at Church with family and friends does not mean he turns into a
“weird pumpkin” at one past midnight on a Sunday morning. With Christianity on the knife-edge of terminal
decline in Britain, this may be a harbinger of the ever-increasing novelty of open profession
of Christian beliefs in British public life. Dan Walker began his official duties on February
29th, just don’t ask him to work on Sundays. Latter Day Reposters On February first of this year, the Latter
Day Saints’ website suffered a glitch which reposted numerous old articles to that day’s
date. Among those articles was one from 2010 entitled “Effectiveness of Church Approach
to Preventing Child Abuse.” Many who found this reposted article, before the glitch was
discovered, assumed that the church had intentionally updated and reposted the article. Many assumed the article was going up as damage
control after the arrest of Frank John Selas III, a man who had been living in San Diego
under an assumed name and who had been removed from “all positions related to children” at
his Mormon congregation due to behavior which violated church policies related to child
safety. Selas, it turns out, had fled Louisiana decades
before, after several accusers had come forward to implicate him in the sexual abuse of children.
The problem is, the article in question is widely considered a self-serving propaganda
piece that inaccurately claims the LDS Church is proactive and diligent in its approach
to training and preventing. It reportedly contains inaccurate and demonstrably false
claims about Church policy effectiveness in curtailing sexual abuse.


  1. Are Rohinga innocent ?
    The truth behind the name “ROHINGYA”

  2. I am Muslim, however the Rohingyas are the great grandsons of the British Armed Forces. This British Rohingya regiment was called the V FORCE and were used to create a buffer zone in the Arakan State in the World War ll.
    Therefore, the govt of Bangladesh and Myanmar has agreed upon that it is the responsibility of the British govt to take in these refugees.

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