1. So people that are tired of their religions becoming too systematic and diverging from the spirit solve the problem by just starting a new religion? Lol at least Buddha was able to break free from all institution including religion and realizing it's all from within

  2. Slight correction. The Romans didn't persecute Christians. The Christians were causing trouble trying to get martyred. There are surviving documents from Roman times that were letters/speeches pleading to the Christians to stop trying to get martyred.

  3. One of the important factors of when and where Buddhism emerged is the nature of Hinduism as a religion by itself. It wasn't too rigid and fundamentalist to prevent a Siddhartha, someone from the Kshatriya caste, emerging as the Buddha – a religious leader interpreting Hinduism differently and marketing an alternative brand of it to his followers. A lot of people's narrative of Buddhism's emergence and success is to portray Hinduism as having corrupted itself with rituals and classism. That illusion is easily broken by the story of the Buddha himself. He was accepted by a group of Brahmins and studied religion and philosophy with them, traveled with them before he goes to meditate by himself. And when he spread his Buddhism, Hindu culture was an enabling factor again as the Hindu masses were able to assimilate and absorb his teachings with an open mind. That is why Hinduism has survived to this day and still churns out religious leaders and sects and branches of religions – at the core is a very flexible and chilled out philosophy.

  4. Important difference(between Jesus and Buddha) , if the tea was already made Buddha wouldn't stir it.

  5. Slightly misleading explanation. Buddhism did not emerge as a cosmopolitan democratic humanitarian religion as presented here, which placed itself firmly against classism and elitism. No. Gotama Buddha started a exclusive order restricted mostly to men of the upper castes. He was an elitist only interested in training those with the spirit of Ariya in the Doctrine of Awakening.

  6. this Asceticism thing I find be interesting. I noticed in the last Buddhist video yu mentioned about Buddha often going off to meditate, to basically reflect an meditate on life, I instantly was reminded of the Islamic Prophet , Muhammad.
    I realize that Islam is like an offshoot of the Judaic/Christian tradition, or like a "continued Message"… very openly… however,
    I also noticed alot of things that could also be considered as " descending from Hinduism as well" , which very unusually, Islam is not Even linked to any Dharma religions whatsoever.
    I did see some YouTube videos claiming "Islams Vedic history", which some things were very very compelling, and some other things I thought were Even more convincing yet they weren't mentioned, and a few things were obviously bogus.
    I just often wonder if during Pr. Muhammad's life, if the Holy Kaaba was housing any Hindu diety, before Muhammad destroyed them in an attempt to purify the Kaaba from idolatry.
    and really I wonder where did he get the idea to Meditate in the cave, being that we don't here of Biblical Prophet/Messengers meditating… I dnt think?

  7. I heard that a Brahmin actually invented the earliest form of Kung-Fu, and for some reason went to China with it, where it was refined a bit, and it's been their's ever since!!! And of course, over the centuries, it's been much more refined!!

  8. Okay, great lecture! Why would Lord Buddha preached against the Vedas, Sanatana Dharma. Because, He wanted to stop animal killing (sacrifice) in this era, Kali-Yuga! Lord Jesus Christ also preached against animal killing (sacrifice). Thou shall Not Kill, nor murder innocent beings! However, the VEDIC Culture is flourishing and being practice, until this day. Q~ Which is the most peaceful major religion? Sanatana Dharma, The Eternal Religion, that's why the priesthood should be on top, because they represent God head or mouth, and the ruling class represent God arms, traders/farmers represent God belly, labor class represent God legs, and others represent God foot bottom. A body without a head will fall!!!

  9. Hindu is a region not religion lot of people i think do not know that in the ancient india there were 2 main traditions ..1)vedic -which today so called hindusim is influenced by. ..and second is 2) Shramanic which included buddhism, jainism and both of these tradition were completely diffrent….infact buddha rejected the vedas because of its rituals animal sacrifice , caste system and heavily relying on gods……
    Biggest difference is that vedic tradition is polytheist /pantheistic while Shramanic tradition is non theistic..
    Sramana tradition is one of the most overlooked traditions of india by Western media…

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