British Government Calls Christianity a Religion of Violence in Rejection of Iranian Asylum Seeker

Every time I think, “There’s just no way the
British Government can possibly get any worse, any lower, and more despicable,” the British Government replies, “Hold my tea.” The New York Times reports: Rejecting Asylum Claim, U.K. Quotes Bible
to Say Christianity Is Not ‘Peaceful.’ LONDON—Britain’s immigration department
has been condemned for citing violent Bible passages as the basis to reject an asylum
claim by an Iranian national who said he had converted to Christianity because it was a
“peaceful” religion. The Home Office—which is responsible for
handling immigration, security and law and order—used verses from the books of Leviticus,
Exodus and Revelation in an attempt to argue that Christianity was hardly “peaceful.” The asylum seeker’s application was denied
on Tuesday, according to the man’s legal representative, who shared details on social
media. So, an Iranian Muslim converted to Christianity
because unlike Islam, Christianity is peaceful. The British Home Office basically said, “You’re a liar,
because Christianity is a religion of violence. Here are passages from Exodus, Leviticus,
and Revelations to prove it.” Now, those of you who know anything about
the Bible should already see a problem. Exodus and Leviticus were written about fourteen
centuries before Christianity. They’re about what’s called the “Old Covenant,”
a covenant between God and the Children of Israel. This covenant was connected to a peace of
land and involved judgment on certain nations for sins like child sacrifice. The New Covenant is a covenant between Jesus
Christ and Christians. This covenant isn’t connected to any piece
of land and it has nothing to do with Christians going out and punishing anyone for their sins. So, if you claim, as the British Home Office
claims, that Christianity is violent because of commands that aren’t directed at Christians,
you immediately expose yourself as a total moron. The other passages were from Revelations,
which is about the end times, wars, persecution of Christians,
and God’s judgment on the world. What in the name of common sense does God’s
future judgment on the world have to do with Christians being commanded to commit violence? Think about what the British Home Office did
here. In the Bible, there are teachings from covenants
that predate Christianity, and there are teachings of Christianity, and there are prophecies
about the future. Instead of going to the teachings of Christianity
to see if Christianity is a religion of peace, the British Home Office goes to teachings
that predate Christianity and aren’t directed at Christians, and to prophecies about God’s
future judgment, and then completely ignores the commands that are actually directed towards
Christians. What are the commands that are directed towards
Christians? “Love the Lord your God with all your heart,
and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength.” “Love your neighbor as yourself.” “Love your enemies and pray for those who
persecute you.” “Never pay back evil for evil to anyone.” “If possible, so far as it depends on you,
be at peace with all men.” “If your enemy is hungry, feed him, and
if he is thirsty, give him a drink.” “Let all that you do be done in love.” “Walk in love.” “Pursue peace with all men.” “Honor all people.” Is it possible for a Muslim to look at these commands
and conclude that Christianity is peaceful? According to the British Home Office, no. Anyone who says that the Bible’s commands
to love everyone and to pursue peace with all men have anything to do with Christianity
being peaceful must be a liar, and his plea for asylum must be rejected. The case drew a rebuke from the Church of
England, and immigration advocates denounced the decision as another example of the Home
Office’s harsh methods. The man, who has not been identified and had
converted from Islam, filed the claim in 2016, the immigration caseworker and legal representative,
Nathan Stevens, wrote on Twitter. It was not clear whether the man had made
his conversion a basis for his claim. But the Home Office used extensive quotes
from the Bible, such as “You will pursue your enemies, and they will fall by the sword
before you,” from Leviticus, as evidence against the asylum seeker’s claim about
Christianity. “These examples are inconsistent with your
claim that you converted to Christianity after discovering it is a ‘peaceful’ religion,
as opposed to Islam which contains violence, rage and revenge,” read a rejection letter
Mr. Stevens shared excerpts from online. So, again, the British Home Office basically
called this man a liar for claiming that he converted to Christianity after realizing
that Christianity is peaceful, while Islam is not. Now, we’ve seen what the Bible commands. What does the Quran command? “O you who believe! do not take the Jews
and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes
them for a friend, then surely he is one of them.” “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor
the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger,
nor acknowledge the Religion of Truth, from among the People of the Book, until
they pay the Jizyah with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.” “Surely Allah has bought of the believers
their persons and their property for this, that they shall have the garden; they fight
in Allah’s way, so they slay and are slain.” “O you who believe! fight those of the unbelievers who
are near to you and let them find in you hardness.” “Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, and
those who are with him are severe against disbelievers, and merciful among themselves.” Is it possible for a Muslim living in the
Middle East, looking around at the endless misery and bloodshed that have been caused
by Muhammad’s teachings, to say, “You know, I don’t really believe that this
comes from God. I believe that God would tell us to love each
other. But that’s what the Bible says”? Could someone come to that conclusion? Absolutely. In fact, for those of us who interact with
Muslims regularly, this is one of the most common stories we hear from converts. But the British Home Office says, “Nope. It’s impossible. No one could seriously compare the Quran and
the Bible and see a difference in what they teach about peace and violence.” The immigration caseworker said he was stunned
by the contents of the letter. “I’ve seen a lot over the years, but even
I was genuinely shocked to read this unbelievably offensive diatribe being used to justify a
refusal of asylum,” Mr. Stevens wrote on Twitter. As outrage grew on social media, the Home
Office distanced itself from the decision, though it confirmed the letter was authentic. “This letter is not in accordance with our
policy approach to claims based on religious persecution, including conversions to a particular
faith,” a spokesman for the department said in an emailed statement. Asylum cases based on religious persecution
and involving religious conversion require a great deal of expertise to assess, said
Colin Yeo, a lawyer specializing in immigration at Garden Court Chambers. So, asylum cases based on religious persecution
and religious conversion require a great deal of expertise to assess. That’s why the British Home Office assigns
total morons who think they’re Bible scholars to assess these cases. Keep in mind, we only found out about this
because people picked it up on social media. If there hadn’t been public outrage, the
British Home Office would be sending other asylum seekers the same message, because,
again, one of the most common things we hear from ex-Muslims who are now Christians is
that the hatred and violence of Muhammad led them to the love and peace of Jesus. With this in mind, I say to the British Government
on behalf of all Americans: I’m glad we dumped your disgusting tea into
Boston Harbor. Your tea sucks, and basically so do you. Americans now drink coffee to show our contempt
for the British Government. Every cup of coffee we drink is a symbolic
slap in your pompous faces. I’ve never agreed with the French on anything,
but I agree with everything the Frenchman said in “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.” “You don’t frighten us, English pig-dogs! Go and boil your bottoms, sons of a silly
person. I blow my nose at you, so-called Arthur King,
you and all your silly English knights.” Speaking of Monty Python, I wholeheartedly
approve of John Cleese fleeing Great Britain due to its corrupt and cowardly leaders and
journalists. It’s now clear that his comments about you
in the Holy Grail were more heartfelt and sincere than anyone at the time realized. I hope that some mad scientist opens Churchill’s
grave, gets some of his DNA, and grows a Churchill clone, just so I can watch him give one last
epic speech about how you pathetic losers are leading your people to destruction. I’d be happy to keep going, but the Society
for the Prevention of Cruelty to Sniveling Cowards just sent me a restraining order. So, for now, Cheerio. “Now go away or I shall taunt you a second


  1. Unbelievable! Here's another breaking story about the British Home Office mocking an Iranian ex-Muslim's faith in Jesus because she's seeking asylum:–g

  2. British government and lots of West countries have never thought of Christian people….
    they need money.they welcome rich people from around the world and they sell their land vast mid East people have property in West countries.some day they lost their everything and people will be slaves of migrates

  3. if they keep this up they will, one day be dragged from their offices and torn apart in the streets while still alive. that day can't come soon enough for me. I'll be there drinking beer and eating popcorn while I watch and enjoy.

  4. I think if you are just a little bit pragmatic you would realize they do not want this Iranian for reasons like they do not believe his story of conversion. They do not want any more Muslims?

  5. If it's a religion of violence why does Jesus tell us to love our enemies and pray for them?. Why do we not see christian terrorist attacks around world like we radical islam terrorizing countries after these countries opened their doors to them? These leftist have a way of twisting everything. It's obviously part of heir plan to convert the world to islam as part of the new world order agenda.

  6. Well, they're not wrong. None of the Abrahamic religions are particularly "peaceful". Both Christianity and Islam suck.

  7. The iranian asylum seeker….did not read much of the Old Teatament- did he ¡¿
    Yeah ! Most of us …don't want to ¡¿¡¿

  8. The British should shut the hell up before they are no longer our friends. You don’t want our friendship then keep talking shit

  9. I was wholeheartedly agreeing with you on this subject however you lost some credibility when you quoted John Cleese's opinion on our country's future. Yes, we have a corrupt government and most MPs who have been fighting a democratic vote to leave the EU in 2016 and I believe John Cleese is one of the remainers who wants this once great nation of ours to be shackled to the undemocratic EU forever! These celebrities who have absolutely no idea of what it's like to live under a system that encourages low wages and zero hour contracts are constantly spouting their rhetoric and we the ordinary people of Great Britain are fed up with it! Oh and by the way, give me tea any day over coffee.

  10. Yet the Crown, Rothschild, Blair, May, etc have handed over their woman and children over to MUSLIMS to be raped, sodomized and killed! War is coming to the CONTINENT of Europe as well as America. It is ok to be White😅

  11. So why isn't the Queen intervening in this matter as she promised to be the protector of the Christian faith.At the very least there should be an investigation of this case by an independent body.If the Iranian was in danger – which is probable since the Iranian authorities is known to persecute and lock up Christians daily – then clearly she or he should have been granted asylum.

  12. I only like it bc they are proven wrong and they chose not to take any Iranian Muslims bull about converting to Christianity. They need to read the bible and not nit pick and use bible quotes against ppl they dont like otherwise they will suffer the same for it is said in the good book that you do unto others as you would have done unto you.

  13. History is riddled in violence. Violence in the Bible is part of the truth of humanities sin that is repeated time after time.
    Yes, God was Angry in the Old Testament because of our sinful ways and pridefulness, worshipping False Gods..
    In The New Testament, "Yes" again there is violence. Only this time it is humanity that performs the violence. But that violence was from out of fear of Jesus Christ being born and eventually his followers. Jesus did not preach violence but patients, love, wisdom, the kingdom of heaven justice much more.
    We Have A Choice To Not Get Violent Or To Become Violent. The Bible Is Not A Book Of War But Of Peace. The Koran Is A Persecutive Book.


  15. I'm a Brit, and this government is just the worst. I have no doubt videos like your's would put me in prison if I were to make them.

  16. It was probably a Muslim who dealt with the case as the disdain for the asylum seeker for converting from Islam is evident by the comments and reasons given.

  17. British Government is a bunch of CRETINS pandering to Islam. 1400 yrs of of Islamic invasions of countries in Middle East, round Mediterranean, Balkans, Caucasus, Black Sea and 7 centuries of annual slaver raids on Eastern Europe. Plus Islam not changing tenets to modern life in 1400yrs,and trying to impose horrific ancient desert tribal rules 1400yrs old on Western Democracies that have no place in modern life.

    S ICK
    R ULES

    ENOUGH SAID!!!!!




  19. They said Christianity isn’t peaceful they are full of crap JESUS is LOVE PEACE is the religion of GOD OUR LORD

  20. Well if Christianity is now a religion of violence wtf does that say about the Quran and Talmud (muslim and Jewish holy books)

  21. Ok here’s one good question to ask a Muslim because they love referring to Leviticus as a means to claim Christianity is as violent as the Quran….

    Ok so when this is referred to simply ask, ok for any and all violence in the bible, how many Christians today do you see starting conflicts and wars, committing acts of terror and sexually assaulting women ALL in the name of and understanding of the bible and Christianity?

    Also Jesus mentioned 93 times in the Quran, again, ask why if the former verses of the Quran are superceded by any confliction or contradiction established in the latter verses, then how come it’s the former verses denying Jesus, but latter verses claim he was a miracle worker, and Allah breathed life into Jesusand jesus was allahs sort of creation, that right there shows that the Quran is illogical ramblings of either a mad man or a politician because it’s firstly acknowledges Jesus as way mor than a mere prophet like Muhammed,

    The fact caliphate Usman supposedly revoked all copies of the Quran that were all different guys in their interpretation and had his scribes create the one book then destroyed all other versions,

    Now Muslims defend this as the various versions all still gave the same understanding and definition,

    Well no living Muslim can know that for fact, its an assumption.

    And they don’t understand that in those times, a scribe was a respected person as they could read and write, Muhammed couldn’t so he would’ve dictated the word of Allah, and the scribe would’ve written word for word what Muhammed said, now Usman scribe didn’t have this option, he worked off of all the ready published qurans,

    So how can a respected scribe with Muhammed be deemed incorrect to prompt Usman to collect and destroy all versions and have his be deemed the true word? Without the other versions to compare, will never know, also if the word was from Allah and unchangeable/one interpretation, then why do Muslims and I’ve spoke to many, all have different understandings and interpretations.

    Even words in the final scripture have been edited and changed through time, to the point some words erased and replaced, some naturally ineligible words due to degradation of time have been reinserted based on assumptions, so some words are not necessarily correct.

    Therefore the Quran and Islam can not be a religion based on the dictated word, word for word from the supposed true god.

    Problem is Muslims are indoctrinated from birth to only understand Islam.
    Muslims are intelligent people, but they’re also completely dumb because they are unable to use their common sense, logic and moral compass to actually try and make proper sense out of the Quran they just accept what they’re told and regurgitate it, say anything critical or disputing it, you’re an islamaphobe and discriminating,

    Well I think it’s time non Muslims flip the coin, anything anti Christian, catholic, etc then Muslims will be treated the same as non Muslims who are demonised if they don’t put up, shut up and respect and tolerate Islam even when it’s going against 9ther religious beliefs and cultures of non Muslim countries.

    They’re self discriminating idiots and I’ll only respect Muslims when Muslims respect all others, open up Islam to debate and ensure a world wide understanding of exactly what every Muslim should understand, and after, if this does mean violence, slavery, raping women then sorry but that is banned, unlawful, illegal in any non Muslim country,

    That’s not discriminating, that’s given the Muslims a choice, either you conform to the land you live upon, or you go to the land that upholds your beliefs.

  22. Cant listen to this stupidity of the British home office. The US should of let the Nazis destroy them back in WW2. We saved their dumb asses. I guess beheaded burning people in cages and drowning them in cages is a peaceful cult. Jesus is Lord and no other.

  23. Christian's in America are having the same trouble they have hate us christians. They take prayer out of our schools and promote gays and the killing of babies the end times are here….

  24. For those who are not spiritual. there are 3 Headquarters of the devils kingdom on earth . Britain, Republic of congo and India

  25. hearing my muslim co-workers story of why they left and immigrated to safety, one day you wake up and 1/2 way down the street theres an explosion a fire the next day its a building closer the next day closer still, untill one day other Muslims come and take the brothers and leave the women. the women organize a way out and escape, one brother is saved by peace keepers, found alive after more then a week in a 12ft deep hole in the middle of nowhere covered by planks enhabited with dead and dying. surviving on the mere few thawing frost drops of water that would melt in the morning sun off the planks. . . . and thats what other muslims do to each other. theres no cohesion the moderate think they are the same as the hard line muslims, but the hard line muslims hate the moderate muslims because there not that "Hard part" of Mohound.

  26. I've read almost all of the Quran and basically when I get out of it is either the Antichrist wrote it or just some insecure jealous vindictive disgusting excuse for a human being that calls themselves a Muslim

  27. Why are they quoting the old testament? How many christians were around at that time? LOL . If you want to read about what true christianity is about read the new testament. Basically Jesus brought Christianity. This story has to be a joke.

  28. I also disagree with the decision of The Home Office and I'm full of compassion to the apostate. However there is an issue, which I'd like to point out.
    It is illogical and dishonest to disregard The Old Testament by claiming that it is allegedly "not addressed to Christians".
    It could be incredibly long comment but I've recently found the video, which explains the issue better than anything I've watched or read so far. Please watch and listen carefully.

  29. BBC news is WORST of CHANNELS FALSE AND MISLEADING GLOBALISTS and liberal's and should be shunned banned and dismantled by force.


  31. Obviously there are Muslims working at the Home office. They're quoting from the Old Testament ? .
    Anyway, this is a load of old Bollocks because here in the UK, The Church of England prevails. This 'Trumps (sorry about the pun) all previous Christian religious. This is why its called Protestant, the clue is in the fucking name…PROTEST, because Henry 8th wanted a Son and his wife couldn't give him one. So he wanted divorce, the Catholic church denied him a divorce so he had her head lopped off. (Divorce is less traumatising)
    So, Henry 8th said Fuck you, I'll form my own church, hence the Church of England.
    Another triumph for the British over Johnny Foreigner.
    Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 2nd is the head of the Church of England.
    As a footnote, you Americans are unable to make Tea. What's it called, A teabag on a string ! Ha !!
    'Your mother was a Hampster & your Father smelled of Elderberrys, I fart in your general direction !
    Pleased to see that you Americans love our wicked sense of humour.
    Hey !
    We, the people are absolutely ashamed of our spineless prime minister and hate the EU 'Tinpot Hitlers'.
    Please don't pour scorn upon us, its not our fault that our government betrayed us.
    Respects to you Yanks, even though you cannot speak English.
    You make crap tea, we serve warm beer !!

  32. I m getting confused messages out of this so-called British politicians
    I think non-religion is peaceful at any time
    snap the non-existing hell out of this nonsense
    the human right are being implemented against the resistance of religion
    for life in harmony with all human beangs, we do not need any religion quite the opposite

  33. I am British and this is no joke our Government are freemasons our Home Secretary a muslim and our country is in serious danger as they are evil corrupt Godless corrupt Freemasons serving the Jesuits and their flooding us daily with muslims across Europe and keeping us in the EU illegally ! We are in a very desperate time ! In freemasonry the koran supersedes the bible ths should explain it all !!

  34. They have the spirit of antichrist in fact they are of the spirit of antichrist which is the reason why they tolerate and accept every form of evil especially islamofascism Ecclesiastes 10:2 says that the heart of the righteous man is inclined to the right but the heart of a fool is inclined to the left

  35. Only those who are truly evil would accuse other people of evil that's what evil does accuse others of that which they are guilty oh by the way that's what Nazis and fascists do which by the way like islamofascism and communism are politically on the left

  36. You had my agreement till the end. The American Revolution happened over 200 Years ago. The British Government was staunchly Christian in the 18th Century.Furthermore, the only Reason modern Britain is as it is today is due to the spread of the Philosophical ideas of the Enlightebnment. ideas that wudl have withered and died if not for the American Revlution. it is a fluke that Ameruica is not as harshly secularist and anti-Christian as Europe.

    Had America not tossed the Tea into the Harbour, we';d not be living in a Liberal british Colonial Land, we'd have much more sense.

    Britain is a modern Liberal Secular Democracy. it is not a Monarchy, in reality. It prides itself on how powerless the Monarchy is. it prides itself on Equality and Diversity. E Publius Unim is great.

    Britain is what America made it.

  37. WTF is this yank crying about, go talk nonsense about your own country because you havn't a clue about Britain.
    Christianity is a religion of hate a warmongering religion since the Roman's invented it.
    You say, it's not a violent religion because it says so in the bible 😂 not unbiased then, using a Christian book as if its an independent unbiased thing.
    The bible says so 🤪
    Theres no such thing as bible experts, it's not a factual book thats why historians dont use any of it as a historical source.
    Theres no proof no evidence to support any of it.
    Moses is a lie, all if its lies,,
    You are the biggest coward the biggest loser the saddest fool of them all .
    There is NO heaven, no God no jesus .
    Theres not a single shred of archaeological evidence to support any of it
    But Christians dont need evidence, they have a deluded answer for everything , Christians dont deal in evidence or facts they ain't interested in reality,, they cant be because they want to remain blind blinkered sheeple, they keep well away from learning anything that will contradict the lies fed to them,
    So you wont get Christian :
    geologists or archaeologists, or scientists or biologists or anything like that,
    That way they stay dumb, ignorance is bliss , that's what priests teach Christians, stay dumb keep the faith …
    Dont have an open mind, dont read anything except the book of lies OT or NT only .. stay dumb stay Christian….

  38. You clueless dolt, creaming your pants ranting about things you haven't the slightest idea about anything your ranting about ,
    this just highlights how stupid how thick you really are .
    D U M M Y

  39. But what about people persecuting Muslims on "violent passages" in the Koran to show Islam is not a religion of peace(David Wood, Apostate Prophet, etc). Should we start calling every religion "not peaceful" or should we start to respect other people, not judging whether they are Buddhist or Jehovahs Witnesses AND investigating how the media wants to keep us divided. If we don't wake up, we are gonna end up in the trash bin.

  40. Oh yeah. The UK has been on a complete downward spiral, and as a Brit it's very disappointing to see my own Country's government fail like this, and on such a scale. Now I'm just hoping that my chosen political party can become mainstream and fix our country

  41. Really Islam is a peaceful religion
    How peacefully they blow themselves in churches markets railways crowded places and take hundreds of innocent people peacefully
    Bloody jihadis give the jihadis the pigs food

  42. Why are such stupid and ignorant people even hired … by the home office???? … that person is NOT well informed … failed in history and general knowledge definitely!!!! Something wrong someone here!!!

  43. 7:40 3 questions begging:
    Was the official who wrote the letter appropriately reprimanded/retrained/dismissed?
    More salient question: I'd LOVE to know, probably never will, what existential motivation did he/she have to extremely break with Immigration application protocol?
    What checks will surely(?) be made to ensure no repeat??

  44. The British government calls Christianity a religion of violence. I assume that they must be working for Satan.

  45. Our present Home Secretary is a Muslim. He makes the old snake oil salesmen appear as paragons of virtue & integrity. It was the same with that Pakistani Christian Lady that was found 'not guilty' in a court case for Blasphemy. Millions of Pakistanis took to the streets calling for her death.

  46. Muslims says something – the world believes it.
    Christian says something – Muslims disagree as well as the whole world. Pray for us Christians

  47. It's only a matter of time before the british people realize that they have been lied too for years, young people in particular have been betrayed by their own leaders. For the BBC and other left-wing media for their propaganda they have manipulated the british people for years, Britain is surley not Great Britain anymore

  48. The person who doesnt like the conversion of Iranian man from Islam to christianity is behind this official letter.

  49. Why the gift of gospel has been given to such a bastard worthless country who doesn't give a shit after 10 to 20 years when Jihadis will capture this bastard then they will repent

  50. David Pawson told the UK, last century, that Islam would become the mainstream religion. Few believed him.

  51. You go One Punch Man, er, David. Haha. You're great! Keep doing the Lord's work and may the Lord bless you and your family and your ministry.

  52. christianity IS a religion of violence – i have experienced it myself – to say otherwise is being hugely in denial

  53. the man make this decision is muslem work for britisch government luk like the asylum siker is condemt mor for apostate

  54. why uk close our door for Pakistani persecuted Christian and give the asylum refugee Muslim for all counteries your thought is not correct about chrisnity christion faith only pace do not known about islamic dictorine Muslim says Allah's is creator the univers like earh forsake our prophet muhmmad and now all earth should be the hold of Islam means Muslim UK America and Europ give them thousand refugee asylum but not give persecuted in islamic counteries christion people in the even being this all western conteries becom Muslim and lost our perpher Muslim there was Muslim persecute christion even your conteries like UK europ and USA this is a most danger and terribel condtions for your conteries you give settlements marriages green card immegirantions visas but not asylum refugee for Christian becuse biblical faith aginst pece is not correct there was all over the world Muslim occupied christion counteries becuse they can not recogonize who is the religion pece and who is the totally voilance religion like jahaad notrodam France Christ church holand and USA world trad centre your desterication is near becuse you do not undstand the pain of persecuted christionity please bee the deep dream weakup and worriship Jesus Christ so you not ever very late God bless your counteries christion is decent nation I am condam this vedio is totally wrong

  55. if i raped a woman in the name of islam i would be ignored if i raped a woman in the name of Christ i would have mass condemnation and rightly so, so much for equality

  56. If British give up the Almighty God the original British will be in nowhere.
    Teach your youngsters to follow the living God.Otherwise,Atheism ,and Islam will devour you all which will lead you to flee from your own country.
    May the Almighty help you to take the wise decision.

  57. Only one way of success and paradise
    لا الہ الا اللہ محمد رسول اللہ
    There is no GOD but ALLAH and MUHAMMAD PBUH is the messanger of ALLAH
    He who accepts islam will go in paradise
    so plz non muslim brothers and sisters accept islam
    Who will accept islam will go in paradise and who will reject islam will burn in fire after death for ever
    So plz choose the best and dont throw that forever and joyful life for this worlds small and temporary things and life,think and quickly take bold decision of accepting islam because any time any bodys death can occur .And dont fear about this worlds lives problems and what relatives and other people will say about you if you accept islam because all people will go in their graves and you have to answer yourself lonely in your grave .
    In paradise Roasted birds, fishes, sheeps, fruites ,wines, partners, palaces of diamonds and gold are waiting for you and that heaven will be ten times more bigger than this earth, where all things will be forever, life, joy, happineess,richness,satisfaction,
    blessings,beauty ,health,gardens,
    houses and Royal kingdom every thing will be forever ,
    you will see with your own eyes all these things and what ever you wish will be in front of you i sweare ,just one thing you do accept islam .
    If you are in doubt whether islam is true religion or not then start praying now from God that OGod if islam is your true religion then give me power and will to accept islam. Show God your desire that you want his way, Surely God will not mis guide you and InshaAllah God will bless you with his way Islam.
    May by Mercy of ALLAH all
    non muslims accept islam and all present muslims die on islam aameen .
    My muslim brothers spread islam as much as you can because this is Allahs and Prophet Muhammads commandment.
    According to our Prophet Muhammads saying meaningly islam will enter every house in the world. May i you and all muslims become part of spreading islam, aameen
    اللہ کے سوا کوئ پوجا کے لائق نھیں اور محمد (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم) اللہ جل جلالہ کے رسول ھیں
    اللہ تمام انسانوں کو اسلام قبول کرنے کی توفیق عطا فرماے( آمین)

  58. If you are Christian, you believe that Jesus was God incarnate. What did Jesus say about the Old Testament? Jesus said that he had come not to abolish the Law and the Prophets but fulfil them and that not one word of them ought to be abolished until heaven and earth perish. Jesus, according to Christianity, was a mass murdering psychopathic deity who ordered a mass murdering prophet named Moses to exterminate innocent Middle Eastern tribes.

    If you deny that Christ is God or a god, then you are a Marcionite and a heretic, therefore not a Christian!


  60. Or is this because they are duped into thinking that Islam is peaceful? Is this why they are covering up for the rape/grooming gangs? Or don't they know that Mohammed stole all that violent stuff from the old testament?


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