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welcome to the effortless English show with the world's number one English teacher AJ Hoge where AJ is more than 40 million students worldwide finally learn English once and for all without the boring textbooks classrooms and grammar drills here's AJ with a quick piece to help you learn to speak fluent English effortlessly hi I'm AJ Hoge the author of effortless English learn to speak English like a native and the father of the effortless English system that trains you that teaches you to speak English fluently to speak English powerfully to speak English effortlessly when you train with my VIP program you commit you don't quit you commit to my VIP program go to effortless English club comm and and join commit don't quit my VIP program effortless English having some difficulty with babies today so I have a baby right here that's hopefully going to stay quiet for a little while but let's just I'm just going to skip saying hello today and jump right in brave new world chapter 1 okay cuz I don't know we might have to end the show very quickly because baby starts going crazy yeah and they've been a little crazy today these babies alright so let's start brave new world I'm just gonna start with a summarizing going through chapter 1 just to discuss what's in Chapter 1 alright chapter 1 is a tour chapter one is a tour of a hatchery and conditioning center now this is in London date and there's so far we don't see any dates it's just the future okay it's a hatchery and conditioning hatchery is where usually we use this for chickens right for when you have an egg and they put the eggs under like a warm light the so that the little baby chickens come out that's a hatchery we call that to hatch when an animal comes out of an egg it's called to hatch so a hatchery is a place where chickens usually it's chickens are hatched you know where they're born and then conditioning means to kind of like to program to program its gate it comes from psychology to condition a person to condition an animal is to train them or program them so conditioning center so it's the center where something is hatched right so some some kind of animal is hatched a new life and it's also tore programmed them so conditioning center so is the center where something is hatched right so some some kind of animal is hatched a new life and it's also trained and of course we quickly find out it's human beings this is a center where human beings are conditioned and hatched right away you might think of that scene in the matrix where neo wakes up and he looks around and there's all these humans in these little pods like in a big wall they're all being kind of raised by machines so then we we start and it's a tour we're going on a tour and there's the director of the center is giving a tour to students so we're kind of following along you know as the audience we are following along on the tour as the director explains what's happening in this Center so the first place they go is the fertilizing room so with our gardening vocab right to fertilize it's it's means to do something add something so that life will grow with plants you add chemicals or you can add poop or stuff like that but when we talk about animals fertilizing animals it means right there's an egg and a sperm right to make a to make a human so to fertilize means the go I mean the sperm goes into the egg then it's a fertilized egg it means it's an egg ready to become a human ready to become life alright so then he's he's he's doing the tour the directors doing the tour as he does this some students ask questions and he's kind of get you know lecturing them talking to them explaining things so he says I'm going to give you a general idea a general idea about this place and he says this is a big picture right he says that particulars everyone knows that particulars create virtue and happiness generalities are intellectually necessary evils it's not philosophers but frets sawyers and stamp collectors compose the backbone of society all right now this is a very old British way of writing but but here let me explain what that means he's saying that specialization just focusing on a small area of knowledge that is the key to happiness but being aware of general like big questions the the big picture that is only a necessary evil only a few people should do that most people should just focus on a tiny little part of life and not think about everything else so again you understand right with picture that is only a necessary evil only a few people should do that most people should just focus on a tiny little part of life and not think about everything else so again you understand right what's happening this is he's giving me explanation of mind control controlling a society because we'll see as we go through the rest of this chapter that starting with starting before birth they are already controlling the humans they're already controlling even just the eggs before they're even babies they're controlling them and do things to them to control who they will become who they will be so they will be easy to control in society conditioning them from beat from before birth alright so then they give he keeps going on the tour next to go to the incubator so after fertilizing in the incubator it's a warm little box where new life grows so for example um actually my baby isn't when they were in the hospital they were in incubators little plastic boxes that were warm and they put them in there because it helps the babies be safe from diseases and it's like a perfect controlled temperature perfect controlled environment so it helps them grow so this is the next part of this laboratory this Factory is that after the eggs the human eggs they have all these eggs they're fertilized that are ready to become humans well now they have to grow them so they move them to the incubators and this is where they start to grow the eggs the new eggs and they explain a lot of the technical things we don't need to worry about that it's not important that the technical details what's important is the general ideas and here's the general idea what's important is the general ideas and here's the general idea they have a system they have a system they use Greek letters Alpha Beta Gamma Delta Epsilon so ABCDE in English okay of people they classify their whole society all people are in this category Alpha Beta Gamma Delta or epsilon a B G actually who de is the Greek letters so the alphas are the top the top the people who rule or the you know have the power who the most control the most power in the society and the epsilon czar at the bottom they do all the the terrible work the hard work it's it's like a caste system they call it that later so they have to curry they they by design they need to create eggs and they need to create eggs and babies in each category right so they decide like okay this this this egg will become an alpha you know one of the top leaders and this egg will become an Epsilon it will become one of the bottom people and then they they explain the process both book and offski process that it's just it doesn't matter that name it's not it's just some name but what they do basically is they they take one egg and they like they do bad stuff to it they put alcohol into her they they do all kinds of things to shock it and when they shock it it kind of they say it buds it means it becomes more than one and again the technical details are not important if that's kind of the science fiction part but the important part is they create like you know 50 or 60 or 80 identical twins so they're all exactly the same look exactly the same and why he explains this is a major instrument of social stability social stability social control and he says 96 identical twins working 96 identical machines so 96 identical twins people doing the exact same jobs the exact same jobs in society like machines and he explains this is the principle of mass production finally applied to biology so it's taking the same idea of producing a car in a factory or making anything in a factory and now doing it with human beings so they have total control over the production of humans and they can create the exact same humans and you know 90 of the exact same humans and then they put them all over the production of humans and they can create the exact same humans and you know 90 of the exact same humans and then they put them in they train them in the exact same way they control them in the same way they program them in the same way so they will then do the exact same jobs like robots like robots or machines ok then they continue the tour going you know going around as they continue the tour they pass an area of it which has like kind of computers and things and he says there are 88 cubic meters of card-index and he wrote this before computers card-index is an old way they would keep information it's as containing all the relevant information so basically what he's saying is they have they keep all the detailed information on every now of course we would use computers this is what Facebook is gathering information about you all your information when you were born how many kids you have where you went to school what do you like what are your hobbies how much money do you make all of these things gathering this information and then selling it sharing it with governments and other companies so there are huge huge huge files of information on you this is something that has already happened from this book then he said he talks about the predestinate errs predestined pretty destined means up kind of like something that will happen definitely cannot be avoided its predestined it's it's like inevitable similar similar not the same but similar so basically they're saying they have total control over the babies the babies have no free will anymore they have no choice from the beginning from before they are born they have no choice from the beginning from before they are born they are already controlled and programmed they already decide what job they will have they already decide if they'll be intelligent or not because then he talks about how for most of the babies most of the eggs most of the babies they actually harm them they hurt them they in some way because they don't want them to be intelligent they they want them to be kind of stupid they also don't want too many women they don't want men and women to have sex and have babies naturally they don't want that they want it all controlled in the laboratory like a factory so what they do is they have it says we have thirty percent of female embryos develop normally the others get a dose of may of male sex hormone for the rest of the course it did as free Martens this is slang sci-fi slang but sterile so basically transgenders they create transgenders they don't want too many women out in society that can have babies then they lose control right if women can have babies independently by themselves that's no good for them they can't then the powerful people can't control it so they make it so the females cannot sterile means cannot have babies so they make the most of the females are sterile they can't have babies and they're cut almost like transgenders isn't that interesting he predicted that then we pre Destin in condition in other words we decide before predestined to decide before and condition to train to program we D can't so they don't they're not giving birth because they're not inside of a woman right they're just in a factory d can't means like to take something out of a jar and they come out as socialized human beings as alphas or as future sewage workers or their or future world controllers so they decide all of this at the moment of birth it's already decided will they be a great leader at the top will they be at the bottom doing terrible you know hard terrible jobs it's all programmed and decided before birth so next a student ask a question well why do you do this why do the embryo below-par embryo is a you know is a small baby insight before it's born below par means you know hunt below average below normal so he's basically saying why do you want them to be stupid why why do you make do do things to make the babies stupid and he says that they must have this in order to do their job for society to be stable society won't be stage ah for society to be stable society won't be stable if we have too many intelligent people it's also predicted so what they do is they they remove oxygen they starve oxygen they give less oxygen to these babies when they're before born and this makes them more stupid he says in epsilon they're the lowest group there they want them to be the most stupid we don't need human intelligence for epsilon so we don't need they don't want them to be intelligent the Alpha is the guys at the top the powerful right though they probably let them become intelligent fully intelligent and then each level a little less intelligent they want them all right then they go they basically continue the tour they go into another room where the babies are getting bigger we're still growing and then agree of their philosophy this is the philosophy of brave new world the controllers of the world the secret to happiness and virtue interesting is liking what you've got to do all our programming is the goal is making people like their unescapable social destiny this is very important this is Aldous Huxley telling us what the powerful are doing to us and what they want this is what they want and indeed I think they have succeeded already not a hundred percent but you know 80% they've already succeeded in this make people like their unescapable social destiny I'll say it an easier way make people like their slavery make people like their slavery make them like it how do you how do you do that by programming them in them from a very young age from a very very very young age program them program them and then they will be good little worker slaves and they'll like it they'll like it huh already happened and that's the end of the tour then they say okay now time to go they're gonna go look at the children's room because of course in this world parents do not raise children the parents don't have power it's again the government that has the power the government creates the children like a factory and then the government raises them okay also predicted let's talk very quickly about some of these things because there are very important ideas idea number one this is true he's telling us the truth this is not sci-fi number one the powerful the elite the Rothschilds the soros is the Warburg's the Pacers the older birds the Pacers all those guys at the top and maybe higher than that I don't know and then their little servants and government and CEOs what do they want number one they want to control humans from the youngest possible age they want total control this is why it's called totalitarian they want total control over you and me and every human being total power total control now we saw this in Orwell in Animal Farm 1984 also but in Orwell in 1984 it's they use more direct power and fear to control people right like Napoleon the pig he used is we use violence he used fear to control the other animals and lies lots of propaganda well here they have a different idea they don't want to use fear they want people to Pia they don't want to use fear they want people to love their slavery in brave new worlds so they don't want them to even think they're slaves they don't want them to be aware that they are controlled at all they want them to think they are free see the animals in Animal Farm they knew right they knew they saw Napoleon and the dogs killing the animals so they could see what was happening they pretended and maybe they didn't but they kind of knew but in this world in brave new world most people have no idea they they just think they're oh this is normal they have no idea they have been controlled they have no idea they have been programmed it's like the matrix can you see this is just like the movie the matrix in the beginning of the movie you know neo and all the other people they have no idea they're living in a prison for their mind they're all programmed and controlled it's all lies but they have no idea well it's all lies but they have no idea they haven't they can't see it because they are so programmed they don't even realize it this is the goal this is what now you know this is a little sci-fi right now because they're using like a factory but this is what the elites won you know we'll call them the elites become the Masters of the world whatever they actually do want this they want to control birth this is one of their goals they they have not achieved it yet but they are trying step by step to destroy families they want to take all power away from moms and dads away from parents they want the government to raise your children this is why school starts so early now it was first grade now kindergarten then what came after kindergarten preschool younger and younger and younger they want your children in that system you know now it's like they try to get three year old children kind of school and they tried they say it's just for fun and oh look they just play games and paint but no the reason is they want to get you children early so they don't even know they're being programmed they have no idea they have no chance to resist the programming so when they become adults finally they are programmed to be good little workers they are programmed to believe the media they are programmed to do what they're told they're good little slaves and they like it they like it so this is the vision in brave new world and indeed this is the vision of our world now we are living in this world right now okay maybe a few science-fiction details or we don't have yet okay but have families been destroyed they have look at the divorce rate the massive number of divorces over 50% in many many countries look at child you cannot teach your own child that government will raise your children of course we have a media system that is also programming programming programming programming and we can see just like the matrix just like this book most people have no idea they have no idea they were programmed with all these lies with all this programming they have no idea they were programmed from childhood from childhood that most of what you learned in school was relies yeah a few true things like math or something but mostly lies mostly more importantly than lies mostly it was programming programming so this is it this is the vision and indeed it is mostly true I would say most of brave new world is true now most people don't see it right most people don't see it well yeah your program don't say oh you're crazy if you tell people Oh schools are terrible just for programming oh no you're crazy they're just like in the matrix the blue pill people they can't see it they have no idea all right let me just see if there's any other points I want to discuss and then we'll go to questions in comments Oh intelligence that's some one last one I wanted to talk about indeed we are seeing this too that in the intelligence of our population is being pushed down the average intelligence in America is dropping the average intelligence in Europe is dropping it's not an accident it's not an accident it is designed you know chemicals in the water or chemicals in the food some say the vaccines have chemicals all of these things and most of all the shitty food the crap food is making people more stupid by tweak intelligence is dropping dropping dropping dropping quite fast the average intelligence why he said it right here well smart people are harder to control you don't want well we want but they don't want they don't want a huge population of intelligent people because they're more dangerous right there maybe they will break the conditioning break the control maybe they think for themselves they're more independent they want a population of stupid people this is what a lot of aggressive like open borders is about also to destroy Europe and America and other countries they want a huge population with low intelligence because they are very easy to control you know they need only a few people at the top intelligent the very the people at the very top they want very intelligent then they need a control you know they need only a few people at the top intelligent the very the people at the very top they want very intelligent then they need a group you know government workers people in the tops of corporations companies they need them to be you know also fairly intelligent but then most people the average people they do not want them to be intelligent too dangerous they want them to be stupid and they are doing things with chemicals with our food especially with our medical system to make people more stupid and with our policy to the political policies and immigration policies all these things are designed so that people who are intelligent don't have families don't have so many babies fewer babies for intelligent people and stupid people have lots and lots and lots of babies that's what they want so they want a big population of stupid people and only a few intelligence chapter one already in Chapter one Wow we get a big pretty terrible view but the thing is when he wrote it it was science fiction but Aldous Huxley he knew this was the plan and now we are you know 80 years later something like that 80 years after he wrote it 70 something like that and very a lot of it's already true I would say most of the main ideas of brave new world that's our world now we live in brave new world we are living right now in brave new world and they will continue you know you see the transgender thing he predicted the transgender thing why well because transgenders don't have children and they destroy families and they're also useful for you know all kinds of you know causing problems in society so they encourage homosexuality they encourage this trans for you know all kinds of you know causing problems in society so they encourage homosexuality they encourage this transgender stuff why again destroy families prevent independent families they do eventually they absolutely do this is not science fiction they do one to control birth first they want to control raising the children they're getting close I mean many people now at three years old they send their children to school or some kind of you know strangers some kind of group some kind of school three years old they'll push for two years old and then one years old they want to control your children from birth after that then they will try to control birth like a factory they want factory they want people to be machines them the only the people at the top will be free human beings that can think and choose everybody else basically a programmed machine there long long long plan and they're very close to doing it alright let's go to questions and comments now see what you all think of this fairly depressing but you know this is like though this is a red pill right here this is one big terrible red pill only chapter one wait till I get to the rest of the book all right I told you there's gonna be a dark book all right I'm gonna find questions about okay Rafa Cole with a nice big common interesting it is believed the social strife now comes from conflict between classes the solution they came up with is to homogenize means make the same that the world controllers will eliminate social classes that we know now they have a caste system right it's like levels of humans very strict if it feels familiar with the top 1% living in luxury and the rest slogging it out below exactly it's the same idea right the same goal is George Orwell described the top the very top 1% or less than 1% are live amazing luxury lives everybody else as a slave yeah a lot of sloth great one day I heard the phrase in Russian the best slave is one who tells you I'm not a slave yes that that's a great summary of what Huxley's talking about in brave new world this is the the you know that a slave yes that that's a great summary of what Huxley's talking about in brave new world this is the that you know they called the world controllers I think that is what they're called in the book something like that um but that's exactly their goal create slaves who think they're not slaves this is like the the perfect programming you know for them right a slave that knows he's a slave or she's a slave well then they may be they might rebel maybe they want to run away maybe they want they me they'll they won't work hard right maybe they'll do they can do all kinds of things if they know they're a slave but a slave that doesn't know that he's a slave that thinks he's free well he won't do anything he's no threat he'll never do anything different he'll never try to escape he thinks he's already free that's America right now right and some arsenic right and some are sent again with a nice summary the best method of manipulation is when the manipulated person or object doesn't realize that he is manipulated right is exactly right sock Vaughn you mean they're going to make our new generation as robots not not really robots but humans that act like robots not new generation it's already happened they're all reverie buddy is robots look around you people just staring at their phones walking around programmed it's already done this is not sci-fi this is not the future it is done they succeeded they succeeded is there a way out of this nasty situation so much don't put your children in school you're just giving them to be programmed so you know for the long-term future homeschooling and then teach them at home to be intelligent to think clearly to have real virtue not this fake stuff don't not to be programmed to value family in their tradition that's a big one as homeschooling it's why I am very very forcefully I believe homeschooling is one of them big ones another one is stop programming yourself all media all mass media all the big media it's nothing but programming it's a hundred percent programming just conditioning what he's talking about every TV show every movie every newspaper every newscast it's all programming unplug all the big media it's nothing but programming it's a hundred percent programming just conditioning what he's talking about every TV show every movie every newspaper every newscast it's all programming unplug you know as adults how do we get out of it you've got to this is what the red pill means okay it means you get out of it you get out of the matrix you get out of the programming it takes time but the first step is to stop the programming turn all that junk off start reading very old books all right next Fernando giving us some good news and I agree I believe people are waking up about this topic most people are seeing the good news okay because this is a depressing book okay it's dark so again kind of connected to the last question how do we get out of this I believe people are waking up I think a lot of people most people know but we don't need most people the hard truth is most people are sheep okay most people just follow this will always be true what's important is about 20 percent if 20 percent wake up everyone else will follow them right if 20 percent wake up and fight against this then lots of the sheep will just follow because that's what they do so that's that's good news we don't know everyone does not need to wake up okay we don't need a hundred percent we needed probably 20 percent red pill and awake and fighting back and I do believe you know thankfully with the internet what an unintended I think they did not plan for this to happen with the internet but it happened anyway and this is why they're censoring now this is why YouTube and fing locking so many channels now and Twitter and deleting accounts because they are terrified they're afraid because so many people are waking up to this they're realizing it around the world this is international around the world people are waking up that's the good news and that's why hey that's why we're doing this book we're cuz I want to continue that waking up wake up fall so it exactly right faso el ah sorry they make stupid people become famous that is exactly right they do this is part of programming too especially with all this reality TV now why are they doing that because they want you to look at these people these famous people and copy them you meaning most people right so they don't want intelligent wonderful people as you're you meaning most people right so they don't want intelligent wonderful people as your role models as your celebrities because then you might follow that and you might try to become more intelligent and a better person and have a more meaningful life no no no no no no they want to take stupid people like the Kardashians and make them famous and show them acting stupid all the time and just greedy and stupid greedy and stupid and then you know not everybody you know we probably people effort us English people are quite intelligent you you see how bad that is but a lot of people millions and millions of people watch those shows and copy that behavior and then this is also part of society becoming more stupid it's not just genetic stupid it's just in their actions and their thinking becoming stupid could be you know 140 very high but if they act stupid and they watch stupid shows and they copy stupid people they will act stupid even though they have the potential they have the potential to be intelligent but they don't use it instead they're still stupid this is the purpose of schools to make everybody just kind of not totally stupid but just kind of low intelligent school does not teach high intelligence and deep thinking if once it's just like he said you know that there they want everybody the same so they don't have the identical twins 96 identical twins yet what they do have is school is like a factory school is a factory put 30 children in the same class they're like it's like a little factory and then teach them all exactly the same thing at the same time this is a factory system and they want at the end them they want them all to come out thinking the same believing the same aim time this is a factory system and they want at the end them they want them all to come out thinking the same believing the same all the same like a factory like a product that's what the school system is John Jonathan you're saying children in European or American that it's the children is not yours well China Japan most countries that means that the parents can't control things well I mean it's not total yet but in many ways and different countries are worse like Germany is horrible Germany is terrible homeschooling is illegal they put people in jail for trying to teach their own children it seems like the Nazis won and saw myself this does not mean as less control children trying staying under parents and caring for the parents from their old yeah well that's nice but that's not talking about that I'm really talk about their mental training I mean in Arabian countries don't you have a school system do they stoop arrant send their children to school you know a government school or a private school where strangers teach them I think it usually they do yes Nasir says conditioning before birth is deep and serious we can know from society around us if we look carefully how can we prevent that from happening or at least fight back this evil well exactly see the early air conditioning is gives them more power right if you're conditioned at age 20 then you remember being free so there's a very good chance you might become free again but if you are conditioned and programmed at 8 at age 1 you will not even remember it you will think it's just you you will think it's your natural personality you won't even realize you were programmed that's what he's describing and that's what's happening with children's TV do never never never show show Disney TV to your children turn that off at his garbage conditioning crap little Disney for kids and baby Disney that is crap crap crap turn it off never show that but anyway that's what they're trying to do younger is better for them because younger and younger you have no chance and again the solution home school and turn off the TV and don't let your children watch TV don't let them watch TV don't take them to Disney movies don't show that to them be don't let them watch TV don't take them to Disney movies don't show that to them these are with a nice summary Huxley's see the similarity in the production of humans and the production of consumer goods of products yeah that's their dream that's their dream and their clothes we're most important things our efficiency and profit and control don't forget control is really the main when they want to control in the hatchery they have the principle community sameness permanence right stability control but there's no possibility of development that's right there's no possibility of development in it the children the humans have no chance to grow or become something new or different no chance to be creative the human soul cannot evolve that's right that's what they want yep okay nice let's see Marcin with a nice comment one of the sickest methods of mind control it's difficult to notice is when certain symbols or statements are flashed on TV very quickly like less than half a second it's because the conscious mind doesn't catch the picture can't kept the picture if it's on the screen for less than actually less than 0.04 seconds but your subconscious mind catches it and stores it this statement that you saw can appear in your mind as a conscious thought at any time subconscious just waits for something to trigger this thought into your conscious you're not even aware of this this information was put into your mind it's subliminally the kind of secretly it's not just you're not even aware of this this information was put into your mind subliminally the kind of secretly it's not even your own thought yes yes yes exactly another danger of TV and movies well that's right bhaktir says it's the same idea as Napoleon the pig taking control of the children at a young age remember Napoleon what did he do the pig America Animal Farm he took the children that which children the puppies the dogs right the dogs had babies Napoleon took them when they were babies and he raised them himself so of course what did he do he raised them he programmed them to be his attack dogs so they grew up then he had them as his power his attack dogs and now all the other animals were too afraid they were too powerless you remember like the culture remember like the Cultural Revolution in China they used children against their own parents they used the children against everybody in society they made the children into spies terrible terrible evil yes Sony is sunny is right sunny is right a Sunni or sunny they take pride in being slaves that's right the people who are programmed that are the most program they are actually proud of their slavery they will defend it they will talk about how wonderful it is like anybody who watches lots of reality TV they're always looking at their phone when they're walking around outside they're totally program they can't think they believe everything on the news 1% they think CNN and the BBC are true and they will be very proud of it sad it was problem how do you convince these slaves to wake up to get the red pill and Morpheus says in that movie most people are not ready I think he that's a good message it's the true message on it was good it's not good but uh it's the true message most people aren't ready as I said though it doesn't matter we don't need everybody we need about 20 25 percent to wake up and fight back then we can win the rest will follow the rest do what they're told that's just the sad truth because they are slaves they don't want to wake up they don't want to be free you can't make someone do it yeah Ahmed says it's obviously observed and getting worse very fast very fast indeed it's getting worse they're speeding up all of this yeah so here's some programming in Vietnam there was a TV program in my country it's all lies TVs lies talking about the situation named homeschooling what made me triggered was they considered homeschooling as sorrowful and stupid stuff of course they're they hate it they don't like families they don't like homeschooling they don't like any group or of people to think freely they want you know Viet Nam's communists to it they want total control over everything so they don't want homeschooling they want you in your little communist school learning that communism so wonderful yay right it's programming programming are there any good people on the top that can change the world I don't know we can't wait for them we have to just wake up ourselves I don't know if there's anyone top who's good there my don't know right Glauber dr. Bruce Lipton explains that when watching television we enter the Delta state as kind of a brain state which is ideal for subconscious programming yep the TV is a programming device that's what it is that's it's only function everything even comedies it doesn't matter it's programming you it's social programming all of it well Tata is perfectly true about this it's frustrating that this book is easy to buy nowadays it means the evil elite did its job well and developed a perfect generation of slaves who don't care about such red pill books right see this is the difference between brave new world and Orwell Animal Farm in Animal Farm in 1984 but especially Animal Farm Napoleon has to use force he kills a lot of people a lot of animals right he has to use violence quite a lot of it but in brave new world is not even necessary they can even just let these books be available because most people are slaves they won't even read it if they read it they won't even understand it the programming is so good it starts so early most people have no chance that's true it is you're right so in a way we have we have freedom but the program you know the it's um it's a mental prison exactly like the matrix again a prison for your mind gloria you're talking about a topic just affected me I have a question what do you think about parents that teach their kids like they deserve everything they don't respect anyone they're rude to their teachers well you know they're bad parents what can I say you know they're still bad parents out there but you're describing they're not homeschooling honestly right because if you say they're rude to their teachers this is the problem because there's they're raising spoiled children they're not teaching their own kids if they homeschooled they wouldn't do this probably they couldn't because if they're homeschooled then they are the teachers the parents of the teachers probably they don't want the kids being rude to them now some parents let children be rude to them there are bad parents in the world sure let children be rude to them there are bad parents in the world sure but quite honestly it's not my problem I will homeschool my children for sure and I encourage everyone to do that do it do it do it and yes you need as a parent you have to have discipline and rules and teach values and virtues and teach them to be strong teach them to be disciplined teach them to think teach them to make decisions hary might have to go in a minute because I do have babies but good comments really deep questions and comments very nice yeah like Carlos is saying we yeah that Carlos is saying we should leave our cellphones in the internet and read books from time to time stimulate critical thinking yes read read read read read more books read more old books read more old books this is a great way to read pill it's a great way to break the conditioning turn off the phone turn off the internet read old books that's a simple simple way whoa Alexei with a huge one okay turns out to change this situation all our efforts should be designed for to making birth at home home education simplify our life as much as possible by eliminating devices cuz it's total control from Big Daddies I realize why Steve Jobs and other people wanted their children not to use phones at all yes not interested got worse yeah they're the stupid phone really I became addicted to phones and almost every question I have to turn to the phone to get an answer I was able to memorize all the street names but now I only use Google Maps the most awful thing is your kind of understand it's evil but you keep doing it even though it's harmful yeah you're right Alexei you're describing exactly everything we're all dealing with this all of us is not just you of course all of us are dealing with this and yeah I think you start you take back control at the family level I think it starts at the family level home schooling and building a strong family and raising children in a healthy natural way with the parents values not the controller's Becker is asking why why are they trying to destroy the culture control they are control freaks they dream of control and makes them feel strong and powerful I mean these are not nice people these are sick mentally ill people but that's who our rulers are all right let's see you just gotta go through and see if there's anyone else all right interesting Hamza says hi Jay I'm from Jordan I have a pessimistic point of view the burdens of life increased day after day most people have their nature all right interesting Hamza says hi Jay I'm from Jordan I have a pessimistic point of view the burdens of life increased day after day most people have their nature and start focusing on material things instead of relationships they think that they are in the right way but intelligent people learn from others mistakes you know instead of waiting to fall in troubles and learn from it the cost will be higher especially human relationships well write write write write write this is what the materialistic bye-bye buy more and more and more more and more because if you are stressed out constantly trying to make more money spend more money buy more things bigger houses never ending your life becomes more complicated your life becomes more stressful more difficult then you don't think about the conditioning you don't think about the programming you know don't become free you're a slave you're a wage slave just working working working to buy more and more more stuff into home school my children because we have to work two jobs and pay all these bills I don't have the time or the money to just sit around and read books all the time my life is too busy and too stressful I don't have time to eat healthy food right of course they do but they're slaves then they don't even realize it they do they could live much more simply but they don't they're programmed to buy buy buy more more more more more more more more more and more oh and on an update about my fasting change of topic sure I'll give you I just finished a two-day another two day fast so I've done let's see I did a three day one meal a two day one meal a one day a meal and now a two day and just ate and now I'll do another two day so I'm losing and just ate and now I'll do another two day so I'm losing weight still slowing down a little bit the weight-loss the speed is slowing down a little that's natural I'm getting thinner but still feeling great fasting feels good losing weight I will continue right Carol a nice point conditioning before birth is already a reality blue pilled parents can't teach their children to be red pilled indeed indeed if you condition the parents completely the parents will then do the job for the world controllers the parents will then condition their own children you know not even realizing they're doing it good point right John Jonathan again in problem that's right that's right Slovak uh says but big brother isn't God I'm optimistic yes indeed good for you God family your people tradition old books that homeschooling unplug from the programming these are the things that will give us power to go against them they are powerful they are powerful we know that but they're not all powerful what right Foucault says yes they are Psychopaths and sociopaths is correct people who they don't care about other people's pain yeah Clippy says I remember a nice phrase from mr. mr. Acharya gee I am awake this is the red pill to be free it is to awaken to awaken alright guys I think I need to go time for me to go I gotta go take care of babies again I am those a little short this is a bit you know such an interesting book deep deep deep deep and rather dark topics but important you can see why it's important because he's he's showing what's happened to us and by knowing what's happened we wake up the red pills the first step and then as many of you have asked already then we can up the red pills the first step and then as many of you have asked already then we can begin to think how do we break free how do we free ourselves and then how do we free others just like neo in the matrix you know first he had to wake up and it was terrible and painful cuz he woke up in an ugly ugly world but then finally he realized he understood then he fought back right he and Morpheus and their guys and then they fought back to make people free and that's the next step but the first step is you always have to you have to see the terrible ugly truth if to understand the enemy you have to understand the enemy how they are controlling us you have to understand their power they are powerful super powerful so we have to understand them and this is helpful to really understand what their goals are who they are and what they're doing it's the first important step then we can find solutions after that all right well look we'll continue it's up there so just you know just chapter one that's a lot we just talked about quite some big heavy topics in just the first chapter and this will continue with each chapter so lots of love to you thank you all for your very interesting comments and questions very thoughtful keep thinking about it and we'll have a maybe next week I'll have babies that are asleep more and we can go a little longer next time but a nice introduction to brave new world chapter 1 thanks again as always join my VIP program at commit don't quit lots of love to you bye for now


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