Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1/8) Movie CLIP – Renunciation of God (1992) HD

My prince is dead… …all is lost without him. May God unite us in heaven. She has taken her own life. She cannot be saved. She is damned! It is God’s law! Is this my reward for protecting God’s church? Sacrilege! I renounce God! I renounce him! I shall rise from my own death… …to avenge her with all the powers of darkness. The Blood is the life… …the blood is the life and it shall be mine.


  1. Yeah Dracula! You show that inanimate stone cross who's boss! lol

    (EDIT) While I still find this funny, on further reflection, I realize the potentially volatile import of what may be to many, inappropriate laughter. Please know that I hold the deepest respect and reverence for the relics of Catholic worship (Byzantine and Roman, both) and the symbol as it is implemented throughout the world in the tens of thousands of Christian denominations and congregations for which it occupies prime place as a symbol of hope, renewal, and love unfeigned…with perhaps the exception of Scientologists who employ it.

    If what I find on the internet (ever true source of unquestionably valid information that it is) proves correct, it bears absolutely no symbolic ties to Jesus of Nazarene (Christ to some) as a savior figure. Instead, as suggested, it (1) represents the intersection of physical and ethereal reality as denoted in the perpendicular crossing of the horizontal and vertical beams and (2) the totality of the "Eight Dynamics" , eight increasingly nuclear concentric circles of "urges of human survival" that must be met to allow an individual to transcend the limitations of morality and thereby ascend to God, or Infinity; these rings of necessary fulfillment–think Maslow's "Hierarchy of Needs" but spiritual, I suppose–are elements that the Church of Scientology reportedly allows you to understand and fill in a positive and self-constructive manner to promote further enlightenment.

    Whether or not that is true, I cannot say but, it is kind of interesting. In any case, nothing Christian about it so scientologists are excluded in this case. I do NOT endorse their cross as a reflection of Christian values but, in their own way, let it be a revered type and shadow of theirs but, I have digressed SUBSTANTIALLY.

    Dracula is a great movie and I recommend it to anyone and everyone, regardless of how cheesy and dated some scenes may seem to us (still has Keanu Reeves though so, see it anyway); I bear witness of its Gothic wonder and implore you to kneel at the altar of its dark splendor as I have before you. In the name of Bram Stoker, twisted writer of vampiric epics, amen 😀

  2. I think this is Gary Oldman’s finest performance. He’s great in everything he’s in, but this performance was flawless.

  3. Can you imagine watching this scene on the big screen in the cinema? The sounds, the visual effects.

  4. Basis for Castlevania Lament of Innocence both Coppola's Dracula and Castlevania Dracula both Blamed God for Death of thier Wives

  5. Non vorrei sembrare apostata, la storia è ambientata dopo lo scisma di Costantinopoli, sono Cristiano Romano Cattolico non Cristiano Ortodosso, segno della croce fatto in maniera diversa e altre differenziazioni

  6. What doesn’t make sense to me is why would the Turks send false news of Dracula’s death when he was going home anyway.

  7. The scream when the sword is driven into the cross isn't actually Oldman. It's dubbed by Lux Interior, lead singer of The Cramps.

  8. Just found out that the scream is provided by none other than Lux Interior of The Cramps. How random is that?

  9. noway.. first time I'm seeing this in original language cause Italian idiots tv is dubbing everything and is like I feel the same emotions as the protagonist. and this is armor is better then any targeryan stark armor ever seen. top scene still in 2019

  10. AH: Și-a curmat singură viața. Sufletul ei nu mai poate fi salvat. Este blestemată. Asta e legea lui Dumnezeu.

    GO: Asta este răsplatul meu pentru apărarea bisericii? (broken romanian, he should say 'răsplata mea')

    AH: Sacrilegiu! the rest is uninteligeble

    GO: Renunț … la Dumnezeu! (next is uninteligeble but sounds as broken romanian:) Amu eu ridicam din mormânt! Și răzbun uninteligeble

    GO: Sânge … este viață … și voi fi, și viața mea! (broken romanian, it should say sângele este viață, și va fi și viața mea)

  11. I can relate to the situation the Count is in and feel exactly the same way nowadays.
    I am a Muslim and sort of a religious person. I lost both of my parents 7 years ago. I live with my 30 year old brother with autism and I look after him.
    My anger towards Allah grows more and more each day, as my brother's condition gets gradually worse.
    Why do religious, innocent or benevolent people has to bear most of the sufferings while the others live and enjoy the life fully?

  12. At 1:25 pause the video, open another tab and start playing Roundabout by Yes in the background repause and see the magic happen.

  13. Not impressed. The hell was that? You get angry and suddenly blood starts to pour out from rocks? No context, no logic.

  14. Only Gary Oldman can go more Khal Drogo than Khal Drogo. I’d rather take on Momoa than Oldman after watching this, which is saying a lot when you see that Gary Oldman is a slight little british fella.

  15. Director to Gary Oldman: "You have to express unbridled rage while wearing a hot bulky costume while reciting your lines in of Romanian, which you'll have to memorize phonetically."

    Director to Robert Pattinson: "You have to sparkle. Okay, you know what, forget it, we can add that in post."

  16. I remember watching this movie and this specific scene too. But when it comes to the characters that's where i am having a hard time remembering since I've watched the film years ago. But i also remember this one scene where Dracula sliced his tongue and drank his own blood and he said "Enjoy your cut" and he is about to cut the neck of a young man until he saw the Jesus Christ cross around him.

  17. Why is there blood coming out of the stone cross when he burries his sword into it? I thought at this point he didn't have any special powers.

  18. Gary oldman absolutely slayed this scene and role to eternity. How in hell did he not win an Oscar for this role???
    What an amazing movie.
    Reincarnation is certainly the pervasive theme except for the count of course until he found peace.

  19. Drac's wife is such a bitch – takes her own life, damn her own soul and scandalizes her husband into apostasy and vampirism.

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