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Hey…He’s up there. Come on quickly. Climb carefully. Come on. Come on up. Ameyanta. Godaji.
– Here I am. Yashaji. Mangnya.
– Here I come. Ramba. Here. Heads.
– Tails. Heads.
– Tails. Heads it is. Give it to me. Catch it.
– Oh no. Here. Let me hit it.
– Hold on. I’ll hit it. Get back. Get back. You won’t find the cat
if it flies right over your head. Yes. Let’s get back.
– That’s enough. I’ll catch. Strike. Stop. Where did the cat go?
– It must be here. It fell here somewhere.
Please check properly. What’s up with these jokers? Go get them. I can’t find it. Did you find it? Run. Run. Run. Run. Help!
– Run. Run. Run. Run. Help! Please help. No. What happened? They are trying to
crush us under the horses. Leave me.
– Quiet. Quiet. Quiet.
– Leave me. Stop. What’s the commotion about?
– These kids hit our master with the cat. Master? Who is your master? He’s right there. The chief of Uttarawal Sultan Rao Khopde.
The younger brother of Khandoji Khopde. Sultan Rao Khopde. You are a brave warrior.
You have fought many battles. And you are furious
for a small cat hit you. The head is mine.
And these kids struck the cat. Very good, Dadoji Konddev. Even if someone dies
it wouldn’t matter to you. Don’t spare these kids. Leave them. Leave them. Come on. Where are you going?
– See. They beat us needlessly. Wait. Let me see. Uncle Khopde. If you want to harass
these children of mine.. ..then don’t enter my territory again. Is this territory yours? This is the route to Bijapur. Your father king Shahaji who got this
property thanks to Bijapur’s emperor. And I’m prohibited from meeting him. You’re prohibited from
harassing these kids. And if you do this again then
I’ll capture you and put you in chains. Keep this is mind. Very good.
I’ll also praise you before the emperor. Your property will be destroyed again. You also keep this is mind.
Let’s go. Wait. Uncle Khopde, the cat. Stick?
– Yes. The children’s cat. This is your cat, isn’t it?
– Yes. It’s ours. Who struck this cat?
– I did. No. But we were quite far. Lord Khopde was behind the tree.
We just didn’t see him. Really? The cat flew that far? Absolutely.
If I strike it no one can find it. Give me the club. Try again. Hold the club like that. And the cat should be here. Should I strike?
– Sure. Go for it. Oh God. Oh God.
– It went so high. Will you play with us?
– Why not? But play form our team.
– Yasha is too much to handle. This is Yashaji Rao. And who are you? Bhairavji. And you?
– Mamdya. And you?
– Anant. And what’s your name? This is Lord Shahaji Bhosale’s son. Prince Shivaji. And what’s your name?
– Godya. No. Prince Godaji Jagtap. Prince Godaji?
– Yes. He’s prince Shivaji.
Similarly I’m prince Godaji. Prince. Prince.
Her Highness is calling you. I’m coming.
You too come and meet my mother. And this club.
– Give it to me. Alright. Let’s go. Mother, there are my friends. Everyone plays tip-cat very well. Your Highness, let him be here.
He plays tip-cat so well. He struck the cat so hard
that it went beyond the tree. You also come to
Pune to play with Shiva. But not just tip-cat. But you’ll have to learn sword fighting
and other form of combat techniques. Then if someone tries to crush you
with a horse, you’ll not have to run. We’ll not get scared.
No matter who it might be. Your Highness,
you just send the message. All of us will be there. I’ll send for you. Do come. We should leave now, Shiva.
– Yes, mother. See you. Stop the palanquin. What’s the order? Pant, is that Matabidi? Maybe.
– If she is then call her. She used to sing and dance so well. Okay. I’ll be right back. Are you Matabidi?
– Yes. What’s the matter? You have been called.
– What for? Do I have sing or dance?
All that’s a thing of the past. I’ll not come.
– Don’t say that. Queen Jijabai has called you.
– Queen Jijabai. Where is she?
– There in the palanquin. Let’s go.
– Come. Your Highness, Matabidi is here. Greetings, Your Highness. Matabidi. Mata. Look at your condition. Not just mine. But the whole Pune. You left and everything was ruined. Okay. But where are our children? What do I say?
The emperor’s army attacked. One of my sons was killed. And the other one just disappeared. Only God knows what I went through. I was rendered hapless. Hapless. Mata. Mata, look over there. Then who does Shiva belong to?
To me alone. Shiva. I had seen him
when he was this small. I’ll find your son. Pant, fulfill all her needs.
– Very well. The cart at the back is laden.
– Yes. Son, you’ve understood
a poor man’s pain. May God bless you. May God bless you. Do meet me again. Shall we, mother? Greetings, Your Highness. Pant, is this Pune? Is this the property I have
been hearing about all this while? Prince, King Shahaji disobeyed
the emperor. This is its punishment. This beautiful city has been
reduced to a ruin for no reason. Pant, this garland of
sandals and pry is still here. Pardon me. But Aadil Shah would consider
it a crime if we remove them. We’ll be criminals in our own country. Is it our crime if we
call this land our motherland? And in return the emperor
burns down the houses.. ..destroys families. Reduce this land to a ruin. And we should tolerate
this injustice quietly. Never. I will not accept this. Remove the sandals immediately. All hail Lord Shiva. All hail Lord Shiva. All hail Lord Shiva. This barren land should
come alive once again. Let there be life on it again. Settlements be built on it again. Let families prosper here again. This is my answer to the
insult of this land by Aadil Shah. Attention. Young and old. Attention. Attention, farmers and labourer. The heir of His Highness Shahaji.. ..Prince Shivaji has been coronated
at Pune’s district. The district that was once
destroyed by the emperor’s army.. ..Prince Shivaji will
himself resurrect it. That’s why with the
blessings of Mother Bhavani.. ..and with the worship of Lord Ganesha.. ..Prince Shivaji will plough the land of
Pune tomorrow morning with a golden plough. That’s why everyone,
mothers and sisters should be there. This is Prince Shivaji’s invitation. You heard that? Is this the same Shivaji
who lost our cat? Yes. It’s him. He has invited. Won’t you come? The invitation is for women.
Are you a woman? Get out of here. Go and cook. I’m out to Pune. I’ll also come.
– Me too. Let’s all of us go. The announcer is going. Let’s tell him. Come on. Come on. Listen. The invitation you just made.
It was Prince Shivaji’s, right? Yes. We also have a message
for Prince Shivaji. Will you give?
– Yes. I will. We. I mean all of us here will be coming
to Pune to watch this celebration. This is the message.
– Yes. I’ll surely convey. Do you have anything else to say?
– Make that announcement again. Attention. Attention. We the kids of Vangaon. We will go to watch this…
– Spectacle with great pride. We’ll see the golden plough. We’ll see the golden plough. We’ll see the golden plough. We’ll see the golden plough. We will go watch the spectacle. We’ll see the golden plough. We’ll see the golden plough. We’ll see the golden plough. We’ll see the golden plough. What did you say? We’ll see the golden plough.
– So come along. Come on. It’s really made of gold. See. Indeed. Get back. Get back. What are you doing here? We have come from Vangaon
to see the golden plough. Alright. Get back or I’ll whack you. Prince Shivaji has invited us.
– I know. I know. Is everything ready?
– Yes. Look, Prince is here. Listen, Prince.
– Quiet. I’ll whack you if you run your mouth. Priest, arrange the fruits
properly first. Kids, go well. Sway the flag properly.
– Very well. Beat the drum properly.
– Certainly. Bless me, Your Highness. Patil, are all the arrangements done?
– Yes. It’s done. Start. Come on. Break the coconut. Patil, may I break the coconut? Get lost. Loser. Give me a chance.
– Patil, let him break it. Yes. Let him break it. Let him break it. Come on. Break it quickly. Break it properly. The coconut
should break at the first attempt. Hold on. Get back. Wow. Well done. Yes. The coconut has been broken. The coconut has been broken. Yes. The coconut has been broken. The coconut has been broken. Well done. Your aim was spot on. Recognised me?
– Yes. Tell me. Who am I? You’re Yashaji from Vangaon, right?
– Great. He remembers. And this is Prince Godaji Jagtap. Where were you all this while? You didn’t even meet me upon arrival. We used to come.
But Patil would drive us away. Is it? I’ll call him. Patil. Move. Yes. What is it? These are my friends from Vangaon. Don’t harass them like that.
– Very well. Pant.
– Yes? Let the golden plough throw up pearls
on the barren land of Pune. Let there be greenery all around. Let the young and old live contentedly. The chosen heir to Shahaji
Bhosale’s property.. ..Her Highness Jijamata. Put forward to her your request. Your Highness, we are the subjects
of Dhangarh, Vangaon and Ranjha. We…
– Go on. Say all your complaints
without any hesitation. It’s not a complaint. It’s a request You’ve ploughed the
land with the golden plough. You gave us animals, water and seeds. We have great harvest.
But all of was it was taken away. They took our animals. When we went to complain, the landlord
ordered us to be hanged by the tree. But who has done this? Khopdes, Bandals and Deshmukhs.
They are open. Their boundary overlaps your territory. They come suddenly and
take whatever they want. We are getting repeated
complaints of Khopde Bandal. If you may allow me.. ..I would like to take
care of them personally. Prince, have patience. Pant.
– Yes. Ask Deshmukh to report
their crops and animals. And if you get such a complaint again.. ..get them before me
without any hesitation. Your Highness,
that’s the outside matter. But to whom do we complain
about the injustice in our own village? Which village are you from? What injustice have you suffered? Village Ranja.
Father is unwell. And he is still small. “Are you going to take
the land with you to heaven?” “Transfer the land to me.” This is how Patil harasses us.
We can’t spend a day peacefully. Your Highness. Ranjha is one of our provinces. And I should get such
complaints from there? Pant. Register this lady’s complain. And order Patil to come see me. Okay. Dear, everthing’s
going to be alright soon. Your Highness. Greetings. Your Highness. What’s this?
Siddhoji Rao. What has happened? Prince, the robber looted
the market of the village Peer. I got wounded. But I got him. Well done. Pant, call the physician immediately. And get Siddhoji Rao treated.
– Okay. Siddhoji Rao, please rest. Go bring the dacoit. Leave me. Leave me. Leave me. Leave me. Leave me. Leave me. Leave me. Leave me. You’ve looted the market
of the village Peer. You have wounded our
soldier Siddhoji Rao. Yes. He hit me. So I retaliated. Such injustice won’t be tolerated. I won’t tolerate such injustice
and use of force in my province. I know no territory. I know no law. Inform him about the law. Whip him 12 times and
throw him out of my province. Hang him if you see
him in the province again. Take him away.
– Whip me 12 times. I’ll have my revenge.
I’ll have my revenge. I’ll have my revenge.
I’ll have my revenge. Hey…Is Patil at home?
– Yes. He is. Come.
– Patil. Who? Yashwant Rao?
What brings you here today? There is a message
for you from the court. So what? Sit. Get the betel nut box. Here. Here. Go get some good quality
chicken from somewhere. Yashwant Rao will have dinner with us. Listen, I don’t have time at all. You have been summoned
to the court right now. What happened? You have harassed Ramji Naik for land. Who says so?
– His daughter. Come to the court immediately. See you. But…the chicken…
– You have it. Father, what happened? What happened? Gano. Gano, come here.
– Coming. Check what’s wrong with father.
He is coughing without stopping. Come. Let’s take him to home. Come. Come on, father. Let’s go home. Come. Easy. Come. Come. Who are you getting onto my cart?
Leave me. Leave me. Leave me. Help. Help. Help. Help. Who are you?
Where are you taking my sister? Leave me.
– Leave her. Someone. Help. Someone help. Please leave her. Help. Help. They took my sister. Where are you going? Get lost. Move it. Move it. Come on. What happened? What happened? They…They took my sister. Come on. We’ll get her back. Come on. Come on. Hey…What is it? What happened? We want to meet Prince. He is sleeping.
Come tomorrow morning. We have come from so far.
We want to meet him right now. I said come tomorrow. Go. Look, let us meet Prince. Go.
– Prince, help. Prince, help. What is it? Listen. We have come
from Vangaon to meet you. Let them in. I’ll come. Come on. Don’t worry.
Prince will surely listen to us. Yes. We will tell
him the entire reality. What happened?
– Come on. Come. Come. Tell me. What happened? What’s so urgent? Come on, tell him. What happened? Sarjakka. My sister. They took her.
– Who? I don’t know. But with them,
it was the village chief of Ranjha. You mean Patil?
– Yes. I saw. Yashwant Rao. Get my horse ready. Okay. Stop, Yashwant. Prince.. Prince, where are you going?
– To the village of Ranjha. At this hour? Prince. The one who took Ganu’s sister
is no one else but Ranjha’s landlord. No. Don’t stop me. I’m going to Ranjha.
– Wait a second. Go to Ranjha with
armed soldiers right now. And bring Patil here.
– Very well. Ganu, we’ll get your sister back. Yes, Prince. Come. Patil. Patil. Patil. Patil. Patil. I wasn’t able to digest
yesterday’s chicken. Is it?
– Come on. You have been summoned to the court.
– Is it? So let’s go then. Come on. Patil, come quietly.
Or we’ll tie you up and carry you. Let’s go. Babaji Bhikaji Gujar.
Ranjha’s village chief. Patil is accused of kidnapping
Ramji Naik’s daughter Sarjakka. Who has made this complaint? Do you have the proof or
witness to these accusations? Or have you made a mountain
out of a mole hill? Produce the complainant. Ganu, is this the village
chief of Ranjha who took your sister? He has kidnapped your sister, right? Yes. It’s him. Patil, is this true? Let Your Highness decide. She is not here. She has gone to Birgaon for the purging. Patil, I’m going to decide your fate. Tell me.
Have you kidnapped Ganu’s sister? It’s all a lie. Prince, don’t go by
what a naīve kid says. You need proof and
witness to prove a crime. I see. Yashwant.
– Yes. Produce all the witnesses. Patil, these are the
witnesses and proofs. Speak up. Raja, we kidnapped
her at Patil’s behest. Patil. You grabbed the land of hapless villager
and kept harassing him. And when her daughter
complained you kidnapped her. That’s a lie. A white lie. Enough. Patil,
there is no need for any argument. Chitnis. Write down the royal decree. Babaji Bhikaji Gujar.
The village chief of Ranjha. For harming Jijamata’s personal wealth. For kidnapping Sarjakka, I announce
that his hand and legs be severed. Prince, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Take him away.
– Prince. I’m sorry. Prince. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Prince. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Ganu, come let’s go to your sister. Your Highness,
in the court today, Shivaji… He brought the village
chief of Ranjha to justice. I know. Greetings, mother. Patil said repeatedly.
I want Her Highness to decide my fate. Have I made a mistake? Tell me. Have I made a mistake? You did right. I might have perhaps
blown him with a cannon. Prince, you’ve punished a village chief. But the fact that girls
are kidnapped in broad daylight. They’re molested. Beaten up brutally. When will Maharashtra wake up
to this reality and stand up against it? It will. It will. We won’t take it lying down anymore. They’ll rise. Fight. And this how the whole
of Maharashtra will wake up. Raja. Yes, mother. Build the Hindu kingdom
all over again with these kids. Independence and self-rule. It is Lord’s wish that
this kingdom gets formed. And it will happen at any cost. “The sun has risen in the sky.” “The sun has risen in the sky.” “Mawal, who was fast asleep has woken.” “Mawal, who was fast asleep has woken.” “He has set out to end
oppression riding on his horse.” “The sun has risen in the sky.” “Light has spread all over.” “Light has spread all over.” “The wind of freedom is here.” “The wind of freedom is here.” “The young and old
have become soldiers.” “Calling out the enemy.” “The youth has turned
into sparks of fire.” “The sky is reverberating with slogans.” “The youth has turned
into sparks of fire.” “The sky is reverberating with slogans.” “All hail Lord Shiva.” “The battle has been announced.” “The battle has been announced.” “In jungle, mountains and villages.” “In jungle, mountains and villages.” “The youth has ventured onto
a new path to take a vow with a roar.” “The youth has ventured onto
a new path to take a vow with a roar.” We hereby vow to establish independence
for duty and morality with all our heart. All hail Mother Bhavani. I, Tanaji Malusure.
All hail Mother Bhavani. I, Godaji Jagtap.
All hail Mother Bhavani. I, Bharavji Deshmukh.
All hail Mother Bhavani. All hail Mother Bhavani. All hail Mother Bhavani. All hail Mother Bhavani. All hail Mother Bhavani. All hail Mother Bhavani. Hello. Whose cows are these?
– What did you say? These cows will surely graze.
They belong to Lord Khopde. Got it? Great. Let his cows graze in his fields. Trying to act smart.
We will take away the entire yield. And also burn down the entire field. Those days are long gone.
Now is the rule of Prince Shivaji. Beat them. Beat them. Get them.
Take them and tie all of them. And get all their cows. Spare none. Come on.
– No. They are taking our cows and calf. Hey…Where are you taking the animals? Let them go. I am coming. Leave them and go away. Run. Stop. Where are you going?
Come here. Take them.
– What are you doing? Where are you taking my sheep? I’ll kill you. I’ll kill you. Let them go.
– Get back. Let them go.
– Get back. Run. Run. Run.
– Get lost. Where are you taking my sheep?
– Move, you old man. Help. Help. Get them. Get them. Get them. Don’t spare them. Beat them up. Run! You came to take our animals, right?
Why don’t you try now? Help. Help. Help, Lord. These poor villagers
have made our lives miserable. They just don’t listen to us. Do they listen to you?
– No. Do they listen to you?
– No. Do you get the share?
– No. Do you get fodder?
– No. No. No. No. What’s going on? It’s the Bhosle’s rule.
The wish of a woman. Not her. It’s of Lord. Who is Lord? I don’t know him. Are you aware of the Bandhav regime? Are you aware of it, Deshmukh?
– It might be. Why should we bother? So does this mean Shivaji
can kill our men through Lord? Harass them. We’ll have to take care of him. Help, master. Help. Why are you shouting?
Tell. What happened? Master, they took your horse.
– Who took my horse? Answer me. Who has? It ventured into Shivaji’s territory.
So the village of Vangaon captured it. It’s just an ignorant animal.
How would it know boundaries? It ventured into it grazing ignorantly. So they captured it.
– They have started acting smart. I’ll skin all of them.
I’ll burn down the whole of Vangaon. What are you waiting for?
We have your back. Great. Great.
You stay at the back. I’ll go. They took my horse, right?
I’ll show them. This horse is a little too tall. So should I get a ladder for you? What for? I’m Shivaji’s special soldier. Shivaji’s soldier.
And Khopde’s horse. Great. That’s the interesting bit.
– Then try getting on it? Yes. I’ll get on it right away. Hold it properly. Come on. Shivaji’s soldier on Khopde’s horse. Shivaji’s soldier on Khopde’s horse. Shivaji’s soldier on Khopde’s horse. Shivaji’s soldier on Khopde’s horse. Shivaji’s soldier on Khopde’s horse. These kids on my horse. Go. Get them down. Shivaji’s soldier on Khopde’s horse. Shivaji’s soldier on Khopde’s horse. Look out. Look out. Get down. Hey…Whose horse is this? Your daddy’s? My father is not an emperor’s servant. He is the village priest. Come on. Come here. These teeth you see. Will be broken. Tell me. Who took my horse? Who abused Bandhav’s guard?
– Don’t know. Tell me. Come here. Who teaches you this? Bhosle’s son?
– No. Who then?
– Jagtap. Indulkar.
– Who else? And Pawar.
– Pawar? Where is he?
– Home. Come on. Show me to his house. Come on. Leave us. Come on. Come on. No. We’ll not do that again. Leave us. Come on. Come on. That’s our village.
– I see. So this is your village. Yes. Where is Jagtap’s house? Tell me. Where? There. Which is Indulkar’s house?
Where? Which one? Which one?
– That one. Go. Drag everyone out. Break their hands
if they try to hit you. I’ll destroy the entire village.
Let me see what Shivaji does. Come on. Come on.
– Leave us. Watch. The destruction
of your Shivaji’s kingdom. Quiet.
– Leave him. Hey, where are you taking Mamdya? Move. He’s our village’s son. Old man. I’ll kill you if you
cause problems. Move. Get away. Come on.
– Where are you taking the kid? Why are you beating me? I’ll straighten you out.
– What have I done? What have you done?
– What have I done? I’m done for. Help. That hurt. Leave me. Why are you taking me? Leave me. Where is Jagtap’s house?
– There it is. Should I go check?
– Go. Why are you hitting me?
– I’ll go check. Khopde’s men are here.
– Here? So send them.
– Hold on. Yes. He is home. He is having food. Are you Jagtap?
– Yes. I am. Get up.
– Let them have food at least. Get away.
– Come on. What are you doing?
– Get up I said. Don’t hit him.
– Where are you taking him? Leave him.
– Come on. Here. Tie him. Securely.
– Tie him. You hit me, right?
– Hey… Quiet. I’ll see your
master Khopde as well. What is it?
– This is Pawar’s house. Pawar’s?
– Yes. Get lost. Come on.
– Sit. Have some betel nut leaf. Master Khopde has summoned you.
– Get lost. Come on, I say.
– Leave me. I say… Get him. Beat him.
– Leave me. You were harassing kids. What are you doing? Master Khopde has summoned you, right? I’ll see him.
– Hey… Hey…
– Run. Run. Run. Run. Hey…Stop coming towards me. Get away. Get away. No. Get away. We also know to fight. So you won’t listen? We also have swords. I’ll show. Get away. Or else I’ll cut you into pieces. Stop, uncle Khopde. Who? You? This seems to be your plan. Uncle, we are neighbours. Our boundaries meet. Due to fraud and internal fighting, the
entire country has suffered till date. Stop it now. Let us unite. Great. You have brainwashed
the kids with such talks. And spread the rumour
that your rule is everywhere. No. Not mine. It’s the Almighty’s wish
that this kingdom forms. This is my belief. And it will happen. This…If you spread
these things all over.. ..I’ll surely get you hanged
one day on the emperor’s orders. What will you gain from it? Uncle, I don’t want
a kingdom for myself. Marathas should rule
in a Marathi kingdom. That’s all I wish for. Enough. Don’t have high
hopes of independence.. ..on the basis of this property your
ancestral got due to the emperor’s kindness. Pune will be burn to ashes again. Khopde, if a nearby house catches fire.. ..its spark burns down our house too. Remember that. Go. But if you come here again then… What are you going to do?
– Stay right there. Beware. What? You’re challenging me?
– Yes. We are. Beware. Alright. I’ll see you. See us. See us now. Come on. Stop. Let him go. No. This is the limit.
This is the limit. He teaches me. He teaches me.
– But what happened? A woman’s going to rule. He says. Master. Say the Lord’s rule.
– Not a woman. Alright. I’ll go to Bijapur
today itself and alert the emperor. He’ll see the sense when
his Lord’s rule bites the dust. Sit. Sit.
– No. Sit. Have the betel nut leaf at least. I don’t want betel nut leaf?
I’m at my wits end. Sit. Have the betel nut leaf. Here. Take it. And why Bijapur?
We can get our job done sitting here. But you need brains. Great. You mean I don’t have brains. Of course you do.
Hence you’re the master. What do you mean?
– I mean Manjula. Manjula?
– Yes. Manjula. Manjula. Manjula, I have a job for you. Yes, master? You’ve to draw Shivaji
out of his boundary. And leave him inside master
Khopde’s territory. That’s it. You’ve given me such a hard task. Yes. It is difficult. And don’t go before
him prancing like that. Show yourself as a chaste woman. Cry. Shed tears. Kids like him give
away everything they have.. ..when they get a chance
to better someone’s life. Consider it done.
– Very good. Master, reward her.
– Me? Reward… Shivaji is not ordinary
for you to get him for free. Great. Here. Here. Take it. Here you go. No. Light this. This.
– Hats off. Hats off. How are you, Mamdya?
– Fine, Raja. How are you, Godaji?
– All is well. That’s Toran fort in front, right? I had been there for the festival. Lots of people had come there. It was a huge celebration. Such a big fort.
There is no other fort on this side. Should we take that fort? What for? It’s fine where it is. Why do we need it? Listen. Our independence
depends on the fort. A few soldiers on the fort can
defeat an army of even 10,000 soldiers. Really? Come. Let’s take that fort then. Very good. If we take the
fort I’ll make you the castellan. Your house will be
in the centre of the fort. And a warehouse full of food nearby. And a well full of clarified butter. No matter who becomes the castellan,
keep me in the warehouse. My family is struggling to get food.
That’s why. Ganu, in our rule no
one’s going to remain hungry. All of you will grow up to the chiefs,
commander, ministers of our kingdom. Did you get it? High mountains. A fort on its shoulder. You will be the castellan. Yashya will be the commander. Gondya will be the chief.
All will be honourable. “High mountains.
A fort on its shoulder.” “You will be the castellan.” “Yashya will be the commander.” “Gondya will be the chief.” “All will be honourable.” “All will be honourable.” “All will be honourable.” “We are honourable Prince’s soldiers.” “No one dares to mess with us.” “Stop blabbering. Stop ranting.” “We will give the emperor the news.” “We will give the emperor the news.” “You’ll be finished as
soon as the emperor comes.” “Attention. Attention.” “The emperor is here.
The emperor is here.” “The emperor is here.” “Go away. Don’t scare us for no reason.” “Let alone Khopde or Deshmukh.
Let the emperor himself come.” “We will drive him far away
by pelting him with stones.” “Got them.” “Khopde, Deshmukh and
others are here begging.” “Come. Come.” We are yours. You are ours.” “We are relatives.” “We are yours. You are ours.” “We are relatives.” “We will make our ancestors proud.” “We will make our ancestors proud.” “We’ll untie and sing
our country’s song.” “We’ll untie and sing
our country’s song.” “These blue mountains
will now become our friends.” “These blue mountains
will now become our friends.” “Shivaji is our only king.
We are his partners.” “Shivaji is our only king.
We are his partners.” “Our war cry will awaken every valley.” “Our war cry will awaken every valley.” “All hail Goddess Bhavani.
All hail Shivaji.” “All hail Goddess Bhavani.
All hail Shivaji.” “All hail Goddess Bhavani.
All hail Shivaji.” Help. Help. Help. Where is this voice coming from? Come. Let’s see. There is no one there.
– There is no one there either. Look over there. That woman.
– Come on. Come on. Stop. Listen. Help me. What’s wrong?
– What’s wrong? Some dacoits have wounded my husband. Help him.
– Where is your husband? Someone go get some herbs first.
Go. Quick. Listen. Get me some water.
– Water? Come on. Hurry up.
– Hold on. Get me some onions from somewhere.
– Yes. Right away. Go, son. Get me some onions. Hurry up. Go. See if they have found the herb. They will find.
– Go. Go. Go, Mamdya. Go. Run. Run. Fast. Come on. Let us also go. Aunt, what if my friends
are unable to find us? We have to go nearby. Come fast.
Hurry up. He is badly wounded. Come. Okay. Wait. That’s a poisonous cobra. Aunt, get back. Let it go. It will bite. Here. Let me take it. It is said a cobra
understands everything. If you have set out to save your husband
then why did it block your way? Aunt, are you a Brahmin?
– Yes. Why? Brahmin women don’t
cover their heads like that. And don’t call their
husbands husbands either. Who are you? Never mind. I know that you’re not a Brahmin. I also know that your
husband is not wounded. Isn’t it true? You saved my life and I… My mistake. I made a mistake. Come on. Where do we have to go?
– No. Don’t go any further. Why?
– There is a threat to your life. That dacoit is hiding to kill you. Is it? I want to meet him.
– What? Then look at me with
your eyes wide open. Didn’t you see me the day
you ordered me to be whipped? No. No. Don’t kill him. What? You took money from Khopde.
And you’re double crossing him. No, no.
– I’ll not kill him like this. I’ll whip him a good 12 times.
– No, no. Move. Get back. Why do you hit women? Come on. You’ll fight with me. With me? Beat him. Beat him.
– I’m done for. I’m done for. I’m done for. I’m done for. Master, Manjula is here. Manjula is here. Great. She hasn’t just come.
She has got the job done as well. Here. Some betel nut leaf. Just this leaf won’t do. I want meat. You’ll have to organise a feast for us. Come. Come. Come, Manjula. The job’s done, right? Tell me. Is he dead? He’s dead. He’s done. Master, you need brains for this. Your dacoit is done.
– Dacoit. But how did he die? He’s lying there. Go ask. And master, here’s your money. I’ll not take money paid for a sin. How dare you?
Don’t you want to live here? Not at all. I’m going. Where?
– To Pune? To that Bhosle’s province?
– Yes. I’ll go. It’s better to stay
far away from people.. ..who bear animosity towards
an innocent kid like him. Manjula. Here. You gave her. Keep it. Cat? Yes. Cat. It came flying and
hit the dacoit on the head. You remember Yashaji from Vangaon,
don’t you? His aim was spot on. And he saved my life. Call Yashaji here.
I’ll honour him with a turban. He was not alone. Godaji. Bhairavji. Trembak. All of them fought with the dacoit. I’ll honour all of them. But shall I say something? These dacoits and
robbers are mere pawns. You have to fight with those attackers. I hope your sword which is
meant for establish independence.. ..doesn’t keep fighting
with these mere pawns. I’ll fight with them for sure. But today it’s the question
of the chiefs and patriots. Is there any joy in fighting
with your own people? This property which we have
got as grace from the emperor.. ..gets me agitated. It breaks my heart. I wish to enjoy.. ..the independence established by you. When will that day come? The day has been decided.
And so has been the place. Which place? Which day? The place which we win
with our own might. And the day is the ninth day
of the Chaitra month. On that day you hoist the
orange colour flag of independence.. ..on Toran fort. Shiva. Shiva. Come on. Are you tired?
– No. No. Then come on, let’s go. Come on. Look. The guard has gone to have food. Should we climb up the fort?
– Most certainly. Follow me.
– You’re going to climb the fort? For sure. You think the fort is Khopde’s horse. For you to jump on it. You bet. Prince will not
make the castellan for nothing. Come on. Come with me.
– Come on. Hey…What’s happening here? Where do you think you’re going? My goat is missing. I’m looking for it.
It came this way. Did it come this way? Come on. Climb down immediately. Or I’ll catch each
one of you and lock you up. Is it?
– Run, Mamdya. Run. You said the guard
has gone to have food. But he is right here. His wife must not have given him food.
So what can I do? If we are unable to gather
info about the fort today.. ..then how are we going
to face Shivaji tomorrow? Hold on. Shivaji has said that use
your brains where brawn doesn’t work. And where hands get
tired use your brains. He is right.
Sit down and think a little. This hen can take
you to the fort. Come on. Catch it.
– Yes. Come on. Come on. Hold on. I’ll catch it. Got it. I have the hen. The hen is the key to the fort. We’ll climb the fort with the hen. The hen is the key to the fort. We’ll climb the fort with the hen. The hen is the key to the fort. Prince, wait a second.
– What happened? This monkey… Look how it’s watching. That’s enough. Keep moving. Come on. See. Do you know which vine this is?
– Which one is it? The itchy vine. If it come in
contact with your body you get itchy. Then why are you touching it?
– Let’s keep it. Come on. Greetings.
– Hey…Where are you going? I…Coming.
– Let them in. Coming. Greetings.
– Who are you? I’m Godaji. And this is Prince. I’m Bhairav. Bhairav.
– What do you want? Godakka has sent food for the commander. But he has gone down to have food. Oh no. What do we do now? Who is going to eat this?
– What? Chicken. Salad.
Yoghurt. Who is going to finish it? Should I?
– Sounds good. You have it.
– Keep it. Listen, Aabaji Rao. What is it? What’s the matter? Chicken is on the menu today.
Come down fast. Hold on. I’m coming. Wow. What aroma.
Just give me some water. The pot is over there.
– Right away. Oh no.
– What happened? It’s totally empty. I’ll get it. Do you know where you can find water? You also come with us to get water
– Me? Yes. Come.
– Come. Come on.
– Come. Be on your guard. I’ll be right back.
– Yes. Vitthoji Rao, it’s a really big fort.
– Absolutely. There is gunpowder, cannons in it. Even if an army of 10,000 attacks,
no one can capture this fort. Is it? Come.
– Come on. Listen.
– What? Is this someone’s house? It’s mine.
– What? It’s not a house. It’s a mansion. And the commander’s house is behind it. And behind it is the arms warehouse.
Come on. I’ll fill the pot and carry it upstairs.
– Okay. Careful. Or you’ll slip. Careful.
– It’s okay. Come. Slowly. Slowly. Careful. Come slowly. Keep it carefully.
Have you ever carried a pot? Of course. Have you ever filled water? Yes. Of course.
– What’s happening? What’s happening? Gau, come. Carry the pot to the gate. And who is going to be on guard duty here?
– Is anyone going to carry the fort away? Good job you’ve assigned me.
– Yes. Hurry up. That’s great. Listen. You showed us the entire fort. Where is the temple of Goddess Toran?
– There it is. Listen. I’ll go offer my prayers. Why did you stop? Come. I’ll also come. You’ll also come.
But what about the chicken? That’s true. I’ll go eat my chicken.
– Yes. You go offer prayers.
– Yes. Come on. Got you.
– Leave us. What have we done? Leave us. I’ve been observing. What were you checking out?
– Nothing. Have you seen the dungeon here? No. Come. I’ll show you. I’ll come.
But why have you grabbed my hand? I said leave my hand. Leave it. Leave it. Wait. Wait. What are you doing? He just pounced on us.
– Why? Whose kids are they? These are the children
of uncle Sawant’s sister. Yes. Be a little sensible like him. What do you mean?
– He twisted my hand. What if it had sprained? Hey…Are you acting too smart? Don’t you dare do that. I’ll tell
the commander. He’ll straighten you out. You harass children a lot. Kadtoji Rao.
Here’s your sword. Keep it safely. Come on. Don’t look there.
Take care of your sword. Vitthoji Rao, the commander
wants to see you right now. I’m done for. When did he come? It’s been quite a while.
– Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Come on. Let’s go. You two stay here.
– Very well. Right here. Oh no. Look at the
condition of the fort. I came just now.
– I know. Do you guys even work
or just laze around? We guard.
– I know. What have you done to the fort? Masoji. Padsoji. Where are they? They’ve gone home.
They’ll be back in a bit. You’ll go once they come. There are few soldiers on the fort
anyways. And half of them are missing. There are just 4 days to the festival. There will a crowd of thousands
here during the festival. Make some arrangements for it. Yes.
– You can just nod. Greetings.
– Greetings. Vithoji, I wish to celebrate the festival
of Goddess Torana in a grand way. Absolutely.
– Palanquins. Shops. Did our trusted confectioner come? He hasn’t. He will.
– He will. Ask him to fill the
shop with sweetmeats. Okay. Come on.
– Come on. Come on. Wok. Container. Sieve. And plate. All your vessels are fine. But you don’t look like a confectioner. Raja, I was a warrior all my life. So how can I look a confectioner now? Raja, we have to disguise
him as a confectioner, right? Yes. I will. Alright. Come. Let’s go inside. Who is going to be following
Khedoji Rao to the Toran Fort? All of us.
– All of us will go. Yes. All of us.
– Shall I tell? Yes. Tell. Tell. You. You. Siddhoji Rao. You too. Mamdya. Come. And may I go?
– Godaji Rao, you? Come. Come. You’re their chief.
Won’t you go? Of course.
I’ll finish the job at any cost. Very good. Prince, take a look at this. Well done. That’s excellent.
– Wow. Here. Let it be there. Okay, tell me. What’s your name? My name. Khiloji Rao Jagdale. No. Your name is Sweets. I’ll take this.
– I’ll take this. I’ll take this. And what do I take? I’ll take this. Gosh. It’s really heavy.
– I’ll take it. Here you go, Mr. Sweets. Shall we?
– Khiloji Rao. Take care. These friends of mine
are dearer than life with me. Prince, don’t worry at all. Let’s go. Greetings.
– How are you? Are you alright?
– Where do you want to go? Don’t you know? I come here every year. Come. Let’s go. Hey…
– Come. Hey…Hey… just asked him, who is he? Who are you? Confectioner. Can’t you see? Let them in. Who is Vitthoji Rao here?
– I am. But who are you?
– Me? Sweets. Is it you?
– That’s not me. I make it. I eat. What you have got? I have all the stuff. We will
fix a spot and build a stove there. Then I’ll make some yummy sweets. Very well. The shop should look great. I have got the vessels and workers. That’s great. Listen, show him the place for the shop. Come on.
– Let’s go. Where is the commander?
– He is right here. Come. Greetings.
– Greetings. Come. Come. Sit. Yes. What brings you here today? We were going to Toran Fort to meet you. We heard you’ve come here.
So we came. I had been to the fort just yesterday. There are two days left
for the Goddess Torana’s festival. Sending invites.
Planning it. It’s my responsibility. Commander, so are we invited? Of course. Do come. People of 50-60 nearby villages
gather there. It’s quite a spectacle. Awesome. So why don’t
you find a special guest? Yes. Shahaji Bhosle’s son. Shivaji.
He’ll come, won’t he? Yes. Shivaji. His mother Jijamata. And Dadoji Konddev. Invite everyone. They’re big people. Sure. We’ll invite them. They’ll surely come since
it’s a religious thing. Today is the seventh day
after the full moon. There are two days
left for the festival. Send your men to Pune today itself. Prince Shivaji should
purge the idol of Godden Toran. I’ll send today itself. Not today. Ask them to go right now.
– Right now. I’ll send. Don’t worry.
– Never delay a good deed. It pertains the Goddess. Don’t forget. Now shall we go to the fort?
– What for? The job is a little risky.
– Tell me here. Not here. At the fort.
– At the fort? Its news about Bijapur.
– Let’s go then. Come on. Come on. Move it. When will you be done? Hurry up.
– Will be done. Where are you off to? We have upset tummy. Let them go. Or else they might…
– Get lost. Come on. I know everything about the fort.
– About this fort? I came here once before. I’ll show you. Come with me.
– Where are you going? Tummy is…
– Okay. Go. Go. They are down below. Spin. Spin. Fast. Mr. Sweets, have you set up the shop?
– We are. It’s late now.
We’ll come back in the morning Come on. Come on.
– Do come. You must be tired. Go and rest. Who are they?
– I’m Ramlal. Your confectioner. It wasn’t you last year.
– It was my brother. Come, kids. Let’s go. Stop them.
– Let me go. Stop.
– Let us go. Let us go. Stop. Stop. Who has sent you? These kids. Don’t you belong to Vangaon? Speak up. Come on, speak up. Tell me. Who has sent you?
Who has sent you? You beat kids. Let the kids go.
Ask me. Is it? Who are you? Tell me. Who has sent you? Tell me. Come on, tell me. He won’t talk. It’s best if we blow
these devils with cannons. Listen, Khopde. I’m the commander here. I’ll decide their fate. You keep quiet. I see. It means you’re
in cahoots with Shivaji. Khopde, mind your tongue. Come on. Lock them up for today.
I’ll decide their fate tomorrow. Come on. Come on. Go in. Come on. Come on. In. You too.
– You too. No, no. Please. Please. Come on. Come on. You too.
– Where are you going? How did he come in between?
– Lock it. So Mr. Sweets. I’ll give you sweets to eat.
Wait for a while. Do come tomorrow to eat.
– Quiet. Quiet. Why are you arguing with kids?
Never mind them. Tell him. He beats us. Tomorrow all of you will go
straight to heaven riding on the cannon. You’ll go there. What did you say?
– Let’s go. Come on, everyone. Let’s go. Come on. Prince, Godaji is here. Come, Godaji Rao. Catch your breath. Sit. Come. What’s the news about the fort? Our plan has backfired.
– What happened? We were just about to exit the fort.. ..the commander showed
up along with Khopde and Bandal. He captured everyone. They’ll blow them with cannons tomorrow. What’s this? You’re Godaji Jagtap. The king of Marathas
doesn’t cry like that. He pounces on any problem he faces. Come on, Tanaji. We shall march. People there are on high alert.
You should not go there. We’ll go instead and capture the fort. No. Everyone has been captured. I can’t wait anymore. Come on. What are you saying? Imprison Shivaji the
son of Shahaji Bhosle. No. Don’t do anything
of that sort on my fort. Great. Is this fort
yours or the emperor’s? Listen, you’re the emperor’s servant
but you’re siding for Bhosle’s son. But what has he done? Go to Bijapur and ask the emperor. What’s the problem?
Show him the emperor’s decree. Here. Commander, you’re the emperor’s servant. But how do I capture them
when they come on my invitation? Just obey the order.
You read the emperor’s order, right? Think. Otherwise you too
will meet the same fate as him. Khopde! Master. The fort is under attack. What? The fort is under attack.
– Come on. Come. No, Khopde. Let’s stay here.
– Come on. Let us also see. Come on. Hey. Stop. Prince has told not to go up. Just keep dancing with the
torches jumping from here to there. Vitthoji. Kadtoji. Call the artillerist.
Keep the men ready. Let them come a little closer. Whoever it might be. We’ll kill them. Khopde, I’m the commander here. Got it? You keep out of this.
– I know. I feel this is Shivaji’s doing.
– is it? Then he has fallen
into our trap on his own. Today his fate will be decided.
– Yes. Master, if he comes up
here he’ll decide our fates. See. Prince is here. Quick. Come on. Look over there. Lord, I’ll take care of them. You take care of things there. Come on. Vitthoji, there seems
to be some problem downstairs. I’ll go check right away. Be ready. Don’t fire the
cannon till I give the signal. What do I say to you? It’s been days… That’s Shivaji.
– It’s Shivaji. We were occupied with ourselves.
And he is already here. Let him be. Let’s sneak away. Shivaji and the commander will
sort it out. Let’s go immediately. Who? You? Yes. Me. You’ll take the fort
in return of the chicken. If you have the courage
then let’s do this. You want to see our courage? Prince, shall I show him? Go home. We are warriors. We don’t fight with kids. Vitthoji Rao, even we don’t
fight with mighty warriors like you. But where did Khopde
and Bandal go? Tell me. They went this way.
– Come on. Hey…Be careful. You’ll slip. Keep moving. I’ll take care of him. He’s here. Let him come. Is he going to eat us up? You go. I’ll deal with him. Let’s go, Deshmukh.
Come on. Why be so afraid? You stay right there. Shivaji is coming. Keep fighting, kids.
You use your sword on my children. Take that. And that. Here’s your sweet.
– No. Your sweetmeat.
– No. Your pastry.
– No. Come on. Stop. Commander. A lot of blood of our
own has been shed so far. Now let’s end it. Commander, the fort is ours from today. But you’ll remain the commander. This is a minor mess up. Minor? We almost died. Now do this.
– What? Remove the turban
and put it on the floor. I was fed up of hearing this. You would always say this. You need brains. You need brains. You couldn’t think of anything
and Shivaji took the fort. “The sun has risen in the sky.” “The Maratha has woken.” “The sun has risen in the sky.” “The Maratha has woken.” “Goddess Torana is pleased.” “Goddess Torana is pleased.” “May Goddess Bhavani’s bless us.” “May Goddess Bhavani’s bless us.” “Mother Jijamata gives her blessings.” “Mother Jijamata gives her blessings.” Come, mother. Mother, I had promised
you that you’ll hoist.. ..the orange flag of
independence on Toran Fort. These sons of Maharashtra
have fulfilled that promise. These sons of Maharashtra are
the brave warriors of Independence. Come, mother. “Walk with Shivaji
to bring independence.” “Walk with Shivaji
to bring independence.” “This fort is ours.” “We salute the flag.” “We salute the flag.” “We salute the flag.” “All hail Lord Shiva.” “All hail Lord Shiva.” “All hail Bhavani. All hail Shivaji.” “All hail Bhavani. All hail Shivaji.”


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