Body & Mind Healing Guided Meditation | The Healing Cylinder Of Light

This is Rasa and welcome to your meditation. To get full benefits from this meditation,
please read the description of this session. Lay or sit down in a way that is very comfortable
for you, and preferably somewhat straight, with your back either fully on the ground
or if you are sitting make sure that it is supported and spine is straight but relaxed,
comfortable. Have your body in the way that will allow
for you to receive the energy, so position yourself to feel open and calm. Let’s begin by noticing the breath and taking
in a few deeper breaths to zone in, release, center and to stabilise. As you inhale visualise inhaling right from
the bottom of your feet, up into your face, your nose. As get ready to exhale, notice the pause and
then exhale visualising your breath moving from your nose, down your whole body and out
of the feet. Do this a few times, long breaths in and out,
up and down your body, in a cleansing, releasing and flushing kind of way. Now with your inner eye visualise and feel
your body being relaxed, see the body and its contour, glowing with the calm and peaceful
energy, if there are some noisier parts in your body still present, let them be. Calmly breathe in and out… In and out… Now visualise yourself in a room that is nor
physical nor ethereal, just like the sky. You can easily move, walk through this room. There is no start or end to this room, just
like the sky it is vast, inviting and feels magical. You begin to feel the subtle sense of power. This power comes from this space you are in
right now and from your body itself. As you gaze forward, you see what looks like
a wide cylinder of light. It is not made of matter; it is glowing, shimmer
and made out of gently moving golden light. You feel its electric nature as you approach
it closer. You feel light’s powerful substance, from
which this whole space around you and within you is lightly charged. Walking towards it slowly now, until you finally
standing in front of it, breathing its electric healing power in and out, feeling your body
slightly tingle, from your temples, to your fingertips. Bowing your head and thoughts to the mighty
spirit of healing and all beings of healing, to the consciousness of your body, the intelligence
that lives within you, asking it all for the purest healing and upliftment within your
physical body as well as your mind. When you are ready, step inside of the cylinder
of healing light. You immediately begin to feel lightness in
your feet, moving up your legs, knees, up into your your whole upper body, your whole
face, including your eyes. Your eyes are closed and you begin to experience
melting like relaxing feeling. The sense of peace and calm overtakes your
body. You begin to float. You can roll your eyes slightly upward if
you like, for more intensity. Shimmer like feeling moves through your body. You are immersed in the healing energy of
the divine and in the presence of every soul who has ever been a healer. Float and feel the complete surrender, power
and love. Everything in your body is light; everything
is weightless. In your mind, ask this total healing energy
power to be directed where you need it or across the whole body. Take a moment and feel this healing power
enter in a form of condensed light right where you need it. Feel it to absorb everything that’s not needed,
leaving room for clear space, space to heal. Feel it. Anything what is not needed, comes out of
you in a form of tiny white orbs. It slowly, gently lifts up and floats to the
top of this bright cylinder and blends in with the bright light at the top, moving into
the space. You are floating, light and clear. Refreshed. Pure. Your cells have absorbed the energy of healing,
carrying this energy light, exchanging it and multiplying it. See your feet slowly reaching the ground. You begin to walk, although it feels like
floating. Leaving the powerful healing cylinder. Fully cleansed, relaxed and rejuvenated. You can come back here at any time again. No rush, no hurry. Stay relaxed and perhaps fall asleep here. Or become aware of your surroundings and breath,
scanning your rejuvenated body and eventually gently opening your eyes. No rush, no hurry. Enjoy your reborn body you are experiencing
right now. Thank you for the time spent today, I would
like to know about your experience, please comment, like or share. Thank you. Until next time.


  1. Wowwwwwwww
    Love this one girlfriend
    All I remember was headphones going in and you telling me to awake, magnificent healing
    Oh I did wake up with a leg Cramp, but the pain was not intense as usual
    I believe in the power of healing through theses types of meditation,
    Exclusively your content because of your hypnotic voice, peace, love and calming essence.
    You are truly a light of hope
    Thank you soooooo much for your time and energy to help heal my inner light
    Love Maria reveron from the USA, NYC area

  2. Hi Rasa, I was wondering if you could do a guided blue room meditation for manifesting? I can't find any recordings of it but here's the text version:

  3. Rasa, this new meditation of the cylinder of light is amazing. I've done many different meditations and this one makes me truly FEEL my body. I wish it was an hour long. I'm always bummed out when it's over. Maybe you could make an extended version!! Your voice is so soothing! Thank you. I have Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, fibromyalgia and gastroparesis and it's very hard to relax my body. I suffer from tremors and cramps that are so debilitating at times that I can't walk. Meditation has helped me so much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

  4. Third time listening to this meditation. It gets better Everytime, thank you Rasa, lovely and rejuvenating experience…

  5. Rasa , love your meditations. With this one, I feel light like a feather, but also sleepy. Please give us more meditations like this one. Much love Sara

  6. Labas norejau paklaust apie treciaji aky. Perskaites biblija,zydu tikejima,indu ir kinu. Visur raso apie treciaji aky ir supratau kad tie tikejimai nori kad zmones atidarytu treciaji aky. As bandau atidaryt bet nk nesigauna jauciu medituodamas kai visas kunas vibruoja ir toliau nieko nesigauna. Reikia jusu patarimo

  7. Absolutely wonderful. I was in a lot of pain with dental surgery in the night and this took me into a deep healing space. Thank you.

  8. lovelightpeace inthis moment.rasa this timing was just perfect for me. i had a beautiful healing within ive been so close for some time i new this was comming.ive been filled with the Christ thoughts for some time .and yet i know there is no time only now. thanks rasa for helping me on my journey.ive always felt so happy in doing your medetation.and ive spoken to un hight enought time of rasa help.yours in all that there is.

  9. I always love your meditations! Typically, I become very relaxed somewhere between awake and sleep with lots of visions! Your voice is such s gift and the music is perfect!Thank you,Cindy (ps I’m always recommending your meditations)💕

  10. Rasa, your meditations feel very powerful and uplifting to me! I've always had trouble doing meditations because I am easily distracted and I have trouble listening to myself as a voice of direction. Your guided tours into the imagination bring me much comfort and seem very real. Your easy voice is soothing. Your pacing is as well. I've always suspected that the practice of meditation holds much potential power for healing and transformation, but my experience with trying to access this power has been frustrating. I feel like your videos are finally allowing me to access something great and positive within me. Thank you!

  11. Healing for myself my son Richard & my daughter Chloe my son mark & Ashley release from grief of their father & move forward 💕thank you x

  12. Rasa, I’m so grateful for your beautiful gentle voice and the meditations you have made. I look forward to them every morning. Thank you.

  13. Rasa, as always, this meditation is a divine gift. I feel calm, rejuvenated, filled with serenity, clarity and love. Thank you 🙏🏼

  14. Rasa,  this is the best healing meditation I have met… it is amazing! I am touched by your commitment to who you are. love to you.

  15. I finding for me that there is too long between guiding and my mind wonders a lot. But I’m also still learning and have just started so I think it might take a bit of practise to stop this happening

  16. Wow! Wow, wow!!! I knew from a dream or whatever this concept existed in the future for a healing apparatus for humans. In my concept a person went ina chamber and all of the dna was reset to its original status at birth. Your meditation expanded this exponentially and given anyone who experiences your meditations access to this healing. You are truly a great healer and your throat chakra enables you to heal with words and guidance. I’m not sure at what time in you life you gained access to these gifts but thank you for sharing them. Namaste sweetheart Rasa. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  17. Me again! Side note. I do believe you have the ability to be a channel from a very high source. Maybe a spirit guide, angel, or ascended master. Namaste dear Rasa.

  18. I love a lot of things about this meditation, the voice, the music, however, for me the time between visualizing the elements of the meditation is too long. My brain transports me immediately to what is mentioned and when nothing happens for a while my brain starts wandering in a different direction.

  19. Rasa, thank you so much for your beautiful meditations. They offer such profound healing. You are an angel on Earth. Would you suppose this can work for overeating/disordered eating/binge eating issues? I am working on building a healthier relationship with food and love using meditation as a main source of my healing. Any suggestions would help. Thank you so much! May many blessings be bestowed upon you!

  20. Thank you so much for the taking the time out of your day to respond. I have been kind of creating my own inner movie intertwined with your script and it seems to be working out great! I simply love and adore your work! You are a true angel on earth. I would love to pay it forward and support you and your craft. Please let me know if there is anything I can ever do for you. Have a great day. Thank you again.

  21. I've been doing this one on a daily basis and after a week or so this has really started to work. Especially the floating sensation. Sometimes my foot kicks involuntarily

  22. Standing in front of the light by 13 minutes does not work for me. I need to be IN the light from the start of the meditation.

  23. Very powerful healing session, with all of my heart thank you, im working with this for chronic and acute pain. Do you have one for childhood sexual trauma?

  24. I really needed healing of both my body and mind when I woke up this morning. This was perfect! Thank you for your amazing meditations 😃

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