Bill Nye to Climate Change Deniers: You Can’t Ignore Facts Forever

You’ve heard the President in drought-stricken
California saying that these weather emergencies in effect, are creating the conditions that
the government has to act. David, I think that what it brings to mind
is how we utilize the information that we have, and we all know. And I think that Bill
would probably agree with this; neither he nor I are a climate scientist. He is an engineer
and an actor, I am a member of Congress, and what we have to do is look at the information
that we get from climate scientists. As you said… So she did something, which is very common
in the climate denier community or whatever you would call it, is to talk about credentials.
So, Marsha Blackburn, Representative in the US Congress from Tennessee said well I am
a congresswoman and Bill you’re just a mechanical engineer so you’re not really a climate scientist.
And what I would say is what we’re talking about in this level of climate science is
you don’t need to be a full-time climate scientists to understand it. Furthermore, as far as my
credentials everybody, I’m a mechanical engineer. I took a lot of physics. All I did was take
physics, physics, physics, physics. And when you’re done with formal physics then you take
mechanical engineering, which is just applied physics. I get it. I can understand what’s
going on. We’re putting carbon dioxide in the air at a prodigious rate and the world
is getting warmer and you can know this by looking at the neutrons in the ice. You can
know this by looking at the pollen grains per cubic centimeter in the sediment of ponds.
You can know this by looking carefully at the rings on trees during warm seasons, wet
seasons, cold seasons, dry seasons, and you can work your way back and figure out that
the earth is getting warmer faster than has ever gotten before. And that’s the problem. It’s not that the
world hasn’t had more carbon dioxide, it’s not the world hasn’t been warmer. The problem
is the speed at which things are changing. We are inducing a sixth mass extinction event
kind of by accident and we don’t want to be the extinctee, if I may coin this noun. So,
I mean as far as Miss Blackburn, sounded like she had been coached on denial bullet points
or talking points. And I very much enjoy taking those people on, but meanwhile it breaks my
heart because we got work to do. And the fossil fuel industry has really gotten in their ears
and it’s really troublesome. We’re the world’s most technically advanced country, or if the
U.S. isn’t the most technically advanced it’s certainly in the top ten. I mean you could
say Japan, New Zealand are very sophisticated societies. But the U.S. is where iPhone’s
are invented, what have you, the Internet; it’s still a significant place. And so to
have a generation of science students being brought up without awareness of climate change
is just a formula for disaster. I mean this is, everybody kinda knows this. So, I think, as an observer, and I may be
wrong as I like to say, you may be right, as an observer it looks like the U.S.’s strength
is its weakness. So people came here from all over the world for freedom to think and
act the way they wanted, especially freedom of religion. So, we ended up with both the
people who framed the Constitution, which is a fabulous thing, and people who asserted
that the garden of Eden was in Missouri. And there’s no police for that sort of thing.
You’re allowed to believe whatever you want. It’s great. But with that was this, for them,
and I emphasize them, the other side, consequence of that was you could also ignore facts of
science for a while and now it’s coming to a head. But man it’s really divisive, isn’t
it? It’s really something. That living things change from generation
to generation through a process that Darwin and Wallace, Alfred Wallace called natural
selection or descent with modification. Those are true things. Those are facts. Tectonic
plates move and that’s a fact and the world is getting warmer because of human activity.
That’s a fact. If you had somebody who really strongly believed the earth was flat, you
wouldn’t have to have that person on a television show with the people who believe the earth
is round. So, the BBC as I understand just got enough. We got work to do. It’s not one
person versus the other person, it’s 97 people versus three people. After a while let’s move
on. There may have been such debates at sometime in early human history, but you wouldn’t have
such a debate now.


  1. Like Al Gore, This Douchebag has ZERO CREDENTIALS for anything science…..Because he is not a Scientist.

  2. Memo to Bill Nye: Name ONE PERSON who denies that climate changes – you can't, nobody does, therefore when you say "climate change deniers" you only make a fool of yourself!

  3. Actually it's usually the climate alarmists who talk about credentials.

    Well here's an actual climate scientist:

  4. Climate science just discovered the wheel, but people think they designed a McLaren.
    There is much that is left to discover people.

  5. Bye is a idiot he was science teacher he is NOT a scientist and a pretty stupid one at that it's all bullshit!!!

  6. Bill Nye- you’re foolish, you have no Science background, and you’re an Engineer. Stop spreading the BS of global warming. We are moving towards an Ice age, we are still in parts of the last ice age now.

    There is no global warming of the earth and the oceans are turning to acid.

    We need higher Co2 for plants to grow; the essence of our survival is food crops. If we keep pushing this crap that we need to lower Co2, we will cease to exist because we will have no food.

    Co2 is a week greenhouse gas; water vapor is the biggest greenhouse gas and there is no proof or science that shows any effect of water vapor and Co2.

    This movement of global warming is based on computer models not science.

    You have a better chance of winning the lotto, than predicting global warming.

  7. A guess made by educated person has a better chance to be accurate, but it is still a guess, not science.
    Mr. Nye, I am afraid you don't know, how to derive "mean global temperature" from the thickness and density of a tree growth rings, do you?
    Can you tell, what is the statistical significance and the margin of error of the temperature history analysis done by Michael Mann and hiss co-workers and followers, where the data obtained in various ways (" neutrons in the ice, pollen grains per cubic centimeter in the sediment of ponds, rings on trees", instrumental measurements) has been put on one diagram to prove "that the earth is getting warmer faster than has ever gotten before"?
    You may better understand the scientific language of climatologists then a politician, but you can neither confirm nor deny assertions of some scientific paper on climate change and it's driving factors, unless you do yourself the analysis of the data and methodology, derive predictions, do measurements etc.
    Everything else is believing.
    Good, fortunate guesses can help science to progress, but the firm truth lies in reproducible verification, not guessing or believing.

    With all due respect for your authority in applied science, I think that abusing that authority by "voting" for one theory or another has little to do with scientific method.
    Let the professional scientists of the field do settle the argument about global warming and it's causes between themselves.

    The Relationship between Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Concentration and Global Temperature for the Last 425 Million Years
    "[…] Atmospheric CO2 concentration is correlated weakly but negatively with linearly-detrended T proxies over the last 425 million years. Of 68 correlation coefficients (half non-parametric) between CO2 and T proxies encompassing all known major Phanerozoic climate transitions, 77.9% are non-discernible (p > 0.05) and 60.0% of discernible correlations are negative. Marginal radiative forcing (ΔRFCO2), the change in forcing at the top of the troposphere associated with a unit increase in atmospheric CO2 concentration, was computed using MODTRAN. The correlation between ΔRFCO2 and linearly-detrended T across the Phanerozoic Eon is positive and discernible, but only 2.6% of variance in T is attributable to variance in ΔRFCO2. Of 68 correlation coefficients (half non-parametric) between ΔRFCO2 and T proxies encompassing all known major Phanerozoic climate transitions, 75.0% are non-discernible and 41.2% of discernible correlations are negative. Spectral analysis, auto- and cross-correlation show that proxies for T, atmospheric CO2 concentration and ΔRFCO2 oscillate across the Phanerozoic, and cycles of CO2 and ΔRFCO2 are antiphasic. A prominent 15 million-year CO2 cycle coincides closely with identified mass extinctions of the past, suggesting a pressing need for research on the relationship between CO2, biodiversity extinction, and related carbon policies. This study demonstrates that changes in atmospheric CO2 concentration did not cause temperature change in the ancient climate. "

    "The Great Global Warming Hoax?"

  8. Correct Bill.The "Lady" ( see I'm doing the same tactic) tried to divert the attention away from the scientific facts, empirically gathered facts that any non science climate scientists can read about on a reputable site.e.g. NASA ( climate deniers want to stop NASA from studying the planets environments!. What are these politicians/business people trying to hide?. Scientific facts that don't advocate their personal agenda's!) ) . Essentially the science is about the Data gathered using an approved and tested method ( or you'll be kicked out of the science "club") and all too often the politics is about the social esteem (.e.g. Status within a group and trying to hold onto a position/belief that the group adheres to) .
    And the general public,trying to make sense of all this political spin & social opinionated gossip don't know whom to trust ( as there not scientifically trained). so it's been and continues to be a hard struggle trying to infer the facts to the public whilst those opposed to the facts ( due to loss of esteem inc business, political, social rank) do whatever they can do confuse the people and turn what should be a fact based discussion into a social "debate" or more like two people ranting at one another in some cases, Loudest ranter wins!.

    Anyone for a nice healthy cigarette?. There are billion dollar industries whom would love for you to believe that smoking is healthy!. Exactly the same is true about climate change. They simply don't want to lose something personal to them thus have a precognitive bias (Dogma) towards climate change.

    And what does the actual climate do whilst humanity struggles with it's own personal ego's?. The same thing Gravity does if your ego is telling you that you don't want to continue falling down. We should of stayed away from the cliff edge ( Cliff edge analogous to the climate crisis we are now in). The difference being is that's it's not too late to reverse the damage we have done and repair our mistakes.

    e.g. Humans are increasing the levels of Carbon Dioxide in the Atmosphere ( green house Gas).

    Answer. There are these amazing tools that take CO2 out of the atmosphere and captures it in a solid form. There comparably very cheap and totally biodegradable!. They also have other users like providing raw building material, recycling nutrients, preventing land erosion. Oh yes, also there homes to many living things.

    Yep, there Tree's :-).

    So, plant more of them and burn less of them! Job done. Whose running this political circus?.

  9. As if no one in the history of the world has ever said
    “The end is near.” ????
    Climate Change is the oldest hoax in the book.
    I can’t believe people fall for Nigerian email scams or Climate Change.

  10. Al Gore was right…………..we are all dead. Passed away 10 years ago. No more Polar Bears, The Amazon River has dried up, but there's still plenty of time to send him all your money so you wont have to worry about it.

  11. "There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of CO2 will, in the foreseeable future cause catastrophic heating of the Earth's atmosphere and disruptions of Earth's climate" . Global Warming Petition Project- Opposed to Kyoto Signed by 31,000 U.S. Scientists and Professionals.
    "It is extremely likely that human influence has been the dominant cause of the observed warming since mid 20th century." IPCC -2014
    One of the best predictors of short term temperature change is the temperature of the stratosphere. In the last 41 years, UAH has as its coolest year 2006, warmest 1983. RSS coolest as 2006 again, warmest 1983 AGAIN. NESDIS STAR also calls 2006 as its coolest year and 1983 as its warmest. We have ben in a steady (as temperatures go) period for 40 or 50 years.
    Oddly enough, in Feb 2019, has turned out to be the coolest yet. But since we have not completed 2019, it isn't part of the overall data.
    There is MORE polar ice today than 10 years ago. (Do not be confused by the cherry-picking of looking at the North Pole as the definition of "POLAR ICE". Don't forget we have …..YES!!! ANOTHER POLE! Called the South Pole or Antartica. Anyway, we have MORE polar ice TODAY than 10 years ago.
    CO2 is plant food. As it stands today, our plant life is on a starvation diet. We actually need, for the health of polant life, MORE CO2. CO2 comprises .04% of the atmosphere. Water vapor comprises 1%.
    I challenge you, Bill Nye, to a debate with Patrick Moore. I will make the arrangements. We can do it by SKYPE, so travel isn't required. Just time, and a commitment are all that is needed . Simple rules. Let's say you go first. You get three minutes to say whatever. Then the other side gets 2 minutes to respond, and who then will have then 3 minutes to speak THEIR piece. Then, YOU get 2 minutes to respond, and 3 minutes to speak YOUR piece.The last speaker has only 3 minutes to speak, to be fair. Then it's over. Equal time will be awarded each side, and it can go on as long as you would like. You may bring graphs and charts, but your opponent has an extra 2 minutes to address the graph as you would have an extra 2 minutes to explain it.

  12. No, you only need to ignore the facts until the facts become bullshit as the normal life cycle of the earth resumes its normal cycle. Just because you wear a bow tie doesn't give you antipyretic extra credence as an authority on the subject. Grow up ffs.

  13. Here is why I don’t believe in Climate Change:
    It used to be called global warming (which I didn’t believe in) and now is called climate change because the earth began to get colder again, example, a glacier , I think in Canada but I forgot, was melting so people were watching but in the past few years it began to grow again. Another reason is this. The first Americans had to stop in Alaska because of huge icecaps, too big into cross. However, over time it melted into creating a path. This was before cars were made, and many things that are “creating climate change”. Another reason is that it is the Earths cycle. There have been many ice ages that go away, then return. I like to call climate change bull crap, because it is.

  14. For every science guy that tells the truth there's 999 that don't, i rather listen to that one, sadly Bill aint one of them.

  15. I looked at my copy of The Scientist World Climate Warning. It was signed and approved by 20,000 different scientists world wide. Miss Blackburn is lost the oil profit dollar. She will regret it.

  16. Oh man! I’m going to use that in my next argument. “Why do we have Earthquakes in California? Tectonic plates you say.? I thought you’d say it was just a cycle or an act of God? “. Thanks for the great idea Bill. Keep up the good work.

  17. Your a clown Nye. Why never talk about the governments weather modification program that’s been happening for a century with the sole intent of warming the weather.
    Global warming is a hoax..

  18. Hydraulic resonant suppressor inventor does not equal ultimate science god. Sorry Mr. Nye, Gore's theatrical comedy of 2007 (inconvenient truth) still was funnier.

  19. Hold on the world is getting warmer but today May 12th 2019 it was 43°F in Texas, also it stopped snowing in late April in Colorado. There’s no freakin way it’s a real thing, how can people be so dumb.

  20. Nye the not so science guy is one of the High Priests of the Climate Cult. He will say anything to boost his personal wealth he gets paid to spew these lies.

  21. I am an Industrial Engineering and there is only a 2 years requirement of physics..year 1= Mechanics and thermodynamics and year 2= Electricity and Optics, so bill is an idiot by emphazising physics, physics, physics…And by the way I DONT BELIEVE IN THAT GLOBAL WARMING SHIT!!!

  22. For those of you that think that the higher prices of fossil fuels is more important than the actual welfare and protection of the only known planet to support life, then there is something wrong with you

  23. Too bad they did not give you some thermodynamics courses, never too late, take a look at it. It might help you to get closer to understanding climate change.

  24. It don't matter what people like this fake scientist say you can look at date for your self and see that there never been any warming in the sea's around Antarctica the only time there is any warming is to do with underwater volcanoes. This is the thing that these so called scientists go on TV and spread made up data when forgetting about all the Antarctic coastal stations that were put there to take the temperature 24/7 for the last 60years ,real data that cant be manipulate.🤔

  25. I profess the religion that claims the garden of Eden was in Missouri, and I also completely recognize the reality of the climate change.

  26. Bill…. took physics physics physics …… obviously forgotten a lot in pursuing his current career. I am embarrassed for him, I have heard many of his awkward arguments and seen his experiments proving CO2 is evil… and I am embarrassed for him. Sorry Bill.

  27. This isn’t a topic that’s up for debate you people only think it is because the mainstream media presents it as an issue that’s debatable. You don’t need people’s opinions on a fact. It’s like having a debate “Which number is bigger 15 or 5”. The debate should be about what we should do about it.

  28. The simple fact of the matter is that Global heating is out of control. We can not stop it and most of us are going to die soon.

  29. Methane is flowing out of the Arctic at rates we have never seen before. Methane is a hell of a lot more powerful than CO2 at heating the oceans and the atmosphere.

  30. In 1928 it snowed that much in Colorado on that date. 91 years ago the same weather pattern and the same climate. Proves that Man Made Global Climate Weather Rain Snow Tornado etc. Change is a Fake Science and Religion. LMAO!

  31. I recall that scientists were CERTAIN in the late 1970's that we were headed into another Ice Age.

  32. I think the climate change deniers either: don't understand the science and the measurements taken that show that it is happening and is a result of human activity (for example, increase in global temperatures which has continued to increase since the industrial revolution along with co2 emissions), and/or have some stake in denying what is happening because they profit from it.
    The people who are trying to deny climate science by attacking credentials only don't seem to be trying to back up their argument with any substantive information about climate science. Where is their supporting data? Where are the people who reviewed their claims to see if their hypothesis is supported?
    An example of someone who doesn't understand climate change: someone who gets snow in their area and thinks it's conclusive evidence to deny global warming. A person claiming this does not realize that global warming measurements are based on AVERAGE GLOBAL TEMPERATURES (not one measurement in one location on one day). They also are not understanding that an increase in average GLOBAL temperatures could actually make some specific areas colder or more susceptible to erratic weather. Warmer temperatures mean there is more energy in the system (earth). A more energetic system is more chaotic. A more chaotic climate could mean more erratic weather. Places might see more storms, so an increase in average snow fall in an area over a period of time could be indicative of increased global temperatures.
    Chaotic changes can disrupt existing patterns. A more energetic and thus more chaotic system might for example alter the gulf stream. If that happened, some of Europe could actually get colder, even though the cause of such a change could be changes that happened as a result of a more chaotic system (higher global temperatures)
    Maybe these descriptions are not clear enough, but I think people can understand that when there is talk about global warming, it means a rise in AVERAGE GLOBAL TEMPERATURES, not temperatures in their back yard on one day.
    I think people could also understand that a warmer system is more chaotic
    A potential demonstration, simpler than Earth, but might demonstrate concept:
    heating some water, possibly in a fume hood with ventilation off or a glass box so that people can see the vapor in the air, then watching it condensing on the glass (like rain on Earth). If one wall of such a glass box was freezing cold on the outside, they might see ice forming on that side (like snow), even though the inside of the box overall would be warmer from the water vapor. Showing that snow can happen, even if the overall heat inside is warmer. This increase in ice on one side of the box might make that side colder, even though the average heat of the entire box would be warmer.
    Climate scientists have to base their work on measurable data. They cannot just claim something without having measurable supporting data. About 97% or more of climate scientists acknowledge that climate change is happening.
    Anyone who seriously wants to deny climate change would need to provide a lot of supporting data.
    I have not seen climate change deniers providing any such data.

  33. A potential demonstration:
    2 boxes made of glass, with a thermometer at the bottom (bottom of the box is Earths ground in this demonstration) sealed, with air composition same as Earths, and identical except for the co2 content. One has higher co2 content. Both put in the same location relative to the sun. Boxes being next to each other in such a way that they both get the same exposure to sun.
    One box could have co2 levels that Earth had at the beginning of the industrial revolution, the other could have same co2 content that Earths atmosphere has now.
    The box with higher co2 content could show that less heat is getting back out of the box. Over time, average temperatures at the bottom of the box with higher co2 content would likely be hotter because the co2 would be blocking some of the heat from getting out of the box.

  34. What facts? What is the amount of temp increase caused by humans? exactly? If the science is done. We don't try to ignore facts but you don't have any.

  35. At least since Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth", some 15ish years ago…polar bears have been doing great…seeing their population increasing. Arctic Sea Ice has remained stable. Antarctica ice has increased. No increase in ocean levels has happened. The "97% of scientists agree…" has been debunked. 31000+ scientists have signed a petition that man-made CO2 is NOT affecting the climate significantly. Drastic weather has decreased, hurricanes and tornados are down in the US, and smaller in size. Global warming, or climate change or the climate crisis (as it is now called) has done nothing new when compared to the past. CO2 has never led temperature…it's always been the other way around. Average temperatures have been slightly dropping for 15 years. In September 2018, NOAA said the 2018/2019 winter will be one of the warmest and driest ever, when it was actually the second coldest and wettest on record, people were still skiing in Colorado on July 4th! Like, at what point do the climate alarmists look around and look at the past and realize the bull sh*t they are being fed. Wake up.

  36. Actual Climate Scientist Press Releases

    A Brief Recap

    1970…We'll be in an Ice Age by 2001!

    1976…Global Cooling will cause a World War by 2000!

    1989…Global Warming and rising sea levels will wipe

    entire Nations off the map by 2000!

    1990…We have five to ten years to save the rainforests!

    1999…The Himalayan Glaciers will be gone in ten years!

    2000…Snow will soon be a thing of the past!

    2007…Global Warming will cause fewer Hurricanes!

    2008…The Arctic will be Ice-Free by 2013!

    2012…Global Warming will cause more Hurricanes!

    2014…The Science is Settled!

  37. There is no real answer to this climate destruction, unless we adress the real problem of overpopulation. Anything other than that is just feel good talk.

  38. Just everybody embrace their own extinction. An your children's extinction. They won't have to suffer long. Good thing.

  39. 16 scientists trapped in upper Norway region on 9/6/19 trapped in ice sheets had to be helicopter to safety . These scientists tried for second year to head to Greenland and towards Russia to show ice melting only to get trapped in tons of ice crushing their attic vessels. Lol 😆 bill bye your a piece of crap 💩

  40. "science is the instrument of control, a way to ensure citizens' unquestioning submission to the global powers-that-be."-Aldus Huxley's "Brave New World" This subject was written about over 100 year's ago by the globalists and technocrats of the day. Please look into the history, what we are seeing today in all aspects if life was planned out decades ago.

  41. Bill must have missed the recent studies suggesting humans play no part in Anthropogentic Climate Change. Cheers.

  42. Probably these climate change deniers just looked up their arguments and "facts" from the internet and aren't even actual scientist who studies climate.

  43. the children and those under 40 do in general believe climate is not only a real thing but happening now. it the 40-80 group where most deniers are found, unfortunately its the demographic that tend to be the politicians of the world. until the older group wake up or stop denying the obvious the better, but then again its the fact that money talks, and the oil companies are willing to spend millions protecting their incomes.

  44. This is not the man I grew up with. This is definitely a demon. I knew something was wrong the minute I was taught this bull shit. Now you have millions of people wasting their time protesting non sense that the governments of the world created. Oil is a renewable resource made of carbon hydrogen and oxygen! Co2 is not dangerous! Wake up people!

  45. I was in a discussion with a friend who is a climate change denier. He showed me the EPA site that uses data from 2018. Considering Trump put the current manager there to help deregulate companies, I got upset that my friend would use this for a means of evidence.

    I tried showing him my own source, and he immediately said "That is not a rebuttal." And ignored my site.

    I have come to the conclusion that it is not worth spending my time trying to explain to people why climate change is real. If they didn't get it already they won't be getting it any time soon. If we had more time then I wouldn't mind a friendly debate. We don't have time. Ignore these fool's and focus on trying to save this world. We would just be wasting precious time on people who are getting in the way.

  46. "Climate change" meaning less. It's always changing. "Global warming" is a better term. "Sceptics" is better than "deniers".

  47. Thank you!!! Few people are physically involved in nature anymore…particularly the last 20 years, so they are speaking from ignorance, really not understanding the real cause/effect of weather, insects, birds, species, soil; and then they grab onto noisy media who spin lies that make them feel less scared. I have lived in nature for 80 years and seen many fast changes that were not predicted so soon. I do not believe anyone's timelines anymore…at all, mainly because none of us can actually count on the side effects, of the effects, and the side effects of the side effects (there is a fine word for that–which escapes me for the moment). We need to take many small steps to save ourselves at first to change our consumption so that new job talents can evolve.

  48. Think Big, no I think this is think like you're told to think.

    If you thought big, you'd know big oil is owned by big banks and they're both behind climate change, as our weather is modified and engineered.

  49. I'm a teen. Why the heck do we deserve to clean up these adults' mess? It's honestly so stupid. Climate change is real.

  50. Soo 500 scientists just wrote a letter to the UN IPCC and told them to shut up because it's all bull shit. i have the pdf. it's gone viral. look it up for yourselves. your consensus is over. the truth is coming out.

  51. I used to love bill nye as a kid in the 90’s even went to see him live… But he is just peddling the false narrative of the left to CONTROL THE MASSES! It is all the left wants is power over the people. Wake up! Look at the history of our planet! We are in fact in the coolest period since the last ice age. “Global warming / climate change” is a hoax created by the left and broadcast by famous people that live in la la land and have no clue about real life!

  52. I was skeptical of global warming/climate change and blaming people for why this is happening.
    Because most of the people I saw supporting this and protesting climate change are all trying to push socialism, communism, bigger government and more government control. Now after looking into it for myself instead of listening to paid actor, I'm now a climate change denier.
    Here is evidence climate change is just a lie to make tons of money and control the people.

  53. Why don't you build a factory that can take carbon and separate it from the air and then freeze the carbon you know until we can find a better solution apparently you can trap carbon in ice so there's solution.,…. Maybe

  54. You can know this is happening just by going outside and observing the changes, no degree needed. I just don't know what to say to the people who deny this is going on, I really don't. On a positive note, it seems there are people all around, from all walks of life who are sprouting the most amazing ideas. Boyan Sloot, for instance. Perhaps there's hope still?

  55. The Earth is getting warmer faster than it has ever gotten before." NOT EVEN CLOSE. And just 1 of the lies Bill told you. It's a scam. Wake up already you sheep. :

  56. Lol I still don’t believe him…. and new zeland is not a sophisticated society at all. It’s a tiny country, Alberta, Canada has a larger GDP than nz

  57. I know this videos old but its funny how u don't need to be a climate scientists to push it but u must be one to be a "deniar" . Wonder If that word was chosen on purpose

  58. the answer for the future of this world is in the bible. The world won't end due to climate change just get worse before it gets better. God is trying to get this world's attention to coming events like the Rapture, 7 year tribulation and 2nd coming of Christ. Worry more about being left behind after the Rapture than climate change since the 7 year tribulation will be the worse period in human history. The worse climate change predictions can't compare to the horrors of the 7 year tribulation especially the last 3 1/2 years when all hell breaks loose. Since prophetic events are on the way repent and turn to Jesus for forgiveness of sins and salvation. The only and easiest way to heaven is through Jesus and Jesus alone. If you find yourself in the tribulation period it is your fault not God's so accept Jesus as Lord and Savior before it is too late.

  59. Bill you conveniently deny the Medieval Warming period. Just as fast a warm up and the earth did not end. And man made CO2 had nothing to do with it.

  60. To all you good but misinformed people out there. Those alarmist scientists who back this hoac work for govt grants, or companies that make billions off this hosc. No climate change no monies. The Earth climate has been changing for billions of years. At least ,3-4 iceages, only for last one , were there humans. Do we affect the climate, probably about .005 percent along with 20 other factors. First it was Global cooling in the 70s..then global warming in the 80s-90s. Walla nothing happened..billions didn't die as predicted…now it is climate change..think for yourself good people, don't be brainwashed by a few….just as ,Y2K was going to ruin everything, this hoax Is nothing more than a Globalist attempt at take over….thank you all

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