Bible Prophecy Update – December 1st, 2019

all right let’s get to our prophecy
update I want to say to our online church thank you so much for all of you
who prayed I am not quite there but I’m certainly doing much better and I’m
really looking forward to after a I think this is probably the longest that
I’ve been out of the pulpit and we’ve not had a prophecy update I’m really
looking forward to what the Lord has for us today as we resume the prophecy
update and then today as well partake together of communion so much has
happened since our last update one month ago on November 3rd so I went to the
Lord I sought the Lord and I sensed that the Lord would have us to zero in on
what I would argue is the most important development of prophetic significance to
take place over the last few weeks and what I’m speaking of is what I’ll call
the unchartered territory and I’ll explain what I mean by that the
unchartered territory we’re now in geopolitically and more importantly
prophetically let me explain what I mean by unchartered not uncharted uncharted
means unmapped unknown what we do know there is a map in God’s Word we’re told
what it’s going to look like and be like so I’m not going to use the word uncharted
in that context I’m using the word unchartered different meaning because it
carries with the idea of lacking a charter or if you prefer authorization
or regulation granting the rights to proceed this is
unchartered territory that we’re in currently specifically as it relates to
proceeding with the unprecedented impeachment of a u.s. president oh wait
a minute we’ve had presidents impeached yeah but what’s unprecedented about this
one is the process it’s unchartered and with it interesting
the indictment unprecedented indictment of a sitting Israeli Prime Minister what
I’m hoping to do today if you’ll kindly indulge me is share with you what all of
this means and what’s behind this coup d’etat which Webster’s defines as a
sudden decisive exercise of force in politics especially the violent
overthrow or alteration of an existing government by a small group boy that’s a
pretty apt description wouldn’t you say and I used the word coup because
according to this Ynet News report that’s what Prime Minister Benjamin
Netanyahu is calling it Netanyahu has stated that the criminal
indictment against him is an attempt at a government coup and that he will
continue to lead Israel it should be noted that this is the first time in
Israel’s history that a sitting Prime Minister has been charged with a crime
should it also be noted that this has thrown Israel’s already paralyzed
political system into further disarray speaking of further disarray and I’ll add
division al Jazeera published an article in which they asked this question has
the Trump impeachment inquiry divided Americans even further how would you
answer that it absolutely has in it they say that two months into the impeachment
investigation into u.s. President Donald Trump the American people find
themselves bitterly split on the inquiry hmm dare I say that this further
disarray is a textbook case of divide and conquer in the realm of the demonic
what do you mean I want to be as loving as I can when I
say this and I say this because God has done a really profound and powerful work
in my own heart concerning this our battle we wrestle not against flesh and
blood this is not about Democrats against Republicans this is not about
right against left this is a spiritual battle and it’s textbook this is right
out of Satan’s playbook divide and conquer Jesus said a house divided will
not stand last time I checked it’s still called the United States of America kind
of sad a little bit because it seems that it’s anything but has Satan’s
succeeded I believe so that’s what’s really going on here the
powers of darkness listen please know how high and eternal the stakes are would
to God that more Christians did the devil knows there’s not much time left
would to God that more Christians knew that it’s important to remember that the
devil seeks the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people right and he has
from the beginning it actually started when he possessed Cain to murder Abel
the seed the promised seed Savior a prophecy of the virgin birth Genesis
3:15 came from not Abel Seth and from that beginning to the end of human
history Satan has sought to exterminate eliminate annihilate the Jewish people
why because from the Jewish people comes the Savior of the world that’s going to
crush his head Oh Satan’s going to bruise his heel but ultimately Jesus will crush
his head that’s why that’s what’s really going on here it’s about the destruction
of Israel the annihilation of Israel and there’s a problem because America today
is in the way that’s a problem that’s why by the way when the Ayatollah and
the Islamic I don’t want to say the Iranian people there’s a great revival
right now in Iran by the way you know that I hope I’ve talked about it
you should go online do a search it’ll bless your heart
it’ll configure are two more Iranians are coming to a saving knowledge of
Jesus Christ by the multitudes certainly more than are here in America so when I
talked about Iran I’m talking about the regime and they chant and it’s always
death to America first why because we’ve got to get America out of the way then
its death to Israel death to America the Great Satan death
to Israel the little Satan that is Satan right it’s also important to remember
this is where I’m going with this stay with me that the Netanyahu Trump team
poses a formidable threat under the banner of a united America and an
undivided Israel namely Jerusalem you understand that just in that one
statement I just blanket covered a number of prophecies that we have in the
pages of Holy Writ concerning Jerusalem Zechariah 12 being chief amongst them on
Friday Arutz Sheva published a most interesting piece about how if they
knife Netanyahu Trump’s peace plan may bleed to death
how’s that for imagery a little graphic but no think about it if you knife
Netanyahu Trump’s peace plan will bleed to death oh is that what this is about
yeah we’ve got to destroy Netanyahu we’ve got to destroy Trump because together they’re a threat to our plan we want to
divide Jerusalem they want to unite Jerusalem you know what’s interesting while I was gone you I’m sure saw the
breaking news that President Trump had stated that Israel had the right to
Judea and Sumeria you want to build
settlements go ahead it’s your land it isn’t it doesn’t belong to them it belongs to
you you can that’s Judea and Samaria and by the way Judea does that sound a
little bit familiar Jew dea let me try that again
I know it’s early service but Jew dea Jew the Jews not the Arabs not my people
the Jewish people Judea Samaria wait oh on no we call it the West Bank naw forget
it West Bank shmest Bank sorry I got a little bit off on that but i feel a lot
better now but what happens when let me quote the report some of you are saying
please do many reports claim listen to this is very interesting that Israel’s Prime
Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will soon be finished politically forced to resign as
Israel’s longest-serving Prime Minister to defend three indictments leveled
against him one consequence of Netanyahu’s exit from politics if it
does happen could see president Trump having second thoughts about releasing
his long awaited and eagerly anticipated deal of the century to end the 100 years
old it’s actually quite a bit older than that arab-jewish conflict which Trump
had already promised to release after Israel’s next government is formed did
you did you hear about Israel’s government being formed I didn’t either
you know why because it hasn’t been formed a government without Netanyahu listen to this at
the helm would pose a serious problem for Trump who has forged a unique
relationship of respect and mutual trust with Netanyahu that no other Israeli
politician enjoys that’s a problem they’ve got a goal how are we gonna
get rid of them oh let’s indict him and let’s impeach
him what do you say yeah let’s do it they’ve got to go they’re in the way they’re
in the way what they’re in the way of our plan I suppose it would be safe to
say that the jury is still out on how all of this will play out however if the
verdict comes in and it could and when it does it’s without Netanyahu as Prime
Minister and or Trump as president I realize I’m going to make a very bold
statement here but I’m gonna make it nonetheless if that happens and it very
well could then I believe it could usher in the man of sin aka the
Antichrist think about it two strong leaders Trump and Netanyahu what if
they’re taken out of the picture is not then that a perfect storm that will form
prophetically as it were for this man this leader this
charismatic leader to arrive on the scene he will be seen as a savior and
we’re told in the Bible that he will control the world the world will worship
him they will bow to him and he will control a one world government a one
world economy and a one world religion so you take out the two strongest
leaders arguably of their respective governments
and let me add this I might as well I’m already going to get comments and emails on
this but the Antichrist cannot be revealed until the church is removed
we’re going to see that by the way when we get to Second Thessalonians chapter 2 I
cannot wait thank God for Satan being allowed by God to block Paul from going
to Thessalonica going back there because we have two letters that we’re going
through right now and when we get to chapter three ah pardon me chapter two
of second Thessalonians we’re going to read in verse three this astounding prophecy
that I believe is speaking of the rapture of the church that must come
first so here this man of sin the Antichrist
is about to be revealed but he can’t until the church is removed and I will
even argue that he can’t until Netanyahu and Trump are removed because they’re in
the way and so is the church by the way so let’s say for purpose of discussion
that that’s how it plays out the church is taken out Netanyahu is out Trump is
out the anti-christ is in hello we’re out of here because the church has to be
raptured before the seven-year tribulation
could this be please hear me out on this could this be this is not hyperbole
could this be that we are on the cusp of the seven-year tribulation aka the time
of Jacob’s trouble Israel’s trouble not the church’s trouble Daniel’s 70th week
could it be that we’re on the cusp of the 7-year tribulation listen to what
Jesus said concerning the final seven years of human history as we know it
he says for then Matthew 24:21 there will be Great Tribulation such as has
not been since the beginning of the world until this time no nor ever shall
be here’s a question and I’ll bring it in for a landing if we’re seeing this begin to happen now
how close are we in other words if we’re now beginning to see that which will
ultimately be fulfilled in and during the seven-year tribulation happen now
then how close are we to the tribulation Jesus answers this question in one of my
favorite verses in all the Bible when the disciples asked Him about the signs
of His return He says when these things key word begin to take place stand up
and lift up your heads because your redemption is drawing near the closer we
get to our final destination the more signs there will be that we will see let
me say the same thing again in a different way you know how it is when the closer
you get the more signs there are I mean when you first start out the sign will
say something like you know five hundred and twenty-eight miles of course not
here on the island it’s more like thirty five
miles to your destination so you’re driving along and then the closer you
get to your destination well no there’s more frequent sighs now it’s ten miles
now it’s five miles now it’s two miles now its next exit the closer you get to
your destinations the more signs there are 1997 my wife and I this is BC not
before Christ before children we traveled a lot actually
and we went to Egypt and stayed with my aunt who has a home in Giza which is
where the pyramids are was so cool and so we decided to go from Giza to
Alexandria and then to Cairo that was a mistake the biggest mistake was when we
missed the train and had to take a cab driven by an Arab you haven’t lived or
died until you’ve ridden in a cab with an Arab from Alexandria from Cairo to
Alexandria so here’s my wife and I and I’m sitting in the front she’s sitting
in the back you know behind me this is a custom in my country anyway she’s
sitting in the back seat and I’m in the front and noisy and he’s driving really
fast and it’s about depending on how fast it’s about maybe an hour and a half
drive from Cairo to Alexandria and it seemed like it was an eternity because
when we first started out and the way he was driving I actually had to threaten
him in Arabic I said to him I said if you keep driving like this I will not
pay you and the reason I said that to him was because I thought we were going
to see Jesus there was one really close call
where had my hand bent outside the window I could have touched the truck
that he was passing at a hundred and eighty miles per hour and the
windows are coming and it’s so dusty and smelly and we had sunglasses on when we
got finally got there my wife takes her glasses off and she’s brown my color
she’s sorry and she’s got these white circles because it was that it was
so bad and I’m praying and she’s praying and she was crying actually but oh God
please and we were looking and hanging on for dear life to every sign we saw
saying Alexandria and the closer we got to Alexandra hallelujah hallelujah the
more signs there were you know where I’m going with this right the closer we get
to our final destination of the Lord’s return in the rapture of the church the
more signs there are and I believe that’s what we’re seeing today give me a
couple more minutes if you wouldn’t mind I want to share with you the gospel the
good news of salvation in Jesus Christ which is why by the way we do these
prophecy updates and have all of these years it’s also why we share the ABCs of
salvation what is the good news what is the gospel the gospel is that Jesus was
crucified He was buried and He rose again on the third day and He’s coming
back again one day that’s the good news and our entrance into heaven will be
predicated upon our answer to this one what did we do with this gift of eternal
life that Jesus paid for when He died on that cross will we accept His payment in
our stead if so we enter in if not we do not it’s that simple and that’s what the
ABCs of salvation are simple childlike simple before we go through the ABCs of
salvation I want to share with you an email I received from an online member
by the name of Evelina Stroud she says hitchhikers and ABCs of
salvation worked please let pastor Farag know to never
stop telling us about ABCs of salvation I picked up two hitchhikers that looked
pretty bad and big but I knew God told me to stop and I did and I told them
about Jesus and I told them it was as easy as ABC to go to heaven anyway
couple minutes later I had two strangers in the back of my van saying Jesus I
admit I’m a sinner I believe You died and rose for my sin and I confess You as
my Lord and Savior it was awesome then I dropped them off
at the highway Jenny and Martin accepted Jesus in the back of my van because of
the ABCs of salvation thank you and never apologize for repeating the ABCs
of salvation how cool is that yeah well thank you wow so that’s my story and I’m sticking with
it I’m never going to apologize for doing the ABCs of salvation every single week
because you never know you never know what are the ABCs of salvation the A is
for acknowledge or admit that you’ve sinned against God that you need the
Savior this is what repentance means you you acknowledge your sin you turn from
your sin and you turn to the Savior for forgiveness of sin that’s the first
thing Romans 3:10 says there is no one
righteous not even one Romans 3:23 takes it further and says all have sinned and
fallen short of the glory of God and Romans 6:23 is interesting to me because
it sort of packages first the bad news with then the good news which I think is
a good way in sharing the gospel with others is to first talk about how all
have sinned we’ve all broken God’s law that’s the bad news and we also have to
talk about the penalty the wage it’s the death penalty because the wages of sin
is death and I think it’s good to first talk about that then offer the solution
of salvation through the person of Christ the gift of God is eternal life
in Christ Jesus our Lord here’s the B the B is for believing in your
heart that Jesus Christ is Lord and that God raised Hm from the dead this is
Romans 10:9 and 10 assess if you believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from
the dead you will be saved and then the C lastly very simply this for call
upon the name of the Lord Romans 10:9 and 10 also says if you confess with
your mouth Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart
that God raised Him from the dead you will be saved for it is with your heart
that you believe and are justified and it is with your mouth that you confess
and are saved and then lastly Romans 10:13 it says all who call upon the name
of the Lord will will be saved pretty simple yeah salvation is a prayer
away calling upon the Lord confessing with your mouth believing in your heart
acknowledging your sin it’s that simple why don’t you stand we’ll have the worship
team come up and we’ll have our communion service if you’re able to stay
again we certainly encourage you to do so if you have to leave God bless you
hey by the way if you have to leave listen Tuesday night prayer meeting
please Tuesday night seven o’clock right here if you have
plans cancel them you have okay I want us to pray and then after the worship
team is going to lead us in song and as they do you can come up and get the
elements they are on one of three tables here at the front they’re prepackaged and
you can take the elements back to your seat and then take your seat and then
wait so that we can partake together would you pray with me Father in Heaven
thank You how can we ever Lord thank You enough for the gift of eternal life that
You paid for in full on that cross when Your blood was shed in our stead and
Your body broken for us Lord that’s what we want to celebrate and commemorate
today but Lord before we do there might be somebody that is here in this church
today or someone watching online by some other way that has never called upon you
confessing with their mouth believing in their heart acknowledging their sin and
turning to You for forgiveness of sin Lord I pray that today what a great day
really the perfect day the day of salvation and then to partake together
of the communion table Lord thank You in Jesus name Amen
go ahead and come on in Luke’s Gospel the 22nd chapter we
have the account of what we affectionately refer to as the Last
Supper Jesus knows that the time has come He’s about to go to as we have just
sung that old rugged cross if you will and He knows He’s going to the
crucifixion and He knows that He will be buried and He also knows that He’s going
to rise again from the dead on the third day and now He wants to communicate this
to His disciples and He knows that this will be the last time He will ever break
bread with them you have to understand something in that culture to this day in
the Middle East it is a very for lack of a better word bonding an important thing
to break bread with someone and to eat at the table with someone it’s a common
union communion and that’s what they’re going to do now and we’re told Luke writes
by the Holy Spirit when the hour had come He sat down and the Twelve Apostles
with Him then he said to them with fervent desire I have desired to eat
this passover with you before i suffer speaking of the crucifixion for I say to
you i will no longer eat of it until it is fulfilled in the kingdom of God and
if you can kind of picture the scene and i’m sorry to ruin your last supper
paintings and artists renditions but they weren’t sitting at a table that’s
not how it is in the Middle East they’re on the floor
reclining and the table is low there and so He took the cup and gave
thanks and said take this and divide it among yourselves for I tell you this is
the second time now He’s telling them that this is the last time that we’re
going to partake together and the next time we partake together is going to be at the
wedding feast of the Lamb He says I will not drink of the fruit of the vine until
the kingdom of God comes you know interesting I just thought of this
parenthetically let me say this when the disciples asked Jesus to teach them how
to pray which by the way they asked Jesus to teach them how to pray because
they saw how powerful the Savior’s prayer life was they saw Jesus they
witnessed Jesus pray all the time and they saw the power of prayer interesting
they didn’t say hey Jesus teach us how to preach I would have probably asked
him for a little bit of help on that but no they asked him teach us how to pray
and isn’t it interesting that in teaching them how to pray He said pray
Thy kingdom come Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven I wonder if He
had this in mind and I wonder if that brought that to their mind at that time
when he said for the second time I will not drink I will not do this again with
you until the kingdom of God comes and He took bread gave thanks and broke it
and gave it to them saying this is My body which is given for you do this in
remembrance of Me if you’ll take the packaging and peel
back the top part you’ll find the bread and just take it out and hold on to it
for a moment I always especially appreciate the
communion celebration during this Christmas season and one of the reasons
is is because like you I tend to get caught up in the busyness of Christmas
the Christmas rush I mean Christmas is a busy time for pastors
it’s a it’s kind of a busy time of the year for us tis the season and what I
appreciate about just stopping and celebrating the communion table is
because it reminds me forgive me for saying it like this it reminds me not to
forget so I don’t forget to remember what do you mean by that
well think about it you know in the busyness of our lives we forget what
it’s all about and the busyness of the Christmas season we forget what the
reason for the season is and so the communion table is that much-needed
reminder that brings us back to the basics of what it’s all about Jesus Christ and Him crucified and not
just crucified but resurrected and not just but resurrected but returning so
that what we’re about to do here today we will one day do with Him try to get
your mind around that when this ultimately finds its fulfillment in His
kingdom can you just imagine sitting with our bridegroom our Savior our Lord
our King of kings at the wedding feast of the Lamb and He’s going to take the
bread like we are now one is going to be way more better there
and he’s going to say here take eat for it has found its fulfillment even now we
can’t say that now but we will then and that’s what this is all about is to
bring us back to what our lives in this world are all about would you partake
with me Lord thank You again it seems so insufficient
inadequate to just say thank You I mean how can we possibly this side of
eternity ever thank You enough thank You for Your body that was broken
for us instead of us and Lord thank You for giving us this to do in remembrance
of You because we we forget we forget that we’re saved that we’re soon and
very soon going to be with You in heaven and that should give us a very different
perspective while we’re still here on earth a heavenly perspective so Lord
thank You Luke goes on to write and says likewise He speaking of Jesus also
took the cup after supper saying this cup is the New Covenant in My blood
which is shed for you if you’ll take the remainder of the package and then peel
it back you’ll have the cup and hold on to it for just a moment again you know we sing it we say it we know it
there’s power in the blood there is power in the blood of Jesus Christ and
that’s what we hold in our hands today is a symbol of the blood of the New
Covenant it had to be the blood of the New
Covenant because the Old Covenant was only a kaphar a covering until the once
and for all sacrifice would come Jesus the Christ and when His blood was shed
it was finished the payment is made in full once and for all for all it’s no
longer just covered no there’s now remission of sin removing of sin as far
as the East is from the West and God says I will remember them no more that’s
how powerful this blood the symbol that we hold in our hands is every sin we’ve
ever committed are committing and well yet future commit have been paid for by
the blood of Jesus Christ the blood of the New Covenant would you partake with
me and once you do stand please thank you Lord thank You Lord thank You for Your blood that was
shed on that cross for us thank You that it is finished paid in full or thank You
for the new covenant in Your blood Lord thank You for the power of Your
blood Lord we love You then we thank You and we long for You to
return so Lord come quickly Maranatha in Jesus name we pray Amen and
amen and thank you so much for your patience and your grace have a blessed
week we’ll see you Tuesday night right okay God bless you


  1. Pastor, we may be seeing the country uniting, at long last. Independents have flipped to the Conservative Right and moderate Democrats are leaving the party by droves. We can tell by the amount of comments on Youtube sites. Most are now radically against this bogus impeachment and tired of the constant pressure from the Progressive Dems. They get crazier every day and don't try to hide it. They're attempting to shred the Constitution and force Socialism on us. It's backfiring big-time. As much as 60 % of the Black population now support Pres Trump and 40% of the Hispanics have flipped. I don't think it's by chance that the Israeli cabal and Deep state here are pulling the same stunts at the same time. I have to wonder how the people of Israel can allow this to happen, knowing how vulnerable their current position has become. Praise God, He's never caught off guard so we know His will can not be thwarted. So glad you're feeling better. Blessings to you & family.

  2. You know what it's all fine. But if were raptured in the next day or so or even 6 months. What about Nephilim UFOs AI mark of the beast. Are we close enough to that. So that if we get raptured tomorrow all of this other stuff can fall into place. Because it'll have to happen the day after. I'm thinking there's some other serious s*** that has to happen first. And a repentance of the messed up church and those who know but don't believe. I think things are going to get a lot worse before the rapture.

  3. I plead the blood! Maranatha- children of God! So happy to see and hear you again- Pastor JD! We shall soon be going HOME 🏡 ⛅️ 👑

  4. America continues to fall and will be judged. It’s quite sad as God has been left out here in the states. Thank goodness our great God lord and savior Jesus Christ is coming sooner then anyone could imagine. We go home!!!!

    I don’t care about the anti christ and looking forward to seeing Jesus Christ.

  5. Fact: there have been zero US President's impeached from office. Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were impeached by the House of Representatives, but both were acquitted by the Senate; and Nixon resigned before any impeachment hearing. Just FYI.
    With Pres Trump, the House is showing themselves to be a clown show, since they never followed the Constitutional process for a formal impeachment. It only shows how corrupt the Democrats are to the American people. Most likely it will lead to the end of the Democrat party; as the party should be abolished for everything the communist Democrats stand for. Pelosi: "We need to rip up the US Constitution." Not ever going to happen without another Civil War.

  6. “There is a strange feeling in the air (spiritual) that permeates everything I interact with and think about. I know we are in the end of the church age and I know the clock is farther along than most think. It's like the air is 'thick' with anticipation of things to come very soon, VERY soon."

  7. I accept Jesus’ payment for my sins. I love using Jesus blood to wash away curses and sins. Thankyou Jesus for your amazing gift.

  8. Pastor J.D… are doing the work the Lord wants you to do — no apostate church under your preaching!! Keep the ABC's going until Jesus takes us home. God Bless You. I love your passion and your occasional "hollering" ….You are a transparent man of God. WWJD? He would recite those ABC's……lol We will keep coming back to your prophecy updates, one day at a time.

  9. As a Cdn, I look fwd to the Pastor's interpretation of today's events and the Bible. I'm 91 and wonder if I will be alive when Pres. Trump is re-elected.

  10. So glad your back and feeling a little better. Missed your perspectives on these Prophecy Updates. Praying for you and this ministry. God's blessings.

  11. Welcome Pastor JD, we missed you.
    Pastor Mac and the other pastor were really good, with a good message. But we are used to you and have become attached to your preaching. Welcome back. I hope you are well

  12. My wife shared the ABC'S Of Salvation with a friend at work. Her friend is now a new baby Christian, "PRAISE GOD!!!"

  13. The thought that Trump's and Netanyahu's stay in power and the presence of the Church on earth is in the way for the revelation of the antiChrist got me thinking… WHY? Could it be that it is because we're not seeing the "fullness of the Gentiles" (Rom 11:25) yet? Or could it be that the Church is behind these men, upholding them in prayer, and so putting God in a sort of a quandary?
    If it is for the first reason (the fullness), and yet we know that this antiChrist's revelation is very near, then perhaps just a little more evangelistic shove by the Church is needed for the quota of the Gentiles to be met! Move it, Church!
    If it is for the second reason, and we cannot not pray for the nation's leader (1Tim 2:1-2), and because God will not put us in a place where even prayer is futile, then it cannot because of the presence of these two leaders.
    We can conclude then that Jesus' delay in reappearing is only due to the Church's snail-paced efforts at building up His Church. We are so slow, that Jesus has to do it Himself (check out Iran and what's happening among extremist moslems who are getting supernaturally saved).
    Get up, and just do it, Church! Don't wait for the heathen to come to you. Isa_52:1 "Awake, awake! Put on your strength, O Zion; Put on your beautiful garments, O Jerusalem, the holy city! For the uncircumcised and the unclean Shall no longer come to you.
    (Gal. 6:9)

  14. So glad to hear your strong voice again Pastor JD ! Boy you have the roar of a Lion in your voice now and very thankful for answered prayers to our God , Savior and Holy Spirit!
    Come quickly but let us be constantly reminded of the Many of the lost sheep.

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  16. from Pricila Vales, I thanks God for Pastor JD, I praise God for His healing to pastor JD, We missed him so much, thank you for coming back Pastor JD.

  17. Ahhh, so you say the taxi drive from Cairo to Alexandria is 'interesting'? Sounds very similar to the Bemo (minibus) drive we had from Denpasar's Ngurah Rai International to the Kuta Beach precinct when we first visited Bali many moons ago. When we pulled out of the airport and got underway, everybody got real somber quiet real quick. I pulled my arm in from the window and decided that the seatbelt would be a good idea. Some crossed themselves and recited their Hail Marys! Learned right then that the HORN is the single most important part of a vehicle in Bali. 😆🤣

  18. Thanks. The devil is God's hammer on an evil world. God knew all this in advance and planned for the best possible outcome. Many are victims of an evil establishment of man and God knows who they are. They are humans that are in the book of life that will be woken up at the great white throne of judgment. The saints will represent God on the future earth. Jesus saved the saints and the humans that re not wicked. God knows all hearts and will render to each person according to their ways/works. Those how follow the ways of the devil will be eliminated. This is God's plan.

  19. We entered the city limits. Now the signs are getting very detailed and specific.

    By the way 136,000 watch your services. Impossible 100 years ago without a dozen trucks and a very large tent.

  20. Prayed, praying and will keep on praying for my pastor, for we need our pastor to help us go through
    our own storm because the mighty Hand of my Father is on JD, to bring us in witch we need to learn
    in order to stay ever so close to Him. Praise the Almighty King of Kings and Lord of Lord Jesus. Amen!

  21. I AM in this Fallen " Material Addicted , Selfie Love and Vanity " Colony Presence or World ( Matrix ) but Surely not part of it !
    One can call it the Rainbow spectrum of the Narcisist and Psychopaths ( the Fallen Ones and their giant offsprings ) ,
    still Here and yet mainly a Soulless Shadow Embodiment ,
    by the Reflection of our Presence …

    IS and RA are the Sound as expression of the Union between the Female and Male Presence ,
    whereby EL the Divine Seal yet a Copy/shadow version of the True Divine and Pure Union between the Original Adam ,
    and thus really made by the Image /Likeness of the Most High ,
    or Union between ~ HU ( thoughts , songs ) ~ and its Beloved ~ Meirothea ( Universal Womb , the Logos ) …

    As in the Divine Musical Ladder ,
    a leak did occur or a Note which fell off ,
    and became its own Shadow Reality …
    Or Known as the Serpent ( the Beast , Devil , Saytaan , Samaêl , etc ) whom then sung its own tempting Song ( like Pan with its Flute ) !

    In this Fallen Note Realm ,
    even set Under the 24/7 curse of Decay and Death ,
    the Serpent to Now must crawl on its belly ,
    the Promised nor Holy Land shall Not Be found ,
    as that is Above the Under the " Heavens " World !
    Or when able to Arise Out of the Chaotic Ocean of Life ( walking on or above the Unclean Waters ) ,
    being a CON-fusion Field made on Purpose as to mingle the Pure Fruit and the Poison Berries together ( a look-a-like Flesh Body yet Seth is Not Set nor Can Cain Be as Abel either ) ,
    and Evil knowing in Advance that the Good would stay Good ( as it is the Shadow version of Christos whom said to Love thy enemy or to Turn the Other Cheek aka part of the Strong Delusion ) ,
    which means that Evil Surely shall Prevail ,
    as likewise a bloodthirsty predator shall Not hesitate either to consume completely the conquered Gazelle !
    Nor a Malicious Individual shall Not end its own devouring behavior either …
    Whilst the Pure Christos Presence mainly meant by turning the cheek as to Withdraw from their Field ,
    and to become the Bright Light Embodiment whereby a Shadow Can No Longer exist ,
    as like the quote ~ when the Lamp is switchted On , the Dark Room shall Perish ~ and True !
    Or a Command to leave the Unclean Walls of Babylon and their Lifestyle ,
    as like Lot …
    Because an already rotten Apple shall Surely infect a still quite fresh apple as well !

    Spiritual Mind Food ,
    as it seems that most of the Mass ( or at least x % whom Believe in a Mighty Over All Presence ) ,
    can't still Comprehend the Message of Christos which is a walk at Simplicity !
    To accept this Fallen and Inevitable Mortal State for what it is ( a Greedy Embodiment and Wars mainly to steal the Resources to fill its Material Addiction Need yet Not willing to reside in a Hot Desert nor Cold , Grey Cloud erea themselves so to speak ! ) including as a Bootcamp And Mainly to Test the Purity of the Soul / Spirit so to speak , …
    And to be willing by own free will to get Purified and Remolded ( Restoration ) again ,
    which is Incredible rough ( set at Solitude , Poverity , the Children to be taken away , the own Nest member to become thy enemy , etc whilst the Devil certainly shall be the one to offer ye then an extra glass of water so to speak ) yet Worthwhile ,
    as the Promised Land shall Be Felt and at First from Within !
    Even able to Resurrect out of the tight woven flesh Cloth or Net and to Fly Light as a Bird

    The Outer Earth Realm then to Oversee as the " Real Beauty Gift " with its Free never boring Biodiversity and therefore already felt as a Limitless Richness and Bliss ,
    whereby to see and Hear the Smile of Each and shared as a mutual Natural Bliss through each ,
    is and has been Always the Sole Purpose by ~ HU ~ when its Exquisite Songs , Sounds Manifested this Visible Pure and Glorified Magnficent Shimmering Garden Embodiment …

    Yet the Present Earth shape also still set Under the Curse ,
    and thus alas still covered by an Unclean Presence ( or bad Notes ) too ,
    but still as already a Preview of what Living in the Promised Land truly means … !
    ~ HU ~ Only wants Us to See Happy and to Hear our own joyful Songs too ,
    because We are Content filled with Grace to May be Part of such a Heavenly Exquisite Realm , :-))

    Freedom of Sharing the Living Word and to Be/Radiant the Living Visible and Pure Thought ,
    ~ * ~

  22. Years ago I read John Pipers experience as he died for 90 minutes and was resurrected through prayer…yesterday I watched a recent interview where he recapped what happened to him and his Heavenly experience….I found myself smiling and filled with warmth during his interview … it’s reminder we are not of this world. Shalom. @wordupministries

  23. I believe that "until the church is removed" means that the "true" church of believers in Christ Jesus will no longer exist. It will have been removed and replaced with a non-believing congregation. Jesus will no longer be worshipped in church. This is why, in the last days, the Bible says that WE will no longer be welcomed in the synagogue. Christ has been removed from the church. The church "of Christ" no longer resides there.

  24. I am so happy that you are back and are better!! You have been missed greatly! Thank you Lord for healing Pastor JD!

  25. Pastor JD as soon as you mentioned the issues with Israel's elections and the failure of a government being formed still to this date, I immediately thought how close the Tribulation is because the Jews need direction and a government and want a LEADER right now. How easily will they accept this man who will seemingly have every answer and solution they crave?!

  26. As from the beginning the Father shall be with His Sheep the final mile ! He shall carry us upon His shoulder ! Gently reassuring us every step ! All His creation even the leaves on the trees shall clap and praise Jesus ! God bless you is an understatement of His wish for His Sheep !

  27. Well almost 6,000 years from Adam to now… shortly the Tribulation period will begin …. then the millennium of 1,000 years = 7,000 years. Amazing

  28. Missed you brother!!! Glad your feeling better! I look forward to your prophecy updates all week and really missed them. It’s good to have you back ❤️😊. I still think the anti Christ is Obama. He’s working so hard behind the scenes to topple Trump and he’s working with the UN to usher in the NWO. He’s so evil. But that’s just my thought.

  29. Hello again from the UK, Pastor JD. It's great to see you back behind the pulpit again, as you've been greatly missed. I thank our Heavenly Father for restoring you back to good health JD, God is good always, Praise Jesus!

  30. Bibi says he wants to stay in in order to annex the Jordan Valley:

  31. Almost everybody thinks that the 7 weeks begins right before the rapture but no place in the bible says that. There will be a gap between the rapture and the 7w of Jacob. In other words the rapture happens and there will be a time (years) for a tribulation really begins. People left behind have to taste the NWO, so they becomes desperate with no hope and them desire for Jesus again.

  32. Update on Israel's 17Sept election – December 11 is deadline for 61 signatures to be collected to form a government or else third election to be held next March – Can you believe this:333 witnesses in the prosecution case against Bibi?!!

  33. BE AWARE my brothers and sisters, that Paul's letters to the Corinthians was disputed by self appointed "Super apostles" who wanted to go outside of Scripture and not by the prophets. It is important to note that New Testament prophesy lines up with the prophets (SCRIPTURE) found in the link (s). The wisdom of God and words of knowledge, lead to increased faith. If you have the wisdom and knowledge from God you can see the plans of the devil against the kids, the church and God's promises, that include judgement and warnings before Jesus returns GOD is so awesome to only let us prophesy in part so we need each other just like the prophets had a part of Christ and parts of Scripture to warn us of events that are still being revealed, NOW. If we all race to prophesy positivity without any warnings we can fall into a trap of false expectations. Take a look at Jeremiah 23: 26 The false prophets were speaking from their own hearts against God to repent. BE BOLD to use God's Word 1st, not 2nd. Paul warns us there will be lying signs and wonders that usher in the beast system. We see the beast system teaching kids in schools to be any sex they want and to go against their own parents and think for themselves? The media reinforces that in video games where the second biggest fallen angel called DESTROYER also known as Apollyon (Απολλυων) is the Greek name for Abaddon is used to attack the (eye gates & ear gates) of kids. I believe God showed me the church is silent on this OBVIOUS ATTACK OF SATAN ON THE KIDS because they are stuck in FEAR and sexual sins so I leave you with what Jesus showed John in Revelation 2: 21-23…. I am not so egotistical that just because I believe God showed me something that I am 100% right. It could be my own heart or my own discernment so please study the Scriptures yourself.

  34. "So Esther was taken to King Ahasuerus, into his royal palace, in the tenth month, which is the month of Tebeth, in the seventh year of his reign."
    Esther 2:16
    Tevet follows after Kislev…🤔

  35. Someone told me they read that Benjamin Netanyahu may form his own Government for 6-8 Months just to unveil Trumps deal of the century..

  36. Please address over 60 pages of bible changes in old and new testament re eya channel on utube and bible changes in the kjv….this is most profound thing happening now. The strong delusion has begun. Please dont ignore, please address…gotta protect the sheep. Pdf available

  37. Thank you and God bless you! Yes and Amen…God please soften hearts and open up eyes and ears to know your will Father in Jesus name!

  38. Hello my dear pastor, I am so glad you are feeling better! Praise God!  And I pray and hope we are going home soon! Maranatha! Hallelujah! AMEN!!!

  39. Greetings from South Africa. Thank you Pastor JD, oh I needed to hear this message today as my husband and I are going through a crises with both of our jobs and finances. God bless you for encouraging and reminding us of so many things through this Word.

  40. The Lord gave me a revaluation of the rapture in 2014 when I asked him about the coming of the 4blood red moons that year
    He told me his church has fallen asleep like the parable of the ten virgins
    And he is coming for his bride,be encouraged brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus
    Praise the Lord
    Come Lord Jesus come

  41. God, I pray that you will protect the Americans and Israelis and the two leaders of these countries from these nefarious groups and Satan himself! I know this is the sign of the times we are in …. the last of days!!

  42. If you want to be saved, the ABC's start at 24:32. I pray, in Jesus's name that the 48 downvotes come to know Jesus as we do.

  43. As a Christian Policeman, I see the enemy working on our families and the prophecies coming to pass, faster than I ever thought possible. Stay on the wall and proclaiming until we go home.

  44. Thank you Lord Jesus that pastor JD is well again! I left my church last summer because the pastor was preaching a social justice gospel. I still receive the emails with sermon excerpts and he preached that in Matt 24 the faithful would be left behind and the unfaithful would be taken! Of course he says it’s all allegorical. That will be part of Satans explanation to the rapture

  45. for the past 3 years, a phenomenon has been occurring behind the Netanyahu and Trump scene.. i think this is one thing you are missing in your analysis of the situation, JD. These activities surrounding the US and Israeli administrations in the media are orchestrated to try to oust these two leaders. But behind the scenes, in places the media does not know and does not think to see, there is a movement that is working on the behalf of the current US and Israeli administrations, namely Trump and Bibi. This movement is acting to expose the corruption of those who are lined up against them, and is currently working several investigations into former administrations and high officials. There is much being exposed that the public has no clue about. To those who are not up to speed on what is going on behind the scenes, it looks very different than to us who are watching and getting regular updates. The world media is not telling the public the truth about what is going on, and is largely complicit in the corruption leveled against the Bibi and Trump administrations. You and I are in agreement that this event is showing signs that developments are speeding up and division is increasing. We see the enemy becoming more and more frustrated and bold as time passes and more information is slowly put out to the masses. We are all seeing this as another sign that the end is approaching quickly and seems to be accelerating. Welcome back! Looking forward to our gathering in the clouds very soon!

  46. Hi JD, me and my hubby prayed for you here in South Africa. So glad you are better. We love to watch your sermons and updates. Warmest regards. Pietra

  47. When political gamesmanship ultimately fails …..and Trump and Netanyahu remain….what will their next "plan" be to get rid of them?

  48. JD Farag, sir!
    Usher in the Antichrist? So who do you think VLAD PUTIN, THE EX KGB IS THEN? Is he not Gog? Of the land of Magog? Yes he is!

  49. I do believe you are correct in saying that there is an attempt by satan to divide our countries.But i believe it is all democratic nations that are under attack.

  50. Nothing will change till the Blessed Mother converts ALL moslems… than the conversion of the diabolical jews… thru heavens powers through Trump, the sleeping Catholic

  51. Please, do a teaching on the claims of people who say they are having open visions from the Lord. God said in the latter days he would pour out his Spirit on all flesh and men would have dreams and visions etc., I believe this is during the tribulation and it has to do with Israel, not the church. God in past spoke through the prophets and then through his son and now through the word of God. The Holy Spirit ministers to our hearts as we hear the word of God. Paul the apostle and John on Patmos had visions or experience so that they could write it down. The church does not need visions or signs now in fact Jesus said no sign would be given to this evil and adulterous generation. There are preachers online in their cars and in office is claiming that they have open visions from the Lord showing them the rapture. I think they are deceiving many! Billy Crone teaches about this in his series called charismatic chaos

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