Beyond all ideas – Mooji guided meditation – extremely powerful

you the self are already here before the I that wants to be free arise you are here before attention therefore you observe attention arises you watch the world appearing you also watch the sense of the person thinning away like a cloud losing its shape and disappearing in the vastness you're not the content of memory recognize this constant and unchanging essence this background that cannot be seen before knowledge or any concept arise did your very self that is here but this though it is obvious is not grasped well there is faith or loyalty to our identity as person although the person is also consciousness it is full of restrictions desire fierce selfishness insecurities these are the disease let's bring up around a sense of personhood along with arrogance and ignorance and pride you're not this the sense of the person it's like a costume worn by the absolute for a time remain one with the sense of being keep your attention here until it becomes effortless you can only become disturbed as person this is impossible for your true self the pure intelligence of the self discerns this yet remains untouched you're not to be in a state of waiting simply don't combine yourself would anything perceived or imagined neither interpret nor project seeing and leaving aside even the sense I am here no remain as what remains if no concepts can define or convey yourself and leave them all wrong and no to self an aspect of what we are is created yet we are uncreated in essence what designs this the pure intelligence of the self observe experience taste but do not combine or become entangled in the phenomena arising as mind if the guidance to stay as the self is grasped everything comes right perfect harmony already exists in a universal manifestation the one who recognizes the self is in harmony naturally with the selfs cosmic expression there's no effort just as light makes all things visible so the light of consciousness the lumen is the world candlelight see the light and yet this light is perceived don't look for the self you're very looking creates separation and distance be itself it is not an action taken but rather an awakening do not feed the sense of personhood even if it keeps appearing over and over again no it is watched inside the space of foreigners see see see confirm in the play of life psychological mind is very much a part of all things it is here to molest the idea you keep holding on to of yourself until you give it up the idea you have of who you are is not real it is not true no idea is lastingly true beyond all ideas is too real there is no distance to cover if there is no distance where is it leave the body-mind to function from an in emptiness observe that it it moves in a natural harmony it does not need an ego as a manager now drop everything dropping everything you discover that which is unchanging most important discovery in the human Kingdom don't accept your minds interpretations of the south the self cannot be interpreted do not identify with your body take care of it the body does not know its owner by itself it has no identity the one who points to the body and say this is me is not the true self you were to time this one you had ever lasting truth the unborn imperishable fix yourself inside herself and these things will be confirmed in you you must be the proof that God exists stop looking in the future for who you are now better to know what you are now than to project what you wish to be feel in your heart that you are blessed that you're chosen and the one who brought you here is taking care of you know in your heart that though we are celebrating a phenomenon your unborn ageless terminus you don't have to go out and preach these things but know them fully inside your heart it is your time for this don't just keep waiting you are already what your mind is waiting for before night and day came were light and darkness arose you have been in the essence of God drink this in deeply holding on to the self is the smelling salts that bring you home you


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