Benjamin Franklin: On moral values

our greetings this is Benjamin Franklin's I self I am so pleased and honored to talk to you this evening our I have been asked to address you on the subjects of moral values for that is a very fine subjects to talk about it is one of the most important subjects for a human being to consider I must say while the implication of truly moral actions are hard to see for most of you what does morality say traditionally morality is defined as what is deemed appropriate desire or within the society while ethics is concerned with the personal values and set of beliefs that an individual holds with morality I would like to give a different different view on what morality is for it is horribly misleading to let your moral beliefs be guided by what society deems appropriate I must only remind you of your fine human registery of slavery torture or another types of inhumane human forms of misconduct the true implications of morality are deeper than the deuce and dance of an individual society they go to an energetic level to being aligned with life or going against the infinite stream of life energy you have a human navigation system that is telling you at every freaking moment of the day whether you are going with a stream of life and love or whether you're going against the stream your emotions are your guidance systems you can fail it with each cell of your body what are you failing as a pleasant is it unpleasant our type of pleasantness is it one that's rooted in craving or one less rooted in right and proper action I am a man of moral action because I believe in values that are aligned with life you are a moral person as long as he engaged in actions let's contribute to young welfare and to this surrounding you to be honest there is no difference between Yura and welfare the welfare of others because ultimately all is one this is a heart to cross concept in the third dimensional reality but closer you are getting to fifth-dimensional experience in this ascension bro says the more obvious it gets you cannot harm another without harming yourself

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