Being Unequally Yoked, 2 Corinthians 6

with that why don’t we pray for the
Lord’s blessing on tonight’s study but also in concert with that and for the
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well so with that why don’t we go ahead and pray fFather in heaven oh Your love
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You would lift up our Shepherd who you have placed in charge to lead this Your
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all the honor and glory for his return Lord we also created You would bless
this teaching tonight would You open our ears and hearts so they conceived this
message that You have put together and as broken as a vessel that we are myself
included would You allow me to be able to speak by the power of Your Holy
Spirit and to the lies of each of us your children and we thank You now for
that which only You can accomplish and the mighty name of Yeshua the name of
all names Jesus the Christ we pray Amen all right
so tonight our study is going to be on the topic of being unequally yoked now
this is a topic that is always talked about and approached with caution and
that’s very understandable because it is a very trying topic in fact tonight is
not enough time to really go into all the details that would render this topic
it’s just due but I do pray as we have that the Lord would bless it nonetheless
and for this study and my hope is that we would look at what a yoke is I want to
put it out there to make sure we understand what that is and what it
means to be unequally yoked that the terms utilized in the Scriptures and
then examine some of the challenges associated with being unequally yoked
and then Lord willing we’re going to conclude with looking at some ways that
we could handle these issues deal with them straight up of course by the
Scriptures whether we are living in them have gone through them or will in no
doubt encounter them in the future and this being unequally yoked this was a
question that the early church had asked this was an issue for them as it is
still today and frankly has been a problem since God set apart the children
of Israel as His own precious and special people when He pulled them out
the land it has always been a problem and an issue we see this throughout the
Scriptures we see all the warning signs that are
associated with being unequally yoked and the disastrous outcomes that can come
along with it from being unequally yoked as well but please understand that we
have a gracious and merciful God so do not fall into despair if you’re in this
condition trust in the Lord continue to pray and
live for the Lord never give up hope because the Lord does andHe will answer
the prayers of His saints even if it’s fifty years in the making sometimes that happens it’s according to
the Lord’s timing in many of these situations there have been people and
countless stories of them coming to the Lord at the latter part of their lives
even on their death beds taking their last breath coming to Christ and at the
end of the day that’s what it’s all about and that’s what counts the most
now our text for tonight I purposely selected because it’s kind of
controversial if you will and we’ll get there in a bit it’s captured in Second
Corinthians it will be on the screen chapter 6 in verse 14 but before that I
want to ensure again that we have a clear understanding of what a yoke is
and what it does and how it pertains to our text so the word yoke in the Bible
it’s primarily used in two ways so the first is its literal
meaning which is as I read that of a wooden bar that you see here of some
sorts that allow two or more animals to be coupled so that they might
effectively work together and you know me I always define stuff define
everything so we can defend it this is what the yoke is and one of the key
parts to this definition is that of effectively working together and be
reminded that this is talking about animal’s but do we see how that relates to us this is why it’s used in the scriptures
there is a simple correlation if you will regarding this this yoke was fitted
so that the right sized animals would be paired together which also required some
understanding of what type of animals and the dimensions had to be alongside
one another to make this happen and for me I am not a farmer I never worked with
livestock I eat them but I don’t work with livestock I haven’t done
that before so it’s very intriguing to me that to really get this definition
out and see what it means as it pertains to the scriptures and I hope so for you
as well but and from that what we just discuss we come to know that if these
animals were not equally yoked then the work that they were designed to
do would be impaired or hampered it’d be a problem they would have to
work harder to get the job done for example reading up on this they would
say that when plowing a field if the animals were not of equal yoke there
would be no straight lines making it all the more difficult to seed the fields
and grow the maximum number of crops I find that amazing in addition to that
having animals unequally yoked would cause them not to be able to carry
loads from one place to another without getting off track and potentially
dropping the load or causing the one who is guiding the animals to have to work
extra hard as well to try to keep the animals in control because they’re going
to be fighting one another for position and comfortability because they’re not
yoked properly and this concept was well known from the beginning of time if you
will about having the proper animals paired up because it is captured
deliberately in the scriptures it’s given as a statue or a command of sorts in the
book of Deuteronomy chapter 22 in verse 10 specifically the Word of God reads
you shall not plow with an ox and a donkey together and the reason for this
is obvious just like we have briefly discussed doesn’t work when I was
looking at this earlier I just happen to notice it just jumped off the pages
of scripture with an ox and donkey together I wonder if he meant an
elephant and donkey together I was just wondering because maybe they had changed
the fact about government they should know that an elephant and a donkey probably that wouldn’t work good together
but it’s an ox good thing we could have two donkeys by the way but anyway inside
all of this is a much deeper meaning and we touched on some of the surface meanings
but it goes deep and I know we start to realize that and when we do realize it
we’re able to discuss it with that in our minds now the other way and perhaps
one of the most common ways that the word yoke is primarily used within the
scriptures is when describing some type of bondage or slavery and these yokes
were used in order to again maintain control of the person wearing the yoke
and they were not comfortable at all and they would restrict your motion not to
impede your labor but just to let you know you need to stay in line and when
the master pulled on the yoke you knew you were doing something that the master
did not approve of because it was painful and often lasting for a long
time to keep you in that mindset and also to keep you in check of who is in
control of you they were tough yokes and within the Bible this term that we
just spoken of was clearly understood by all of them for example in the Book of
Jeremiah chapter 27 in verse 8 we see this exact definition that we just spoke
of regarding the word yoke the Word of God reads here and it shall be that the
nation and kingdom which will not serve Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon
and which will not put its neck under the yoke of the king of Babylon that
nation I will punish says the Lord with the sword the famine and the pestilence
until I have consumed them by his hand and again demonstrating an example of
that bondage type of yoke that’s being spoken of and this is the same type of
yoke the Apostle Paul would write about to the Galatians regarding circumcision
captured in chapter 5 in verse 1 as the Word of God reads stand fast therefore
in the liberty by which Christ has made us free and do not be entangled again
with a the yoke of bondage and lastly to bring this point home
specifically there is no doubt that Jesus Christ uses this example of a yoke
the best in fact what He would do He’s going to combine both of the meanings
the meanings that were mostly utilized within the confines of one example and
this one account was captured in the book of Matthew chapter 11 verses 29
through 30 as the Word of God reads well-known passages take my yoke upon
you and learn from Me for I am gentle and lowly in heart and you will find
rest for your souls and verse 30 for My yoke is easy and My burden is light
many songs have been written about this many people quote this all the time but
it is so deep having an understanding of what Christ is speaking of this is
amazing because this statement by Jesus knowing what He is speaking of regarding
the yoke just wow now I know the yoke is not a
good thing but His is easy and light because what Jesus is speaking is for
all peoples all of them who have been laboring for themselves to be saved
doesn’t work everyone back then from whatever
background doesn’t matter and all of us today as well and for those in those
times Jesus was calling them to come to Him for His yoke and get out of the yoke
of the Pharisees and the Sadducees in the yoke of the law enslaved by the law
and weighed down because of misinterpretations of the scriptures in
the refusal to see the kingdom of God or better yet the King of kings standing
right in front of them offering all of them freedom from that yoke and notice
that Jesus says take His yoke and learn from Him that symbolizes that He is not
forcing His yoke upon anyone we must take the yoke of Christ as a choice a
choice to be a bondservant of Christ and the Apostle Paul would refer himself to
that on many occasions throughout the Scriptures just like here in Titus
chapter 1 in verse 1 as the Word of God reads Paul a bondservant of God and an
apostle of Jesus Christ according to the faith of God’s elect and the
acknowledgment of the truth which accords with Godliness and what’s
amazing is that the Apostle Paul would take this yoke knowing that he would
suffer tremendously tremendously specifically told but he still took this
yoke because he knew that this yoke would be worth it for eternity’s sake and
we’re all told that we will all face trials and tribulations as well for
having His yoke but His yoke is easy the world’s yoke is hellish Christ’s yoke is
wholesome serviceable and kindly one commentator would say this regarding His
yoke Christ’s yoke is like feathers to a bird not loads but helps in every motion and I agree regardless of the
situation we should opt to choose and keep His yoke that should be our first
and final answer and what this does is demonstrate the easiness of His yoke
because it is when you compare it to a bird the lightness of it for following
Christ now what all of that said we need to also remember that although the Lord
is combining this meaning of the word yoke with both definitions this taking
of His yoke is an individual choice not a team effort so you see where I’m going
it’s an individual choice and not a team effort that’s something we need to remember as
individuals we need to see if we are aligned to Christ and when we come in
contact with others in an agreeing fashion are they as well and this means
a lot when we’re talking about long term alliances so now that we beat up the
yoke and I pray that it’s in the forefront of our minds let’s look into
our text captured in 2nd Corinthians chapter 6 in verse 14 and examine what
it means to be unequally yoked as Christians and we need to pay attention
as the Word of God reads do not be unequally yoked together with
unbelievers for what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness and what
communion has light with darkness what communion what fellowship now before we jump to any conclusions about
this verse please take notice of what the Word of God is saying in the first
part of this verse the Word of God reinforces that this is being yoked
yoked meaning tied to are we tracking yoked this is being tied to somehow and
not just some interaction not just some association and that’s very important to
understand very important and this is why we spent some time going through
what a yoke is to show the closeness of it that’s why it was so important we
need to see it from the Scriptures and let the Bible define it and this is
a major part of Bible teaching and Bible study not just making it into a sermon
but teach and dig in the Word and that takes time but again this being
unequally yoked is more than just general interactions and that’s what we
fail that often because it’s a fellowship understand what that word
means sharing in and participating with that’s what that means and why do we
have to have this clear understanding of this because in order for us to make the
proper decisions on how we relate to unbelievers we’ve got to have this
understanding we need to know what it truly means because absent that guess
what we could actually be grieving the Spirit
of God why by taking all kinds of actions that contradict the context of
the passage of His World and that’s a problem and many on many occasions I hear from
the pulpits this one verse and oh my goodness Christians begin to do
something so weird start looking down on unbelievers smug facing them as if
there’s no interaction but this being unequally yoked is implying being in
alliance with them in lawlessness and in darkness that’s what this means and when
we do that oh yeah that demonstrates our disobedience to
God and what it does is display to the whole entire world that there is
actually no difference from us than them because we are in their lawlessness as
well as their darkness and when I was first coming to Christ oh
man in those early times there was no
difference in my life then everybody’s life in the world because I align myself
with them and it was easy to tell because everything they did I did there
was no difference I looked just like them do we think that was pleasing to God
what kind of glory did I bring Him by being equally yoked with unequally yoked
equally yoked and evil one commentator would say these words the true
difference between a Christian and those who are not is so great that it is more
than improper for them to mingle together as to become united as one body
this will ultimately lead to dysfunction at best and total destruction at worse excellent words do we see the problem and just like this commentator said whats
being implied is a total alignment in agreement with what they’re doing and
that is a major issue as we claim to love our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
but show differently this is not speaking about some frequent encounter
that we all must have and should have this is basically a total commitment to
the point where the alliance with the world comes first and everything else
comes next that alliance is more important than my alliance with God so how is it that we could put God
second if we’re putting God second we are not
in fellowship with God He’s to be first what does that say about God in our
lives is He in it these are questions we have to ask what is truly more important God is not going to play second to
anything or anyone and none of us will have an excuse as to why God is not
placed first in our lives we will all have to face the true and living God at
some point but this fact does not remove our duty to be a light to unbelievers it
is a fact disciples cannot be made without being engaged we have to engage
it is ludicrous to think that we don’t and I was going to really get real deep
into this part it’s like oh yeah the engagement the engagement but as I was
reading I ran across this commentator and I paused on it naah but it was just
so well put together Spirit said this is what you will speak regarding this and I
will it’s the words of Albert Barnes and regarding this this is what he says as I
quote there is no principle of Christianity speaking about this
engagement that is more important than that which is stated here by the Apostle
Paul and none in which Christians are more in danger of blundering or in which they have more difficulty in
determining the exact rule which we are to follow the questions which arise are
very important and here’s these questions are we to have no intercourse
with the people of the world are we cut loose from all friends who are not
Christians are we to become monks and live a recluse and unsocial life are we
never to mingle with the people of the world in business and innocent
recreation or in the duties of citizens and as neighbors and friends thus it is
important therefore in the highest degree to endeavor to ascertain what are
the principles on which the New Testament requires us to act in this
manner end quote all of that packed in a paragraph speaks
volumes and you know I sum it up with one word my favorite word discernment that’s what it takes to navigate this
minefield like we talked about last week as well we have to have it but we cannot
put ourselves in a box thinking that we’re doing the will of the Lord we need
to all think about how we got saved how did it happen but these questions are what we’re faced
with and we should answer them and talk about them especially when we see
Christians becoming put in a box put themselves in a box because of a
misunderstanding of the Scriptures and when we get through this we should not
allow our emotions and our feelings to drive it should be the Word of God to
give an answer on how we’re to respond each and every time and again this being
unequally yoked applies to every area of our lives and we don’t have time to go
over all of them we touched on many of them last week in a different topic but
still all of those apply as well all of them apply and we need to look at them
critically and ask our God to reveal those issues to us so we can
see them show me that oh I need to think of
rethink what I’m doing over here and be in the Lord’s will but even though we
can’t go through all of them there’s two that the Scriptures talk about the most
and I pray that we can see how they should lift us up but when we’re dealing
with unbelieving friends and perhaps even backsliders I would say here’s some
approaches that we need to consider because we need to shed that much-needed
light upon all non-believers and also those who may have once came into the
faith with one foot in one foot out and now how rocky and shaky didn’t have a good
foundation they need to be brought back into the fold
in the book of Jude we have two verses that often get so misinterpreted and I
mean there are so many debates about these two verses
but the problem is the majority of them are so deflated they end up injuring
Christians when they first read them because they don’t have the deeper
meaning of them and that’s a problem but it really pays dividends to have an
understanding of what these verses mean despite all of the back and forth of all
these commentators and scholars we’re going to keep it
Bible simple in verses 22 and 23 of Jude the Word of God reads and on some have
compassion making a distinction but others save with fear pulling them out
of the fire hating even the garment defiled by the flesh now again when you
go do your own study of these verses you’re going to find comments everywhere
all over the spectrum but what the Lord has placed on my heart is here in the
simplest form this is what He has shown me the fact of the matter is this that
there are some people unbelievers in particularly that we’re able to have
more compassion we are which gives us actually more time to spend with them
and during that time we’re able to plant more seeds and encourage more and bring
along more without becoming party to their lawlessness it could be because
their lifestyle is not so reckless they’re just not saved and we’re able to have that extra
compassion there in those timeframes but on the other hand there are some people
when it comes to trying to save we need to do so with fear not yelling at them
it’s not what I mean this is that fear when we engage them we need to be
cautious that we ourselves do not become defiled by their lawlessness so it’s like
a more timid and deliberate approach which would also require us to maybe be
more aggressive real quick in and out hey
bla bla bla so forth and so on here it is I can’t stay here long because
I will become defiled and I am coming to you fearing not instilling fear in you I
am fearful to ensure that I do not become party to your lawless deeds
and/or darkness that to me is what these verses speak to and I’ll tell you why because even though we may have to be
more aggressive with them and take a different approach
salvation begins with love do we understand that salvation begins
with love there is no fear in salvation it is love and from that love of God
when we have that love that salvation we can recognize the fear of the Lord now are there times in the scriptures where
people read it and say hey that just really had me shook up even on those
moments when people are shook afterwards they recognize the love of God and it’s
that love that drives them not fear fear is not how Christ works and we should
not think that we’re going to instill fear to save them in that sense I hope
we’re tracking and I believe that when we make this
distinction of how to approach with compassion or be fearful that we do not
get stained it keeps us from becoming unequally yoked with
lawlessness and darkness and all those things that could stain our garments
this is one of those how to’s when it comes to this approach when I was back
in Connecticut and these two guys at work one was always working on
motorcycles riding motorcycles and whatnot
even got me you know way deep into motorcycles so I was able to spend more
time with this guy he was not a believer but we were going rides when we stopped
we talked able to plant seeds and whatnot to speak to him on several
occasions call text and whatnot and do those things I was able to do it without
becoming party to any lawlessness or any darkness able to shine that light upon
him and there was another guy that at 1500 if it was 1505 he was at the bar and every once in a while I would see
him because there was a gas station right next to this pub or whatever and he
was stumble outside and there was a smoke pit I didn’t ignore him but nor did I go
inside with him but I will commune with him as so much not to be defiled by the
things that he was doing and it wasn’t just having a drink by the way my point
being is the distinction one more compassion more time the other had to
step back and feed with a long spoon if you will and that’s the point that I
believe that is being made here in Jude so
how do we reach friends and remain friends
is it possible short answer is absolutely it is it’s possible but I
mean think about this we’ve had this friend for almost all of our lives we
can remember and at some point we decide to get saved and the friend doesn’t and
as time goes on that interlock that you had starts to fray because you start to
see things differently your mind changes things that were acceptable are no
longer acceptable and for good reason perhaps but there’s just this burning
inside of you like I really miss my pal I mean that was my BFF and now
it’s like a BFG best friend gone it makes me feel bad and then the whispers come in you let 25
years just go like that and you call yourself a friend what’s the matter with
you you believe that this church thing and all of that mess get in the way you’re
the problem these things happen and it’s sad because
many people fall to it but when you ask the question what can we do well I hate
to be overly technical but there is nothing that we can do of our own
strength at all we have to rely on the Lord everything must be accomplished
through His strength in might and the first thing that we should be doing is
praying for our friends praying for them and not just hope that they get saved
but pray earnestly for them to be saved this is what we need to do along with
anyone else we come in contact with as well but you understand where I’m going
with this because we cherish friendships and on many occasions because someone
has come to Christ they have been destroyed for misunderstandings and
that’s an issue in fact those who have friends like that have you ever asked
could you pray with them even though you know they’re not saved did you ever say
can I just pray with you I guarantee you a best friend will say yes most of them
anyway but part of the problem is the way we act and respond in our Christian
walk and I don’t mean acting like the world now no there’s this polar
opposites here there’s one where we act like the world and then there’s an other
one when we act like being a Christian is the worst thing in the world scenario
hey man we’re going out to the bar on Tuesday night you want to come join us well you know I don’t don’t drink
anymore and actually this Tuesday oh man what’s that Martha yeah I’ve got a prayer
meeting man and they’re like man your life sucks dude we’ll drink one for you
man because of the way we act for the life
of me this is the most exciting thing ever knowing Christ getting in His Word
and seeing these prophecies come to fulfillment knowing that my salvation is
secure and boy I have so much to look forward to it’s exciting I want to burst
every time and many of us respond in the opposite way it’s the worst thing in the
world maybe it’s just me and I’m I don’t I don’t ever want to lose the way I feel
and if it seems whatever to people listen that’s just me I thank God I feel
this way and I hope that you all pray this way and when I see somebody happier
to me I want that happiness but sometimes we’re the problem boring
Christians and this is not boring at all and we still have lives and we need to
remember that our BFF our best friend forever is none other than Jesus the
Christ that’s our BFF and as much as we love
family and friends Christ comes first and those prayers that we send to Christ
the Lord will answer He will empower us by His Holy Spirit to address these
situations as they come while always rebating from becoming unequally yoked
in the process we can trust in that and so much more can be said but I pray that
we get the point because I need to spend some time on what we’re going to talk about next as
it pertains to marriage now people often ask me this question is marrying a
non-believer a sin and my response is always the same hear
my response now it is descriptive so they ask is marrying a
non-believer as a Christian a sin and I tell them it is not the unpardonable sin that’s my response knowing that we will
not have the time to dissect the scriptures but there is one simple one
that we should all know those who know to do good and do not do it to Him
it is a sin are you with me so the question now becomes is it good good
there is it good for a Christian to marry a non-believer that’s the question that
all should ask I go on to tell them that you would do well to clearly understand
what is contained in an unequally yoked marriage because there are difficult
times that lie ahead for you in so many ways now I understand that not all of
these marriages start that way you end up with two people who both may not be
saved at all and then along the way somebody gets saved and now we have this
situation even worse you have two people start off as Christians and
then one just says denounces their faith the Lord will judge their salvation but
it still causes difficulties and problems in their marriage nonetheless
but if I had my top three challenged areas that come along with being
unequally yoked the first one would be this the differences in opinion when it
comes to morality are you following me this is what many face a difference in
opinion when it comes to morality so the Christian has this standard that is set
by God and it never changes yet on the other hand the spouse could have
worldviews that change all the time all the time and that’s a problem I mean
what kind of chaos do you think is going on in that home who decides to raise the
children in a specific way who makes that call and you best believe that
because of this disparity there’s more arguments now and who’s watching potentially the
children and now they’re confused and if you draw this all the way out to they
become adults you can see the negative results based off of all of those
differences from having a change or a lack of common union when it comes to
morality one’s always changing one stays the same and as one continues to change
oh my goodness there’s more rift that’s an issue and now those children who are now
21 years old what do they want to do with the church these are the majority
of the Millennials we have today a report just came out yesterday I think
it was may have been this morning it says the majority of Millennials are
pushing away God ask them why they don’t see the benefit and when you grow
up in houses like that I would probably say the same it’s no benefit just causes
a bunch of problems that’s what I saw all my life is what they could indeed
say now I know this sounds depressing but again don’t lose hope and that was
only the number one still don’t lose hope as for my number two it would be
the fact that this being unequally yoked could and often does hinder stifle
completely stop the spiritual walk of the Christian and there’s many reasons behind that but
the one that sticks out to me is because the fact that now that Christian in that
relationship has to play more defense and that takes up time because they have
to defend what they’re trying to do in raising the children and/or living their
life to make sure they stay within these acceptable boundaries that they have and
they’re constantly fighting just to have that peace that takes a lot of effort
that takes a lot of time and where’s the growth don’t have time to grow only have
time to fight to stay within these parameters just so I can make it it’s a
day-to-day struggle and all that time that they could be growing in the Lord
and or serving the Lord is now taken up by defending decisions by the Word of
the Lord which again they should indeed do but all that time takes away their
overall effectiveness and the walk and because of that they don’t grow and the third one is actually linked to
number two because of what number two causes over time which is family division and with that division what happens it
has the long term impact because it often leads to divorce irreconcilable
differences I just can’t get along with her him anymore we’ve just grown apart and that’s what we could face and these
unequally yoked marriages and please be advised this is exactly what Satan wants
he hates the family construct hates it and the
more that a home can be disrupted the more likely it is that the enemy comes
in does his due and breaks it up and with this oh man this is an added
advantage because Satan loves this the most that a relationship such as a
marriage which is unequally yoked is starting off in his favor from the
beginning having this unequal mixture infused within it in the book of First
John chapter 4 verses 16 and 17 this could get miss the Word of God reads and
we have known and believed the love that God has for us
God is love and he who abides in love abides in God and God in him verse 17
listen to this love has been perfected among us in this that we may have
boldness in the day of judgment because as He is so are we in this world
the bottom line is that love is only perfected in Christ where am I going love is only perfected in Christ when
you are unequally yoked in a marriage somebody’s missing that perfection of
love and this truth makes it a hard pill to
swallow for many who are dealing with this especially when we put it in the
context that we’re talking about Christians were supposed to be the light
and the salt of the world we’re told no longer that we live in darkness speak
the truth and this truth is what it is and because of that we all each of us
must preach and/or teach all of those facing the situation living in it or
dealing with it the things that the Scriptures speak to
and the dangers of it before they even get into it even if we’re in it
ourselves don’t be this parent all right that’s me too I did it too yeah you know
they’re just got to go through it they don’t have to go through it teach them better
than that are we nuts and I have no problem telling my son well you used to
do it dad you’re absolutely right and I was completely wrong and I want to save
you from a lot of heartache no problem with that know better do better but
instead something clicks within us that we do nothing but even with all that
there are actions within the Scriptures that living in this unequally yoked
marriage speak about and encourages us that we could become fully yoked and
walking in agreement First Peter chapter 3 verses 1 & 2 the Word of God reads wives
likewise be submissive to your husbands their own husbands that even if some do
not obey the word they without a word may be won by the conduct of their wives
when they observe your chaste conduct accompanied by fear don’t lose hope stay the course wives don’t lose hope and men are you’re in
this situation you can flip it around stay the course because if we’re
actually living with the love of God in us that should in no doubt draw that
woman to us not us but the Spirit of God that is in us because it is attractive
and they themselves they come to the Lord because of our actions the act of
love but in the book of First Corinthians chapter 7 verses 10 through
16 don’t know if we get through them all we can read that together we have to turn
to it because it’s too many verses to go on the screen but these are the verses
and based on the time we’ll read them real quickly and I hate to speed through
it but I do want to get through this verse 10 now to the married I command
you not I but the Lord a wife is not to depart from a husband verse 11 but
even if she does depart let her remain unmarried or be reconciled to her
husband and a husband is not to divorce his wife this is the Apostle Paul
speaking about the law that’s what God commands he says but to the rest I not the
Lord say now he’s speaking and it’s all Scripture still even though Paul is
speaking for himself and he’s doing it rightfully so because the Word of God
says not one jot or tittle will be removed from the law until all is
fulfilled so this is perfect no question about it but if any brother have a wife
who does not believe and she is willing to live with him let him not divorce her
and a woman who has a husband who does not believe if he is willing to live
with her let her not divorce him and then here it goes for the unbelieving
husband is sanctified by the wife and the unbelieving wife is sanctified by
the husband otherwise your children would be unclean but now they are holy
now listen sanctified is set apart not saved salvation is an individual effort
I want to make sure that is clearly understood but if the unbeliever departs
let them depart a brother or sister is not under bondage in such cases but God
has called us to peace in verse 16 for how do you know O wife whether you will
save your husband or how do you know O husband whether you will save your wife
and there goes illustrating salvation is individual for all of us bottom line is based on the Scriptures
our minds have to change and understand what the Word of God is speaking to and
respond accordingly when it comes to being unequally yoked and properly
dissect the Word of God and do our own independent study of this and none of us
should lose hope believe me none of us should lose hope
I was the ungodly man I was the drunkard I was the one that did not understand
the Scriptures but it was the attitude and steadfast life of my wife that
attracted me to Christ and I never looked back so don’t give up hope
continue to pray and seek the Lord earnestly and with that why don’t we all
stand so we can pray loving Heavenly Father thank You once
again for Your message Your wisdom and I pray that You would just provide us all
the understanding and knowledge to obtain that wisdom that only You can
give thank You for being with us here this evening and I pray that You would
be with us as we return to our homes or places of employment keep this word
in our hearts and help us to heed it and follow it Lord thank You for Your
guidance and Your love in the mighty name of Yeshua Jesus the Christ we pray


  1. I just started a new job and it's really hard on my body, but I prayed for it and I believe God gave it to me. Please pray that I am able to do my job to the best of my abilities and succeed.

  2. Pastor Mac thank you!

    I have a question the example given here when a Christian is invited to go out with friends to the bar in this case, or it maybe to go for a movie or show which is immoral. Our response shouldn't be that being a Christian is burdensome, that we are unhappy and stops us from going out – this I understand. But what/ how do we respond? I'm still not sure how I need to respond?

    I mean I no longer have the desires in the worldly things that I used to take part in before I came to Christ but how should I be responding to friends?

  3. Thank you so much for this message Pastor Mac. I have battled this for 21 years. I was saved and married a man that lived on the wild side. We were attracted to each other. The Lord told me that God is love. Love him. And my husband told me that God spoke to him and said, she is to be your wife. I still obey, remain faithfull and follow the Lord to this day. It was a daily battle but I stayed STRONG in the Lord. My husband gave up drinking and much more and now goes to church with me and our children carrying his KJV bible in hand. There have been many times that I wanted to divorce him but then Godly circumstances would stop me from doing it. Still have struggles but God reminded me of His unconditional love.

  4. No one will say it. It's the trash they're spraying in the air. My son has it, my grandson has it, my daughter and her family have it, I have it off and on and I'm house bound. It's insanity! Praying without ceasing for Pastor JD…Please pray also for my daughter who had surgery overnight? She's recovering..I praise God for that. God bless you all.

  5. Friends are worth their weight in gold, before I became a Christian, my friend was, and she reflected Gods love to me, in fact my friend saved me ! She prayed for me! God heard her prayers! Go and shine Gods love to them! You could save their life too!!

  6. I was saved in year 12 of out 19 yr marriage. I love my husband dearly and although he claims to believe in God he doesn’t pray worship or lead our family in Christ. God just isn’t a part of his everyday life. It’s difficult to live this way. We don’t argue because we don’t discuss it. I do try, but it goes in one ear & out the other, it never changes. I still pray everyday & I still have hope. It’s just hard on me 😢

  7. What do you do if the cut you out of their lives? My youngest daughter told me that I'm not fun anymore…when I was drinking, smoking, living like the world is fun are you kidding me.

  8. There is also no Spiritual leadership in a home where spouses are unequally yoked. I know this causes problems. Of our 8 children who were raised to love the Lord, only 2 remain believers. THAT is a "hard pill to swallow" as Pastor said. I was ignorant, else I wouldn't have gotten married. Harder when your husband SAYS he is a believer, and he does help at home, but discipline is inconsistent, he's too deeply in the world, so many I pray. 30 years next March, I've "hung in there" this long. I don't let him hinder my walk, I do my Bible reading and all when he is watching TV or whatever..and I pray and pray some more. I feel for anyone in this same position. Please pray for my children, all grown. My youngest daughter had surgery last night and her older sister wouldn't even pray for her because she, "doesn't do that silliness anymore". That is how bad it can truly be. Anyone reading this who is NOT married yet, DO NOT marry an unbeliever! I did it twice..again, I was ignorant. I didn't KNOW Jesus or the Scripture. I wish all the time I could start over. Something we cannot do. God bless, and DON'T give up hope! Amen!

  9. Pastor Mac. I will testify that the Lord is faithful and does answer prayer and give answers. Last year I received an answer to something that had perplexed as a babe in Christ 34 years ago. If God had tried to explain this to me back then I would not have understood Him. But at a time when I had really forgotten this issue I was watching a video on YouTube  a light came on in my mind and I remembered the issue that had perplexed me some 34 years prior. I understood in a way that only the Holy Spirit could show me. There are several miracles in this. One being that there was no You Tube back when I originally asked about it. Secondly I have learned many things that tie into the answer I needed to understand that. My mind and heart had to grow and experience many things in order for the Lord to be able to reveal to me and have me understand what He had for me! It seems rather simple now but before it would not have been possible for me. His timing is paramount! I declare that although I still struggle with the patience to wait for Him. But I do wait even though my flesh wars against my spirit! Praise God!

  10. I like the analogy of the elephant and the donkey being unequally yoked. I never thought of it like that. Thanks Pastor Mac. So glad you are here brother

  11. Thank you pastor Mac and Kanehoe. This is a wonderful message, yet I am reminded of the issues of my own family. The hardest thing for me is that I raised my stepson in a home without GOD in our lives. My wife was strong and never gave in to despair, and she has kept faith. Now that I have returned to the Lord, my stepson resents me. He resents my return to the faith, and is hateful at times. He gossips about me but that isn't the painful part. It's that he uses my past to validate in his own mind his defiance of GOD. I pray for him and worry much. I know I should not, but it is hurtful to know this. Please include us in your prayers. My name is Joe Pitts, please pray for our family with my name?

  12. Good sermon Pastor Mac, thank you so much! You made some very good points and you helped me with your explanation of "fear" from the book of Jude! I appreciate it!!! I'm praying for Pastor JD and really hope he's feeling much better soon. God bless you guys!!!

  13. Praying in agreement for Pastor J D's
    Complete healing in Jesus name.💕 We miss you & love you. Lord, please heal & restore him completely by the precious stripes of Jesus. Breathe your Rauch breath onto his lungs & restore effortless breathing in Jesus name.💕

  14. We are saved by grace through faith and it is not of ourselves, it it the gift of God, not of works, so that no-one can boast. (Ephesians 2 8-9). Yes we do works which God ordained from the foundation of the world for us to do, but we are not saved by our works. At 1 hour, 4 minutes and 20 seconds, Pastor Mac says that salvation is an individual effort. This is incorrect. I enjoyed the rest of the sermon and pray God blesses the marriages of those who read this in the Name of Jesus. Amen

  15. Thank you Pastor MAC for another excellent teaching, I lost friends when I decided to follow Jesus, but I would never return to that old life.
    Thank you Jesus for saving me.

  16. This really hit home with me, thank you for sharing the word of God with me this morning. Amen and God Bless you.

  17. I pray pastor Jd be healed in Jesus Christ Holy Name amen 🙏

    I pray every sickness be gone in Jesus Christ mighty name

    I pray also anyone in the body of Christ with any sickness be healed in Jesus Christ mighty name amen 🙏

  18. Prayers for you pastor J.D. that the Father in heaven please give him fast healing ,Bless his family , in this tryails in our lives i pray in Jesus name AMEN.

  19. My conundrum is that I am unequally yoked to Christ with my beloved wife, this is a hard thing. I feel restrained, my fire dampened and yet my zeal is great. I have pondered leaving her but we are to love our wives as Christ loves the church. And i do. We’ve been married almost 44 yrs and my conversion was about 15 yrs ago. I would give my life for her and in this hardship I feel I am now.I can not give up on my bride . Our lord Jesus has not given up on us how can i give on her therefor I pray continuously for her salvation and I continue to serve the Lord anyway I can.She is of course aware of my love for my savior and doesnt fight me on this . The issue is that she is spiritually blind by the powers of darkness and doesnt believe / understand the triune God and that Jesus is the Son and God. This i think is a favorite deception of Satan even as it doesnt add up or make logical sense. She does not read her bible and is very carnal . Things- stuff means much to her as she is one who savors memories. She has many gifts. She enjoys preparing food for the church, likes usually to go to church but for the wrong reasons. She take detailed notes of the sermon and yet does not see- does not hear. So I ask that the church body pray for her. Pray for a binding of evil and an opening of her spiritual eyes and ears. I believe the Lord will save her yet it is a hard thing to be married to an unbeliever even one who thinks she is right ..pray that I will endure faithfully. Pastor Mac or JD if you have advice I am all ears. Just had to get this out. Her name is Candy and i love her so much, thank you for your time, His grace and peace be yours , David

  20. Dont give up! Pray without ceasing! I married unequally yoked. Its really really hard and lonely spiritually.
    BUT! There is hope! My husband has accepted Christ,,it took 18 years of me begging Jesus ,,begging God the father who draws them first. Spent very very much time begging . GOD is good.
    Dont give up dont give up..dont give up

  21. Thank you Pastor for telling us about Pastor JD and his asthma. I will definitely be keeping him in my prayers

  22. Very good talk. Thanks.
    This word saved needs to be clarified. In the Bible there are various references to those that are righteous and not necessarily believers. It is concerns me that this is ignored by pastors. I believe it means there are people that are "saved" that are non believers. So what does "saved" mean. Perhaps it means they live as humans on the future earth and are not saints or it may mean they are "honorary" saints. I refer to Romans 2:14-16 and in Matthew, Mark Luke and Luke, "They that are whole need not a physician; but they that are sick. I came not to call the righteous, but the sinners to repentance."
    God said he saved the world. The world surely includes lots who are not believers. God says "forgive them for they know not what they do". He is not talking about saints here.

    It seems to me that though many if not the majority of people are in trouble with God not all are. God knows the hearts. Why would God condemn people he knows who are good and humble? There is a contradiction in the Bible about this as it says all are sinners and have fallen short but there are many contradictions in the Bible and we have to resort to common sense. It is common sense to consider that in any orchard there are good and bad fruit so it is in the world. There are good and bad people irrespective of their faith and God knows who they are and he is not going to cast them away. I think this applies to communities that have not been exposed to the Bible.

  23. pastor Mac this is so important sermon and one of my families is unbelieve but give to Jesus your York are light and As for me and my house will serve the LORD hallelujah amen GodBless Pastor MAC shalom fr now

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