Beautiful Faith Filled Wedding Video! // Extended version // With subtitles // Shot in Holland

When I first met you at Paasvee in Schagen, after we danced and talked,
you and Mireille went home. That’s when I said the words: ‘I will not let you down.’ Twice. The confidence I had while I said those words then, probably wouldn’t have been there if I hadn’t been drinking. But fortunately those words left a big impression back then because now, we’re standing here. A few weeks later I discovered that
you started believing a week before we first met. I discovered this because you went to a concert of which you, at first, were reluctant to tell me more about But, after I asked again who’s concert it was, you did answer. The band was Sela and they performed in the big church In Alkmaar. That you came to believe, did not scare me off.
If anything, it made me curious. Because there needs to be a substantial amount of proof to come to this decision. After a while I started following an
Alpha-course with you which led me to also believe
and to give my life to Jesus. After that we both went through a period of a lot of spiritual growth. In which you went through a lot of healing and recovery, turning you into the woman that God intended you to be. So beautiful. Amanda, I want to marry you because you’re super sweet and caring. You look after people, are attentive, patient
and because we both really like to cuddle. But most importantly, because God really confirmed this and our foundation is built on Jesus. He is our rock. But to get back to the words
that I spoke twice during our first meeting ‘I will not let you down’ In hindsight they’re not just something that I came up with by myself. In that moment God already had plans for us to be together. And now we’re standing here to be joined under God’s blessing. But not letting you down is something that,
humanly speaking, is impossible. Unconditional love is something only Jesus can give. And we can strive to be like Him more and more. That’s why I will give you my vows before God, so that He can remind us to them in the moments that we need that love the most. Dear Amanda, I, Johannes Lucas Kolken, promise you Amanda Denise Aartse-Tuijn, before God, our congregation, family and friends I promise to always build you up in love. I promise to always be honest, so that nothing can get between us. I promise to serve you and to not put my own needs first I promise to help you get to the way that God has for you. I promise to stand by you with prayer and truth I promise to be forgiving. I promise you my time and commitment to our relationship, to make and keep our hearts connected to each other. I promise to always respect the vulnerabilities that you have as woman. And, I promise to be faithful to you,
in every circumstance. For better and worse. In riches and poor.
In sickness and health Until death parts us. This, I promise you, Amanda. Sweety, I’m intensely happy and grateful that I will get to spend my life with you. And, from this day on, will be in the safe haven of marriage, safeguarded by God. That is a deeply cherished dream that’s coming true. Without fear or hesitation I take your hand
to never let it go. To me you’re the sweetest, priceless You’re so pure, caring and a man of integrity. With you I feel cherished, safe and deeply loved. I love you very much and I respect you deeply. Here before God, the congregation, family and friends
I want to promise you a couple of things. I promise to honor you, serve you, love you,
and to keep our beloved Jesus in mind as an example. That I will always encourage you to do the things that make your heart beat faster. That I, in obedience to the Spirit of God, will follow when He is lovingly polishing us like two diamonds in the rough. That I will chose the way of forgiveness
when there’s disappointment. That I will keep no secrets for you And that I will close my heart for our communication. Like we tell each other all the time:
pride is not an option. And I promise you to always be faithful All of this in every circumstance In better and worse, in riches and in poor, in sickness and in health, until death will part us. This I promise you, sweet Joost.

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