Basic Gospel Progression You Should Know #1

Hey whats up worship leader hangout?! Today
we’re gonna learn a gospel progression. Anytime you’re learning another genre
sometimes it’s helpful to understand like what are some elements of the
language of that genre so for example in Christian contemporary music you can
probably some most some songs up into about three different progressions which
would be like the six four one five or maybe some songs start on the four where
it’s the four five six or maybe the song may end up starting on
the one in like CCM so or something like that in gospel there
are some pretty standard progressions and today we’re gonna go over one that
when I learned when I was younger I mean it helped me to realize oh that’s what
this song is doing oh that’s what this song is doing and so you can use this in
like maybe for like talk music or you could just hear different songs that
maybe he likes playing CCM songs and you realize okay this gospel progression
kind of fits along with this CCM song over here so the gospel progression that
we’re gonna work on is a seven three six minor five one four okay
and this is what it sounds like all right and that progression oh my
gosh there are ton of songs a couple I wrote
down we’re like how great is up how great is our God so normally many of us
may play it like this with the one six maybe a four
and then a5 progression so how great is our God sing with me how great is our
God and I will see how great how great is our God well you can use that gospel
progression around this which would be a great all right so another song would be like
what a beautiful name it is and I actually did like a gospel flavor
version of it and this is the same 7 3 6 progression so what a beautiful name it
is progression ISM it’s a one six all right so we noticed that some of
those same numbers are in this gospel progression so the way you can do it
like be like this now we’re going to use the 7 3 6 minor 5 1 4 alright another
song is I think maybe Here I am to worship so think was that an E here we do it again minor five one four okay
so trust me learn this progression I’m not sure if I said it already but you
could also use this in your talk music so like an example of that would be
let’s say we’re in the key of F right and then back to the four and after you
get to the four you could either just go straight to the five and then you can go
back to the one okay and so let’s talk for a second about the actual like cord
extensions I’m using so let’s go back to the key of D flat because that’s my
favorite key to play this thing in I’m using a like a C half diminished seven
to an F sharp five sharp nine to a B flat minor nine of an a-flat minor nine
or seven however you want to look at it because I’m really just keeping a seven
on top okay this is a d-flat nine and then this
is a G flat visit g-flat really major seven but see
I don’t really like playing third so I take out the third and I play the nine
here okay and what we’re going to do we’re
going to provide a chord chart of this 7:36 progression in every key for you to
practice something else that I would say that you should practice when doing this
progression is when you’re going through that 3 practice sliding up to the third
so this is what I mean and then you could do it here on the 1
again go into the third of the D flat okay and then you should be able to do
that in every key so I can see okay and so what I’m doing is if when
I’m playing the like for example when I’m playing the C I’m just sliding up
from two sharp two to the three and then when I’m playing that when I’m
playing to three I’m doing the same thing whatever major
court I’m whatever a major court I’m playing I’m just sliding up to the major
third so all right well hey that’s it so thanks so much for watching remember to
do a couple of things remember to subscribe remember to download the court
chart in the links below and also leave a comment in the comment section we
really want to hear from you maybe there’s something you want to learn in
particular maybe there’s something you’ve heard and you’re like what is
this please feel free to reach out to us we are a resource for people leading
worship and people leading worship are just not the guys that are singing in
front of the congregation but it’s really anybody that the congregation
looks to to lead them to respond to what God has done for them
and so please feel free to reach out to us hey thanks again for watching and
remember great worship leaders always learning! thanks again


  1. Ive been searching all over for almost years for this kind of tut. 😭thank you. If you can expound more ill be more grateful. God bless you. By the way the chord chart is not free. Oh dear im frustrated for this hahaha.

  2. Just to help out if u didn’t catch it
    Just the Right Hand only:

    And your welcome 🙏

  3. Thanks for opening these progressions to me. Hardly ever hear them in contemporary music.
    I will learn them in all the keys. Can they be applied to 251 progressions?

  4. How can one learn when you not breaking it down.. please slow down so we can get what u passing across. Bless ya

  5. Very precise and help. Exactly what have been looking forward to know all this while you just unveiled it to me under few minute. Thank, may God bless you abundantly

  6. Thank you for your video tutorial.I have plan of learning how to play gospel with piano.Now i play guitar and i see that these progression chords you come to show us are helping me to improve chords skills and the way i can use in songs.However may you recommende me artists of black american gospel and theirs albums so that i would make practise for them?Thank you.

  7. Thanks for the video! Are the gospel style transitions for this based on 2-5-1 progressions or is there more to it than that?

  8. Very cleared explation. Thansk a lot kuya. Kuya means older brother here in Philippines. 🙂 i suggested kuya, can you teach us about the intervals you use and how to apply, use or maybe how it works. God bless kuya.

  9. Really cool video. When you are playing the progressions I can't see all the keys that are being pressed down. If I could pass a piano class, ideally I would know what keys and chords you are describing. Either way, I thought the language was eloquent and poignant.

  10. God bless you brother. I am not sure if it has been asked, but how can this be applied to downscaling on the chords?

  11. I really love to learn…but its too fast..i am so slow to catch..
    Hope you can make it slowly..bec i am a beginners..self study.

  12. I hope you make another one of these, because learning these Gospel progressions has been such a blessing. Thank you!

  13. I use this progression all the time! I’ll add a lil flare to it sometimes. This progression is vitally important.

  14. Heey! I would be interested in learning the progressions used in Tory Kelly‘s – Never Alone song. There are some parts that sound really sweet. Could you do that?

  15. Yang bikin lagu cjr kamu keren, lagu itu juga pake ini, "Mungkin ini lah rasanyaa.. rasa suka pada dirinya" wkwkwkwk cool

  16. Wow. I Like This Kind Of Tutorial. Honestly. Even I Get What Is The Progression. For a Beginner like Me. Its Kinda Hard to Understand for now. Can You do It In A Chord of C?

    Tnx So Much. New subscriber Here. GodBless 😊

  17. Not a church-goer, but really appreciate this style of music. Amazing to hear the flavors you can add to just four simple chords.

  18. I do like you go strait to the point. When I look around, there is too much for beginner witch teachers try to do all in one and it never ends.

    Anyway, to do this king of progressions, you have to gain a certain level of skills.

  19. You good sir but it had for me to catch up because am still coming up I like your lines but can you make up time for me

  20. I have the Roland fa08 and would like to have some samples, presets, sets for gospel worship…. can you share your Roland studio sets? would appreciate!

  21. What Gospel chords would you substitute for the conventional progression min, min-maj 7th, min 7th, min 6th
    (e.g. A min, a min-maj 7th, a min 7th, a min 6th)

  22. Hi, do you have any beginner friendly tutorials? Or recommendations? I’m a complete beginner who has been thrown in the deep end at my church to play, and I’m playing in key C basic chords, and I want to elevate my sound. Any advice or pointers are greatly appreciated. 😊
    God bless

  23. I’m not a worship leader but I do appreciate the information. Those chord progressions are prolific throughout r &b and jazz music and learning them adds an extra layer of lushness to your productions.

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