1. Thousands of mosques have popped up around the world due to funding from Saudi Arabia. God knows how long their oil is going to last. Want to see them begging on the back of donkeys again like before 1950.

  2. Wonder why every Islamic country is the same yet people will just turn a blind eye saying every religion is the same

  3. The soldiers of the Pakistan Army and razakars also kept Bengali women as sex-slaves inside the Pakistani Army's camps, and many became pregnant. The perpetrators also included Mukti Bahini and the Indian Army, which targeted noncombatants and committed rapes, as well as other crimes.Target: Bengali
    Perpetrators: Pakistan Armed Forces; Shanti committee;Razakars; Al-Badr; Al-Shams
    Date: 21 March – 16 December 1971; (8 months, 2 weeks and 3 days)
    Deaths: Estimated between 300,000 to 3,000,000 Pakistani Army actions ·According to Eric Heinze the Pakistani forces targeted both Hindus and Bengali-speaking Muslims. In the ensuing 1971 Bangladesh genocide, the army caused the deaths of up to 3 million people, created up to 10 million refugees who fled to India, and displaced a further 30 million within East Pakistan. East Pakistan Motive: Anti-Bengali sentiment, anti-Hindu sentiment, Anti-Muslim-Bengali Sentiment
    Perpetrators: Pakistan Armed Forces, Razakar, Al-Badr
    Attack types Deportation, Ethnic cleansing, Mass murder Genocidal rape.

  4. they should be ashamed of spreading such false news about the word of two people. As no other country in the world has seen such pepole living in all religions and different humanities Bangladesh. you will fast check the kindness of the Muslim in Bangladesh and make sure that the people of Bangladesh are in the corner the country.

  5. Irony! Bangladesh is full of idiotic thinking Muslims and making is islam look bad. Fascism has taken over the muslims.
    And on the other hand, hindus from india are becoming fascist as well. They are in fear of muslims and muslims are scared of them. It's a horrifying circle. Nither of the religion are bad. It's just that the followers have become extremist. Extremism is never good. This video is picking up the problems in Bangladesh but the people are getting confused, it being a problem created by muslims.
    I feel bad for my country. Sad

  6. These Islamic people are narrow minded and superstitious and killing of human like animal. So fear of Allah is mentioned on Quran.

  7. the muslim,and hindus were living as good neibourghs for many years.it is only when indian hindus who have distroyed the babri mosque which caused these tension between muslim and hindus.so india is to blame for this issue.also the hindu extrmist created by prime minister modi's zionism ideology creating hatered between hindus and muslims.

  8. Those who have made this documentary, are just nothing but bullshitting themselves by spreading some misinformation and literally brainwashing others to become islamphobic.
    There are thousands of good teaching in Islam, and you have not mentioned any of it.
    You just tried to emphasize on some discrete incidents, and make those incidents as a scale for judging the real ideology of Islam.
    Why the hell yoy guys didn't put the whole conversation with the alem?
    You are totally manipulated.
    Shame on you.

  9. Dw is spreading propaganda against Bangladeshi muslims . The Hindus people burn their own home, temple. Then they spreads propaganda against innocent Muslims. 5%hindus occupied about 30% government job . How they can be exploited. What a jokes ?

  10. Once a Muslim,always a Muslim_at least the overwhelming majority.Secularism can't stay in Bangladesh.Onr day Zara wo n't be able to speak her mind.A great,great pity.

  11. Disgusting, Horrifying, log headed, foolish, mad, Muslim fundamental extremists would destroy all country of the world. Just wonder where are the world leaders are doing? Why don't leaders of the world are not seeing all these bloody fools? Religious faith must be personal and it should not be part of Government. World should not allow to convert to any religion by force or hook or crooked way. Genocides of any religion must be prohibited strictly iron handedly by the Government. the

  12. Deobandism and Wahabism is destroying my Bangladesh which is traditionally Sunni orthodox following sufi tareeqahs. The great Islamic centers of Sylhet are the last hope of Bangladesh which is slowly becoming secular athiests.

  13. Abhijit roy is not dead.thebbody has died but the soul is eternal.the soul has taken another body and he is still alive with a different body and different facial features.dont be sad be happy.the ens is very near.all those who have committed such a heinous crime their karma will follow them and justice will be served because Allah is all powerful.by the way half of the population of radicals should be sent to mental hospital.these people are insensitive and intolerant
    now satan is ruling the whole world.

  14. as now is the Qayamat time so please stop having children.all your problems will get solved.becase time is very less for the world transformation.

  15. fromo now onwards to tackle radicalism only woman of bangladesh be it mother daughter sister should be given administrative powers all of the woman should be in power at all the position and men should just support them.

  16. these nazis have a soft corner to genocidal regimes around the globe, but just act like they care rights of all.

  17. don't talk about islam or criticize with your puny and illiterate bengali brain
    leave religion if you want no one gives a damn about you. if any muslim does something wrong it's always the fault of islam and not muslim, muslims are illiterate, i agree with you but if you wanna talk against islam then have some proper knowledge about it

    as always i say religion+ illiteracy is the worst thing to face
    and Aisha here being biased and ignorant and hostile on religion and not the stupidity of their parents and surrounding!

    typical bengalis never surprises me, once an illiterate forever will, whether they are muslim or non muslim

  18. Thank you DW.

    Only 24 France and DW have reported the fascist nature of Islam where it's a majority.

    BBC and terrorist sympathiser channel like Al Jazeera are busy teaching the West better democratic values and the virtue of Islam while turning blind eye to the real nature when they are a majority.

  19. Even if all bangladesh converted to Islam then also peace will not prevail. Now Islam religion of peace want another quest to change whole world to Islam. Ultimate they will not stop killing.What kind of religion is this?

  20. 13:56 mufti fayez: Islam is great, other religions people do bad stuff too, but the world only blames Islam

    14:29 again mufti fayez : kill him!! His punishment for not believing is Death!!!

  21. Tbh, India is not perfect, but India is much better. It's thanks to Indian culture that Indian Muslims are one of the least radical in the world. We all should live in peace. Religion is a sham. We are all human beings and in the Indian sub continent, we are all Indians, whether you accept it or not.

  22. There was no equality in hindus because of bhramins thats why lower caste converted to islam…back then lower caste were not allowed to enter in temples or read religious books……and i still see poor people are not allowed to enter……these fake pandits/bhramins ruined everything…

  23. Especially actor Shahrukh Khan should watch this programme.
    He explains a lot on Islam by his blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

  24. Muslims in poor countries are violent, some Muslims that are poor in rich countries, are violent. Muslims that do ok in life are peaceful. Maybe money, or the lack of it, has something to do in the equation

  25. Govt should control all the religious schools & go through all the lessons what they teach the students. & Imams or whatever the muftis . People who gives hate speech & extremist should be banned.

  26. Sad to these things happening in neighbouring Bangladesh & these religious extremists ruining our lands, but we need to realise, that same thing is happening in our india. We are heading in the same direction with same kind of people ,just of different faith. Waiting for DW to make a documentary on India as well.

  27. There is only 1 solution for the rise of Bangladesh is Secularism, Otherwise We can see the worst situations of Pakistan where Minorities have been eradiacate, And now That country is in 18th Century, We want to see a Modern Bangladesh, A prosper Country.. Not that worst ,Now its People of Bangladesh turn to make a Prosper secular Nation..

  28. Now, you know how destructive WHITE CHRISTIANS are !! They will tell you how screwed up the rest of the world is and use media to spread the lies. It was the blacks and still the blacks and now the focus is on Muslims.

    This islam which people have hate towards is "Media Islam" n nothing to do with real Islam. People accept as its the power of media being used to manipulate a laymans mind. Thus they understand that Islam is someone carrying a Gun!

    Like Chomsky says: its easy for people to complain about others and what others do wrong in their world, but you cant change what others do, you can only change that which your OWN nation does.

  29. Bengal had produced so many arostocrats like no other during 1850s to 1950s, ..after conversion of east bengal to modern day bangladesh .. It deteriorated so many bengalis ,forced conversion by muslims , if u didnt practice or abide the islam principles..u will be punished to death..
    Origin of jihad comes from islam which simply defines terrorism..
    Islam is the birth of terrorism

  30. fucking hell why are we muslims so hard headed i swear i hate those parents who force their childeren to follow a religion they dont want to follow.. and they are being brainwashed with the hadith even tho is not 100% reliable we as muslims need to make know of these errors in our religion until then theres still gonna be people like this… the quran explicitly tells that violence is never the option but the hadith is so violent at the same time they contradict each other so much

  31. this is very good documentary, i appreciate everything what has showed to us. but i have a view regarding the overall scenario of Bangladesh. i think, the main problem of this country is politics. politics is the main factor of regulating policy and social life and others. we are living here together with trust in various religion' atmosphere and respect all religious and atheist or free thinkers people. but the problem is extremism what is nurtured by the political and some fake religious culprits. i have many friends who are Atheist, Hindu, Christian and Buddist but we are still friends in this society. actually mentality is everything, we all have to remain good faith on humanism. if we have, then everyone will be equal with good soul.

  32. Everyone knows not to believe any of this stuff. We all know the media is trying to teach us all to hate them so we wont' feel sorry when Israel tortures and bombs innocent christians and muslims in Palestine. They don't even tell us they are treating the christians just as bad there because then people would stop hating muslims and start working to stop this ignorant stuff.

  33. DW's Urdu offshoot is the same channel that which portrays pakistan in a so much positive light that this documentary feels alien to me. It's only for gaining a ground in a competitive market to gain more eye balls. Feed the audience what it wants.

  34. You Bangladeshi people don't use Bengali language this is our Hindu Sanskrit Bengali language and script use your prophet Muhammad Arab language and scripture

  35. BUT, the daily life of an average bangladeshi hindu is perfectly FINE, Alright………perfect is definitely an exaggeration, i remember when i was small, few classmates would call me hindur baccha or malaun er baccha, few would ask me to convert, say hinduism aint no religion, etc. One boy said hindus are "badman". My hindu classmate would be denied notes by muslim classmates and the muslim would say straight to his face that he is being denied for being a hindu!!!! Now the above party was pretty few in number, but the point is, their families definitely DONT harbour good feelings towards hindus. Surprisingly, as a teenager in school, there was no such problem, except ONE girl who called me "rendian rapist pedophile, raping 5 year old girl(asifa), while the discussion was about "memes". Perhaps bcuz i was a first boy respectable type of guy, or perhaps bcuz my muslim classmates were just modest? The menfolk of my familiy have ocassionally complained about discrimination in their workplace, i am NOT saying the complains are true, but i have also heard rare instances where a hindu was discriminated in his workplace and was told straight to his face about the reason of discrimination(being hindu), these are true incidents. Now adding up the instances of persecution and discrimination (NOTE: i am NOT taking the persecutions of 1947, e.g. Noakhali, etc, into consideration but the situation of PRESENT bangladesh) and the minor problems stated above, perfect is definitely not the proper adjective, but rest assured, the daily life is pretty FINE.
    It is notable, i have always lived in dhaka city among educated peeps, it is very much POSSIBLE a bd hindu from a different background may have a different answer. Although i have NOT heard of any serious harassement from my lower strata villager relatives, but of course bangladeshi hindus do not begin and end in my family. The reason i am writing this para is the continous decrease in the percentage of hindus in bangladesh. Perhaps the media does not show the whole picture. Perhaps the madrasa educated muslims of deep rural bangladesh give an AMPLIFIED version of the "minor" problems i stated above to the hindus, which is why they migrate to neighbouring india. The real reason is most definitely the lower birth rate of hindus+migration of hindu+persecution and/or forceful conversions.

  36. All the modi hating left in India and all the Christian right hiding behind them, if you don't learn from this and stop giving intellect cover for Islamic extremism, get ready for death, conversation or fleeing under dreadful conditions. Afterall Christians are Idol worshippers According to Islamic extremists and left are only allies who will beheaded after all others kafir heads have been served

  37. If people like that religious teacher continues to prosper and blame other religions for perpetration , Bangladesh will go astray. The perpetration Islam is extremely dangerous as it is based on fanaticism and expansion.

  38. And this videos present the face of media and yellow journalism !!they are talking like hindu and other religious people dont get any right here!!just see the secretariat and cabinet !how many of leaders and government employees are hindu and other religious!!even now muslims here have a thinking like that ,being hindu or other religious is a qualification for government job.instead of doing all this for religious minority, government have to bear the title of islamist !! Shame WD news for presenting this fake face of our country!!

  39. An open letter to my dear peaceful Muslims….

    No I don’t hate Muslims but with the doctrine of Islam. Plz don’t tell me that I don’t understand Islam. The question is do you understand? You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand Islam if you read the Quran (with the tafseer)+hadees (specially the most authenticated ones sahih Bukhari, sahih Muslim)+Seerah. Plz keep questioning to educate yourself although Quran 21:23 says not to question.

    Quran might be very productive resource but it is mere impossible to act upon in this era where so many instructions of Quran has simply identified as paradoxical & you'll end up behind the bars if you follow them, such as beating wives (4-34), sex with slaves (4-24, 33-50, 23-6), marriages with children (65-4), killing people who criticize Islam (4-89, 9-11,12) consider disbelievers (non-Muslims) are worst of creatures (98:6-7) & so on. All the laws that Muhammad implemented those days seems perfect for historical purposes but absolutely vague for our generation! (As you Muslims claim Muhammad is example for all time)You must educate yourself before submitting entirely to something that you hardly know.

    No need for paranormal stories. The hadiths+Sira+Quran tell you everything you need to know about the "perfect" man Muhammad and what Islam really is. Islam should be judged by it's founder – not by any typical muslim who will sugar coat it for you.

    'IQRA' means read which was the first verse revealed to Muhammad & yet you deprived from acquiring because of your ignorance. All pray to Allah (pls don't dilute Muhammad's Allah with the one superior if there's one, btw Allah is no one else but a fake ID of Muhammad himself) to keep us all human united & lets not spoil our unity by the name of religion, race, cast or whatsoever! Love u all mankind 😍💐

  40. Hindus are discriminated all over the world even in india
    We must fight back for our existence
    Wish we liberate the humanity

  41. Just a couple simple questions to completely annihilate this ideology😉

    1. Where did god come from?
    2.why can't god just reveal "himself"?
    3. Why would god create evil?
    4.why would god CONTINUE to create all this KNOWING the outcome?! Ie. Like Satan his enemy!?
    5. If Islam is the ONLY path then why are there MULTIPLE religions? And even within Islam there are MULTIPLE sects ie. Sunni, Shia, sufi, khajiri, amhedia, nation of islam etc.?
    6. What was the purpose then of CREATING ALL the previous paths/religions if they were just going to be corrupted!?
    7. WHY are muslim nations SUFFERING the most if islam is the true path? Where is allah?
    8.If all non Muslims go 2 hell only about 25% of the world is Muslim and maybe only about 10% are practicing, so that means 90% of the world is going to HELL!? And again WHY would god create this KNOWING the outcome!?

    I mean the list goes ON AND ON my friends😆😆🐑🐑
    PROUD EX Iraqi Muslim

  42. its so funny that many people are ready to live like this in older to save badly outdated view of the world …

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