Bacha God Lena Ke Ahkam | (English Subtitle) Mas’alah # 204

Ask Mufti Tariq Masood Ruling on adopting children My brother did not have children for the past 20 years. My second brother gave one his children to him for adoption. Kindly shed some light on the difficulties and virtues (benefits) of adoption so that I can advise them. Mr. Nasir from Muzaffarabad. I do not have knowledge of any benefits in giving up your children for adoption. This is because although you are looking after your brother’s benefit, you are not keeping the best interest for your child. When you give your child up for adoption to somebody else, your child misses out on the company of his or her siblings. Do remember that the child’s mental growth and intellectual growth, it is important for the child to have multiple siblings that he or she can interact with. This is because the child shares his feelings with his siblings and starts learning to speak quickly within their presence. Feelings, love and emotions develops among them. They play together. And that’s why children’s mental growth flourishes quickly. This is what the research of UK and US noble prize winning experts in psychology says. That those children that have many siblings and their ages are close together Siblings that have a large age gap between them are also adversely affected. Because these children do not find siblings that are closer to their age. And their thought processes do not match due to the age gap between them. So when you give your child up for adoption the problem is that the child does not have the company of siblings and at times the child’s mind does not grow as it normally should. So that’s why I do not think that it can be considered as a virtuous act. But if somebody has done for the sake of maintaining good ties with relatives then that person might get blessings for maintaining good ties with relatives. Allah knows best. The rulings for adoptions are that if you have given your daughter; the first thing that the male guardian (the one who has adopted the child) will do is to add the the name of the biological father of the child (in the child’s name), for her entire life. The biological father’s name cannot be changed. And the guardian will tell the child about his biological father and will tell the child that he had only raised her; whether it is a boy or a girl. The second point to note is that If the adopted child is a girl, the she will observe “purdah” in front of the male guardian. If she is of age, then the girl will have to observe “purdah”. And if the child is a boy, then the mother, the one who is taking care of the child (and not the biological mother), she will observe “purdah” in front of the boy. If however, the child is younger than two years old, and is a boy, then the mother (female guardian) can nurse (breastfeed) the child. And if she can’t because she is childless then she can have the child nursed from one of her sisters. So that once the child is nursed by her sister, the female guardian will become the foster mother of the child. As a result, the foster mother’s husband will become the foster father of the child as well. There will be no need to observe purdah in this case. And if the child is a girl, then the male guardian can have the girl nursed from his (male guardian’s) sister. So that he becomes the girls’s foster uncle. Once he becomes the foster uncle, there will be no need to observe “purdah”. And so the rulings for “purdah” can be made easier in this way. Otherwise they will have to observe “purdah” when they grow up”. The child will have no rights to the inheritance of the foster parents because the adopted child’s inheritance is obtained only from the biological parents of the child. However, during their lives, if the foster parents want to willingly gift the child something, the can do so. And handover of goods should also be done. Then it is possible to give something to the child. Ask Mufti Tariq Masood


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