Captions By Elytraz: Hey guys yall remember this girl from dr. Phil first, she was pregnant with baby Jesus
Flashback: There is no whatif. I am pregnant and It is Jesus Current: Then the doctor checked her and was like, I’m sorry, ma’am You’re just fat and that she was like hold up. I need something better than being pregnant with baby Jesus My mom has pictures of a guy that looked just like Eminem Like I’m not even kidding looks just like I mean, I’m sitting on his lap and everything and that wasn’t even him It was a family member two strikes if y’all haven’t watched those videos leave a link in the description below But today she is back with her last resort. Dr. Phil. What can I do to make you believe me? This one isn’t as bad as the others. But now we got her lying about more stuff Haley caught lying part three Have you been on American Idol? I was invited to it and I had this guy come up to me I think I was drinking at a party And he was like you were on American Idol weren’t you and he showed me this video and it looked just like me Bro, first Eminem and love just like Eminem that part must be a hold up You don’t just get invited to American Idol. Keep in mind. This girl is 15. Why would they invite her? [I bet she can’t sing ether.] They’ll invite you you literally have to audition for American Idol. Why you lying already saying they invited you? Why did you get up parties? She’s 15 over here, but why don’t you pregnant? I swear nothing that comes out of her mouth adds up and I was like I probably was like I don’t really know. So this guy went around saying Hayley’s on American Idol Hayley’s on American Idol, and I was like, okay Yeah, that’s not really true But I have a bunch of rumors about me so which is it first? It’s I don’t remember if I ever went on American Idol, but you know They invited me but like that’s not true. But the person in the video was like me it looked exactly Like me which is it Hayley, which is it You don’t like three different stories at once Wanna know man that look she give you is he buying it are they buying it is the audience buying it. Do they? Believe me do they think I’m some superstar. Have you told people you were on American Idol? She told people she was on this how do you know because they were When she start first started going to school we moved there at Arkansas All the kids were coming to me and asking me because that’s what she had told them Was gonna rat her out like no she was telling everybody in the school that she was on American Idol So maybe some guys thought she went on American Idol as you like. Mmm Maybe this will open me up some doors for some new juicy lies I thought the kids were gonna her mom and be like what she really on American Idol As a mom would be like no. What the hell are you talking about? Mom? I hate you. You’re ruining my life Did you tell people you are American Idol? I didn’t tell anybody. I was on American Idol There was this guy that just went around saying that I wasn’t on American Idol, he showed me this video Like I said, and you said maybe I was no I didn’t say well just now you said, you know like maybe I was it looks like me like maybe Bro, maybe let’s play that again it looked just like me and I was like I probably was like I don’t really know I probably was you know, I went on American Idol and I just don’t remember a thing They’re like a brainwash me right after her they were videotaping like it. I’ve done karaoke But I mean it looked like me I would you were either on American Idol or you were Like maybe I was like doing karaoke once I like my karaoke was so good I just like transcended onto the stage and American Idol and they recorded a video of me, but I was doing karaoke But it was actually me in the video. Just stop Haley go home. It looked like me on a video singing into your microphone. So Like, you know anything anybody can do anything with a video. Oh my gosh. It just talks like I can’t even do it Well, I don’t like me anyone could do anything with a video when you’re trying to prove a point and don’t forget that This guy came up to me and he was like, were you on American Idol? I don’t know I’m asking you a nice what some guy saw you I’m asking you if you were on American Idol. No, I didn’t say that I was on American Idol, dr Phil struggling right now using his bald powers trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with her So honestly, I think in her mind, it’s like he said I was on American Idol therefore I am on American Idol and she just went on to believing that she was on American Idol because he believed it and she started Telling everybody and she’s like no, I didn’t say it because I didn’t started he started it He told me that I was on American Idol, so I was like, yeah, okay, so I am on American Idol So if somebody tells me hey sniper wolf you are on Mia Khalifa. I’ll be like, yeah, I guess yeah Yeah, but look just like you. Oh, so it must be me. Yes So you were not on American Idol and you didn’t tell people you were married on exactly exactly Oh, it’s all so simple now it’s like she’s caught in her lies and just like plays it off why nothing ever happens and then when you keep asking her the Same question. The answer is different every time like she don’t care. It’s like no shame. They caught me who cares So my girl Haley they wanted to put her in treatment. She just throws a fit like nah I Already did this they says it can be less than it’s gonna be less than 60 days. Oh Yeah, her mom is gonna be like you better do this treatment you’re gonna be homeless She’s saying you’re talking about I already did this just like she already did American Idol, man It’s like Total Recall up in her head court. Hey, we won like equals one prayer, man. Dr. Phil you gotta fix her by yourself – Damn you should have she smacked that camera guy the disrespect Now when you think she gonna go girl she’s going to the bathroom She go and sit on the toilet do all crying little she gonna blow her nose Maybe take a little tinkle like what you think she gonna go she had dr. Fell studios God he’s actually so annoying Jeez I don’t wanna be happy final watching man what they forcing you to be happy. Will they doing at the dr. Phil? Rehabilitation center that forcing her to be happy. I wonder what they do Oh My god, her mom has the patience of a virtue How can you stand somebody just yelling at you and you just gotta sit and take it so we got this other girl over here Hello new girl. She didn’t get her daily dose of attention from dr. Phil So she decided to make up some shit to last night Annika called me and she said that she was in a cigarette commercial for me to turn on the TV Quickly because it was gonna be on in a few minutes. And also I turned on the TV and sure enough There was a cigarette commercial and Annika said that that was her. So basically what they’re trying to say is dr Phil took the footage of her from the show and sold it to a company to make a commercial a cigarette commercial What the hell you mean? Non-smoking that even makes cigarette commercials and that’s how I already know you lyin I said, how did that happen? She goes Well the dr. Phil crew filmed me for a cigarette commercial, but they don’t advertise cigarettes on television The dr. Phil crew recorded my daughter for Commercial you’re gonna have to pay up. Okay. So how did you turn on the television and a cigarette? Oh
It was something about maybe not to smoke or something and it showed this woman’s going along a fence and that’s what Annika said it Was her hand. Did you tell her that? Let me get this straight. Dr. Phil’s crew recorded her and on a fence. I was she looking at the commercial like oh My god, that’s my hands mow. It literally could be anybody’s hand It could be George Washington’s hands Britney Spears hands anybody’s hand but she gonna be like, nope is my hand Can we copy strike? Dr. Phil to use my hands without my permission? Why did why did you tell her that I was wearing a shirt? It looked like the shirt I was right there I was running my fingers along a fence and they’re Taking some photos and I saw that on TV bro the most generic Scene ever bro. I swear any troubled teen on. Dr. Phil They make them record this for an intro just like walking across a fence like looking it in the eye and slowly Caressing as you walk by everybody has done that Do you think oh I saw that and the commercial like didn’t show her face of anything They just show her hands and a similar shirt as she like. Oh my god. It’s gotta be me I am the only person in the world that walks across a fence slowly caressing it man You’re just begging begging for attention. Like dr. Phil. We got some more juicy drama. Give me another episode So you thought between the time our crew was shooting with you and that night? That we took those images and created a non cigarette commercial and put it up on channel 45 Wow She literally recorded with dr. Phil and saw the commercial the same day and thought it was her Yeah, they just gonna throw together a commercial. You’re gonna see it on TV at the end of the day First of all doesn’t work like that Imagine watching a commercial or anything on TV. You see I get water commercial and you see a hand holding the water Imagine being like oh my god. That’s gotta be my hand. I could have been in that commercial I am in that commercial you thought we made a commercial with you It looked like my hand and I hadn’t seen that commercial before. I don’t know if it was my hand or somebody else And their hand on the fence literally could have been anyone’s hand on that fence But you still gonna sit here and think about it like mmm. I don’t know y’all could have been my hand Well, you knew enough to call your mother and tell her I’m in a commercial on TV So is there an issue with me contacting my mother to tell her or something like that? Does that mean – no. No, it makes you delusional coming on. Dr Phil and calling him out on it does really need its own episode Well, it seems rather illogical that you would think that a we shot a commercial with you when you know We didn’t and B that we would turn it around and put it into a commercial in that short period of time and not tell you about it, but he’s so calm it’s been like Why you really think we took that footage and made a commercial out of it just like that 30 minutes BAM Do you really think that’s how that works? I don’t know. That’s not how the world works Anyways a suffragette but guys enjoy this video. I really do feel bad for Haley I hope things worked out for her in the end comment below what you would do if somebody screamed in your face like that and If you guys enjoyed this video one more make sure you hit that like button the paste and subscribe doing the wolfpack Well, I love you guys so much thing starching. Bye guys


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  2. i feel stupid cause my name is Hailey and now i think this is going to be me in like 2030 and im going to say " i have baby Jesus and i was on Amarica idle or what ever" hopefully this doesn't happen to me.


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    Haley: I owned a mansion, panther, and feather boa. I am also related Kim Cardasian. (That last one is actually believable)

  7. Ok this girl was on American idol

    Judge: What’s ur talent?

    Hayley: Being a fat brat who thought Eminem was her Daddy, who thought she was pregnant with Jesus, and am lying to other people abt being on American idol, and abt to be homeless


    U said I don’t have to be happy if I don’t want to….

    Ilysm lia

  8. In the last video, she was NOT pregnant. She obviously wasn't because I looked like that after my first big mac

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    American idol THE VIDEO NEVER LIES
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  13. ok i get it i can’t remember what i had for lunch yesterday but i think if i went on american idol i would remember.

    guy shows vid of black haired girl on american idol
    him: haley this looks like u
    haley: that might actually be me but idk i mean i think i went on there but like i can’t remember.

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  16. Lia I love you I was one of your first ten subscribers.I wish I could come to Arizona just to meet you.❤️

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