Ayaan Hirsi Ali: When The Victims of Radical Islam Organize, The Horror Will End

Today I read a report by the United Nations
saying the spread of Islamic extremism across the world, and especially the countries that
seem, you know, so many people of different nationalities seem to be going to the Islamic
state or Al Qaeda or – that is on the rise and there’s this helplessness. And we’ve tried
military means, we’re still trying them. We’ve tried counter surveillance means. And those
means they answer certain problems, but there’s not ideological confrontation. I don’t think
that the answer lies in some top down solution. I think the answer lies in figuring out who
are the people who will most benefit from the change and what is it that they will,
you know, what are the tools? How can we reveal these tools of manipulation to them and how
can we get them best to unite? Within this mass of humanity we were subscribed to Islam,
there’s something simmering. There are changes. People are being pinched in many different
ways. If you’re a woman you’re sexually harassed. You’re subjected to honor killings. You’re
subjected to a force marriage. There’s suffering. Your children are denied education. If you’re
a little boy you are subjected to a whole host of cruelties. You’re probably taken advantage
of, sexually abused. There’s all of these going. There’s people are thinking, they’re
getting together and the means are there. The Internet, if you can read and write, but
before the Internet there was audio and radio and video and all that. If you look at a mass
of one fifth of humanity, 1.5, 1.6 billion people and you think I’m going to look for
some leader up there who’s going to manipulate them all like puppets, which is what we have
been doing the last however many hundred years, and we are now coming to the conclusion it
doesn’t work that way, but at the same time we find ourselves through technology that
there is a bottom up variant. Do you remember Occupy Wall Street? It came out of nothing.
The Ferguson Baltimore demonstrations. All of us as far as we know it was a bottom up
event, something bad happens and then poop, the masses are out there demanding their heads.
But there’s something simmering in there.


  1. although I agree with this man…..I found out that Islam was historically much kinder to the disabled than some Christian cultures. It's religion sects that excuses acts of violence and coercion that are worse as this man says. I'm not religious btw

  2. of course we should never hate any body because of his cult..
    I LOVE this chanel it is my favorite..btw~I AM MUSLIM*

  3. It must be obvious to anyone with half a brain that islam needs a reformation. That some very fundamental things need to be thought of and interpreted differently.
    Yet two of the most prominent people doing this work is an ex-muslim, Ayaan, and Maajid Nawaz who is so liberal as to be almost unrecognizable as a representativefor muslims. Two people with almost zero credibility in the wider muslim community. I have the utmost respect for them, but it is highly troubling that almost no one seems interested in bringing islam into the 21st century. It seems to be stuck in the 7th.

  4. It's an anecdotal fallacy to continue to give this troll a platform. Jesus wept: 'If you're an Islamic boy, you've probably been taken advantage of and sexually abused'. Really? Did you employ some big data on your big think there?

  5. You listen to Ayaan, you gain faith in humanity. She gives good, structured articulate points on where Islam needs a reformation on.

    You scroll down to the comment section. You lose some brain cells reading the comments of the trolls.

    Let me ask you something: why is it that big think is made for open-minded people, but it's filled with close-minded audiences?

  6. If violence was the answer we would live in a peaceful world. Clearly it is not the answer, so we need to do something else.

  7. The saddest part is that the radicals, no matter how many join their cause; will only end up destroying themselves. They are up against the power of the West, which is FAR better equipped, organized, supported AND most importantly – educated. The poor bastards will never get anywhere and in their directionless thrashing, will only ruin everything around themselves. They can't even get near Western nations, what do they think they can achieve? It's so senseless

    This is the mindlessness that religions enable and why we should abandon all religion.

  8. Yes, "Progressive" movements such as Occupy Wall Street and Ferguson start from the "grassroots," but they're bottom up strategy, consensus governing philosophy, and archaic protesting methods are unsustainable causing them to inevitably fizzle, and in time the true influence peddlers are back to business as usual.
    Whereas the "right's" top down approach such as the heavily Koch brother funded Tea Party movement has staying power because they know the true nature of the machine (take control of the political levers!) and the nature of humanity – selfishness and greed govern all – and as long as the money is flowing from the top the movement stays alive.

    Not saying it's right, just the way it is.

  9. Much respect to her. Did you know she has had multiple credible death threats? Did you know one of her friends was killed for directing a documentary criticizing islam that she helped direct? Yet she still speaks her message despite danger. Bravery.

  10. why we are not talking about the radical Jews killing Palestinians lately "not saying there are no radical Musilms"? have you seen them running over protesters killing them with military vehicles?

  11. In no way am I trying to be racist, however, from my experience dealing with people of middle eastern background and Lebanese, Turkish background especially young men are very hard to deal with. They are very arrogant and forceful with their opinions and won't accept anything other than theirs. Of course its not all of them but a majority. This combined with the intense passion of Islam in addition with what they are being lied to from fellow muslims 'police singling out Muslims' is what drives them to the IS lifestyle, or even appealing to the IS lifestyle. Here in Australia it is a major issue right now and the public are now not looking too fond of Muslims. Of course it isn't most of the Public. However, with some Islamic leaders in Australia calling for sharia law in Australia it does not help.

  12. I'm confused, is she saying that occupy, and the Ferguson and Baltimore protests achieved any specific goal? Seems like it was really just a menagerie of disjointed frustration.

  13. Once people stop believing in absolutely retarded shit that has no scientific backing I'm sure a lot of horrors will end.

  14. One of the biggest road blocks of Islamic reform is the left…..It is obsessed with protecting Islam from all criticism, and to make things worse labels anyone who tries Raciest and Bigots, to discredit their character(comment section). Saying Islam needs reform is easy but the same idiots won't admit, nor do they even understand that Most Muslims do not think Islam needs any reform. Reform will never happen inside Islam, its the outsiders, the Ex-Muslims, the victims, and the liberals that will make the change.

  15. Brothers and Sisters
    islam Protects me from the EVIL and SIN it makes me productive when i pray 5 times a day, it reminds me that one day i have to die, so it makes me to help the Poor, it helps me teach me my rights and duties to my parents children sisters brothers family and society. Exactly what is it that is bad about it all?

    please list what you dislike…
    do u dislike Hijab, well ask women it protects them from evil eyes of men and ultimately from sexual harassment.
    If the results are so is that a bad thing,

    I Really hope this example help u understand my point, then Have a Good Day
    May Allah Guide me to Him (Amen)

  16. the last 3 or so months have been quite refreshing tbh, the far lefts cultural marxist islam apology mindset has come full circle and has started to erode the political correctness shield that islam has hid behind for the last 15 years. Regular people are starting to ditch the oppressed brown muslim narrative as more terror attacks and mass immigration have taken place, it will still get worse before it gets better, but I think we are hitting a turning point in popular opinion on the issue. Reform is inevitable at this rate as society will continually add more and more pressure to muslim leadership to steer their communities back on an acceptable modernity aspiring path.

  17. Speaking in general ,all religions allow for psychological imprisonment and cognitive impairmemt(as you believe God created all and you dont have too think how reality works,or evolution e.t.c)but islamic religions allow for extreme acts from individual, (not all)thus this forms their culture and when that becomes they oppose other cultures that contradict their e.g western.The other major issue the immediately needs to Reform is Womens equality.If you are a female under this religion you are just bound to be underrated second party citizen (even if you get raped you still have too marry the guy who commited this act,for them its not crime by the way.

  18. I am not a fan of her as alot of her work is done to gain attention as been the ex muslim who wants to change the world and people took her serious because of that. However this particular view I agree with here, change must come within and not from the top. This is why exactly we have ISIS made and Al Qadea, both groups created when the top down change was implemented.

    However till US has a strong support with Saudi Arabia change will not come about. It is important to mention Ms Ali is not a qualified political science academic, same applies for Professor Dawkins and Dr Harris (which have started coined the regressive left slogan). They all have strong opinions but they simply do not have the qualification to seriously look at the situation without integrating their own bias in it. On the other hand Professor Chomsky is one of the few academic who is able to produce works which is just not opinions but based on historical documented facts, @bignthink should be looking for people like Mr Chomsky, individual who are actual academic in this field.

  19. Muslims need to stop making excuses and blaming everybody else for their problems. Islamists are killing people all over the world then they blame the victims for being attacked. If you want to be respected, you must respect others. If you want people to value your human rights, you must value other people's human rights. We should also expose who is funding all these terror groups around the world. Countries like Saudi Arabia have a lot to answer for.

  20. 1. I think the correct word is " fundamentalist" not "extremist".

    2. I agree, although you have hundreds of millions of people who will either support them or claim "not true islam" or "islam has nothing to do with this ,just politics " which some are already spewing in the comments. I believe this is a huge reason why it is causing the harm apart from the actual doctrine itself. nobody wants to address it, they want to point fingers elsewhere and tap dance around. Sam Harris makes a great point with these so called "moderates" who are really causing harm.

  21. The examples she gave showed that even bottom up events lead to little or nothing in regards to reform or change. Maybe a new hashtag is created but that's about it. What you need is to find a top down leader and bottom up movement and then you will have radical and sustainable change.

  22. maybe if the west stopped bombing innocent civilians, there would be no extremism, and if anyone one needs a reformation it is the western governments and foreign policies. Remembering that after all these years it was the same western government mindest (probably the ancestors of many of thetype of people in government today) who bought Africa on the slave ships, and the children of africa were subjected to THE GREATEST ACT OF UNJUST EVIL IN THE HISTORY OF HUMANITY.
    These Stolkholm Syndrome arguments from this woman are ridiculous.

  23. We all know that for every major conflict there is an underlying, often nefarious explanation for engaging that covert powers will withhold from public knowledge. However, we also know that the reason the average Christian hero can be counted upon to pick up arms is for what he believes to be noble & right. Generally that reason will involve defensing the defenseless. The Civil War in this country was won by the North because a sizable number of 'peaceful' Christians in this country were willing to give their lives to fight for the emancipation of black slaves. In World War 2 these valiant hearts believed they were fighting the 'good war' to prevent the spread of maniacal Fascist states. (I know the idealism involved because my parents lived the sacrificial lives required to win that war.) Today, there are Christian soldiers who have returned to fight independently of the United States military to protect Iraqi families threatened by ISIS.
    This behavior of the idealistic Christian is directly related to the commandment Christ gave his followers to 'love as he loved', meaning nothing less than to be willing to lay down your lives for your fellow man. BY THIS DEFINITION THERE ARE NO 'GOOD' MUSLIMS-THERE ARE ONLY THOSE WHO REALLY JUST DON'T WANT TO 'GET INVOLVED'. Certainly, no one should ever count upon of any of these people to do the right thing & control their own extremist groups from hurting other people. A 'peaceful' Christian is one that is capable of caring about & defending those of all races & faiths. 'Peaceful' Muslims are those who demand the use of planetary resources while retaining the right to not give a damn about anyone who is not willing to cower to their suffocated vision of life. As for the rest of us, we had better raise the bar in defining the concepts of 'peaceful' & 'good' or we are all going to lose that which many courageous lives fought, bled & died to provide for us.

    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
    Edmund Burke

  24. If the so-called moderate Muslims would stand and say in one voice "NO MORE!!!" then the radicals would evaporate. But unfortunately many surveys among supposedly moderate Muslims show that they agree with many of the goals of the radical Islamists. A majority want Sharia law, they want blasphemy laws enforced on non-Muslims, they want to live outside the laws of the lands they have chosen to move to.
    Until this changes and a majority of Muslims actively participate in the eradication of Islamic extremists ALL Muslims will be seen as complicit to some degree.

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