Welcome to Stupid Christian comments. This
video series presents some of the amazingly stupid comments by Christian youtubers on
my channel’s debates and videos. Here are this week’s top 5 picks 1) Our first comment is from jacob ferguson
who had this to say… Belief is not a choice. You cannot will yourself to
believe anything, rather you believe in things only after you are convinced of their truthfulness.
Often, our barometer for evidence is low, especially as children, who take as true what
their parents, teachers and community say on any given topic. Once your baseline presuppositions
have been established as a child, you go through the rest of your life often reinforcing your
held beliefs, rather than critically examining what you have been taught.
If as you say a god does exist, show me the evidence for his existence. The religious
are great at making outlandish claims regarding things they cannot possibly be know is true.
If you have evidence that validates your belief, please share it. Failing to provide said evidence,
or providing subpar quality, do not be surprised that people who value skepticism and truth
will dismiss your claims. Claims are only as good as the evidence to back them up.
In regards to your account of a Chicago resident having been struck down by lightening, the
nearest I came is to a story of Chicago Pastor Kathy Nolte who was struck by lightening while
on walking for hunger relief. Here we not only have a Christian, but the pastor of her
own church being struck down. Lightening strikes, most often not on humans, but occasionally
people do get hit. There is no reason to believe that an all-mighty being exists and exacts
punishment at the end of a lightening bolt. I could imagine many people who would be worthy
of instant karma for their acts of murder, genocide, infanticide, and rape. People who
merely disbelieve in a god are not among them. If god does exist, and he loves me so, as
you claim, then why would he send me (or anyone for that matter) to a place of torment for
disbelief? Would you punish anyone you love with eternal damnation and suffering? I certainly
would not, and that makes me more moral and loving then any god widely worshipped. 2) Next up is a comment from Jeb…. Words have accepted meanings, and if those
words are supposed to be understood as something other then what they are, then aren’t you
guilty of making the text say what you want them to say rather than actually reading whats
actually written? As a person who does not have a vested interest in making the bible
conform with presuppositions, I don’t need to filter words and ignore uncomfortable bits
and abstract to the whole in order for the text to make sense. I see it for what it is:
an ancient book, written by fallible men, who lived in a time of great mysticism, superstition
and ignorance. Your claim that the new testament frees you
from the shackles of the old testament, is patently false.
Matthew Chapter 5 verses 18-19: For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and
earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.Whosoever
therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called
the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be
called great in the kingdom of heaven. As just observed, it is plain as day that
the author of this particular gospel states without ambiguity that no old testament law
be passed from the law. These are the supposed words of Jesus himself, whom you worship,
and who disagrees with your statement. The best advice I could give you is to critically
read and examine the bible you have so much trust in. If you do, you will see it for what
it is… not worthy of your time and devotion. 3) Darren Seabolt is next with this gem… It is illogical to hate something or someone
you don’t believe actually exists. Atheists don’t hate god, we merely point out how immoral
the stories of the gods actually are. Onto your next claim, the bible does not prove
that any god exists. All it proves is that nearly 2 thousand years ago a bunch of anonymous
writers recorded events that may or may not have happened, and legends were born. The
truthfulness of the claims are highly dubious, and the extraordinary events are highly improbable.
All you have is a collection of grand claims made by people we cannot verify to be credible.
For those who value true statements and facts, the bible is definitely a book not worthy
of being evidence of anything more than ancient mythology.
Citing creationist facebook propaganda as evidence of the truthfulness of the bible
is blatant confirmation bias. No matter the claim, no matter how ridiculous, you can find
a Facebook page or website that purportedly lays out evidence in its defence. There are
sites that defend a flat earth, and ones that claim Obama is the anti-christ, or that aliens
use crop fields as an etch a sketch. If you have unsupported claims and wish to find validation
on the internet, you will find what you are looking for.
Now lets shotgun through the remaining few claims…
1) Of the two groups of people, theists on one side and atheists on the other, which
group is subject to brainwashing tactics? Which creates a disease and provides the cure?
Which indoctrinates from early child and reinforces at home? Which one creates a infinite reward
and eternal punishment system that plays at our emotional strings?
2) There are millions of atheists worldwide that do not believe in any god. If you haven’t
met one, you need to start broadening your social group
3) Richard Dawkins does not believe in Jesus Christ as having actually been god in the
flesh. 4) True, you can’t disprove something that
actually exists, but you also can’t prove that god, the supernatural or that the biblical
claims are true. The moment to believe in something is the moment that evidence worthy
of the claim has been demonstrated. 4) Next we have Pusillanimous Vetoed with
this bit of wisdom… Whats humorous is that atheists tend to have
read much more of the bible then the average bible thumping believer. The first step towards
atheism often starts with reading through the book that most christians have never cracked
open. It is not arrogance to use our 21st century evolved morality and knowledge to
examine the magic stories of the ancient past. We are not telling a god what to do, since
we don’t believe there is anyone out there to direct. It is in fact the theist that is
arrogant when they claim to know things they could not possibly know, or to claim that
their particular religious tradition is most align with the creator of the universe, or
that they alone are made in god’s image and that the entire universe was built to be their
own personal sandbox. It is the Christian who reads the parts of the bible that they
find agreeable and in alignment with their worldview. It is not arrogant to demand for
evidence, question authority, and reserve belief until such time that it is warranted. 5) And lastly, we have Vegan Homeslice who
said this… Free will, is not a gift given to us by anyone.
Free will is the ability to make choices free apart from interference and guidance, and
in a world with nearly infinite choices, it is hard to imagine how it could be any other
way. Since the world is not static, we, out of necessity have to make decisions and act
in an attempt to create stability. We are at one end of a long line of choices that
our distant descendants made over the billions of years interacting in ever changing environments
wrought with developing challenges. Now onto this atheist religion nonsense. Im
always confused when theists make claims that atheism is a religion. Is this meant to be
an insult? If so, wouldn’t that undermine and insult all religions including there own?
If it is meant to be an equalizer of sorts, how do they justify that their religion is
superior to another? Religious claims are untestable, unfalsifiable and nearly infinite
in variety, with many being contradictory. It is not possible for all religions to be
right, but it is possible for them all to be wrong. How does one honestly evaluate the
claims made and come to a conclusion if any are bears of some ultimate truth?
Atheism is not a religion as it lacks all characteristics commonly associated with a
religion. It has no scriptures, no decree of faith, no system of morality or code, no
hierarchy or institutional framework. Atheism is simply a label applied to those who lack
a belief in a god. If you wish to find secular morality, look towards humanism, veganism,
or other non-religious moral systems. Lastly, onto the question of why we spend
so much time battling religious beliefs, it is because religious people tend to not keep
their religions to themselves and demand that everyone conform to their way of thinking.
Laws are passed, rights are withheld, and fiction is being taught as fact. New generations
of people who will one day lead our schools, governments and place of business believe
in such nonsense as a 6000 year old earth; humans and dinosaurs living together, communication
with supernatural beings and eternal damnation. I care for the human race, and for my liberty
and those who are oppressed. I care for truth, justice and freedom. That is why I can’t sit
ideally by and let others dictate what can or cannot be done, who one can love or not
love, or what scientific fact can be taught or replaced with fairy tales. POLL:
There you have it. 5 stupid comments from 5 different youtubers. Which comment would
you vote to win the Dumbass Comment of the week award? Would it be: 1) jacob ferguson believes that god loves
me but will send me to hell 2) Jeb who believes that we don’t have to
follow the old testament laws anymore 3) Darren Seabolt who believes atheists are
blinded by hate and brainwashing 4) Pusillanimous Vetoed who thinks that atheists
are arrogant and want to tell god what to do
or 5) Vegan Homeslice who believes atheism is
a religion To vote, leave your choice in the comment
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  1. Humans and Dinosaurs have lived and continue to live together, and these dinosaurs everyone who is older then a few months has seen they are called Birds, I believe in both a God and evolution, why do some people still not believe in evolution when there is sufficient evidence to prove that it has happened and contuse to happen all the time. What I do not believe however is that a god that is all good would let people suffer in hell, just because they do not believe in them, or that god would reward people by letting them gain entrance to heaven just for believing in it, when you die you do not ascend to heaven, or descend to hell you just decompose and become something of use to other organisms/ creatures, this is a scary concept but only because we are programed to survive, and we can not imagine nothingness, even imagining black or white to represent nothingness is still imaging something. ps sorry if this is a long massage but it had to be said, and I can not spell to well so sorry if some words are spelt incorrectly.

  2. Jesus said,"not one jot or tittle of the law will be changed"oh right you got to it,cool Apologists make me sick.

  3. I wish to give my Christian friends a little help when they have to face the people of that growing religion that is prosecuting them. I don’t mean the Muslims—I’m talking about the Atheist Religion. Oh, yes it is a religion. You don’t need to believe in any heavenly figure, to have a religion. All that is needed is a faith and willingness to spread that faith to others, that’s a religion. Besides, most people have a god anyway, whether they know it or not (Paul Tillich). Look at all the people who killed themselves leaping out of buildings in the Great Depression—loss of faith in their god$. First off, don’t argue about if God exists or not they have already made up their minds. Go to a deeper and more subtle approach. Really people today are so shallow, the little atheist punks say they know by age 10, there is no god. Hell it took a famous French mathematician longer than that to prove that he himself actually existed (I think therefore I am—which there are some good counter arguments). Simple words to say to them: Prove the universe is not a simulation, or we are not brains in a bottle (as some atheist say). They say “Oh, that so Matrix, you can’t be serious”. Actually the idea has been around for about 3000 years, way before computers. Offer some good arguments:
    1) Where are they—the millions of aliens that should be parked in lower earth orbit waiting for free stuff from Bernie? By the atheist own statement: we are not special, the earth is not special, and this part of space is not special, so by Drakes equation there should be millions of those little green fellas already here. That’s call Fermi’s Paradox by the way. There are other solutions to the paradox but a simulated universe is recognized as one them.
    2) The old photon wave/particle paradox (is the cat dead or alive). If the photons are observed going to a diffraction gate they act one way, and if they are not observed they act another way. Easy solution with a simulated universe—the cat is watching you, too.
    3) There are actually scientists looking for evidence of “cosmic grid” using cosmic ray background radiation. So, even scientists are studying the idea.
    Therefore, you can’t even prove than the universe really exists as we think, let alone prove God does not exist. Now something my math teachers would have liked: Laymen and scientists both share an imperfect view of reality, maybe the scientist is a little bit more accurate but it is still imperfect. Only math is perfect, even in a simulation or a cave full of smoke, 2 + 2 =4. Quote of A philosopher and a college graduate.

  4. does any of you christians truly believe that muslims,jews,buddhists etc.deserve to go to 'hell' only because they believe in some other god other than Jahve?simply cause they grew up in different surrounding,and feel about Jahve like you feel about Allah,Shiva,Buddha etc.that its the wrong deity?if any of you actually feels that way i must say its a rather sickening idea,and its mentally ill to have such desires for others for not agreeing with your ancient worldwiews….but none of you actually believe that now do you?because even though you ve been tought since you were kids all about christian indoctrination,you still are human beings who sometimes must reach a point of rational thinking where you say:no,this is where this ideology stops

  5. An atheist, and a vegan. Narrow minded imbecile. Go run with the chimps. There's one in the White House. Go find. So small minded you have to talk shit to others to make yourself feel better about being the double loser that you were born to be. Dismissed. No more will be heard.

  6. And the big jesus statue was burnt caused by lightning…because they believed in paul more than jesus…

  7. So God struck some woman in the mouth with lightning just because she was talking shit about him? Wow god is a fucking asswipe. That would be like if some little kid came up to me and started mouthing off so I decide to stick a taser in his mouth and electrocute him from the inside. Kind of a asshole thing to do, just saying.

  8. I'm 12 and I'm no religious thanks to Christianity I'm getting slagged by kids who are Christian it's fucked up

  9. In looking for "conclusive proof" of God, one must first consider what type of evidence counts. For example, we cannot see the wind, yet we know it exists because we feel it, hear it, and see its effect. Likewise, no one has touched the sun, yet we know it exists because we can see its impact in our world and beyond. In the same way, we can speak of evidence for God from the basis of the things God has made and the ways God has worked in the universe as well as in our individual lives.

    One logical way in which we can provide "proof" for God's existence is through the natural universe. The universe is either an illusion, is eternal, or had a beginning. Since we would normally reject that all existence is an illusion, and scientific evidence points toward a beginning of all space, matter, time, and energy, it is most likely that all created things had a beginning. Something that has a beginning requires a cause. This First Cause can be defined as God. The best evidence or proof points toward His existence.

    A second way to speak of proof for God's existence is found in the complexity of design throughout creation. From the complexity of the stars in the sky to the vast number of advanced parts within even the tiniest cell, the evidence points toward intentional design rather than random events evolving toward today's observable universe. In philosophy, this is described as the argument from design or the teleological argument for God's existence.

    A third way to discuss proof of God is found in the universal sense of morality. In other words, every person adheres to some system of right and wrong, even though people vary greatly in what is accepted as right or wrong. This universal sense of right and wrong points toward an outside, objective source of morality. This is often called the moral argument for God's existence.

    Yet another way to speak of evidence for God is to appeal to the vast number of unexplained occurrences of miracles and the supernatural. Are all of these events explainable by natural causes? If not, then the existence of a supernatural being is at least possible.

    More specific to the God of the Bible are the many predictions made regarding the Jewish Messiah in the Old Testament that were fulfilled in Jesus Christ (see this article for more). Though predicted hundreds of years before His coming, they describe His virgin birth (Isaiah 7:14), His town of birth (Bethlehem; Micah 5:2), His Jewish tribe (Judah), and many other areas, including His suffering (Isaiah 53; Psalm 22). Though one could argue for a few seemingly "random" connections, the number of accurate predictions and level of detail make it so improbable as to be considered statistically impossible for one man to coincidentally meet them all. Fulfilled biblical prophecy points toward a God who is sovereign and omnipotent.

    While some would reject these arguments as conclusive proof of God, the evidence for an eternal, all-powerful Creator God is strong. Further, the evidence for the God of the Bible and Jesus the Messiah include great detail worthy of further study for those investigating the claims of Christianity.

    Glory be to our LOVING God…
    Amen <3JESUS<3

  10. Darren Seabolt is a rather infamous creationist on Facebook groups. I remember on various atheist groups I was a part of people would screencap their interactions with him and his endless insanity.
    I'm calling Poe's Law on him.
    Here is his facebook page
    His group list
    He is very active in Creationism and atheism debates, pretty good for a laugh

  11. This a message for Christians (whether hypocritical or the True Christians = saints), Non Believers, The Cowardly, The Faithless and last but not least to The Vegan Atheist.

  12. i find it funny how most religious people dont expect me to know what there religion is about, to there suprise, i do, i have read the bible and have studied multiple religions, even sataanism (the religion not the cult) which suprisingly is the most accepting religion out there,
    now if anyone comments saying satanists are evil and worship the devil and do sacrifices. its obvious that u are the one who doesnt do ur own research

  13. so if god guides my life, he fucked me over in my childhood, i was in fucking depression and attempted suicide multiple times, so it was the disbelief in god made me feel like i could control my life, and i clawed my way out, and i spent 15 years in that hellhole,

  14. Let's all keep our cultural differences to ourselves and stop trying to change each other's beliefs what makes America the best country among people is freedom of religion which means we are allowed to believe what religion we desire trying to get people to be atheists is not how to make the world a better place trying to convert people you can believe what you want i can believe what I want, and I will end on this, if God doesn't exist then present me your proof that such a figure does not exist and if you love free will why try to convince people not to have a religion?

  15. I am a Christian and will argue with atheist and give them the evidence of God but I don't think that saying the will go to hell if they don't repent is the way to get atheist to listen. They will only turn you away. I don't think you will go to hell if you sin and don't repent. I think that you can do all the sin in the world and go to heaven as long as you exept Jesus. And hell is not a punishment. God doesn't send you there. God takes you to heaven. God repels Satan and if you reject God then he can't repel Satan. Satan is not going to let you go to heaven he will take you to hell. There is tons of evidence of God and I will give it to those who ask.

  16. If some god guides my life then why would that God make me an atheist to get punished after death??? If God was real then I was made by him just to go straight to hell. Yeah some loving and caring God that is….

  17. "The Bible proves God is real." How so? Attempting to prove Harry Potter is real by quoting a chapter from the Harry Potter books wouldn't work out too well for them, so what the fuck makes them think it would work for religion?! "Atheists start reading the Bible with the mentality of arrogance." Quite ironically, I think you'll find that many atheists became atheists simply because they read the Bible! Conversely, the Christian cherry picks the parts of the Bible that are in accordance with their own subjective morality and worldviews… While outright ignoring the many passages that seek to condemn their behavior and standards. Otherwise they would have stoned a few women to death by now.

  18. if you had love in your heart, atheist. why do u even call as stupid.. where does real love come from. jesus is the answer

  19. and one more thing I need to explain, all the commandments are full filled in jesus. he followed and was called the perfect man. condemned, though he was pure, for our law breaks. if ur not righteous u can never stand in front of holy god. but because of Jesus we are pure. he died for me as a friend who died for ur sentence… don't u get it… please ask God to give you a broad mind

  20. Before I join your community, I need a full 100% atheist cosmogony, Because I'm afraid Lawrence Krauss failed in providing one the minute he said anything to the notion of "the universe came from nothing." Oh really?

  21. Nope, your wrong. Religion is not stupid, its the people who represent it that might be stupid. Take, for example, an American killed a South African man. You obviously won't say Americans kill because that makes any sense. Let me give you another example 1000 Americans say North Korea is peaceful and is the best country in the world. Obviously, people the first thing people will think is that all Americans like North Korea. Which obviously they don't. This goes the same with religion, people say oh religious people are judgy but not all are judgy. You could meet some people who are judge by personality. And well some who can't fully understand what's written in their book(Bible/Koran), so I advise you to think and put yourself in their shoes before making a video. Do a little research. Just a matter of not been ignorant.

  22. I see people in political arguments cite news that are known for partisan bullcrap as sources. "Look, this Huffington Post article proves why Trump is evil!" "This Breitbart article proves why Hillary is evil!"

  23. I stopped reading the commenrts below after #4, as they all have the same ignorant, unthinking tone. If you wish to show your opposition to something, don't prate like a childish fool, using foul language as a replacement for the knowledge and intellience you lack.

  24. Stupid Christian:Prove that god doesn't exist
    Me:well prove that a flying spaghetti monster doesn't exist
    Stupid Christian:theres no evidence for it
    Me:and wheres the evidence for god
    Stupid Christian:i feel in my heart that god exists thats solid evidence checkmate atheism
    Me:well i feel in my heart that the flying spaghetti monster exists and since thats solid evidence I'm right
    Stupid Christian:well i umm well GOD DOES EXIST YOU'RE JUST DENYING IT
    Me:checkmate creationism

  25. Okay, for the sake of argument, let's say I actually beat the odds and went to Heaven after I died, but I beat all of my friends and family there– and I was having a pretty good time for a while; but then, I started to notice that I had a lot of family and friends who weren't making it through the Pearly Gates… they had instead been condemned and were suffering in Hell for the wrongs they'd done in their life, whatever those wrongs could have been. How much of a paradise could it possibly be to live in a place where all, some, or even just a few of the people I loved over the course of my lifetime could not make it back to Heaven? Could it be that Heaven might be just as cruel as Earth is to its occupants?

  26. Wonderful site. Good job. Great format. You addressed each comment carefully, concisely, intelligently. You showed alot of civility and restraint. Especially since you've been attacked so viciously and ignorantly in the past. Keep up the good work. You're very good at what you do. Us rational, critical thinkers out here need your talent and bravery.

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  28. Christians can not even read the Bible and agree on a precise definition for the vague concept of GOD, father, son, and spirit. Measure with a changing rubber ruler and you can make anything fit in a marsh mellow brain.

  29. your right Christians usually are not knowledgeable about their Bibles as athiest is. however I am. I spend a lot of time studying. still have a lot to learn. I do believe in God but I respect your choice not to believe. I do not push it on others. I also would like to point out the age of the earth in the Bible and science does add up because the Bible actually proves their was an earth age prior to the one created in the beginning of the Bible. it was without formband void so it was created still there to be replenished. it had been destroyed once before. our father loved us anough to give us a second chance.

  30. "Belief is not a choice. You cannot will yourself to believe in anything…" I'm glad some else has pointed this simple fact out and made it public. Thank you TheVeganAthiest, much appreciated.

  31. Thumbs Up to all who donate and who share this video! You guys are awesome!

  32. The first comment(the guy in a orange polo) looks smashed as Hell. I know, I am drunk right now and when I speak my thoughts out loud I sound exactly the same… Except that I make more sense.

  33. FaceBook is a proof of God? Well… I'm baffled, to say the least. Who knew that FB was a Holy place? And yeah, I never heard of that before, which is a feat in itself since Christians LOVES to repeat the same argument… Wow, just… Wow!

  34. In ancient vedic (Hindu) myths the sages tried to communicate with the divine but all they got was a reflection of their own thoughts during meditation. They believed that their are three main things eternal – supersoul, matter, life soul. Supersoul is spread thoughtout and beyond the material creation the force behind everything, life soul is what brings consciousness or life/free will, matter is the building block. The collision of the supersoul with the matter gave rise to the universal egg(brahmanda) , the life souls brought life out of non living matter (evolution can be supported). The supersoul causes creation preservation destruction and creation again in an endless cycle. Creation is elaborated in an recurrent fashion in Vedas. Supersoul concepts brings the monistic view with a unified quantum field like energy. Matter is considered having attributes after being energized by collision with the supersoul. Life souls brings the concept of eternal law of cause/effect , fate/justice etc Supersoul has complete knowledge , life souls have half, matter has none. With time Hinduism has become too complex and branched they have lost their original teachings. But my question is "you as an ex- Christian I suppose, think that God is some guy in sky and a comic book fairytale story that follows. But how about this concept that God is all that exists??" Hinduism has atheistic sects also but they believe in universal energy, matter and consciousness as all their is. Now I guess you are trying to get the consciousness part out as well but it is impossible to describe something that is beyond the human mind to be described by an human mind. It's like asking the colour of infrared. But still we Hindus have no problem with skepticism and reasoning, life is an pursuit for the truth but not an established fact like most religions claim. Yoga is aimed at communicating and harmonizing with the various levels of oneself I.e senses, body, mind and consciousness. Making sense of things encompassing religious view and science together would be beautiful I guess than either one solely.

  35. re·li·gion
    the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.
    "ideas about the relationship between science and religion"

  36. It must be so strange actually being religious, I can hardly understand how it must feel to believe in a god.

  37. For 3, the guy said Richard Dawkins believed in Jesus but what he saw was a video of Richard making a point that even if jesus exists, he may be using illusions.

    But there was a video that cut out that part, as if Richard Dawkins admitted he believed in Jesus.

  38. You either believe or uou don't. You must use your BRAIN(Humans are SUPPOSED to be the smartest species on the planet) but some of you sure don't ACT like it!

  39. On 2: We don't do ANY RESEARCH?! What a load of crap! Research is ALL WE DO. EVIDENCE IS ALL WE NEED! AND WE HAVE IT! YOU DON'T! Screw you people and your BRAINWASHING. It won't work on me.

  40. 4 is the stupidest. I dictate my own life. Not some pissed-off, vindictive god who hates ppl gor not living and believing a certain fable?

  41. true story. Once I was walking on the street in new york and i heard a woman loudly crying "Oh GOD, OH GO OH GOD

    Not being a native New Yorker, I looked over to see what what happening. And there she was, crouching down in the middle of the side walk as an apparently extremely painful stream of urine spilled from her dress.
    Now I ask, what other explanation for this scene could there be than that the devil was slapping this woman in the vag for praying in public?

    Checkmate, Atheists!

  42. Jacob Ferguson really sounds like he loves us. Yeah, right. Ppl who love you stand and scream at you how insignificant and ugly you are and ONLY jesus could love you. We've done all the research that needs to be done. And atheists owe u ppl nothing anyway. You should all be sorry for trying to brainwash everyone that some invisible sky fairy is looking after us all. I'm a real atheist. You cannot prove a negative.🖤

  43. Religion is fine but people start crossing the line when they force it upon others, including their children which in my opinion is pretty pathetic. Although I am glad religion exists along with all of the circus animals that it consists of as it gives me a form of entertainment which I can delight in for the rest of my life.

  44. True even the worst of us are better then the "god" read your bible Christians your god is a damn maniac "atheists hate" yes true poor persecuted Christian damn atheists eating the children and throwing them to lions your pastor preaches hate and nothing but hate all disguised in the "hate in the name of love/ God"

  45. i don't get that, what's the need for belief once something has been proven to be true, isn't that the whole point of belief, when something hasn't yet been shown one way or the other, they're going to claim it is from their belief they have in it being real regardless to what the truth is?

  46. Scripture teaches us to search for TRUTH, Not Proof. They're really not synonymous with each other. Truth is an absolute without error. And Proof is subjected to Interrogation, and interrogation. Not quite the same.

  47. 3:18 I love how you categorized Bill Gates, Stephen hawking, and Charles Darwin to name a few with Sasha Grey. The rest of the video was great, just thought that was a little funny.

  48. Jacob Ferguson: you said a great many things about Jesus and god. But the only reason you gave for others to believe you is "because I said so". Nobody here knows you from Adam. For all practical purposes, you could be a street person posting from a library. You might try quoting from the bible, but that will not get anywhere with atheists. To them, it is just a book written by
    uneducated anonymous people long ago. Christians believe god wrote it but can come up with no reason to think so other than tradition. Your best bet is to describe your personal experiences. You are the expert on them.

  49. Twice in Matthew Jesus says you must obey every last tittle of the old testament.
    Modern Christian ignore most of the old testament (except killing gays) but they did that recently, not when the NT was written.

  50. Jacob Ferguson. You ask us to believe in god, simply because you do. But we don't know you. We don't know why you believe in god. I am going to guess you trust the bible because you believe god wrote the bible. You believe that because your peers said so. They believe that because their peers said so. Nobody has a reason to think so.

    Threatening us with hellfire is one heck of a sick way to demonstrate god and you love us. That is what gangsters do to gain compliance. Your shouting and tone of voice shows you are not motivated by love. You are a bully.

    The only reason Christians believe the creator of the universe wrote the bible is their peers said it was so. Those peers, in turn, had no reason to think that other than their peers told them. It is a belief based on sand.

    What matters far more than does god exist is did he write the bible. If he existed but did not write the bible, Christians are all chumps, taken in by a forgery. Christians bet the farm that the creator of the universe wrote the bible. If that is not so, then Christianity is blithering nonsense. It is rather distressing for Christians, but you can easily show the creator of the universe could not possibly have been the author of the bible. If they wish to remain Christians, their only strategy is to refuse to look.

    Yahweh allegedly created the universe. He should, therefore, know every detail of how it works, but in every matter of science, the authors of the bible got it wrong. They think the earth is flat, resting on pillars. They believe the earth is at the centre of the universe, is surrounded by a metal bowl with holes for the stars, that in turn is surrounded by a celestial ocean. They think π is 3. They think disease is caused by demonic possession. They think dove blood will cure leprosy. They think showing goats a striped board will cause them to have striped offspring. They think the earth was created before the sun and the stars. This is not the creator of the universe talking. This is ignorant desert dwellers reciting the primitive science of the age.

    All it takes is the bible to be wrong about one thing to disprove inerrancy. Because God is incapable of error if you find so much as one error, that proves God could not be the author of the bible. Since the bible is the source of all information about God, there is no longer any reliable information about god. Scholars have reported thousands of errors and inconsistencies. There are entire books called apologetics of lawyerly excuses for the errors. The creator of the universe should be capable of writing clearly without ambiguity.

    In Mark 7:1-15 Jesus commanded people not to wash their hands. This was either a filthy trick or evidence Jesus was an ordinary man with no more knowledge than the people of his time.

    Archaeology has turned up no sign of Moses, Solomon or David. If the bible were correct, there should have been tonnes of remains. We have discovered the Moses babe in a reed basket story is a rip-off of the Sargon myth. Moses allegedly wandered in the desert for 40 years, yet that desert takes only 3 days to cross by horseback. Surely Yahweh would not try to pass off fictitious characters and silly stories as real.

    I would expect the bible to be perfect, completely consistent, no errors of any kind. But it isn’t. It was clearly written by many different editors and slapped together without an editor. There are thousands of errors and inconsistencies, blatant enough for a child to notice.

    I would expect Yahweh to craft prose considerably better than Shakespear. But is not. It is disorganised, redundant, even doddering. Read the bible cover to cover if you doubt.

    If you read the bible cover to cover, most of it depicts Yahweh in a very bad light: petty, erratic, sadistic, unjust, partisan. What sort of being writes an autobiography and makes them out to be the villain? It is like Joan Crawford authoring Mommy Dearest.

    To create the universe, Yahweh would have had to know all of modern physics and more, advanced mathematics, atoms, black holes, DNA, elements, evolution, exoplanets, expansion of the universe, galaxies, gamma rays, germ theory, gravity, ions, metallurgy, Newton’s laws of motion, plate tectonics, quantum mechanics, quarks, radioactivity, relativity, spectroscopy, speed of light, stars, String theory, thermonuclear reactions, X-rays… There is absolutely no hint the authors of the bible knew any of this stuff that the creator of the universe must have known. A deity may well have created the universe, but it wasn’t Yahweh.

    The majority of species of animals — dinosaurs, trilobites, pterodactyls, Megalodons… went extinct long before the first human. Ancient desert dwellers knew nothing of them, but surely Yahweh did. He should have mentioned such a big piece of earth’s history in the bible, but he didn’t. It appears the authors of the bible had never heard of them.

    We have no original copies of the bible, not even copies in the original language. All we have are copies of copies of copies. All the copies wildly differ. Bits are left out, added and changed. Surely if Yahweh were in charge, he could have arranged for perfection in the copy process as the alleged perfection in the composition process.

    There is no reason to think Yahweh had anything to do with writing the bible. There is not even a reported miracle where Yahweh gave his blessing to some version of the bible. All we have is a tradition that authors claimed inspiration. Egotistical twits make such claims for their meandering drivel every day. The Internet is crawling with them. That does not make it true.

    Christians assure us Yahweh created the universe (though they cannot explain how the author of Genesis knew that). However, Yahweh is apparently incapable of writing and publishing a book and sufficient copies without the help of a large team of addled humans, who were not formally recruited, who made thousands of errors. If Yahweh were real, he would write and publish his own book and do it right.

    All kinds of books were left out of the bible at the Council of Nicea. From what I have read, that process was pure politics, nothing whatsoever to do with Yahweh.

    If the bible were intended as a universal message for all sentient beings throughout the universe, why is it so focused on desert shepherds and Israelites? It badly needs an update.

    The bible is a con, perpetrated by ordinary humans. It had absolutely nothing to do with any god. Why did they do it?

    To con people out of money.

    To gain control of people’s minds (e.g. so they will die on command in battle).

    For prestige, to bamboozle people into giving them respect.

    To terrify children into sexual acts and convince their parents not to intervene.

    If the bible were written by con artists creating a forgery, what would you expect it look like? If the bible were written by the creator of the universe, what would you expect it to look like? Read your bible presuming the creator of the universe was the author then presume con artists pretending to be god as the authors. See which is more plausible? Which fits the facts? Humans make mistakes. Gods by definition do not. Humans are ignorant. Gods are not. Humans are inconsistent. Gods are consistent.

  51. Darren Seabolt: if you think there is evidence for god, it is not helpful to say it is out there somewhere on the Internet. What you must do is quote the evidence or reference the evidence with a specific URL. Then we can evaluate it. As it is, we don't even know what it is. Creationist websites are notorious for lying through their teeth. They think it is virtuous to lie for Jesus. If your evidence is convincing, I'd think you would want to expose everyone to it.

    I have read lots of Richard Dawkins. He might believe there was a man named Jesus, but he does not believe he had any supernatural powers.

  52. Pusillanimous Vetoed: Atheists reading the bible are not looking for god. They are looking for evidence to convince Christians their beliefs are nonsense. They point out that Yahweh's behaviour as judged by normal human morality is unspeakably awful. You may argue a god has the right to behave badly, but not to be called loving when he does this. He is not worthy of worship even if he did exist.

  53. Vegan Homeslice: Why do I want to convince Christians to abandon Christianity? Because Christianity makes them behave so badly, most notatably tormenting gays.

    Why We Should Combat Christianity

    Here are some of the reasons I have come to detest Christians and to believe we must try to derail their foul religion. The most important reasons are near the top.

    Christians impose their religious superstitions about end-of-life and physician-assisted suicide on non-believers.

    Christians eagerly await the end of the world in a fiery conflagration. They even do things like foment trouble in Israel to bring it on.

    Christian interfere with organ donations and transplants.

    Christians delight in doing whatever they can to make the lives of gay people as miserable as possible.

    Christians impose their religious superstitions about contraception and abortion on non-believers.

    Christians are so arrogant, with such an inflated sense of entitlement, that they feel they have a natural right to impose their beliefs on others, but won’t even tolerate others building a temple.

    Christians prefer wishful thinking to what is obviously true from the evidence.

    Christians endlessly lie they know things for certain that are mere speculation.

    Christians of some denominations such as the Catholics and Anglicans aid and abet priests to spend a lifetime molesting and raping children.

    Christians lie to the elderly and feeble minded to con them out of their life savings with preposterous empty promises.

    Christians destroy the natural curiosity of children and turn them into pig-headed ignorant boobs too afraid to reason or experiment.

    Christians tell endless lies about science and history. They repeatedly deliberately misrepresent what science has to say. This is not just ignorance. It is deliberate malice.

    Christians carrying genetic diseases tend to have children anyway. They foolishly trust god to protect the children.

    Republican-fundamentalist Christianity popular in the USA is completely counter to the teachings of Jesus. It is pro-war. It is against helping the poor or sick. It is all about accumulating power. It is racist. It is all about bullying others and meddling in their affairs.

    Professional Christians (especially televangelists and phony faith healers) are parasites on the body politic, accumulating vast wealth while paying no taxes.

    Most Christian music and art is unbearably dreary or kitsch.

    Let me make it clear. Even though these loons have threatened to kill me on over 3,200 occasions, in no way am I calling for Christians to be harmed or shunned. I call for trying to convert them, to persuade them to give up their cruel religious superstitions and arrogance. I also call for political action to block them from imposing their religious superstitions on others by force or through law. Christians are innocent brainwashing victims of the previous generation of Christians, just as they are the victimisers of their children. Christianity is an evil superstition passed from generation to generation without rational thought, like female circumcision. The way I see it, they are suffering from a mental illness, one so common that psychiatrists have not dared to label it so.

  54. Ha ha ha ha… Believe is not a choice An atheist Believes that God do not exist. That's why a Atheist is also Stupid.
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha….🤣

  55. God is not a person.
    Heaven is not a geographic place.

    You are not you. Your Name is not yours. Your body is not you, but it is your. You are within your body as 'I'

  56. being an atheist is like someone escaping an internment camp and when they go back to save the others they are asked why should you care if the others are captured if you are free.

  57. When I was a Muslim I also thought that atheism wa a religion. I was ignorant, I didn't know anything about evolution, the earth and the universe. I didn't even know much about the contents of the Qur'an, except some cliche verses. I didn't know about all the hundreds of ridiculous claims about the earth, life, stars etc. that are completely wrong. There are even mathematical errors in the Qur'an. And the Qur'an says that everybody who doesn't believe in the Qur'an, no matter how good they are as people, they will burn in an eternal Hell. I never believed in this when I was a Muslim, but there are many such verses in the Qur'an.

  58. Heard about 99% correct or 99% wrong

    Believe something because 50/50 is too much for you to bare

    I'm 99% correct

    So anytime you pick

    "persuade me"

    and read this stuff to us that don't sound completely crazy

    We can see what your body automatically believes

    And you don't look so confident learning new stuff in front of others

    Learn by yourself dude

    And come back 99% for us 😅😄😊🤴🏼

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