At The Church Let’s Praise And Worship God – Vlog #3

Good afternoon my friends to all my
viewers once again I’m here introducing myself my name is June Ortiz and this
is my channel I’m attending and going to the church
this Friday today is today Sabbath Day that we have to rest I’m attending by the way, the name of the
church Jesus Stream Blessing Christian Church I’m encouraging each
and every one who will be live in Dubai watching in this video in every Friday we have a second service we have service first service we be started at 3:00 to 6:00 and second service we’ll be 6:00 until 9:00 the most important things in this world to be heard the word of God and it’s true its written from the Bible saying you must love your God and we are attending to the church the name Jesus Stream of Blessing Christian Church I’m really glad and I’m very proud to tell you I’m a Christian and you have must be praise and worship to our God Lord Jesus Christ because this is what the Lord
serves so many of us don’t know who really is our God so many people are deceiving because of the
religion and this the day i really wants You to make understands that the Lord has a great
purpose to you that’s why you keeping the life you have now in our church we service we have first service three o’clock until six and second service will be six until nine and this is the day that you must given to our Lord Jesus Christ and really helpful so, brothers sisters this is what i’m serving the Lord in every Friday we have to sing we have to praise we have to listen in every Word of God we read from the bible faith comes from hearing and hearing and always put in your mind in this world because Lord Jesus Christ crucified Himself to save us from our sins that we are deserve to persecuted so God bless everyone and hopefully you will be encourage and you will convicted for what caused me what I’m telling and what I”m sharing to you God bless everybody I’m really really glad to hear and to say this one to you I’m already here in this metro going to Emirates Tower train is already here it’s coming I’m going to go inside arriving for Emirates Tower Metro Station God bless we’re here now already we reached already in a metro Emirates Tower Metro Station Hello guys, i am going to Crown Plaza Hotel where the venue of our Church Jesus Stream Blessing Christian God bless at last i am already here at crown plaza hotel so I’m very
excited I’m going to the church it is in the third floor we’re here now and then after this going to the
elevators as you can see as you can see i can’t see it that’s a video here they are my brother and sisters our brother and sister gathering now and we’re going to the church one more Amen, Praise the Lord We are here to give thanks to our Living God, Amen let’s us give praise the promise of the Lord, Amen we are thankful because you have the promise that we leave us nor forsake us Amen Praise the Lord we are here with sister glory in the music ministry as well as our driving ministry so she will be the one will bring us going back home and she has the key she is bringing the van with together with our sisters and brothers so we have also Pastor Fely say thanks to all viewers because
you knowI’m uploading videos so thank, God bless to everyone you know we have here also we have sister ruby we have sister, i forgot the name sarah sister teody and sister connie so thank you and hopefully to all the
viewers and who will be watch this video please comment and may
the Lord be with you and God bless goodnight sisters Hallelujah praise and worship is done and we’re going home now God bless each and everyone may the Lord be with you, Peace thank you for watching my Youtube channel and the Lord what always convicted to each and everyone who listened watching this videos


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