Arafah & Eid in Islam Shaykh Saleh al-Fawzan (English) (CC) & Text Below

O noble sheikh, the day of ‘Arafah, a day of Allah’s days Some people spend that day busy cooking, going outside and doesn’t give time for that great day. As for the important things such as cooking and getting things from outside like water etc then there’s no problem in that, that is helping one another in rightousness and piety. And as for spending the time in other than the rememberance of Allah and in other matters that are not needed then that is negligence and wasting of time without any benefit So they have to take advantage even the one who works take advantage of his time to remember Allah in du’a with humility towards Allah Almighty in that day and that place May Allah extend your benevolence What are the deeds that are legitimate on the 10th day of dhul-hijjah? The legitimate deeds on the 10th day of dhul-hijjah in regards to the pilgrims are the four rituals/manasik The throwing of the jimaar/stones and the slaughter/sacrifice of the animal and shaving the head and the tawaaf/circumambulation, sa’i(ritual walking) if thats possible And if he splits/spreads them (the rituals) through the days of ‘tashreeq’ (11th,12th&13th) then there’s no harm in that. And also busy himself with the dhikr of Allah (takbeer) And as for the non pilgrims then they pray salatul ‘Eid and slaughter the animals and remembering/make dhikr of Allah Almighty at the end of the salah… together at the end of the salah together they magnify saying; subhana Allah (glory be to Allah), alhamdulillaah wa la ilaaha illa Allah wa Allahu akbar wa lilaahi al hamd at the end of every salah in group in the days of ‘tashreeq’.


  1. I Hav quashen abut eid and arfa in suthe africa thay are maken dfrant day but samtim thay mak sam suth afric an sudi onliy 1howr dfrant and olso wan tha mak dfran wan wesee tha mon is cam beg
    ask sh fawzaan plees !!!!! and if you ask send for me tha audio

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