Answering Questions We’ve Avoided // religion, money & more!

are you good I’m good who wants to start
what’s up guys welcome back to the show this is the show where we sit down and
answer some of your questions we haven’t done this in so so so long and we really
just wanted to chat with you guys see where you’re at so you can see where
we’re at and we could just compare where we’re at plus we don’t have a video and it is Wednesday!
going out in a couple of hours once edited so yeah this is real time I hope
that audios crispy we tried to find a clean quiet spot to park and it’s hard
man it’s windy there’s construction so I apologize it’s not like intimate enough
we took to my Instagram our YouTube community tab and we just said ask us
anything and today we’re gonna answer some of those questions that we’ve never
we’ve never talked about before we’ve never tackled so this is kind of a juicy
Q&A never before seen on a man and bag stay tuned okay
the one question we got more than anything across the board was when are
you getting married really like so so many questions about it probably this
right never but I mean we’re open to it for those of you who don’t know a man
proposed to me 27 February of 2017 while we were on a trip in Africa it’s magical
maybe I’ll insert like a hook up here because it was so magical we’ve been engaged for a year and a half
almost two years and we’ve come close we’ve found a venue which was basically
a cottage weekend away for everyone it’s kind of a mix between the getaway not
elopement but the getaway destination that’s the word I’m looking for the
destination wedding we thought we’d probably always have and a local enough
wedding that everyone can come but then it was booked before we could booked it
and then we just kind of said again yeah what’s the rush
Krista and underscore m22 asks how do you not get on each other’s nerves being
in a small space and working together the answer is we do get on each other’s
nerves like right now a man’s doing the silly fasting thing
and I’m not eating and it’s driving me insane because he’s so hungry
intermittent intermittent fasting thanks Trent alley for suggesting that Aymond
fast because he’s a real treat only for eight hours of the day anyways to be
honest you and I are really good and I think we’ve grown a lot together in six
years together just acknowledging what’s bothering us biting the bullet and and
kind of apologizing and then moving on what do you think as much as she pisses
me off I know that she’s the one I want to be the mother of my kids but really
we love each other I think for me it took me a while not a while but like
really sink home the fact that you can’t change someone you need to love them for
who they are and there’s things that you know no one’s perfect I’m just saying no
one’s perfect and the moment you realize that you need to love them for who they
are wholeheartedly and yeah was that bad no
it’s the truth dude there’s not that you don’t love everything about me no you
put up with me yeah gypsy soul wants to know on average how much time does it
take to put together your podcasts your YouTube videos then I saw another
question that asked about how we divide our time and where we’re spending our
time just such an interesting question so
let’s start we don’t get asked that a lot yeah like let’s start with on
average how much it takes to film and edit and I think it’s such an easy thing
to think that it’s easy to put together a video or that it’s just about the
filming whereas the filming is maybe 10 to 15 percent of it and the editing is
another 70 percent and then the rest is uploading putting tags on the videos
finding a good thumbnail and title I’m commenting back actually maybe I’m even
off like it’s it’s a lot of work it’s really a full I’m a big fan of
efficiency so I really like filming and editing in the same day I find that
you’re so much more productive when it’s fresh on mind my lease hair videos are
ones where I need to dig back for old footage and insert clips I do those and
doing that I find it so tedious but yeah the content I like to create is just fun
quick you know shoot edit upload repeat shoot edit upload and I like to just
keep it snappy and fresh oh they’re asking how much time it takes yeah so I
mean we’ll shoot anywhere from you know when I go to put it in I mean you’ll
shoot all day I’ll have it probably about an hour hour
and a half to two hours of footage when it actually is imported and then editing
can take two to four hours and then back to spends like another two hours on the
whole upload process thumbnail we’re trying to spend a little bit more time
with thumbnails because YouTube loves them nails just all about thumbnail and
title and we want our videos to do well so unfortunately that means a little bit
of clickbait gets played into it but we don’t see clickbait as a bad thing a lot
of people online in the comments wrap us up for not too bad but I wouldn’t say I
need my trips us up oh we get the clickbait hashtag clickbait stuff once
in a while but nowhere near compared to other channels but that’s like
modern-day any and media you know you look at a TV series the title of that
episode is clickbait yeah it’s so true I think that the word clickbait is thrown
at a creator I was like I can’t believe you use that because
it’s thought about this negative thing whereas you have to remember that like
this is our jobs and to get people interested in watching the video you’re
gonna use like the most interesting thing that happened in the video you
become not yeah yeah and if you and I mean I feel like some of you say to us
if you had just titled this a day in Alberta it would I would watch it the
same comment that and that’s great and lovely but like no you wouldn’t
yeah no yeah so it’s been interesting for a man and I because we went from
being full-time entrepreneurs and throwing everything we had into our
small T company to then starting to create content and it started with just
once a week and that was pretty manageable although we kind of kept
feeling like oh Wednesdays are always coming around so fast remember and now
we’re doing three a week so our our focus has shifted from just our T
company to our T company and our ty company and to be honest we haven’t
found the perfect balance of it yet we’re just kind of always working it
feels like we’re always working because you just there’s no time to turn it off
as far as podcast goes we’re really liking the platform and the process if
you haven’t already check out our podcast it’s called reroute with Eamon
and back it’s wherever you get your podcast yeah it’s doing really well and
it’s a super easy medium to record and edit like we literally just sit down
it’s very casual and conversational so we sit down sometimes just thoughts or
sometimes with guests and just shoot the shit and talk to people and I usually
love to just like review it I’ll put in some of the theme music that we had
designed for us and then just upload so I like to keep it really raw I like that
those awkward pauses and stuff like that it makes it feel really natural for the
audience humor is is people who listen to podcasts we prefer conversational
podcasts so we wanted to create a podcast that we would want to listen to
yeah it’s value added so we definitely are talking about topics or helping you
guys navigate this world of riru ting but at the same time it’s very very
relaxed and conversational don’t you say that’s fair cool I hope I we answer
those questions how do you girlboss 44 it wants to know how do you deal with
finances especially as business partners are things separate or together
I think we’ve been on such a journey with I think every couple is on a
journey with money and I think money is the one or maybe of the things that kind
of rips the part of relationship I feel like money would be very high on the
list I could be wrong but definitely I mean we look at friends of ours that
still have separate accounts and we’re just mind blown like you know someone
will say like hey you owe me 40 bucks for dinner last night it’s like whoa
like that would just be such a nightmare to keep track of and so much more
pressure on a relationship but you have to remember six years ago when we first
started dating we did do that yeah of course and we were traveling and being
like hey so I spent 40 on this and you spent this I know I’m talking about
couples that have been together for like seven years right and and I mean to each
their own and it’s not the right way to do it for anything that’s just the way
we do it but you and I have always been of the mindset that what’s mine is yours
and like one of the other questions was like how did you guys know you’re the
one and when did you know and for both of us I feel like as soon as we started
dating we knew that this was really long-term so even with fights or when
you guys are asking how we get over getting on each other’s nerves in a
small space are working together at the end of the day we know we’re gonna be
together very very long term so what’s the point of letting that one little
thing that was bothering me get in the way of like this lifetime of happiness
another thing so our finances are to get although we have separate accounts we do
but they’re together that make any sense yeah I mean like she just takes money
when she needs it that’s all my passwords our finances are kind of
confusing because oh geez can you not young our finances are a little bit confusing
because we have two businesses and they’re both kind of sole proprietorship
companies so they’re in different accounts but they’re all ours I don’t
know we’re complicated people I don’t know if that’s answer your questions
okay ARS d100 six wants to know what are your
hopes for the amon and beck brand I love this question because I’d love your
feedback as well like we want to know where you hear I see us going and where
you see the brand going as well are you tired by that question love yeah so a
minute back brand we see that much bigger picture as far as even kind of
who we are and I think it would boil eventually expand out of who we are we
for sure I mean the Association we use this like chip and Joanna Gaines as much
as they have like a Magnolia farms and stuff like if you guys don’t know who
they are you should check them out they’re awesome they’re like an HGTV
couple and they’re really funny and cute which you know we’re not that funny not
that cute but and they have all these different avenues and businesses within
chip and Joanna or Magnolia so I think that’s what we find really exciting
especially some with ATVs like new business new business so they have like
a restaurant they have these silos they have a shop they have you know obviously
their show so I think that’s what I see for us is like YouTube the podcast
I would love to eventually have a restaurant not necessarily to rely on
for an income and but I thought to be there every day for people to cut a
gathering place right you guys are coming through Toronto you’re like I
want to check out the restaurant you come by and maybe meet us yeah really
great vegan food and we also want to do like you know approved by a mana Beck
store so to expand obviously chai wallah will be part of that but then to have
you know a store that you can log on and everything’s been vetted by us so the
background of the company’s standard ly sourced
I think begin yeah a lot of my passion lies in supporting and helping our small
business friends so because we had this tea company for three years we went to
so man farmers markets and flea markets and
one-of-a-kind shows that everything is handmade and made with so much love and
that we want to help all of our friends who have great companies and are doing
great things like sustainable jewelry or all that kind of stuff and we want to
give them the platform to share their stories so this is big picture of course
but that’s kind of where we see ourselves coming soon yes
should we change the battery yes okay this is a really juicy one becca-boo PS
thank you boo I know who you are and you’re awesome and you’ve supported our
tea company and I appreciate you so thank you hi back a booth free cruise
your own sorry oh three zero oh three three zero becca-boo wants to
know what you were like as kids / teenagers juicy juicy what do you guys
think we were like as Kid Flash teenagers because you probably nailed it
on the head I was a really good student I was a
really good student I loved school I loved going to dance after school I had
a really good group of friends I was probably more of like a keener than
anything but I was also not I don’t know how to describe myself that’s how I
would describe myself and you I wouldn’t have been friends with Beth yeah we
wouldn’t have it Fred I was not challenged enough I was very curious I
love to get up to mischief and push the boundaries and then you guys can fill in
the blanks with all the other good stuff as you get older teen years what happens
with those kids yes exactly I can moved on to bigger
better things I laid down a little bit of a slope but always had a really good
foundation for my family and kind of knew in the back of my head like no
matter what I get up to you know when I’m an adult I just had this thing like
oh you know I’m not gonna smoke cigarettes 120 or I’m gonna change my
life 120 and I did it’s really interesting like for example is really
meaningful and all about for you yeah so Eamon was a bit of a troubled kid but he
had this idea that when he turned 19 he’d become a man and he would stop all
of those things that are bad habit and change his
social circles so that he was on the right track and you did all that which
is the biggest it’s not like okay I’m gonna stop doing drugs and partying it’s
like okay I’m going to tell all those people get out of my life yeah make new
friends that’s the hardest part sure because you’ll never stop smoking and
doing that stuff if you don’t change if you’re hanging out with it’s all about
here anyway it’s so true I respect you a lot for doing that but exploding okay
well anyone ever cut his hair yeah or for your wedding that was a question –
yeah I always thought I would you know if we like God last-minute destination
next week I probably wouldn’t I’m still dating the flow but yes I will come here
do you guys think Amy looks good with long hair or would you prefer it with
short hair all right here Oh Paul maybe they’ll let that decide keep the flow
lose the floor you’re gonna want that to decide if people say lose the ploy
you’re gonna cut your hair no I probably well oh you should have said yeah funny
yep Aaron Corrigan official wants to know
after watching Bruce do you guys want a dog sometime soon this was a question
that we got quite a bit as well very much so the answer is 100% yes we
realized so many things with Bruce one of them being how much happier and
fulfilled we I’m sorry that makes us sound like we’re not happy now so
awesome it was so so much work but we loved how about being busy anyway so in
your lives are so busy like what’s taking care of an animal yeah just makes
it that much busier of course and I mean I think we knew a lot of the things that
we’d find out by babysitting yeah yeah but I don’t think we knew how much we’ve
put a little bit more yeah especially Bruce is such a great dog
and the thing is the reason we haven’t adopted a dog yet is because our lives
are very different oh I don’t think I put this on here but this is a really
interesting question I got do you guys feel yourselves getting stuck in City
mode when you’re here I think that’s such an interesting segue into why we
don’t have a dog because when we’re in this city we spend so much time in our
office and our office is a certified kitchen so we can’t have animals and
pets in so it makes it really difficult when
we’re putting in a long work day that we’re comfortable with to have the dog
sitting in the van all day especially for training and all that kind of stuff
we’re a bit more apprehensive about jumping in now when we’re back in the
city so I definitely think we slip into city mode which is lots of time in the
office going to the gym kind of just routine
life yeah and I think the next step for us is hopefully we have a great year
this year is to move to a bigger space so probably outside of the city we can’t
afford anything in Toronto yeah and getting a facility that is you know
closed-off kitchen and then more of like a living office space where the dog
could be and that would be the game changer that we would need because then
if we’re working the dog and hang out with us yeah I always picture us – if
and when we have employees and a community of staff I would love to have
like a space where we can do yoga in the morning together and it’s bring your
dogs to work course and so if I envisioned that we can’t have that in
the space that we have right now so yeah yeah
Toronto meetup still it should we do a Toronto Meetup
so it’s not so right now what’s the weather on Saturday if we have enough
people say they want to come to the shrine of meetup we will organize it for
Saturday this Saturday we’ll find a spot is that crazy
no no yeah this is how spur-of-the-moment a man and I are this
is just how you’re all do a hashtag Toronto meetup in the comments Co Meetup
if Tito meetup we’re trying you’re complicating it cuz I need to research a
hashtag Toronto Meetup and i will see how many there are and i’ll post in the
community and on our instagrams and make sure you’re following us on Instagram
some details Wow that’ll be five people right T I made up oval good I’m not
gonna lie I get nervous for meetups I think you guys think that you’re nervous
when you meet us but trust me I think we’re you or at least I am even more
nervous I love it yeah I know I love meeting you guys I know no I’m not
saying you don’t that’s not I mean okay keeping up with Kim she wants to know
how to come your partner to do van life I like that
name keeping up with kimchi first of all we want to incorporate more kimchi
entered into our diet so wait so that’s a good one yeah what was the question
how do you convince your partner you do BAM life you know I agree 100% and then
life is something you need to be deep down super stoked about and realistic
about you can’t just pitch it like oh man it’s gonna be awesome look at these
Instagram photos because it’s not they need to be adventurous they need to love
camping they need to love just the everyday adventure like I love going up
to strangers and be like hey can I use your water sparking conversation I love
that and that’s such a big part of van life yeah so if you really want to do it
and they really don’t I don’t know what to say to that how do you how do you
work through that you just I think we were fortunate because you were
definitely the driver to pursue ban leaf but I was very much on board yeah it
doesn’t mean that they can’t be convinced but you can’t you can’t sit
you can’t convince them like hey I just think you have to be really respectful
of what they what they’re saying because if they’re telling you that they don’t
want to do it for this this and this those things are only amplified when
you’re actually in the van but it could be that that person just has a
pre-recorded idea of what van life will be like and that’s why they’re saying no
so maybe like renting a rig for you know a month might be a good option and then
they suss it out that’s a good idea I don’t know it’s alright yeah I like that
do you want to answer this question so juice you’re on I’m down you know I’m
down okay um Alex Frederick wants to know he just wrote religion question
mark well legend question interesting I can
start if you want or you want to write you start bin well it’s interesting
because we had this chat yesterday didn’t we with Trent nollie we have so
many different religions and bringing in that group of the four of us that it’s
really interesting to talk about I’m gonna Jew a Mormon taught to Catholics
and I guess an atheist or agnostic or whatever I probably did this so I was
raised Christian or crucially she’s like grandma’s gonna hate ya I was raised
Catholic I only said Christian I was raised Catholic I went to Catholic
school growing up and I never really I wouldn’t say like I didn’t believe it
growing up or anything cuz I appreciated and respected my parents and my elders
and stuff like that before believing it but I just think that with so much world
travel and things that we’ve done and all the religions I’ve been exposed to
in my life I don’t think that there’s one way of thinking that is better or
that should make you look at another religion and feel superior am i oh yeah
no and I think that’s such a good point and that’s kind of my route of of why I
probably am an atheist is because I really believe that religion look
religion has a lot of great aspects the community aspect is fantastic I want to
implement that somehow into our lives but the whole idea of religion and I’m
gonna use word brainwashing if you want and veganism ties into this a little bit
but you know teaching your children that this is the way to live your life and
this is why you’re on earth and all these kind of things and and other
people are doing it wrong I think is very evil and that’s the root of a lot
of wars and that’s the biggest problem I have with religion because I think if
you’re raised religious you’re already in the mindset that other people were
wrong and I’m I was raised you know Christian sort of I didn’t really like
understand yeah but I was just very I’ve always been
open to I’ve been fascinated by religion and always open to talking to people
from different legends like I find the Mormon religion mind-blowing like I
think it’s so interesting same with Judaism I think that what was really
great about my upbringing is there was our time carved out in school to learn
about morals and do good to others and like just to be respectful and to
thanks and before a meal to say a prayer maybe I don’t want to say that prayer
and say it to one specific person in the sky but I do want to stop and be mindful
totally grateful in my toes I’m going to eat this beautiful meal and to have
these beautiful people around me and I’m so thankful and yeah but I think we’re
on a journey let’s just end it there because I think that you’re trying to be
a little bit more open about it and I I’m conflicted because if you look at
you know my beliefs I’m very yeah fact oriented analytical
when it comes to you know science and life and I find it just mind-blowing how
people can ignore science right but when it comes to things like me saying
everything happens for a reason like what is that why do I say that you know
I really do believe that and maybe that’s just a crutch I use to make
myself feel better about when things are crappy but hey if I’m gonna use that
that makes me a better person and Trent actually brought up a really good point
where it’s like well that’s all religion is it’s nice it’s a mind over matter
concept and if people need this to make themselves a better person then that’s
great I just think that if people need something to make themself a better
person to make them feel like they’re right and other people are wrong I don’t
agree with that so religion is juicy I’m super fascinated but I love talking
about it yeah I’m Christian and Aubrey have really interesting upbringing and a
lot to say on this topic and our podcast was super popular with them so if you
haven’t listened to that jump over there they’ll be here in a couple weeks and
we’re gonna do another podcast all about religion let’s aim it right now so look
hold on yeah before we go on I’m sorry if I offended people I’m very direct
yeah and I respect you for your choices this is just my opinion and if you come
to one of our meetups like let’s talk about it I’m super down guy Richard
wants to know is Amon ever gonna post in his swim trunks for a thumbnail god I’ll
do let’s just get one more let’s get one more that’s not so intense
when you cook we could have dinner with anyone who would it be I never know bond
probably Biggie Smalls people want to know what’s next for
travel are we gonna ship our van somewhere when are we gonna go on a big
trip with the Millennials like what is going down what is going down with us
bill right now we are doing this show in Toronto it’s called a one-of-a-kind show
you guys should come it’s crazy 11 days here in Toronto so we are
strapped buttoned down for that a new year really yeah December and then
Christmas and everything although I think after the show we should take a
week break and drive to like Florida or something just yeah we might do that and
then I think we’re going to go to Baja for like the new year like at least then
maybe a month or two just Baja probably well it would probably be like driving
across california california i do all that for even a month and then Baja for
a month or two that’d be pretty but never been in
California yeah excuse me and then who knows loose plants loose plans we’ve
talked about we’d like to move the office Oh
Azusa we’ve targeted shipping a ban to Europe or renting a van in Europe or or
going to Europe and building out a new van and then traveling I think that’s a
really good juicy qat these are some of the questions and answers that we
haven’t been avoiding but that we just don’t really talk about so it’s
different and new and fun and I hope you guys really enjoyed this episode if you
guys enjoyed the video today please make sure you give it a big thumbs up it
helps us grow this video be shared all that kind of good thing you’re not
subscribed guys please subscribe to the channel
this little box that says subscribe you click that click the bell we’d
appreciate it if you guys have any outstanding questions you want us to
answer or if there’s a video idea that you’d like to see us dedicate an entire
1012 minutes to leave it in the comments below and we will put it on the list
well they always say ok oh I just wanted to say I really love and appreciate you
guys like genuinely thank you so much for being a part of our community thank
you I do too I have a hard time expressing my feelings but I really do
appreciate every one of you


  1. We chat about SO much in this episode (it's a long one) and we hope it helps you all get to know us a little better. Would love to know if there are any other topics you'd like to see us cover… OOOO, and #torontomeetup if you'd like us to organize one for Saturday 😉 MUCH LOVE.

  2. When people talk about religion I get SO annoyed but I really enjoyed hearing your so talking about it ☺️

  3. Most wars are actually started by governments or people not allowing other people to live peacefully.

  4. That was the friendliest conversation about religion I’ve ever seen. I am a Christian but I stray away from the word religion because religion is about what you do when Christianity is just suppose to be about having a personal relationship with God. Everyone is different and your journey isn’t going to look the same. I think it’s great to ask questions and have a clear understanding of what you believe instead of believing it because that’s how you’re raised. I love that you’re open minded, keep asking questions. Love you guys!

  5. I think it’s super cool of you to be so open about your thoughts on religion!

    I grew up Catholic and identify with many beliefs from the Chruch, but I also think it’s ok to identify with other parts of other religions (for example, I identify with certain Buddhism philosophies along with some Muslim beliefs). I still call myself Catholic, but I definitely don’t think the religion I am is necessarily “right” and I don’t think other religions are “wrong”. I just don’t think that anyone can ever know that they are completely right in their religion (they can think they are, and get in fights about it or start a war, but I would blame that on extremism). Overall, I think that if you identify with a religion you don’t have to believe EVERYTHING that religion teaches. You are still your own person that can accept other ideas.

  6. I love how respectful you guys are ! You remind me a lot of myself and the lifestyle I wanted to have when I was younger (now I just want a farmhouse with lots of land) . As for Christianity it’s definitely hard for everyone to understand, and unfortunately there are people who are hungry for power but as a born again Christian myself I just want to say that the love you share is so beautiful and I keep you both in prayers. The God that I serve is love and I’m a firm believer that if you can’t love people then you can’t fully love God. All I have to say is God loves you and He loves me no more or no less, there’s no measurement to His love because He is infinite and endless. I pray for blessings in your life for the kindness that you share, and I pray that you continue to seek truth on your journey 💕 thank you for sharing your beauty & kindness with us ! You two are so refreshing to watch and listen to.

  7. Eamon is cranky as hell in this, what’s up with that!! Love your guys’ views on religion though, I 100% align with that thought!!

  8. Maybe look into polytheism. Bec was talking about being exposed by multiple different religions, and that is why she questioned her faith. I don't want this to come off as judgy, and I'm not trying too, but just something to look at. My friend Carter introduced me to tis idea. (I am a christian fyi, and I love hearing your thoughts on other religions)

  9. Religion background starts at 20:26. Interesting that you let "slip" you thought you were Christian. Some people believe Catholics are.

  10. The Approved by Eamon and Bec store sounds awesome!! Looking through company backgrounds are tedious and just something I find really hard to do. The idea that I’d just click on your site and shop about from there is amazing, same idea with the cafe/restaurant.. I’m speaking from Scotland but an absolute dream of mine is to get to Canada and live eco and green or maybe even tiny/van life so the idea of being able to pop in and meet you guys is incredible to me!

    Thank you so much for everything you guys do, yous are absolutely inspiring 😍

  11. The only way to heaven is thru Christ so there's only one true way bc He's the one that saves…but not a religion, instead it's faith. Atheism isn't real unless someone can believe that something can be created out of nothing..that's scientifically impossible. We all make our own version of God that we feel comfortable with but the only way to truly know is with reading the living word. I love you guys and I'd hate for you guys not to be saved bc regardless if you believe, the reality is what's facts so it would just be terrible if y'all make it in front of God and having to be turned away…remember it's never too late until it's too late! Hope y'all have a genuine conversion! If y'all ever have questions, def feel free to reach out! 💖💜🙌🙋 take care!

  12. Long hair FTW. And love the vegan business model. We need more people caring for the animals and the planet. Peace and love.

  13. Brother and sister, please explore a bit about Islam as well. Don’t just go by news but if you can explore Quran and meet actual Muslims from daily walk of life. You’ll be surprised that it is actually a religion of peace who believe in Jesus, Moses, Noah, Abraham (Peace be upon them all). Overwhelming majority of 1.6 Billion of Muslims are peace loving and reject the idea of extremism who misinterpreted the religion for their wasted interest.
    Lastly, loved your videos and the positive vibe. Peace be upon you all 😇

  14. I've watched a bunch of different "van life" related channels and think you guys have all the right ingredients to be success. Best of luck to you!

  15. 1. Would have to see pic of Eamon in short hair in order to make a decision. I think i would like it kinda short, not crew cut, maybe just kinda shag? Max looked great with shorter hair and beard. Maybe the same would be true with you? Long hair is HOT.
    2. Perhaps "do unto others as you would have them do unto you"??? I agree that people should not have the "my religion is right and yours is wrong" attitude.
    3. You are definitely "pet parent types". I do get that sometimes pets just don't fit into your lifestyles, though. No fair for a pet to be stuck in a house alone all day, 😣. Know YOU wouldn't but sometimes they just don't fit!!

  16. You could do the whole going round festivals cooking out of van or some vehicle you converted. Even just selling your tea.

  17. I usually Care about click bait but when watching your videos you usually forget when u enjoy the rest of the video so much 😁

  18. Christianity isn’t a religion, it’s having a relationship with Jesus. It’s not that we shouldn’t be intolerant of other faiths and beliefs, but only one is true. Jesus said that he is the way, the truth, and the life, so whatever faith system matches up with Jesus and his lifestyle and his teachings is the truth. If you look at all of the other religions, Christianity is the one that matches up with that. I do appreciate that you were kind and honest about your beliefs and are open to all beliefs. It’s not just about making yourself a better person, because if you only believe in a religion because of that, there is no point. But it is about living a life that brings glory to God. God is the creator of life, so He knows best how to live it. I actually think God and science go together, that science actually point to a creator. Having a relationship with Jesus is truly the best thing you could do, and I hope everyone wants that. Jesus loves y’all!

  19. I love you both… u both are adorable. oh! won't say couple goals coz this word was coined after seeing u ~~lol😉😁 love love love …. Keep moving 🤗😇

  20. I usually never have the patience to watch Q and A’s but I just love watching you guys and it’s enjoyable

  21. I would really love to listen to you and have a sensitive kind exchange about various ideas such as religion vs. spirituality. An example; some belong to group of people with many of the same views and rules and follow them, while liking it? Or some see spirituality being more loosely applied. Much more spontaneous and creative or looked at as run by their Creator. Spending time with your higher being outside! In the Forest! Mountain climbing? Singing around the campfire? Are you inwardly focused or outwardly in your spiritual life? For Christians, are you into Mega churches or private time with your Creator alone in the quiet? Those are both super opposites. Finding out what people believe by listening to them is my thing. So much so, I took 12 years to meet with people, from all over the world, from very different economic lifestyles and very different religious viewpoints as I could. I asked this wide variety of people the same 5 questions and they opened up to me, told me their life story and went into DEEP, long conversations about their personal beliefs. That happens when you ask questions that get people thinking and without any accusatory words. Meeting strangers from a wide variety of positions was very fun. Then I shared it with you. It is now a lovely, entertaining, mind opening, quick reading, important and fun book. Paperback or eBook. Try Amazon.

    I invented the 5 questions that are non-threatening, and really got the thinking started. I love vital conversations. I don’t enjoy small talk. There is something about simple conversations that make life complete.

    I want people to try what I did in this book. Talk and listen to people. The less you try to sell them on your views the better. When they have talked and begun to trust you…then…you can gently state what you think. The title, in case you really want to help small businesses is, “No One Ever Asked Me That” because the 5 questions were not the same bland smalltalk everyone is used to. Nearly every body said, “Wow…Um… Hey …. no one ever asked me that…” as you watch them think. And the questions aren’t abrasive in any sense. Then the answers are so fun! People surprised me so much. This is such a cross section of humanity. I included a Buddhist Monk from Laos, a neural surgeon, a lawyer, a Black Foot Indian, a Jewish Mystic, a Stock Broker (58 year old? White collar) who answered like he was a ventriloquist doll for a wild-heart hippie girl who only eats organically and always has flowers in her hair.

    It’s a fun book. It isn’t my opinions. It’s the 42 people who answered, it’s their opinions of life and what’s is important and why are we here? Where do go when die? There are a smattering of younger people, a dancer, an actor, a botanist, a zoologists, a marine biologist, a novelist and more plus they come from all over the world and really represent the variety of people. I think this is a kind approach when talking with people. And I’d much rather have a meaningful conversation for hours that to bump the small talk around the circle. It creates good conversations in your life. Thank you! Been loving your videos. Watching your backlog.

  22. you should be open minded to christianity and living for God. Do some research because the Bible ties in exactly with the Bible.

  23. I appreciate your strong headedness and implanted opinions! Your way of thinking is quite interesting. I’m a heavy Christian and I would think the complete opposite about things like when you said you don’t understand how people can ignore science, especially when traveling. Just getting the chance to see the beauty gods created throughout the earth would just make me think so differently. Happy for your engagement and can’t wait to see your future travels.

  24. My mom was raised catholic and she is not anymore because she doesn’t believe confessing your sins to someone who is just as much as a sinner as anyone eles makes yours sins ok. Me on the other hand I am 16 and I am pretty much the only religious one in my house and I’ve done all my own research and even looked into the meaning and belief of a lot of religions . I am a follower of Jesus Christ and I don’t like to just say I am Christian because there are so many branches to Christianity and I feel I don’t need to prove myself nor my faith to anyone but the lord. Whether your a Christian an atheist a catholic or even an evolutionist all of which take a leap of faith whether you have faith that there’s nothing or you have faith in a God or you have faith in science. The truth is everyone needs to have an open mind because we are all human and putting down other religion to raise my own up would just be straight up hypocritical and I just wish others were more accepting.

  25. Analytically a brilliant man and scientist tried to prove the Bible wrong and he became a Christian cuz he proved analytically that no one could have prophesied all the numbers and dates and figures adding up to dates hundreds of years ahead of time. And a buncha other stuff. But I’m not at all religious. I just know a cool dude named Jesus who makes himself known to me a lot but he still knows I’m a potty mouth, 10 commandment breaking, sinner and the opposite of superior… the cool thing is that He loves me anyway and He helps me do better. Lord knows I need all the help I can get.
    That’s my 2 cents worth, lol

  26. I am a Christian. Believe that there is only One way to the Father….or to the top …..Heaven… however you see it. I do not judge as I am not in the judgement seat. There can only be one truth. I a
    look at the differences between religions and they do not at all agree on many major things that are so different that they all cannot be right in unity……trust me it sounds good but it just can't all be truth…real truth. God does not push Himself on us….we must seek Him, our Creator, and He will be found. I would say forget religion and just seek God Himself. Love you and thank you for your time.

  27. I just discovered you guys like literally last night and I've been on a binge watch since. Loving your videos and super-inspired by the #vanlife.

  28. I know i am late to the comment party!
    First just want to say that ive been enlightened even late in my age with some health benefits just watching your videos! Also and i think i agree. Just the word religion is cringy. So i will say if your really curious on whats real . Test it . Test it like a diet and just know it takes time and consistency. But i believe you both are curious and kind of have some background one who GOD is so maybe test him out. 👍🏽

  29. I think you are right about your views on clickbait. Of course your diehard followers will watch your videos no matter what the title is, but the titles help to draw in new viewers like me!

  30. I'm so late on this video but I'm so glad I watched it!! I have such a difference appreciation for you two now🤗🤗💋

  31. I recently found your channel and love all your videos and this video was great! I'm sorry if all your comments are about religion but I agree with Eamon on the idea that organized religion has become such a separator. I feel like spirituality should be focused more on your own personal journey with it instead of just going to church and listening to someone talk about their interpretation of it. I think if you explore different avenues and figure out what works for you in your own life and what gives you that sense of peace, you'll be in a good place. I'm the same as far as trying to meld my scientific and fact driven mind with a more intuitive and spiritual side but as I start my adventure through my medical career, it's nice to have a good solid root in each side. Thank you again for all your amazing videos. I'm feeling inspired 😊

  32. Eamon lol. "I wouldn't have been friends with Bec" lol then says how he was and I agree and think ehh I think I'd of been friends with Eamon lol.
    I Got badly into drugs and plenty of other crazy shit but I decided to get my shit together at 20 21 yrs old. Which is still pretty young I think.

  33. I was disappointed when I bought my first bag of chai that I couldn't buy a bumper sticker to slap on my van to promo you guys. I'm sure the tea is awesome so, also…I would buy a t-shirt or high quality sweatshirt with that graphic picture on your YouTube profile of you two! That would look schweet!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 your picture…only true van lifers would know! #code4vanlife maybe a pocket sized graphic on the left of a t shirt? On the pocket? 👍👍

  34. I don't want to start a flame war but I disagree that choosing one religion means that all other religions are wrong. That is like saying well if you prefer chai latte that means that all other beverage choices are wrong.

    Religion does not and is not the cause of wars. If that were true then atheist societies communist countries Cuba and North Korea would be peaceful violence-free countries but that is not the case. Going back to the enlightenment dogma of John Locke allowing people to choose their own religion reduces violence because you don't have to force them to believe in the state religion. In the end its not religion that creates violence is the state forcing personal beliefs Peaceful societies allow religion or the lack thereof to be a personal choice. Violent societies whether they be extremely religious or atheist enforce their dogmas on everyone.

  35. You're partners and Canadian citizens. Common law partners and official marriages have the same rights and tax benefits in this country. If being old school married doesn't seem like the right fit for you don't do it. Love and commitment and understanding are not gauged by a marriage license. Common law committed life-partners have everything the same here. Just file your taxes jointly and the federal government of Canada will officially recognize you as each other's spouse in an emergency. If you're worried file a medical/and of life directive.

  36. Hey Eamon and Bec! My Cafe loves your Chai Wala! If you are ever hiring I would Love to be a part of Team Chai Wala!!!!!

  37. Loved your answers. Religion topic makes me wonder if there is a term for that kind of thinking (not athiest). I feel the same, believe in more than we see, but don't like the judgement and 'absolute rightness' of religions. Love to hear more about your future plans…your lifestyle and ideas motivate me for planning my future. Plan to go vanlife as soon as I am fired … LOL! Can't quit the money while it is there, but ready to start the next phase and your lifestyle is my choice. Thank you.

  38. Religion and how to live your life…live your life with an open heart and mind realizing we are all doing the best we can. Everyone is doing the best they can at any given moment with the information, mindset, emotional state, and circumstances existing for them at that time. Believe that is truth for all and have love, compassion, understanding for all including and especially for oneself and you will be much more at peace and content.
    We are all just walking each other home ~ Ram Dass

  39. Thanks for sharing! It’s so interesting to learn more about you guys 😊

    Also side note: I completely agree with a lot of the religion sentiments that you guys were saying but would identify as a practicing Christian. I think a lot of those things are more to do with human error rather than being the root of Christianity.

  40. All couples have to find a way to make money work. Sometimes it means setting up a system that would make others freak out. Since I’m so irresponsible with money and accounting and paperwork in general, and my husband is very very good at things like a budget and stretching a dollar etc, I just turned it all over to him and I get an allowance. When I get overdrawn it takes from his account and he knows I’ve been irresponsible again so let’s me know and then adds more money to my account. It’s totally the patriarchy and I love it. I don’t have to think about it or worry. It works for me. But I’m also not a big shopper or spender really so I also take responsibility not to abuse him for money too.

  41. You guys are great. I have only been watching for a few months but recently watched your start to finish van build for Eamon’s Dad. I love this Q & A session. I agree with everything you said about religion 100%. I love your vegan food. My husband and I are both 54 yrs old and I would love to do a van build and start traveling. We are empty nesters and I look forward doing some long trips like you do.

  42. Regardless of the fact you think you’re going to be together forever it’s not that smart to be sole proprietor of a business as opposed to a corporation.

  43. hello Eamon, hello Bec. My wife and I have been following you for a long time. We have been following your adventures, and we are very happy to hear that you come to Portugal because we live in PORTUGAL. We live on a beach (São Martinho do Porto – great for paddle) which is 100km north of Lisbon. It is a very beautiful area, near the beach of Nazareth that has the largest waves in the world. If you want to come by, you can use our house, if you don't have a great trip and enjoy Portugal.

  44. If i want any channel to get to a million its you guys, your amazing, you can see the effort which is put into the videos. Love u from the netherlands ☀️

  45. I manage a store and I hate to see men pull out $10 and then stand and wait or ask a woman for her half. I think its awful. I never ever did that with my good friend😉 and I love your hair. Don't cut it!! I actually sell healing teas as well😉

  46. I recently came across your videos and am fascinated by your way of life. Your videos have been very enjoyable and I hope to continue to follow you on your journey. Btw, I'm very curious about the atheist mindset. I don't think it's fair to generalize and say that religions brainwash people. Also I don't think it's a good idea to study the collective behavior of a religious group as your only introduction to a religion . If you really want to learn, then study the original texts/teachings and translations (selectively). Form your opinions based on the actual principles, rather than the people who practice them 🙂

  47. You guys were SUPER right about the whole clickbait thing. I don't watch Q&A's, buuut I saw the word religion. Next thing you know, I'm watching a Q&A. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  48. How fun is it that a year ago you talked about the Euro trip and now you’re there and with Trinity!

    Talk about manifestation of dreams and intentions ♥️

    Love you guys and the channel and thank you for making me feel like I’m seeing the world along with you x

  49. As a couple, you are in fact Funny and Cute!!!!!! I can feel that your souls are connected as one. Love watching you two. ❤❤ Oh, and keep the floooowwww!!!😍

  50. Dude – keep the hair – you can cut it when it starts falling out 🙂 thanks for the vids… inspiring and positive 🙂

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