Annual Turkey Distribution – Islamic Relief USA

We are here another year doing our Thanksgiving drive. We’re here with Third Pillar and Islamic Relief packaging meals for families in need in D.C. These turkeys and sides are really bags of normal I like to consider them normal because these individuals are looking just to feel normal during this holiday season I spoke to one particular lady who told me a year or two ago that, “my kids don’t know that I can’t afford the holiday meal and their coming home from college. And the reason why I can’t tell them that I can’t afford the meal is because they will leave college if they find out how bad my financial situation is. You may not know this, but you’re keeping my kids in college because when they come home for the holiday season I can put this turkey mashed potatoes, and stuffing and everything on the table and make them feel normal so they don’t think anything is out of the ordinary.” We’re so glad to be here, and help these people in this holiday season. Thank you for coming Aww, I need a bag to put all this love in. Thank you all

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