Angola and China bans Islam and Islamic Clothing Respectively

According to the news posted on November 25,
2013 at 1:30 pm at, Angola becomes the first country to ban
Islam. Southern African nation reportedly bans Islam and orders the demolition of mosques in the country since 2013. Concerning the ban, Angolan President Jose
Eduardo dos Santos said in 2013, “this is the final end of Islamic influence in our
country.” Angola’s ban was first announced in 2013 when
Angolan Minister of Culture, Rosa Cruz e Silva said “the process of legalization of Islam
has not been approved by the Ministry of Justice and Human rights, their mosques would be closed until further notice.” The crackdown on Islam comes as Christians
in the Middle East are being forced from Muslim countries.
Former Israeli Ambassador to the US Michael Oren noted in 2012 that the Christian population
in the Middle East dropped from 20% a century ago to 5% currently amid ongoing persecution
of Christians by Muslims. Oren noted in Egypt 200,000 Coptic Christians
fled their homes in 2011 amid anti-Christian violence during the “Arab spring” uprising
that toppled dictator Hosni Mubarak. In 2012 Saudi Arabia’s top Muslim leader,
Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdulaziz Al al-Shaikh, issued a fatwa or religious decree to demolish
all churches on the Arabian Peninsula. In November 2013, Angolan foreign minister
Georges Chikoti said that there were eight Islamic denominations in Angola, but none
met the legal requirements for registration, and “so they can’t practice their faith until
concluding the process”. According to the news posted on April 27,
2014 at, China Gets Tough on Islam bans The Muslim Hijab And Long Beard. China is getting tougher on Islam, and has banned the Muslim hijab and the long beard,
in a government policy called “Project beauty.” The measure will pay informants £4,750 to
report people who have long beards or Islamic clothing, such as the veil or burqa.
The policy is of course being done to suppress the Turkic Muslim Uyghurs who have been wreaking havoc in China’s Xinjiang region, and China is affirming that this current inquisition
against Muslims has been established as a response to the violence caused by them. This
is a justifiable reason. By looking at Quran Saba 34 : 44, Al-Qasas
28 : 46 and Hud 11 : 49, the power of three confirms that no prophet and no scripture
were sent to the forefathers of Muhammad to build the Kaaba in Mecca because they were
heedless. Moreover there are two sites called “Bakka”
in Quran 3:96 and “Mecca” in Quran 48:24. It is only logical that Abraham went to Bakka
located in Israel since Moses led the Children of Israel into the holy land of Israel, and not to Mecca when the site called Makka only existed after 400 A.D.. The word “Allah” predates Islam and the Quran.
So Islam is not a religion of truth but an Arabian cult which promotes idolizing with Kaaba idol
built before the Quran was written between between 610 A.D. and 632 A.D. It is not a suprise that Islam will be banned
in more countries in the years ahead. Thank you for listening. May Yahweh God bless you, and have a pleasant day.


  1. Christian dominated countries being Islamophobic and banning islam as I'm not Muslim and don't care for that but what about these christian missionaries converting Hindus to Christianity by offering them money and brain washing them….
    And these missionaries gets fundings from Vatican Pope and USA, Europe and more Christian based countries… What about that huh!?…

  2. Well done! At long last two countries that can see what these Muslims are doing to wipe out us Christians. The West MUST do the same..never mind human rights! Muslims have no regard for the lives of non muslims, anyway!!

  3. Here is the channel.. full of coward people.. you know why because Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world.. wow!!!… i repeat.. the fastest growing religion in the world.. i cannot blame you for this hatred.. up to you.. you can say we are terrorist or whatever but tomorrow your son.. daughter.. even your mother and father will convert to ISLAM.. ISLAM WILL BRING LIGHT TO THE UNIVERSE… TO KNOW ISLAM IS TO LOVE ISLAM… if all of you here people who spread love to the world.. if truly all of you here are respected people.. could you please do comparison i mean fairly comparison between Islam and your religion now… I MUST CORRECT THE INFO.. ISLAM IS NOT ONLY STARTED DURING PROPHET MUHAMMAD… ISLAM IS THE CONTINUITY FROM PROPHET ADAM UNTIL MUHAMMAD… ISLAM ALSO BELIEVE IN TORAH (PROPHET MOSES) AND INJIL (PROPHET ISA(JESUS).. BUT THOSE 2 KITAB (HOLY BOOK) ONLY SUIT FOR MANKIND IN THAT PERIOD OF TIME… AFTER CERTAIN PERIOD HUMAN BECAME MISGUIDED AND SOME OF THE SCHOLAR CHANGE THE WORD OF GOD IN THOSE 2 AND BOTH NOT GENUINE ANYMORE.. THATS WHY PROPHET MUHAMMAD PBUH WAS SENDING BECAUSE PEOPLE AT THAT TIME WORSHIPPED IDOL AND NOT WORSHIP ALLAH SWT….

  4. Angola and China are the world's leading country in applying the right laws for eliminating extremism by banning a cult. While the rest of the world become islamicised over by fundamentalist of islamic religion

  5. If only more countries did the same. The problem are corrupt politicians who have sold their nation to this cult and maybe some of them have even turn to Islam. Remember, Islam wants the death of us all who don't believe in their cult.

  6. =John14:6- JESUS (*CHRIST) saith …
    I am the WAY, the TRUTH, + the LIFE, no man cometh unto the Father but by ME.
    =ALL unbelievers will fall to their knees before HIM + acknowledge HIM -in DUE time. !!!

  7. All you ignorant people praising China and saying we should do the same. You know China is an anti-religious state? This includes Christianity.
    Would you like to put into a concentration camp and be forced to renounce your faith? I think not.

    Before praising something, do your research. I guess that's not much to ask isn't it? But judging but how you hate on Muslims without doing your own research well I guess that's too much to ask.

  8. Relamiéndome de gusto. 100% de acuerdo con Angola y la República Popular de China. ¡ A la tierra que fueras harás lo que vieras ! ( no muy buena gramática pero así va el adagio ). Echad a patadas a todos estos musulmanes terroristas. El mundo no puede retroceder a la edad de piedra. QUANDO HIC SUM, NON IEIUNO SABBATO, QUANDO ROMAE SUM, IEIUNO SABBATO. VERBUM SAPIENTI SAT EST.

  9. I am rejoicing in my heart. 100% in agreement with Angola and the People´s Republic of China. Wherever you may go do as the natives do. Kick out unceremoniously and mercilessly all these criminal Muslims. Humanity cannot return to the dark ages. QUANDO HIC SUM, NON IEIUNO SABBATO. QUANDO ROMAE SUM, IEIUNO SABBATO. VERBUM SAPIENTI SAT EST.

  10. It is kool Africa did it…considering Sudan is all Muslim…..ISLAM…SHOULD BE OUTLAWED…EVERYWHERE.

  11. AS LONG AS the Muslims don't want to respect the Western Countries in everything they stand such as the rule of law, the free speech and so on, Islam should ALSO be banned, in such a way that whoever want to practice this religion would definitely be deported to where he/she came from. UNLIKE many people think they're arrogant and constitute a major threat to us . If we don't take any measures to protect ourselves they will take for us which is not going to be peaceful, because we're infidels as they call us!!!!!!!

  12. God bless Angola😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  13. The fact I visited China recently and there is nothing like that I saw, I even visited some famous mosque and joined congregation to pray, I never felt anything threatening or bad treatment of Muslims, instead country like Srilanka which is boasting of freedom and Democracy doesn't allow HALAL trade mark on businesses because the Buddhist felt that they have the exclusive rights and the minority Muslims did not protest but just vote for the leaders. What a pathetic Democracy in comparison to that China is 100% better, from miles away you could read the HALAL sign and all the Muslims restaurants carry the luminous sign HALAL.

  14. Haha just dream in there dream they will stop Islam… NEVER.. NEVER. NEVER… every one who hate Islam let him go to the hell because nobody can't stop Islam of course this is just storyes for kids.. Islam is strong they afraid from Islam but they don't know that Islam will WILL.. Se every day peoples accepts Islam soo shut up please… We will laught in judge day when we see KAFIRS in hell.. AMIN

  15. Hinduism is real killer. They kill Christians in the name of the cow. Please research. They also don’t touch the Dalit people. Hindus are most racist people. Please research.

  16. Should be like that everywhere they just want to exterminate every other religion and nonmuslim…
    Read some Word of the quran bellow;

    Those who believe, fight in the cause of Allah, and those who disbelieve, fight in the cause of Satan. So fight you against the friends of Satan. Ever feeble indeed is the plot of Satan.

    — Quran, [Quran 4:76]

    Prophet! Rouse the believers to wage war. If there are twenty amongst you, patient and persevering, they will subdue two hundred: if a hundred, they will subdue a thousand of the disbelievers: for these are a people without understanding.

    — Quran, [Quran 8:65]

    Muster against them all the men and cavalry at your disposal so that you can strike terror into the enemies of Allah and of the believers and others besides them who may be unknown to you, though Allah knows them. And remember whatever you spend for the cause of Allah shall be repaid to you. You shall not be wronged.

    — Quran, [Quran 8:60

  17. islam is a very dangerous religion existing on this planet. Their main aim is executions and killings if you don't believe their wrong book ideology.

  18. In fact Japan had banned Islam for a long time now and its followers cannot immigrate to Japan. There are no Japanese muslims.

  19. About time someone has the balls! In America we allow them to kills us and allow them into our government

  20. Sorry anyway Adam,Noah Abraham, Moses,Jesus and Mohammed All were Muslims ,, Allah (God) Islam is the way he want his creatures to fellow, and Allah is the owner of everything including China and Angola

  21. so you're guys think the other religion is true and perfect? criminal?.no gay?no les?.no murder?!!!..jesus will smile to all off you..👍😂

  22. Largest terrorist those who are invading Muslim states Islam is religion of peace but no compromise on sovereignty……. we Muslims can ban Christianity you are against Islam because people accepting Islam only right path…

  23. And, they call it RELIGION OF PEACE.

    Look what they did to the world whereever they went.

    It's payback time RELIGION OF PEACE.

    🙏🙏🙏Jai Hind

  24. It's quite EVIDENT

    The only language that they understand is VIOLENCE and the proof is China.

    Have we ever heard of terrorist activities in China??????

    Answer is no, because China will blow their balls off.

  25. he you fucking dhum ignorent motherfuckers down below islam is groing and groing so be ready two embrace islam we are coming .talking shit behind youre computers and outside you are scared 😂thats says everything about you scary rats. 😂🤣😂🤣💪❤🇲🇦

  26. Yes but their different Angola doesn't kill Muslim far as I know, 2 its only Islam that is ban, China ban all faith and it create genocide. Angola is more demrocey

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